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Miss. Morgan Spooner RDC Lesson Plan Assignment

Social Studies 5

Objectives: (Students will….)

Students will demonstrate care and concern for the environment by choosing one of the following: 1) Making a compost 2) Making a skit 3) Making a replication of a zoo 4) Making a poster

Topic : 5.1.1 Caring for the environment

Lesson #: 1


Voices of Canada- People, Places, and Possibilities Pgs. 317, 318, 319, 323 YouTube Video: How to build a worm composting bin.



Introduce today’s lesson with a Social Studies related game called “Countries of the World” to get their mind set into Social Studies. (experiential learning) Ask Students: “What can you do to preserve the environment in Canada?” Then let students discuss their answers in their pods. Write their answers on the board.


Guided Practice


Read to students from the Cause and Effect chart from pg. 317 (direct instruction). Then discuss other causes and effects that could be possibilities of environmental damage. (interactive instruction) Read to students about the importance of National Parks from pgs. 318-319 (direct instruction) get students to discuss with their shoulder partner about why they think National Parks are important or unimportant. (interactive instruction) Discuss four different environmental groups from the text. Pg. 323 (interactive instruction)


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Watch the You Tube Video: “How to build a worm composting bin�

Independent Practice Incorporating one of the four environmental groups from the text book (Green Kids, Pollution Probe, The David Suzuki Foundation, or Zoocheck Canada) get students (in groups of 3-4) to demonstrate their care and concern for the environment by choosing one of the following: 1) Making a compost that they can take home 2) Make a skit on how everyone should care for their environment in everyday life 3) Make a replication of a zoo and demonstrate how you would care for the animals from feeding them to disposing of their waste 4) Make a poster on three different ways you could cut down on air and water pollution in Canada



Today we learned about Causes and Effects of humans on the environment, the importance of National Parks, and we learned about four different environmental groups. With that, get students to do an exit pass before they leave Exit pass questions include: What are two of the four different environmental groups you now know of? What are some causes and effects humans have on the environment? What is the importance of a National Park? What are 3 ways you can demonstrate care and concern for your environment? Remember your projects are due next Thursday!!!!!


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Morgan-Lesson Plan  

social studies lesson plan

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