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Taylor Empowers Powers

Taylor Guitars announced that master guitar designer Andy Powers joined Taylor co-founders Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug as the third partner of the company. The move solidifies a bright future for the acoustic guitar manufacturer, as Powers has been the creative wellspring for Taylor’s guitar development and innovation since his arrival in 2011, stated Taylor Guitars. “I’m thrilled to build guitars and continue this fascinating work I’ve been pursuing since I was a young boy,” said Powers. “It’s a genuine pleasure to be able to design the best instruments I can, and, within the context of Taylor Guitars, have an opportunity to serve musicians around the world.” As co-founding partners of the company, Taylor and Listug have grown the business around a passion for guitar innovation. As they look ahead to the long-term future of Taylor Guitars, they want to ensure that Taylor’s drive to make better guitars is preserved. According to the company, Powers’ passion and talent for guitar design make him the right person to lead its innovative pursuits and help the company thrive for decades to come. “Kurt and I have been the sole owners of Taylor Guitars for decades,” said Taylor. “Andy is the best guitar builder I have ever met, and I believe the best alive today. If anyone ever deserved to be called ‘partner’ with me and Kurt, it is Andy. He’s vital to our future, and together, as we combine our talents, we can bring a great musical experience to our customers.” Since his arrival, Powers has delivered a steady stream of musically inspiring innovations to the Taylor line. Among his recent award-winning designs are his V-Class bracing, a groundbreaking new internal architec-

Musical Instruments Receive CITES Exemption

The CITES Conference of the Parties (CoP18) voted to approve an exemption that will allow finished musical instruments, as well as parts and accessories containing rosewood, to be transported around the world without permits. The governing body, comprising 182 countries and the European Union, also included an exemption for other finished rosewood products, such as small handicrafts weighing less than 10 kilograms per shipment. The new policies apply to all species of rosewood, with the exception of Brazilian rosewood, which remains on CITES Appendix I. In the decision, raw material rosewood would remain regulated and subject to CITES permits granted by the management authorities of the individual countries and other governing laws. “The consensus reached in Geneva this week and the new policies adopted by CITES parties are the result of more than three years of collaboration among international music stakeholders, government officials and conservation leaders,” noted Heather Noonan, vice president of advocacy for the League of American Orchestras. “Musical instrument stakeholders have a lasting commitment to the goals of CITES, will remain at the table for ongoing conversations, and are committed to educating the music community globally about how compliance with CITES requirements will support both urgent conservation needs and essential international cultural activity.” Charles Barber, the director of the forest legality initiative for the nonprofit World Resources Institute and a member of the rosewood working group, added, “The exemption for finished musical instruments is a common-sense measure that resolves a key implementation barrier for the otherwise essential rosewood listing. It will remove a major administrative permit burden on CITES authorities that did not have any substantive conservation impact, while continuing to regulate the raw material that goes into instruments. CITES implementation resources can now better focus on the illegal and unsustainable global rosewood trade in furniture.” MUSIC & SOUND RETAILER

Bob Taylor, Andy Powers and Kurt Listug

ture for the acoustic guitar; Builder’s Edition models, which boast unique contouring and other exclusive player-friendly features; and the Grand Pacific body shape, an entirely new flavor of Taylor tone that has broadened the sonic appeal of the company’s guitars, attracting players who normally haven’t been drawn to the Taylor sound. “What’s unique about Bob and me, and our partnership, is that one of us is a guitar maker and engineer, and the other is a businessman and sales and marketing person,” said Listug. “That combination, and our shared ethics and values, are what has set us apart. Since Bob identified Andy Powers as the person to lead the company’s guitar design into the future, we’ve all witnessed Andy’s amazing talents and seen the improvements he’s made to our guitars, as well as his advancements to acoustic guitar design. We’re proud to have Andy join Bob and me as a partner and shareholder at Taylor Guitars.”


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Music & Sound Retailer October 2019, Vol 36 No 10  

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