Music & Sound Retailer June 2021, Vol 38 No 6

Page 33

human again. I felt like I belong. There is a robust community of humans that are out there. I felt a part of Nashville and the music scene again. The feeling of isolation in the past year drifted away quickly. The good habits came right back. And I think they will for many of our members. I went to an event at Gibson [in early May]. We shook hands. I was fine with it. It just felt normal. We went back to tradition. Will we be careful? Yes. But it was amazing how quickly everything went back to being about the industry. NAMM members would never ask their teams to do something they would not do. That is always something that I have greatly admired about NAMM members. The city of Nashville is back. I want to move to Nashville. I don’t think I could afford to own a house there now, but I want to move to Nashville. As a city, it has done a lot of things right. For us, they are ready for our gathering. It is different than Anaheim. This is our gathering and the people we know. My prediction is that everyone who goes is going to be so surprised about how much they miss everyone. I think those who don’t go are going to regret it. They will be at home that week saying “I should have gone.” Part of it is predicting where we will be in July. Nobody knows. The trajectory is positive. Economics are certainly very positive. We are taking chances. There are risks involved with everything.


The Retailer: Let’s move beyond the safety concerns for this next question. For those people who have decided to attend or who are on the fence, let’s get into the “old-school” question of how will going to Summer NAMM next month improve their businesses? Lamond: We are in a once-in-lifetime moment in our industry. You and I will never experience this again. We were not [active in MI] for Beatlemania in 1964 and 1965. This is our version of that, for most, not all, but many of our members. There is business to be had. We have to solve some of our key issues. School music dealers will be laser focused on getting kids back to school this fall and into music programs. Without this, everyone downstream should be worried. For NAMM members in general, we have supply issues. It is a terrible problem to have. We are in business to move things through the marketplace. If you are unable to do that, you are not optimizing the current conditions. Other NAMM members are shipping. The next major company is in a tiny booth right now looking to take advantages of today’s opportunities. You will see that a lot at Summer NAMM. They will say they can fill the supply chain with instruments retailers need in their stores. This is a reverse of the past couple of years, where there was a lot of supply chasing, less demand. Right now, there is more demand than there