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A report on the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Minnesota Chapter’s progress in fiscal year 2009


Moving forward in 2009

2009 Board of Trustees Gary Birnbaum, M.D. Gary Beaver, D.O. Kay Briden, Ph.D. David Chaikin

We mobilize people and resources to drive research for a cure and to address the challenges of everyone affected by MS.

Martha Cincoski, M.D. Monica Dahl Dale Edberg, Ph.D. William C. Gillispie, Jr. Susan A. Hagstrum, Ph.D. Thomas R. Holtackers, P.T. Carol M. Houghtby

Multiple sclerosis interrupts the flow of information between the brain and the body and stops people from moving. We exist to make sure it doesn’t. The National MS Society addresses the challenges of each person affected by MS by funding cutting-edge research, driving change through advocacy, facilitating professional education, collaborating with MS organizations around the world, and providing programs and services designed to help people with MS and their families move their lives forward. The Minnesota Chapter serves nearly 10,000 people with MS and their families in Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Medi Jiwani Richard A. Knutson Karen L. Larson, Board Chair Frances L. Long Dennis McGill Susan Mackay William T. MacNally Daniel Marcotte Robert D. Miller Edmund J. Nightingale, Ph.D. Maureen Reeder, Chapter President Bridget Robinson-Riegler, Ph.D. Larry L. Schmid Michael V. Schrock Karen Sletten Michael A. Vitelli Jeanne M. Voigt Devon Washington


Brett Wing


I have always believed that people and organizations shine the brightest when faced with challenges. After all, many of the world’s greatest success stories have come out of times of struggle. I’m proud to say that the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Minnesota Chapter was a true reflection of that belief in 2009. With the economy still in crisis, it was indeed a difficult year. But together, we rallied to keep the movement to end MS moving full speed ahead. Our dedicated fundraisers, donors, volunteers and corporate partners generously invested their time, resources, ideas and passion in our important work. They rose to the challenge by giving us their unwavering support and boldly asking others to do the same. Chapter staff made sure people with MS always came first by working diligently and resourcefully to keep costs down while still getting the job done. Together, our efforts allowed us to remain focused on what really matters — helping families living with MS and moving closer to a world free of this disease. All of our hard work resulted in many reasons to celebrate. Not only was the chapter able to continue providing top-notch support to the MS community, but we found new and innovative ways to reach people with the information and assistance they need. If I’ve learned anything over the last year, it’s that here in Minnesota, we really know how to roll with the punches. With each passing year, there will always be new, unforeseen challenges and obstacles. Our world is as unpredictable as MS, which makes us all the more capable of finding the strength and resolve to keep moving forward, stronger than ever. Thank you for moving forward with us.


Karen Larson Board Chair



Despite a challenging economic environment in 2009, the National MS Society worked hard to maintain critical discovery in the field of MS research. The year saw exciting research progress, with unprecedented opportunities on the horizon and more scientists than ever working on important questions. In 2009 alone, the society invested nearly $36 million to support 375 research projects around the world. Although economic conditions resulted in a funding slow-down, creating gaps in planned expenditures, the society continued to propel research forward in our three-pronged approach:

Stopping MS n Throughout the year, it became more and more evident

that the era of oral MS drugs was rapidly approaching. A handful of promising disease-modifying treatments were in the pipeline, including cladribine and fingolimod, whose companies have both applied for FDA approval and are expected to be available as early as 2010.

Reversing damage and restoring function n The society’s research on rehabilitation and health care

delivery, and our four international teams working on nervous system protection and repair (funded by the Promise: 2010 Campaign) are making tremendous progress, including plans for small-scale clinical trials to test the safety of cell therapy. n The FDA recommended marketing approval for the oral

drug Ampyra to improve walking speed in people with all types of MS. (The drug became available in spring 2010, marking the first-ever therapy designed specifically to treat an MS symptom.) n In response to reports that a phenomenon called CCSVI

(chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency, or abnormal blood flow from the brain and spinal cord) may contribute to nervous system damage in MS, the society invited investigators to apply for grant funding and created an accelerated review process to explore this lead.

n Researchers found that a common and accessible drug used

to lower blood pressure helped stop the immune attack in mice with MS-like disease — offering an interesting new lead in the search for ways to halt the disease. n Fast Forward, the society’s drug development subsidiary,

made its first investments in promising agents. This effort to speed the delivery of new treatments to people with MS has already attracted more than $20 million in new funding.


Ending MS forever n The definitive scan for all common MS-related genes being

performed by the International MS Genetics Consortium promised a wealth of data. n For the first time, researchers found evidence of a direct

interaction between vitamin D and a common genetic variant, which increases the risk of MS.

RESEARCH Society-funded research in Minnesota during 2009: Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

Shailendra Giri, Ph.D. AMP-activated protein kinase as a key target for EAE disease process

Charles Howe, Ph.D. Mediators of axon damage during chronic demyelination

The year saw exciting research progress, with unprecedented opportunities on the horizon and more scientists than ever working on important questions.

Orhun Kantarci, M.D. Non-ambulatory impairment in benign multiple sclerosis

Claudia Lucchinetti, M.D. Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Project: Studying damaged areas in the brains of individuals with MS for clues to different patterns of destructive immune factors, and correlating findings with clinical manifestations

Marcelo Matiello, M.D. Genetic and immunogenic analysis of AQP4 in neuromyelitis optica

Moses Rodriguez, M.D. Collaborative MS Center Award: Exploring the molecular signals that might stimulate or inhibit repair processes in MS, for clues to developing therapeutic strategies to promote repair

Isobel Scarisbrick, Ph.D. Range of action of the kallikrein gene family in MS pathogenesis



The chapter worked to meet the critical, day-to-day needs of people with MS and their families.

Empowering communities and making connections In 2009, the Minnesota Chapter found new and innovative ways to light up communities throughout the area with top-notch support and unique opportunities to make connections. n Through the Connect Locally program, hosted by MS

group leaders, the Face Time with Your Local Neurologist program, and a series of events designed by and for people in their 20s and 30s, the chapter ensured people affected by MS had quality information and support right at their fingertips. n The chapter established relationships with organizations

in Duluth and Saint Cloud in its effort to develop two new day programs for adults with MS by the year 2011.


n In 2009, the chapter launched a strong and engaging social

media presence — giving thousands of people in the local MS community a forum to connect, network, advocate, raise funds and awareness and discuss key issues affecting people with the disease. n The chapter’s longest-standing and most popular program,

MS Camp (now Majestic Shores Resort), celebrated its 30th anniversary. For three decades, the weeklong program has offered adults with MS a chance to take a break from MS and connect with others who understand the unique challenges of the disease.


Left: The chapter’s longest-running program, MS Camp, celebrated its 30th year in 2009. Center: Jeanne Voigt (right), Scholarship Program donor and volunteer, congratulated scholarship recipient Brittany Groess. Right: National MS Society President and CEO Joyce Nelson led a camp activity while visiting MS Youth Camp in 2009.

Helping people with MS here and now

Supporting families

Through direct assistance and financial support, the chapter worked to meet the critical, day-to-day needs of people with MS and their families.

MS doesn’t only affect the person with the disease. That’s why the MS Society offers a network of support for family members, care partners and children of people with MS.

n Chapter social workers helped more than 5,500 people

work with insurance companies, apply for programs, find housing, manage the disease and find solutions to family and employment issues. n More than $410,000 in financial assistance was given

to help pay for care partner relief, chore services, home modification, equipment and more — helping people with MS maximize their independence. n The chapter helped families navigate the complex world

of finances through financial workshops.

n Funding for the Minnesota Chapter Scholarship Program

nearly doubled in 2009, allowing the chapter to grant 52 scholarships to local youth affected by MS. n Nearly 120 youth who have a parent or close relative with

MS attended the 10th annual Youth Camp, where they enjoyed the outdoors while connecting with other kids who understand the effects of MS on a family. n The chapter reached out to spouses and care partners through

programs like the Family Retreat, Couple’s Night Out and Couple’s Getaway, in addition to the brand new “We Care” webpage designed specifically for family care partners. 2009 ANNUAL REPORT 7


Each year, thousands of people give their time and energy to the Minnesota Chapter, bringing with them valuable skills, fresh perspectives and tremendous dedication. A vital component of the MS movement, volunteers truly make things happen for the society — from events to programs to the chapter office. In 2009, the chapter engaged approximately 3,000 volunteers in the MS movement.

Ahead of the curve Minnesota boasts the third highest volunteerism rate in the nation, a statistic that truly reflects the chapter’s strong base of dedicated volunteers. In 2009, four exceptional Minnesota Chapter volunteers received national accolades for their outstanding commitment to the society.

National Lifetime Achievement Award, Marianne Green

vemen l Lifetime Achie cepted a Nationa ac en re G e nn Maria the society. ars of service to Award for 35 ye



As a person who lives with MS, Marianne Green believes it’s important to do whatever she can to support the society’s work to end the disease. When she first started volunteering at the chapter office in 1974, there were no MS treatments available and Minnesota Bike MS rides didn’t even exist. But after 35 years, the movement to end MS has made great strides, and Green has been a part of it every step of the way.


Dave Anderson

Bill Gillispie, Jr.

Judy Soderberg

National Volunteer Hall of Fame — Programs and Services, Dave Anderson In addition to serving as volunteer both locally and nationally, Dave Anderson has dedicated nearly 10 years to MSWorld — a global, online support network for people affected by MS. He serves as the primary technical support person as well as a chat host and Web editor and has served as vice president since 2006. He also founded the Fishing Has No Boundaries program, which provides people with disabilities a weekend of fishing and socialization.

National Volunteer Hall of Fame — Fundraising, Bill Gillispie, Jr. Bill Gillispie’s creative fundraising, positive attitude and unflappable persistence have helped him rally people to join the MS movement all across the nation. In just eight years, his Walk MS team, “Team Gillispie,” has raised nearly $700,000, drawing walkers from eight states. Not only that, Gillispie volunteers in whatever way he can, from serving on the national board of trustees to helping out at event rest stops.

National Volunteer Hall of Fame — Health Care Professional, Judy Soderberg For nearly 30 years, Judy Soderberg has been a passionate advocate for people living with MS, particularly in the areas of health care and housing. In 1985, she helped start the Fairview MS Achievement Center — a first-of-its-kind comprehensive MS center. Her steadfast support also helped secure funding for Kingsley Commons, one of the first housing projects in the nation designed to provide accessible, affordable housing specifically for people with MS.


Activism In 2009, the Minnesota Chapter mobilized thousands of people throughout the area to raise critical awareness about MS and ignite action to help improve the lives of families living with the disease.

From sharing their personal stories to making their voices heard during MS Awareness Week to testifying at a legislative hearing — chapter activists were anything but silent in 2009.

Raising awareness, sharing our stories David Chaikin, Cody Hauer and Erin Weber (left to right) each made their mark on the MS movement in a very personal, long-lasting way by getting tattoos to symbolize their commitment to a world free of MS.

n During MS Awareness Week, hundreds of people

canvassed their communities with events, “street teams” and other awareness activities — including an all-orange photo shoot in downtown Minneapolis, which received significant news coverage in local media. n More than 250 people stepped up their commitment

to raising awareness about MS through the Minnesota Chapter’s Movement Ambassador program. n The chapter exhibited at an array of fairs, expos and other

events, reaching tens of thousands of people.





During MS Awareness Week, people with MS, volunteers, fundraisers and activists drew attention to the cause with a high-energy, all-orange photo shoot, led by photographer Antonio Collodoro on Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis.

Stories about the MS movement were shared through nearly 100 newspaper articles, nearly 50 television segments and more than 20 radio interviews. More than 12,600 people received the MS Connection newsletter and more than 13,000 people received the Programs Connection newsletter. Plus, 230,000 people visited to learn about MS and ways to get involved.

Advocating for change in Minnesota n The chapter launched an initiative to train a vast

network of activists — holding meetings, developing a comprehensive activist toolkit and beginning efforts to recruit and train activists in all 67 state districts. n Throughout the year, activists held health care forums

n Activists worked to push the allocation of state

funds to ensure Minnesota Disability Health Option’s fiscal sustainability over the next two years. This important program helps fund clients to attend the MS Achievement Center. n Chapter staff and volunteers conducted significant

research on private health insurance models and biologic MS medications to reintroduce legislation to cap co-pays for MS drugs and introduce new legislation to increase access to physical, occupational and speech therapy through private insurers. n In coordination with the Minnesota Council on Disability

and the Minnesota Dental Association, the chapter worked to pass Safe Patient Handling legislation. n The chapter also strengthened our position in the

community by building relationships with key organizations and individuals, including the Department of Human Services, Minnesota Board on Aging, American Association of Retired Persons, Minnesota Department of Transportation and legislators.

and connected with their representatives through letters, e-mails and visits. n A tough budget-balancing session hindered efforts to

introduce bills with fiscal implications, which is why the chapter focused on preserving key resources for people with MS and strategizing long-term objectives. 2009 ANNUAL REPORT 11


Advocating on a national level n Chapter volunteer and board member

Bill MacNally was selected to serve on a consumer review panel for a Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program to help advocate for increased federal funding for MS research.

“I have a responsibility to

take action to make change happen

and not accept the status quo as

‘good enough.’” — Bill MacNally n Activists made their voices heard on a national scale

in 2009 by attending the Public Policy Conference in Washington, D.C., where they met with members of the U.S. Congress and Senate to discuss key federal priorities, including increased funding for MS research, the creation of a national MS registry and comprehensive health care reform.



Dedicated fundraisers continued to push forward in spite of difficult economic conditions, more than $6 million through the Minnesota Chapter’s fundraising events. raising nearly $6 million through the Minnesota Chapter’s eighteight fundraising events.



Whether they walked, rode or lunched, Minnesota Chapter fundraisers demonstrated passion and persistence in 2009, bringing us millions of dollars closer to a cure.


EVENTS Dedicated fundraisers pushed forward in spite of difficult economic conditions, raising more than $6 million through the Minnesota Chapter’s eight fundraising events. One of the many notable accomplishments, the chapter’s On the Move Luncheon increased fundraising by a remarkable 30 percent, raising approximately $150,000, which included a generous $25,000 matching gift from Christopher & Banks.

Plus, the Minnesota Bike MS series celebrated important milestones, including the 30th annual Larkin Hoffman MS 150 Ride and the 20th annual Star Tribune TRAM Ride. The Minnesota Chapter is proud to have been the first in the nation to host a Bike MS ride, which has led to more than 100 rides across the country and more than $600 million toward a world free of MS.

Mission Stars The extraordinary people listed below raised a remarkable $9,000 in 2009 to help create a world free of MS. Bike MS: Larkin Hoffman MS 150 Ride

Dudley Parsons

Dan Haag

John Schenk

Rachel Hollstadt

Steve Schmitt

Gregory Lang

Heather Tietje

Paula Gaedtke

Pierre Jean Laupies

Cliff Tower

Bill Gillispie, Jr.

Dennis McGill

Eric Goldberg

Nancy McGill

Angel Knuth

David Potts

Luella Strand

Mike Schrock

Tammie Yutrzenka

Ronald Schutz

Bike MS: Allianz Twin Cities Ride

Bike MS: Star Tribune TRAM Ride

Rox Watercott

Jim Christopherson

MS Sno Rally Snowmobile Tour Scott Spinler Walk MS: Christopher & Banks Walk presented by Anchor Bank

Thomas Emison

Meghan Perry

Challenge Walk MS: Twin Cities Kent Confeld Carolyn Keith Community events Crawl for the Cure – John Johnson La Table – St. Cloud Committee MS Cup – Blake Middleton Body and Soul – BJ Lavelle



The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Minnesota Chapter is one of 53 chartered chapters of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The financial statements of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Minnesota Chapter present only a portion of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s operations, and they include material intercompany income, expenses, assets and liabilities. Accordingly, the financials do not individually present a meaningful picture of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s financial transactions as a whole.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society Minnesota Chapter For year-ended Sept. 30, 2009

National Multiple Sclerosis Society Headquarters and all chapters For year-ended Sept. 30, 2009

Revenue Special events Contributions Program service revenue Interest on savings Total revenue Expenses Client programs Research Public and professional education Community programs Total program services

Revenue Special events Contributions Legacies and bequests Interest, gaming and miscellaneous income Government grants Total revenue

$5,875,827 $3,334,247 $208,919,623

Expenses Client and community services Research and research fellowships Public and professional education Services to chapters Total program services

$74,540,984 $35,683,288 $38,877,343 $19,106,322 $168,207,937

Fundraising Management and general Total expenses

$34,363,669 $16,375,294 $218,946,900

Management and general Fundraising Total expenses Excess (or deficit) for the year

$5,494,371 $1,592,388 $59,815 $49,825 $7,196,399 $2,721,989 $1,220,307 $798,998 $325,829 $5,067,123 $754,944 $1,180,653 $7,002,720 $193,679

Excess or (deficit) for the year


$135,277,876 $57,614,456 $6,817,217


Corporate partners

Corporate Star Award — Luther Westside Volkswagen Under the leadership of Steve Hendricks, general manager and 22-year Bike MS 150 veteran, Luther Westside Volkswagen and Luther Burnsville Volkswagen donated a VW Routan to the chapter — complete with a Bike MS promotional vinyl wrap — to use as a “moving billboard” when driving to community events and activities. Luther Westside serves as the official vehicle sponsor of Bike MS, donating more than 20 vehicles last summer alone. The company also sponsored two rest stops on the Bike MS: Larkin Hoffman MS 150 Ride, displayed Bike MS materials in its showroom, participated in MS Awareness Week activities, donated a German-engineered Volkswagen bicycle as a prize, recruited participants to ride and supported a team.

The National MS Society, Minnesota Chapter salutes the countless corporate partners who offer their generous support each year. Below is a list of exceptional companies that donate cash, products and services to help move us closer to a world free of MS. * Includes company matching gift donations. s These companies are members of the National MS Society’s Corporate Star program, which honors corporations that invest substantially in both human and financial resources to help end MS.

Cash partners

Gifts of $20,000 to $49,999

Gifts of $10,000 to $19,000

Assurant *


Acorda Therapeutics s

Donaldson Company

Anchor Bank

C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.

Express Scripts

Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals s

Luther Westside Volkswagen

Gemini, Inc.

Gifts of $50,000 to $99,999

Biogen Idec s

Pure Protein s

Great River Energy

Best Buy

Cub Cares Community Foundation

UCare Fund

Papa John’s Pizza

Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren, Ltd.

Cummins NPower

The Pentair Foundation

EMD Serono/Pfizer s *

Gifts of $100,000 or more Christopher & Banks Corporations

Teva Neuroscience s Walser Foundation

Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999 Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. * Andersen Corporation

Pentair Private Bank Minnesota Thrivent Financial for Lutherans * US Bancorp Foundation * 2009 ANNUAL REPORT 17

Corporate partners

Corporate partners bring scholarship program to new heights The chapter’s ever-growing Scholarship Program saw tremendous growth in 2009 thanks to generous corporate donors who endowed three scholarships to help students touched by MS pursue secondary education. Support from Christopher & Banks, the Cub Cares Community Foundation and the Pentair Foundation amounted to $67,500 in funding for this critical program.


Goodrich Corporation *

Walman Optical

ITW Foundation *

Xcel Energy Foundation *

Life Time Fitness Foundation

Gifts of $2,500 to $4,999 Alliance Card, Inc. Benchmark Reporting Agency Boston Scientific * Dorothy LeGrand Trust Grainger * Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy West Corporation

Medica Foundation Medtronic Foundation * Milbank Community Foundation Minnesota Vikings Children’s Fund North Country Regional Hospital Prudential Foundation * RC Children’s Charities, Inc. Rosemount Aerospace, Inc.

Gifts of $1,000 to $2,499

Rosemount, Inc.

1st United Bank of Faribault

Sam’s Club

ADC Foundation *

TCF Foundation *

Adobe Matching Gift Program*

Telvent DTN

AgriBank *

The Shopko Foundation

American Express Foundation *

Travelers Foundation *

Archer Daniels Midland Co *

UnitedHealthcare Services, Inc.

Arizant, Inc.

US Bank of Marshall

Champion System

Wachovia Foundation *

Firestone Metal Products

Western National Insurance


McKinstry Co Charitable Foundation

Corporate partners

Joining the movement, personally and professionally

), with ack row, far left Mike Schrock (b

the MS 150 Team Pentair on

In-kind partners The following companies exceeded in-kind donations of $5,000. Adventure Cycling Brite Media City Pages City of Ortonville City of Montevideo City of New Prague City of Redwood Falls City of St. Peter Clear Channel Communications s Comcast Country Choice Organic


Since joining the chapter’s board of trustees in 2004, President and Chief Operating Officer of Pentair Mike Schrock has supported the society both personally and professionally. A champion of the MS movement, Schrock engaged his company as a generous contributor, which resulted in $95,000 to support various chapter programs and events in 2009. In addition, Schrock has participated in the Bike MS 150 Ride for six years and Walk MS for five years, raising more than $70,000.

Dart Transit

KOWZ/KRUE, Faribault

Paul Bunyan Broadcasting

Duluth News Tribune

KQCL, Power96 95.9 FM, Faribault

Premium Waters

Electric Eye Printing Company

KQQL, KOOL 108 FM, Twin Cities

Proctor High School

FOX-9 News

KROC, AM 1340, Rochester

Pure Protein

FOX-47, Rochester

KSTP, 94.5 FM, KS95, Twin Cities

Roadway Express

Franklin Outdoor Advertising

KTCZ, Cities 97 FM, Twin Cities

Rollx Vans

Freestyle Productions

KZJK, 104.1 Jack FM, Twin Cities

Signal Hill The CW, Rochester


SMDC Health Systems

General Mills

KZPK, Wild Country 98.9 FM, St. Cloud

Grand Casino Hinckley

Luther Burnsville Volkswagen


J & J Distributing

Luther Westside Volkswagen

Transport America

KDHL, AM 920, Faribault

Maplewood Community Center

Welch Village

KEEY, K102 FM, Twin Cities

McDonough Truck Line, Inc.

KFMC, 106.5 FM, Fairmont

My29 Television

Star Tribune



Golden Circle — honoring the leaders in our movement Leading by example, Golden Circle members make a powerful statement by giving annual, non-event gifts of $1,000 or more. We are grateful to the following individuals and foundations for their contributions from Oct. 1, 2008, to Sept. 30, 2009. $75,000 and above

$5,000 to $9,999

Jacqueline Nolte Jones

Scott Blattner

Stone Pier Foundation — James and Megan Dayton, Joan and Bob Dayton, Scott and Ann Dayton, Toby and Mae Dayton

James and Susan Dosen

Kathleen and Lyle Kasprick

Beth Blaylock

Glenn and Kay Hasse, Jr.

Daniel Marcotte

Gary and Sally

Arthur and Roz Jaffee

Robert D. Miller

Marnie Bodoh

John and Jackie Reedy

Sheri Nichols

Dean Bussey

$10,000 to $24,999

Jeanette Seaberg

Edmund J. Nightingale, Ph.D.

Teri and John Cannon

Hillswood Foundation

Maureen Reeder and Glenn Kelley

Clifford Sandmeyer

David Chaikin

William C. Gillispie, Jr.

William and Janet MacNally

Trent Spurgeon

Dru-Ann Childress

Joseph and Marjorie Grinnell

Jeanne M. Voigt

Jody and Michael Vitelli David Waldo

Robert Cincoski and Martha Cincoski, M.D.

Elizabeth and Emma Wexler

Monica Dahl

Janet Jones Richard A. Knutson Edith M. Peilin and Thomas B. Peilin Charitable Gift Account

$2,500 to $4,999 Kay L. Briden, Ph.D.

Marvin Dahlgren

Bill and Betsy Cook

$1,000 to $2,499

Michael and Catherine Schrock

Deborah Dixson

Carol Amundson

Stone Pier Foundation — James and Megan Dayton

Muriel Wexler

Paul and Laurie Duxbury

Scott Anderson and Lisa Bailey

Joseph and Charlotte DeSarla

Peggy and Webb White

Dwan Family Foundation

Stanley Efron

Robert W. and Betty Johnson

David Foltz

Rodney and Marcia Bailey Family Fund

Anonymous donor

Susan A. Hagstrum, Ph.D.

John and Jodi Baker

Jeff and LeeAnn Ettinger

Carol M. Houghtby

Brian Bebel

Jack and Diane Ford

Emmy Lou Jacobson

Gary Birnbaum, M.D.

Jerome Gerlach


Mark and Kathy Endres

GIVING “The MS Society, in partnership with many others, worked very hard and for very long to come up with the treatment I use to slow down the progression of my MS. I appreciate this tremendous commitment and want to help so many good people cure the world of MS. Being a member of the Golden Circle is a way I can contribute and feel good, knowing I am making a difference.” — David Waldo, Golden Circle Committee Member

Elizabeth Glover

Jane LeJeune

Linda and Lance Oberg

Duane Schoenfelder

Bob and Karen Golaszewski

Bruce LeVahn

Julie Ottis and Neil Neddermeyer

Raymond and Leola Schreurs

Daniel and Audrey Haag

Frances Long and Kirk Jeffrey

Arlene Palmer

Carol Shipman

Paul Hansen

David and Kim Loskota

Kathleen and Jeffrey Parker

Pamela Smith

Paul and Lynn Hempe

Jeffrey Mains

Gareth and Catherine Parry

Jane Spalj

Blaine Hendrickson

Frederick Martin

Barbara Peterson

James and Susan Sullivan

Jean and Don Hockman

Susan Marvin

Kris Peterson and Susan Haller

Dale Tennison and Sandi Millar

Hope in Him Foundation

Dennis McGill

James Philippy

Devon Washington

Mahedi Jiwani

Elizabeth Melcher

Linda Prescott

Kay Willshire

Michale Lallier

Esther Miller

Bridget Robinson-Riegler, Ph.D.

Christine Winterkamp

Tom and Susan Lange

Gayle Minor

Wesley Roll

Shannon and John Wolkerstorfer

Vincent and Anne LaPorte

Brian and Jill Mount

Three anonymous donors

Michele and Tom LaSalle

Margaret Murtaugh

Sampson Family Charitable Foundation

Cecily Lawson

Marie Nelson

Larry and Suzann Schmid


GIVING Lawry Circle The Lawry Circle recognizes people who have remembered the society through a bequest, gift annuity or other deferred gift. The Minnesota Chapter is proud to have 130 Lawry Circle members — the highest in the nation, and we honor their profound commitment to improving the lives of people with MS and moving closer to a cure. Thelma Aaby*

Waunita L. Clare

Dolores Groebner*

Sid and Ethel Kline*

Carl Ahlgren* in memory of June Ahlgren

Adele Clark*

Margaret Grover*

Audrey Koenig*

Alice Clark*

Sheldon and Margery Haaland

Marlene Kosobucki

Arthur Anderson*

Heather and Tim Clark

Susan A. Hagstrum, Ph.D.

Dave and Marian Anderson

Donald S. Davis*

Anne Hallgren

Duane C. Kracht* in memory of Mary E. Kracht

Donald E. Anderson*

Deborah Dixson

Millie Heyer

Robert E. Krenelka*

Elmer Anderson*

Mark Dixson

Nancy Hillman

Emilie Lambert*

Holly Anderson

Rosamund Dols*

MarJean V. Hoeft and Lisa Vecoli

Esther A. Larson*

Phil Anderson

Barbara Donnelly*

Ann Hoffke

Ethel K. Larson*

Walter Anderson*

Fran Dovenberg*

Thomas R. Holtackers, P.T.

Jeanne M. Angel

Shirley E. Drake*

Susan Horsager*

Fred LeGrand in memory of Dorothy LeGrand*

Virginia Beck* in honor of Barb Lattner

Stephen A. Ehrlich

Carol M. Houghtby

Pauline Ekvall*

Rachel Hughes

Thomas C. Elliott*

Emma Johnson*

Darrel E. Findlay*

Frank E. Johnson*

Elizabeth Freese*

Robert W. and Betty* Johnson

Ellen Freese*

Dennis and Kathy Kahnke

Walter Fuller*

Miriam Kaitz*

Austin Gaddis*

Charlene Kanniainen*

Bob and Karen Golaszewski

Glenn Kelley

Carol E. Becvar Randall and Beth Behling Carl I. Berg Irene Bielke* Kay L. Briden, Ph.D. F. Willard and Jeanette L. Carlson David Chaikin


Frances Long and Kirk Jeffrey James and Carol Lorenzen Elaine Lorton* Vickie M. Lund Doug Lyon Susan Mackay William and Janet MacNally Quentin H. Malmquist* *Deceased


Making a lasting mark on the movement Doug Lyon, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2003, is a longtime participant in Ride MS: Motorcycle Tour and an active volunteer for the weeklong MS Camp program. Lyon recently found a new way to join the movement. He added a bequest to the National MS Society in his will, joining the Lawry Circle. “In some ways, MS has defined me. I am able to volunteer, fundraise and also make a planned gift,” Lyon said. “I can do something about MS.”

Daniel Marcotte

Jane Piotrowski

Karen Sletten

Ruth Warde*

Mary Martin*

George Quinn*

Robert E. Smith*

Robert Webster*

Faye Mattison

Maureen Reeder

Roger E. Smith*

Beverly Weinreich*

James A. Mulhern

Melissa Reeder

Genevieve Stellberg*

Patrick and Ann Welch

Catherine Murnane*

Richard A. and Norma J. Roessler

Donna V. Stolfa*

Lucille Wellington*

Grace Murphy*

Martin Ruesch*

Elmer Studer*

Perry and Nicole Wells

Eunice J. Nelson*

Randall T. Schapiro, M.D.

Trudy Sullivan

David Wexler*

Gloria Nelson*

Darr Schreurs

Orville L. Tempel*

Jaclyn Wexler

Edmund J. Nightingale, Ph.D.

Raymond and Leola Schreurs

Jeff Tews and Susan Rather Tews

Donald and Julie Wirth

Rose Peters in honor of Marie Paulson

Robert W. Schwan*

Hazel Torres*

Shannon and John Wolkerstorfer

Marte J. Sheeran

Jeanne M. Voigt

12 anonymous donors

Barbara Peterson

Beverly Simmelink* in memory of Donald H. Hult

Orlette B. and Wayne L. Waller*


Samantha Phelps

W.S. Walsh*


200 12th Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55415-1255 612-335-7900 | 800-582-5296

2009 annual report  

The National MS Society, Minnesota Chapter's 2009 annual report.

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