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Commit to the Cause. Commit to the Care.Commit to the Cure.

Volume IX, Spring 2011

Lynn Califf: Building Hope in Bakersfield In the spring of 1997, just one year after her husband Brad relocated the family to Bakersfield for his job at Torch Operating Company, Lynn began experiencing numbness in her left leg and right hand. She initially attributed the symptoms to some type of orthopedic problem, but soon found out from her neurologist that the cloudy spot in her spine on the MRI was actually an indication of multiple sclerosis.

the Association of Petroleum Wives (APW), Bakersfield Chapter, which she joined in 1996. In fact, Lynn’s efforts to help the MS community began through APW, where she advocated for their annual charity giving to be donated to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Southern California & Nevada Chapter. The first generous gift the Society received from APW was more than $22,000!

“When I was first diagnosed with MS, I had to understand my limits. Although pain is still a huge issue for me to deal with, I can manage my expectations of having MS because I know my limits,” said Lynn.

“I love helping! It’s so important to me because people need help. When I go to a support group or a class and I hear that someone’s lost their driver’s license or is facing financial hardships, it touches me to do more. I feel better if I give and do without.”

To keep life moving forward, Lynn relied on her family for comfort and her friends for support, especially through her close knit ties at

A determined Lynn started volunteering directly for the Society, bringing awareness to MS in her community. Her involvement started with Walk MS but quickly evolved into so much more. In 2008, she led a discussion panel focused on parenting with MS, which allowed young kids and their parents to openly talk about the issues they face while dealing with the difficulties of MS. “I try and stress the importance of maintaining a positive attitude,” said Lynn. “People who have MS may look fine and not show many symptoms, but on the inside, we can feel quite differently. It’s important to maintain a positive attitude and keep close to those who are ‘up’ people — friends who will give you great energy to move forward!”

Brad, Lynn and Cameron Califf


InterActive Corp./ The Diller-Von Furstenberg Family Foundation

The Walt Disney Company

Wood-Claeyssens Foundation

AEGON Transamerica Foundation

Conundrum Entertainment

Weingart Foundation

The Smidt Family Foundation

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National Multiple Sclerosis Society Southern California & Nevada Chapter

Golden Circle Research Receptions On November 15, 2010, Chapter Trustee and Golden Circle Committee Member Sue Schroeder and her parents, Priscilla and Harold Schroeder, hosted a Golden Circle research reception at their beautiful home in Westlake Village. Thanks to the Schroeder family’s generous hospitality, guests had the opportunity to learn more about the Southern California & Nevada Chapter and its progress in vital research. The evening featured Dr. Jonah Chan, Associate Professor and the Debbie and Andy Rachleff Endowed Chair in Neurology at UCSF. Dr. Chan made an informative presentation on his research project, which focuses on looking for ways to encourage the growth of new myelin-forming cells to repair damage in MS.

Pam Taxe, Jessie Taxe Revlin and Scott Revlin

Dave Power, Jon Power and Jamey Power

Julie Kaufer, Kate McIntosh and Mary Power

Kate McIntosh, Priscilla Schroeder, Sue Schroeder, Harold Schroeder, Leon LeBuffe* and Dr. Jonah Chan * Lawry Circle Members 2

Golden Circle • Spring 2011, Volume IX

Since 2005, the prestigious Regency Club in Westwood has been the gathering place for Golden Circle donors to learn from world renowned MS researchers about the progress being made. On November 29, 2010, Chapter Trustee and Golden Circle Committee member Rhona Bader graciously hosted a Golden Circle research reception at the Club, where a record-breaking number of guests were in attendance, including 16 Lawry Circle members — those who have named the Southern California & Nevada Chapter in their estate plans. Guests enjoyed a fine cocktail reception followed by a powerful presentation from Dr. Stephen Hauser, Chair, UCSF Department of Neurology, who discussed advanced research in Genetics and MS. The primary goal for Dr. Hauser and his lab team at UCSF is to identify the major genetic factors that predispose to autoimmunity and tissue injury in the central nervous system and translate their findings into better diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and prevention of MS and

other neuroinflammatory diseases. The two Golden Circle research receptions proved to be a great success — more than $200,000 in gifts and pledges were made in support of the Chapter’s research initiative. The Golden Circle extends a heartfelt thanks to The Schroeder Family and Rhona Bader for generously hosting these receptions. Cultivating new and existing relationships within our community is key to the Chapter’s continued ability to provide essential programs and services, fund MS research, and grow the Golden Circle campaign. If you or someone you know is interested in hosting and/or underwriting a salon event at your home, business/country club, or other location, please contact Elicia Lopez at (310) 479-4456 ext 111 or

Dave Power and Dr. Stephen Hauser

Rhona Bader

Paul and Jacquie Mahoney and Kim Phillips*

Eileen Fracchia*, Don Fracchia*, Andy Trachman and Susie Trachman * Lawry Circle Members Golden Circle • Spring 2011, Volume IX


Primary Progressive MS Think Tank Dr. Timothy Coetzee Named Fast Forward hosted a think tank in Boston at the end of Chief Research Officer 2010. MS investigators, research funding agencies and industry representatives were brought together to map out next steps to move the field toward a better understanding of factors underlying MS progression and to increase the number and quality of clinical trials in progressive MS. Progressive MS is the centerpiece of the Society’s Strategic Response for the next five years, with a research focus on understanding mechanisms that lead to progression, finding ways to repair damage to the nervous system, and accelerating development of new therapies. To ensure that momentum from this think tank continues, the Society and Fast Forward will hold talks with MS Societies internationally to lay the groundwork for a consortium on progressive MS research.

Fast Forward at Partnering Forums

The first quarter of 2011 promised many opportunities for Fast Forward to engage biopharmaceutical companies, in the hope of accelerating new therapies for MS. January: Fast Forward participated in a series of one-onone meetings at the Biotech Showcase in San Francisco. March: Fast Forward attended and presented at an international partnering forum, BIO-Europe, in Italy that hosted hundreds of biopharmaceutical companies from the European Union.  April: Fast Forward will attend and present at the MassBIO Annual Meeting in the heart of the Massachusetts biotech cluster. The meeting will feature sessions led by industry luminaries, academic experts, and patient and advocacy groups. Fast Forward will also return to San Francisco in April for the BayBIO Annual Conference.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society was pleased to name Dr. Timothy Coetzee as the organization’s Chief Research Officer, effective January 1, 2011. Dr. Coetzee has been a leader in the pursuit of innovative ways to move us closer toward a world free of multiple sclerosis since receiving his PhD in microbiology and Dr. Tim Coetzee immunology in 1993. His extraordinary experience in multiple areas have demonstrated proven ability to create critical partnerships and effective collaborations worldwide to move research and treatment forward faster for people affected by all forms of MS. “It’s an honor to be chosen to lead the Society’s research efforts at this exciting time as we move ever closer to ending MS forever,” advised Dr. Coetzee, Chief Research Officer. “To speed that goal, I look forward to engaging the best scientific minds, to pursuing the most innovative research and business approaches, and to spurring world-wide collaborative efforts.” For more information about Fast Forward, please visit Golden Circle gifts can be restricted to Fast Forward.


a bold new commitment to freeing the world of MS.


the progression of the disease


function that’s been lost


multiple sclerosis forever.

No Opportunity Wasted Look for details FALL 2011…


Golden Circle • Spring 2011, Volume IX

How the Seizers Seize MS

By Fern Seizer, Chapter Trustee

Our daughter Susan was living in Southern India for three years, doing research there for her doctoral thesis at the University of Chicago, when she started to have vision problems. When she returned to the U.S., a neurologist diagnosed her MS. To our Bob and Fern Seizer* knowledge, no one among our family or friends had MS, so we were unfamiliar with it and terribly scared. Our son Steven is a family physician in Santa Monica, and he helped to calm, advise and guide Susan and us. I joined the Chapter Board soon after because I needed to learn more and work toward a cure for this disease. In the 18 years we have been involved, our family and the Society have come a long way. Susan is now a professor of Culture and Communication at Indiana University and the mother of two boys (ages 6 and 3), independent in mind and spirit but reliant on her adapted van, wheelchair and Segway. When I retired as Executive Director of Venice Family Clinic, I concentrated on sharing my time and knowledge of nonprofit organizations and fundraising with the

Society. The Golden Circle is a direct way to raise funds and support for MS research and to share in the scientific advances the Society is making possible. My husband Bob joins me in our commitment personally as donors and also as fund-and-friendraisers through the annual MS Charity Bridge Tournaments, which we created and have run for 9 years. I have served on the Chapter’s Program, Fundraising, Golden Circle and Audit Committees and was honored with its Grisanti Most Valuable Trustee Award. Bob and I are also proud members of the Chapter’s Lawry Circle, and we know that our ultimate gift will continue to make an impact for those affected by MS. I have found that the Society welcomes whatever you can bring to it in the way of your own strengths and interests to work toward our common Catherine Brennan (L), Susan Seizer (R) and their son Keith goal of ending MS.

Since 1997, the Recipe for MS Research campaign has raised nearly $1,000,000 to fund critical MS research at UCLA. What an accomplishment! While funding research will always be the core of why Recipe for MS Research exists, the committee realized that the Southern California & Nevada Chapter had additional areas that needed attention. This year, Recipe for MS Research evolved into Recipe for MS Scholarships and focused its efforts on the 2011 MS scholarship program which provides financial aid to highly qualified students who have been diagnosed with MS or who have a parent with MS.




The Chapter is grateful to the following individuals who collectively donated nearly $30,000 to help make dreams come true for students who have been affected by MS: Eloise & Dr. Mark Appel • Hilda & Dan Bergher • Gail & Dr. Irwin Bliss • Michele Carlson • Sid Crossley • TheRHonorable Anita ECIPE F OR Dymant & Richard Drooyan • Cheryl & Richard Druce • Debi Ellman • Linda Ellman & Gary Mandinach • Tracy Bechtold & Rob Gach • Donna Garbe • Drs. Pamela Schaff & Elie Gindi • Maxene Greenspan • Lisa & Bruce Hoffman • Terry & Benn Jacobson • Andi & Jeff Kichaven • Pauline & Peter Leslie • Ina & Mark Lessem • Shirley & Dr. Alan Lewis • Celia Light • Dianne & James Lonergan • Iris Mahoney • Pamela & Stanley Maron • Anne & Dr. Harold Mills • Jody & Dennis Moss • Bernice & Dennis Nehamen * Christine C H O L A Rabin R S H I•P S & Richard Newman • Randi Paige • Erica Pike & Jordan Safan • Joan & Doug Pike • Randi Pollock • Lani & Dr.S Stephen Dr. Rhonda Rand • Carole & Doug Rawson • Robert Rittenberg • Gayle Rosenberg & Mike Chesler • Sheri Mills Safan • Joan & Hy Sanders • Jane & Doug Smith • Karin & Steven Stoller • Denise & John Terenzio • Julia & Roy Weinstein • Susan & Bill Weintraub • Judith & Jerry Weissman • Doris Weitz & The Honorable Alexander Williams • Judy & Fred Zolan The Chapter wishes to thank Chapter Trustee & Golden Circle Committee member Sheri Mills Safan*, Jordan Safan, Linda Ellman, Gary Mandinach and Chapter Trustee & Golden Circle Committee Chair Julie Kaufer for their vision and excitement to direct funding toward this very important program. * Lawry Circle Members Golden Circle • Spring 2011, Volume IX


Meet the Society’s Benefactors The Southern California & Nevada Chapter’s permanent donor wall honors many generous individuals, families, foundations and corporations that have directly helped people with MS through the Chapter’s programs and services, while advancing the Society’s goal to be a driving force in MS research, relentlessly pursuing prevention, treatment, and ultimately the cure. Meet a few of the Society’s Benefactors, who have contributed $250,000 to $499,999.

Warner Bros. “Warner Bros. recognizes the importance of the work done by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Southern California & Nevada Chapter and salutes our friend and colleague, Tom Sherak, in his tireless efforts to support the NMSS in its mission to help those afflicted with this disease.” — Barry Meyer, Chairman and CEO and Alan Horn, President and COO, Warner Bros.

FP Ventures “The National MS Society, Southern California & Nevada Chapter is important because it provides many benefits to the local and global communities. The successful research which the MS Society has funded as a result of the Dinner of Champions has resulted in new and effective weapons against MS on the local and the global levels.  The Dinner of Champions puts a human face on a dreadful disease, and it demonstrates the positive effects of being allowed to be a small part of a very vital process.  FP Ventures has a made a difference in that our donations have helped the MS Society to become increasingly effective in its mission to cure MS.  And if we have helped just one person, we have made a big difference. As the Talmud, Sanhedrin, 37a states: ‘…And whoever saves a life, it is considered as he saves an entire world’.”   — Catherine Paura, Managing Partner, FP Ventures

mOcean “We are committed to keeping people in motion and are proud to support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in the search for a cure.” — From Your Friends at mOcean, A CMP Company

John A. Duran, John Amado Duran, Austin Ryan Fuentes, & Alisandra Belle Duran “Many families have been affected by MS. By sustaining the MS Society we can help those in need and find a cure. We’ve been blessed with the ability to support this cause and we encourage others to do the same.” — John A. Duran, John Amado Duran, Austin Ryan Fuentes, and Alisandra Belle Duran John A. and Frankie Duran 6

Golden Circle • Spring 2011, Volume IX

Simon E. & Rita D. Stern “Gently, they shared a life of devotion, love, and laughter. Graciously, they nurtured family and friends. Steadfastly, they served man and country. May their bequest to the National MS Society, Southern & Nevada California Chapter ripple forward to the edge of time.” —Wm. Spellman, M.D.

Rita D. and Simon E. Stern

Toy Box Entertainment “Toy Box Entertainment has had a long history of producing promotional videos for the Southern California & Nevada Chapter. In each instance, what our team gives to produce these pieces is nothing like the reward we all receive in return. We’re greatly inspired by the stories of those living with MS, of those who work tirelessly towards finding a cure, and those who devote their lives to care for loved ones. And, of course, we can’t forget the Sherak Family — Tom, Madeleine, Melissa — who, along with everyone at the Southern California & Nevada Chapter, keep us energized and motivated. —Roland Mesa, Chapter Trustee, and Barry Samson, Toy Box Entertainment

Universal Pictures


“The work the MS Society does on behalf of people living with and fighting this disease is truly incredible and well worth the contribution and others in our industry have made over the years.  We’re proud to support our good friend Tom Sherak and the organization that he has championed for almost two decades.” — Your friends at Universal Pictures

BENEFACTORS Special thanks to the following foundations and corporations that have also contributed at the Benefactor level:


InterActive Corp./ The Diller-Von Furstenberg Family Foundation

The Walt Disney Company

Wood-Claeyssens Foundation

AEGON Transamerica Foundation

Conundrum Entertainment

Weingart Foundation

The Smidt Family Foundation

Visit the Chapter’s “Virtual” Donor Wall at to read additional donor stories and look for more featured in the next issue of this newsletter. Golden Circle • Spring 2011, Volume IX


Named for the Society’s founder Sylvia Lawry, the Lawry Circle honors donors who have informed the Society of their intention to help create a better future for the MS community through their will, trust or estate plans. On November 29, 2010, the Society was pleased to host the following Lawry Circle members at the Chapter’s research reception at The Regency Club: Eileen and Don Fracchia, Kevin Goetz, Susan Graves, Harland Green, Leon LeBuffe, Sue Meltzer, Roslyn and Don Nelson, Denise Nowack, Kim Phillips, Sheri Safan, Fern and Bob Seizer, Eric Small and Ella Zarky. Planned and deferred gifts provide a strong foundation of funding for the Society. More than $1,000,000 in planned gifts have already been made this year, thanks to the many people who named our Chapter in their estate plans. Because all gifts represent an expression of lifetime commitment to the Society, there are no minimum gift levels and membership is for life. Please inform the Society if you have named the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Southern California & Nevada Chapter in your estate plans by calling Kate McIntosh, Vice President of Development at (310) 479-4456 ext.124. continued from page 1 Lynn was instrumental for developing “Bakersfield Against MS” (B.A.M.S.), an awareness group comprised of Society staff and community friends who are committed to raising awareness for MS because Lynn, especially, knows that “this disease is much bigger than what’s known.” One of B.A.M.S.’ many outreach initiatives is to solicit restaurants and businesses to support the Society by donating a percentage of their sales during MS Awareness Week in March. In addition, B.A.M.S.’ annual event “Taste of Hope” allows for people to buy tickets for an evening of wine tasting and fun, while all the proceeds from the social benefit the National MS Society, Southern California & Nevada Chapter. Lynn humbles herself by claiming to be just an ordinary person helping because she can; but her extraordinary generosity, not only through her endless volunteerism but also as a Golden Circle member, represents the best in what humanity has to offer.

Christine Grontkowski, Lynn Califf and Kim Kotrla

Golden Circle Growing Strong Golden Circle is now part of the whole Southern California & Nevada Chapter territory! This expansion will better serve the nearly 19,000 people living with MS and their loved ones in our communities by allowing donors to allocate their generous donations to MS research and/or local programming. Key to Golden Circle’s rollout is its expanded team of 10 dedicated staff members who are headquartered in West Los Angeles and in all 8 regional offices in Bakersfield, Fresno, Lancaster, Palm Desert, Santa Barbara and Upland, Las Vegas and Reno. As we know, MS has no boundaries; as the Chapter territory grows, so too does Golden Circle. Members of the Golden Circle have continually shown their unwavering support for the MS community to help create a world free of MS.


Golden Circle • Spring 2011, Volume IX

Back Row: Connie Vera, Leon LeBuffe, Susan Bradley and Elicia Lopez Front Row: Jeanette Chian, Kim Kotrla, Jasmine Tsai, Linda Lott, Jill Jones and Kate McIntosh

Unleash the Freedom Recently, Linda Valliant, Executive Director of the Southwest Region for Canine Companions for Independence® (CCI), brought several CCI dogs “in-training” to The Marilyn Hilton MS Achievement Center at UCLA and spoke about how its program changes lives by providing highlytrained dogs for children and adults with disabilities, at no cost. During the presentation, Ron Young, Ron Young and Caelan who was diagnosed with MS in 2004, also shared how his companion dog Caelan unleashed a world of opportunities that he thought he would never have again. “Some of the toughest years of my life were when people would run away from me at the park because I’m in a power scooter,” said Ron. “Caelan’s given me the ability to associate with people again — now, people converse with me all the time because they want to come up and pet Caelan.” Thanks to Caelan, Ron’s social life is not the only thing to change. Caelan has re-instilled a sense of independence for Ron. Ron can have Caelan pick up an item from the ground, carefully jump on a store counter to provide a credit card to a sales person, retrieve and carry grocery bags, and much more. “Although my disease has progressed, I’m really happy inside because Caelan has changed my life — I don’t even think about my disability!” said Ron.

with disabilities without really gaining anything for myself. Over the years, I’ve learned that people with disabilities will greatly benefit from having a companion dog in a couple of important ways. First, having a companion dog frees them up and increases their independence without having to constantly ask someone for assistance. And, secondly, it breaks down the social barriers and allows the doors of communication to open between someone in a wheelchair and someone who’s not.”

Ron Young and Linda Valliant Mary Whiting, who was diagnosed with MS in 1990, dedicates much of her extra time in the new CCI office located in West Los Angeles. “You know your time is well spent when you see how people have been touched by your support,” said Mary. “CCI is such a great organization and can greatly benefit those with MS — it’s truly inspirational!”

Longtime Golden Circle members Joanne “Jo” Beckwith and Mary Whiting also know firsthand how a companion dog can change someone’s life. Jo and Mary have been avid volunteers for CCI, tapping into a wide range of tasks for the organization.

Vertex and Jo Beckwith

“One of the highest points in my life was having the opportunity to be a puppy-raiser for Vertex and knowing that my help in training him would eventually help someone in need,” said Jo. “I decided to raise Vertex because I wanted to benefit others

Vertex Dogs are caring and loyal companions and are highly capable of being trained to enhance the quality of life and independence especially for those affected by MS. For more information about companion dogs, please call 800.344.4867 Golden Circle • Spring 2011, Volume IX


& Paul Mahoney • Mahoney & Soll, LLP • Sandra Milken • Ronald Olson • Overton Moore Properties • James J. Parsons • Phi Alpha Kappa Sorority • Rope for MS • Fern & Robert Seizer • Mace Siegel • Eric Small • Marcia & Mark Smith • Team Taxe • Claudette L. & Henry L. Taylor, Jr. • Flora L. Thornton Foundation • Linda & Dennis Vaughn • VS Media, Inc. • Barbara Wilson & John Phillips •

The Southern California & Nevada Chapter graciously thanks the following Golden Circle Members who contributed more than $1,600,000 in 2010! CIRCLE OF DISTINCTION ($1 million+) ANGEL ($500,000-$999,999) BENEFACTOR ($250,000-$499,999) Kenrose Kitchen Table Foundation • J. David Power, III

PATRON ($50,000-$249,999) Sandy & Mitch Francis • Steve & Caroline Kaufer Family • Edward Taran • The Tuffli Family Foundation

SPONSOR ($10,000-$49,999) Anonymous (3) • Jennifer Berkley & Alan Jones • Elaine & John V. Bock, Jr. • MS Charity Bridge Tournament • The Leonard J. and Martha J. Brutocao Foundation • Scott Canepa • John Duran, John Amado Duran & Austin Ryan Fuentes • Kevin Goetz, The Rhoda Goetz Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis, LLC • Elerding Family Foundation • Melanie Grisanti & Gordon McLeod • Jean & Robert Gryzmala, Kenny Foundation, Inc. • Shirley & Burt Harris Family Foundation • The Philip Hohnstein Family Foundation • The G. & E. Jennings Foundation • Julie Kaufer & Frank Reddick • Bonnie & Jason Len, Team Len • Michael J. Lichner • Louise Laraway Teal Foundation • Iris B. Mahoney • Pamela & Stanley Maron • The Murray Family • OTX • Nancy Patterson, The Nancy J. Patterson Trust • Karen & Graham A. Ritchie • Joan & Arnold Seidel, Conrad Schlum Charitable Trust • Madeleine & Tom Sherak • Dina Tecimer & Masood Sohaili • Janice & Timur Tecimer • Gary Tobey • The Warren/Soden/ Hopkins Family Foundation • Gail & Chris Williamson

FRIEND ($5,000-$9,999) Diane Ackerman • Donna & Dr. Walter Bauer • The Corgel Family • Toni & Bruce Corwin • Laura DeBonis & Scott Nathan • Samuel DeLuca • Julie & Barry Engelman • Donna Garber • Debbie & Bob Harper • Charlotte & S. Lawrence Jacobs • Tatiana & Todd James • Jaquish & Kenninger Foundation • Theresa Lissy • Jacqueline 10 Golden Circle • Spring 2011, Volume IX

Stephen Yoken

LEADER ($2,500-$4,999) Anonymous (1) • Emily & K. Zachary Abbott • Rhona Bader • Claudia Barski & Peter Carian • Joanne Beckwith • Helen Bolsky • Vicki & Robert Bond • Barbara & Morton Bowman • Pearl & Mel Brooks • Buchanan High School Powder Puffs • Julie & Jim Burge • Sandra & Bernard Fischbach • Ann & Dave Gooding • Susan Ann Graves • Sherri & Gary Haber • Arlene & Richard Havel • Cathrine Ireland • Karen & Donald Karl • Diane S. Lake Family • Sharon & Hal Lampert • Julena Lind & Leon LeBuffe • Cynthia & Michael Malone • Sue & Ed Meltzer • Christine & Richard Newman • Dr. Ian D. Pasch • Julie & James D. Power, IV • Eugenia A. Riordan • Sheryl & Barry K. Schwartz • Ruth Lynn & Hank Sobel • Irene Steinman • Kathleen & David Van Buskirk • Verona E. Weeks • Andy Wexler • Diana & Chet Widom • Carolyn & Gary Youngberg

MEMBER ($1,000-$2,499) Anonymous (3) • John Albers • Mindy Amster Beechen • Judith & Alexander Angerman • Ronda Beaman & Paul Stoltz • Michael Bearman • Hilda & Dan Bergher • Lewis Black • Louis L. Borick, The Louis L. Borick Foundation • Camilla & Arnold Bramlett • Kappy Bristol • Margaret Budd • Randi Burke-Aguiar & James Aguiar • Debbie & James Burrows • Lynn & Bradley Califf • Eileen & Gary Caris • Carpenter Sellers Del Gatto Architects • Judy Carroll • Stephen Carroll • John S. Chang • Laurel & Aaron Clark • Sally & Jim Coiner, Coiner Nursery • Louis Colen • Gerie Coombs • Karen & Ryan Craig • Peggy & John Cresto • Steven Crystal, The Crystal Family Foundation • Edward Court • Anita DeFrantz • Janet Dirks • Shelley & Joe Drnek • Corine & George Duke • Jody & Mitch Dunitz • Gary East • Joyce English • Dene Feldman, Gretchen V. & Samuel M. Feldman Private Foundation, Inc. • Ronni & Edward A. Fernandez • Betty Filippin • Edith & Joe Fischer • Gloria & Stan Fishfader • Patricia & Robert Fleming, Paveco Construction, Inc. • Julie Friedman & Tom Dain • Margaret L. Gage • Sharlene & Sol Galper • Gerry R. Ginsberg • Elvie & Yale Gieszl • Judy & Roy Glickman • Richard A. Gleitman • Golden State Steel, Erin & Brandon Shollenbarger • Enid & Sheldon Goldman • Bram Goldsmith, Goldsmith Family Foundation • Judy & David Goldstein • Edith M. Grady • Jeff Grant and Bill Grant, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney • Heather & Paul Haaga, Jr. • Michael J. Halloran • Gail & Murray Heltzer • Beatrice & Michael Hencel •

Jeffrey Hess • Betty & Marvin Hoffenberg, Sidney Stern Memorial

Kay R. & Dr. Loren E. Sanchez • Jane & Charles Schneider • Britta &

Trust • Hospice Care of California • Susan Howard • Linda & Roger

Arthur Schramm • Sue Schroeder • Dee & George Schuler, Oarsmen

Howard • Charlotte A. & Stanley T. Kandel • Tracy & Michael

Foundation • Sandra & Vincent Scully • Russell Shank • Fela & David

Kerkorian • Sally & Morton Kirshner • Iris & Howard

Shapell • Robert M. Siegel • Kerry & Scott Slater • Southern California

Kornberg • Jessica Ledbetter • Pauline & Peter Leslie • Pauline &

MG Club • Sally & Robert Smith • Linda & Mark Spiegel • Lorraine &

Samuel Li • Frances Lossing • Joanne & Bruce MacCallum • Betsy

Steven Spira • Marilyn E. Stewart • Karin & Steven Stoller • Janis &

& Robert Manger, The Manger Scout Fund • Irene Mendon •

Jeffrey Susskind • Jessie Anne Tait • Gail & John Thomason • Jayne &

Sheryl Miller & Dr. Robert Schilling • Anne & Harold Mills •

Kelly Tien • Marcia & Marvin Tilker • Evelyn & Jeffery Tolin • Cynthia

Moorefield Construction, Inc. • Sylvia Moss • John Murphy &

Torres & Michael Gisser • The Towbes Foundation • James Tyre •

Mike Streit • Jioia & Samuel Nelson • Barbara A. & Paul T. Norton •

United Commercial Travelers of America, Bakersfield Council #663 •

Oremor Management & Investment Co. • Faith Pearlman, Jerome

Jeanne Usonis • Charlene Voge • Lorna D. & Dr. Shelby E. Wagner •

& Faith Pearlman Foundation • Nancy & David Perren • Heather

Kathy Walck • Julia & Roy Weinstein • Susan & William Weintraub •

& Scott Perren • Kim Phillips & Ross Skinner • Lorraine & Kurt

Frederick R. Weisman Philanthropic Foundation • Westlake Women’s

Pickus • Allane & Jeffery Quirk • Karen Randall • Pamela & Josh

Club • Wilbur C. Grosse Trust, Maria E. Muñoz • Doris Weitz & The

Reims • Pam & Mark Rubin • Janice & Dr. Stephen Sacks • Eva Rose

Honorable Alexander Williams, III • Jane Lee & Larry Winter • Mary &

Safan • Allen Salick • Fred Salisbury • Nancy & Mark Samuels •

Richard Whiting • Martha & Charles Wolf • Ella Zarky

We also gratefully acknowledge the 262 donors who contributed $66,434 to the Golden Circle 2010 campaign with gifts from $10 to $999. Thank you!

MS Achievers–UCLA Win Every Time They Cross the Finish Line In June of 2001, the doors of hope opened for people living with multiple sclerosis when the National MS Society, Southern California & Nevada Chapter partnered with the UCLA Department of Neurology to establish The Marilyn Hilton MS Achievement Center at UCLA. Since its inception, the Center has Renata Mikolajczyk been a place for fostering healthy lifestyles and providing individuals with MS with a wide range of wellness activities to complement the medical management of the disease. Not only is the Center a place where members can take an active role in their wellness, but also a place where the act of giving back has been a major focal point for the MS Achievers — UCLA, the Center’s very own Walk MS team.

The MS Achievers — UCLA is the Chapter’s highest fundraising team and has successfully raised more than $500,000 to date! “At first, some of the team members were concerned about how to fundraise. I had to educate the team by telling them not to focus on the money, but to focus on sharing how the Center has changed their lives,” said Stacy. Year after year, the MS Achievers continue to rise to the challenge and look forward to the day when the team unites with their family and friends, forming a “communi-team” to fight hard to end MS. As the MS Achievers proudly celebrate its upcoming 10th Walk season, The Marilyn Hilton MS Achievement Center at UCLA’s 10th Anniversary will be commemorated on July 11, 2011. Since its opening, Golden Circle members have designated their gifts to the Center and their extraordinary generosity continues to bring hope to those with MS.

Stacy Nonoguchi, the Center’s Recreation Therapist and MS Achiever’s Team Captain, created the team in 2002 to promote positive and healthy relationships with a common goal of gaining an understanding for giving back to the community. “I wanted to let the MS Achievers know that by giving back, they’re being a responsible member of the community; and that to be able to serve the organization that has done so much for them and many others is a genuine privilege,” said Stacy. MS Achievers — UCLA Golden Circle • Spring 2011, Volume IX


National MS Society Southern California & Nevada Chapter

Golden Circle Committee Julie Kaufer, Esq., Chair Rhona Bader, Michael J. Lichner, Paul M. Mahoney, Esq., Pam Maron, Stanley E. Maron, Esq., Sue Meltzer, Jamey Power, Kim Phillips, Sheri Safan, Sue Schroeder, Fern Seizer, Timur Tecimer

Golden Circle Staff

Leon LeBuffe, President

Kate McIntosh, Vice President of Development Susan Bradley, Executive Vice President • Elicia Lopez, Development Director • Jeanette Chian, Director, Channel Islands Region • Kim Kotrla, Director, San Joaquin Valley Region • Jill Jones, Director, Inland Empire Region • Connie Vera, Development Manager • Linda Lott, Region Manager, Nevada • Jasmine Tsai, Development Coordinator If you are interested in becoming a Golden Circle committee member or would like more information about the Golden Circle campaign, please contact Elicia Lopez, Development Director, at (310) 479-4456 ext. 111 or

The 2010 Golden Circle Year End Challenge In October 2010, the Kenrose Kitchen Table Foundation, the Steve and Caroline Kaufer Family, and the Tuffli Family Foundation together posed a $500,000 Challenge to encourage increased giving to the Southern California & Nevada Chapter’s Golden Circle campaign in the final months of 2010. Through the Challenge, Golden Circle donors were encouraged to donate a collective $500,000 between October 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010. If the goal was met, the Kenrose Kitchen Table Foundation, Kaufer, and Tuffli families agreed to contribute an additional $500,000 to ensure an aggregate of at least $1 million. We are thrilled to announce that, with your help, the 2010 Year End Challenge helped the Chapter raise over $650,000! Thanks to each and every one of you who helped make this tremendous success possible.

The Southern California & Nevada Chapter has nine offices serving 19,000 people with MS and their loved ones in Southern and Central California and Nevada. For more information, call (800) 344-4867 and visit Antelope Valley & Santa Clarita Valley Office 1669 West Avenue J, Suite 309 Lancaster, CA 93534 Channel Islands Office 14 West Valerio Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Coachella Valley Office 73-710 Fred Waring Dr., Suite 103 Palm Desert, CA 92260 Inland Empire Office 869 E. Foothill Boulevard, Suite I Upland, CA 91786 Kern County Office 1800 30th Street, Suite 105 Bakersfield, CA 93301 Las Vegas Office 5463 S. Durango Dr., Suite D-115 Las Vegas, NV 89113 Reno Office 4600 Kietza Lane, Suite K-225 Reno, NV 89502 San Joaquin Valley Office 7472 N. Fresno St., Suite 210 Fresno, CA 93720 West Los Angeles Office 2440 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 115 Los Angeles, CA 90064

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Kenrose Kitchen Table Foundation, Kaufer, and Tuffli families for their incredible support. Your leadership and example inspires others to join the movement—thank you! With your help Golden Circle raised over $1.6 million in 2010!

Golden Circle newsletter spring 2011  
Golden Circle newsletter spring 2011  

Golden Circle newsletter, spring 2011 issue