Music & Sound Retailer June 2021, Vol 38 No 6

Page 31


R OYALTON MUSI C C E N TE R A representative from North Royalton, Ohio-based Royalton Music Center stated: “At the beginning of last summer, the calls started coming in: ‘Our band director told us to find a special mask for playing our instruments. Do you carry those?’ Anticipating the imminent demand for a product that didn’t currently exist, I immediately reached out to all of the top manufacturers. We couldn’t believe it; no one was making masks for musicians. I then turned to alternative marketplaces, like Etsy, but quickly found that, while there were a handful of innovative private sellers out there, most of the designs were not actually solving the problem. Simply cutting a horizontal slit into a preexisting facemask does little to shield others from a player’s breath. Then, one morning while I was folding laundry, I had a proverbial ‘Newtonian moment,’ only, instead of an apple, my inspiration came by way of my son’s underpants! An overlapping flap, similar to the one on boxer briefs, was precisely what our musicians needed. Tracking down innovative products is one thing, but creating your own product from start to finish is something else entirely. And ‘start to finish,’ meant designing, prototyping, sourcing, patenting and then marketing said product. But, after countless hours of hard work and dedication — not to mention tens of thousands of sales later — Royalton Music Center was proud to offer the Players Mask to band directors and musicians everywhere.”

CA P ITA L M U SI C GEA R Madison, Wis.-based Capital Music Gear has a program on its website where it donates 1 percent of every sale to a non-profit organization of the customer’s choice. According to the retailer, one of Capital Music Gear’s core values is supporting non-profit organizations that support the music industry. “We not only want to support these organizations financially, but we want to increase every customer’s awareness of the support that is available,” the retailer stated. The checkout process will prompt customers to choose one of these options: select an organization already in the store’s database, suggest a new organization or let Capital Music choose. Customers can learn more about any organization by reading its bio on the store’s list of organizations. Customers can also save their favorite non-profit organization on their account preferences to expedite their choice on future orders.

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