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Live Well Study Well Elective Night

Gregor Heiner Theatre

Live Well Study Well PYP – 5th year students

12-3pm Gregor Heiner Theatre 6:00-7:30pm Gregor Heiner Theatre HSM faculty

World’s Greatest Shave

Have you ever felt stress getting the better of you? Need help organizing yourself more effectively? LWSW is an initiative organized by the MSSBU to help you find the ultimate balance for YOU. Come along for some tips and tricks that could help you achieve your goals with some time to spare for the more fun things in life…

ATTN 5TH YEAR STUDENTS: PYP is coming! MDA National has designed a program to help medical students adjust to the transition from student to intern, as well as information on transitions as a resident and information on how to become an advanced trainee. The program was very successful and thoroughly recommended by your peers.

Issue 5


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Spring 2012


2012 AAOS Meeting

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Spring 2012

The annual American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons meeting is one of the largest in the world, with roughly 30,000 people in attendance. People come from all over the world to this event. This year it was held in San Francisco. As a final year medical student, who had only just finished my first orthopaedic clinical attachment a week prior I was initially in awe of the magnitude of the conference. Walking to the event, the conference centre had three locations, each taking up a block each and over a number of floors. People were everywhere and there was exhibits spanning the horizon! Once over my initial shock, I had an amazing experience. Here is a short list of the things I was able to do; Educational sessions- I attended things from the basics of orthopaedics ‘what every resident should know about wrist fractures’ to ‘biologics in surgery’. These were presented by experienced consultants in their respective fields. Symposiums- Formatted discussions by different orthopods around a current central topic. A favourite of mine that I went to was ‘the metal prosthesis’ given the current controversy and problems surrounding it. Paper presentations- research covering things from basic science to economic analysis. It was great for me to see the way that the papers were presented, and the types of questions asked by the audience (me included!), given this is something I plan on doing in the future. It was summarized well in each subspecialty in a talk entitled ‘the best of the AAOS’. Poster exhibits further demonstrated the current interests and future of orthopaedic research. Along with the surgical equipment exhibits were educational stalls, allowing me to try the new surgical videos and texts. It wasn’t all work and no play. I was able to attend functions through residents and attendees (the American version of registrars and consultants) whom I met at the conference. One of the highlights was the International Society of Cartilage Repair cocktails, where I was able to discuss current research with people from around the world. One such person included a young doctor from Finland doing a year-long research fellowship in Boston on whether muscle weakness leads to osteoarthritis by cutting muscle fibres in cows. I would like to thank Medsoc for the support given to me to attend this event. I will leave with some great advice I received from a foot surgeon, “It’s not my feet that stink, it’s your nose!” - Michael Dan (5th year)



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Spring 2012

The Leukaemia Foundation’s shave or colour for a cure is coming on the 23RD OF MARCH. So sign up to Bond MSSBU’s team, “The Bald and the Beautiful Bondies”, start raising $$$$ and be part of something brilliant!! The MSSBU is asking our students and staff to offer up their invaluable hair for this most worthy cause. We are also offering people the chance to colour their hair to spread awareness for a small donation. We understand that not everyone has a preference for shaving or colouring their hair so we are hosting a barbeque with vegetarian, chicken and beef sausages available for purchase as well as cans of drink and water.There will also be raffle tickets at 1 for $2 and 3 for $5 with the chance of winning the privilege of shaving the head of a lecturer of your choice!! Shaving: Pete Johnson will shave! Robert Taylor- $5000 Kayleen Pankowski – $5000

Elective Night is coming up this Monday night! Join us on the 13th of March as we hear from previous students about their experiences abroad, rurally or locally. There will also be information on the different types of electives and how to go about organising them, various ways of funding electives, as well as all the tips from those who have been there and done that! Come along to the Gregor Heiner Theatre at 6:45pm for a free dinner & good time as well as the chance to win a $400 subsidy for one fourth year about to go on elective!

Questions? Would you like more info? Email Christina Popovic – Publications Officer: 4

MSSBU Newsletter Issue 5  

MSSBU Newsletter Issue 5