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(continued from cover) And if you haven’t attended Summer NAMM before, 2019 could be a good year to go, as many MI retailers are coming off a successful 2018 at their stores, with 2019 looking promising thus far as well. “It really comes down to education,” said Lamond. “A dollar invested in education is the best return on investment you can ever make. Invest it in yourself or your employees, because the variable you have is the people. The better they are, the better the business will be. Education and working with your vendors, who are the show, are the biggest reasons to attend.” Lamond acknowledged that Summer NAMM is stable in terms of attendance, whereby many retailers who have decided to attend in the past keep attending. But there’s another camp of dealers who decide not to go and continue not to attend the show. “The ones who have decided to go are consistent; loyal NAMM attendees. They love going,” he stated. “But for those who have decided not to go, I am trying to speak to them and say, ‘There are things changing in the world, and there is new information, so it might be time to reconsider.’ I think changes are coming down the pike due to cycles in the economy and cycles we are in in our industry. There might be a reason now to attend that wasn’t there a year or two ago. I think now is as important as ever to be prepared for changes in your business.” As for the non-Summer NAMM showgoers, a popular refrain regarding why retailers don’t attend is they state they get everything they need out of January’s The NAMM Show, relayed Lamond. “That’s a fair argument,” he acknowledged. “It means we did a good job for them at Winter NAMM. That’s what we are up against. But the case for a mid-year gathering is investing in yourself. Investing in your skill set. Investing in your management team. Going once a year is great, but many things, like educational opportunities, don’t stick as long as some may think. It’s a refresher course. Once a year is good [to attend NAMM], but twice a year is better in terms of its impact.” Beyond education and fortifying business, there is another reason to attend: Nashville itself. Retailers who have not visited Nashville recently are likely to notice major changes in the Music City. Most noticeable is the building of new apartment complexes, hotels and shopping centers. Several new, quality restaurants also dot the landscape. Nashville and the state of Tennessee have done a “tremendous job of attracting business and residents. It is growing like crazy. It’s a great success story,” said Lamond. As it relates to NAMM members, “It’s a great city to go see,” he added. “You have the museums and the County Music Hall of Fame. There are so many things to do in that city. When I look back on when Summer NAMM moved to Nashville in 1993, it was about what it JUNE 2019

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Music & Sound Retailer June 2019, Vol 36 No 6  

In June’s Summer NAMM Preview issue, we recap the RPMDA Annual Convention, give insight into what’s in store for Summer NAMM attendees next...

Music & Sound Retailer June 2019, Vol 36 No 6  

In June’s Summer NAMM Preview issue, we recap the RPMDA Annual Convention, give insight into what’s in store for Summer NAMM attendees next...