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he MSSD Road Show


MSSD's current Road Show was es­ tablished in the spring of 1989 and has been going on the road ever since. The company goes to different places to perform, such as elementary schools, conventions, workshops and Festivals. This year the Road show will have the opportunity to perform in Scotland, England and Poland. Al­ though The Road show is a lot of hard work, it is a lot of fun and a great opportunity to see new places and meet new people.



Faculty and Staff

Pat McCoy DCD Administrative Secretary Timothy McCarty Coordinator, Performing Arts Jennifer McMillan Communication Specialist Janet Mertz-Witzak SOP Instructor

Maureen Nichols Speech Pathologist Leslie Page Audiologist Bernie Palmer Guidance Counselor Sandra Paradis Mathematics Instructor

Victoria Patterson Administrative Secretary Carolyn Perry Mathematics Instructor James Perry Social Studies Instructor Frances Pesciotta Mathematics Instructor

Barbara Petterson Fine Arts Instructor Rita Power Commuciation Dept. Mary Price School Nurse Thomas Quinn Science Instructor

Margaret Reichard Home Economics Instructor Yola Rozynek Dance Instructor Frank Rupert Industrial Education Instructor Elizbeth Sale Mathematics Instructor



Phillip Ledwell Tristan Leeds Raehael London Aubrey Lowry

Gregory Martinez Jose Martinez Jana Mccutchen Vilma Miran . da

Brian Morris ¡ on Tanya Morns Raul Nunez Christopher Pangelinan


Vanessa Cogswell




,·�_._ .--��

"The Kid"


) •;

IM 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 3; Prom Committee 3; Chairperson Winter Festival 3; JR NAD 2,; Eagle Center staff 2; Yearbook staff 4; THN 2,4; Graduation Day Committee 4; Softball 3,4; Valentine Committee 4; Senior Class Officer 4. Sport Banquet Committee 4.

Horoscope: Libra Favorite Words: "Never Mind" Future Goal: Attend Gallaudet Univer­ sity

Kelley Ann Crocker ''Kellita'' ,.


Softball 3; V.P.of Junior class, Flag corp 3,4; Fundraiser for Dorm D, 3; Yearbook 3; Wres­ tling Manager 4; IOC Representative 4; SADD 4; Homecoming Committee 4. Horoscope: Virgo Favorite Words: "Anyway, did you know that ..." Future Goals: Become a Marine Biologist.

Ocie Curry -�

"Mad Dog" Football 1,2.


Horoscope: Pisces Favorite Words: "I need a girl." Future Goal: Get a job so I can buy a Jetta.



Senior Superlatives

�1--------_____. Funniest: Ceasor Gray & Raychelle Harris Most Mischievous: Toni Fuller & Kevin Southworth & Erich Clark

Most Stubborn: Vanessa Cogswell & Carlos Prado Class Pest: Stephen Anderson & Mel Gramer


Post Secondary Education Program

Sharon Edward� Masher Eshgu1 Laura Fra�k Angela Ga1a

Ramesh Ganji�-� Lance Gup ! Mark Harns Julie Hatfield

Charles Hickey Kim Huse�y Boris Katie Xanh Lam


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1990 MSSD Yearbook  

1990 MSSD Yearbook

1990 MSSD Yearbook  

1990 MSSD Yearbook

Profile for mssd1969