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For my  final  project  I  am  creating  a  book  that  will  incorporate  poetry  and  images  on   people  who  are  close  to  me  thus  far  in  my  life.  In  this  book  I  shall  present  these   people  in  chapters.  The  first  chapter  will  be  ‘the  village’  where  there  will  be  the   people  who  influenced  me  as  I  grew  up  and  they  will  have  a  poem.  The  second  poem   and  chapter  will  be  titled  ‘j’adore  mes  amis’,  this  is  French  for  I  love  my  friends  and   in  this  chapter  you  will  have  my  closest  friends.  And  the  final  chapter  and  poem   shall  be  my  extended  family  and  this  will  be  titled  ‘Far  and  still  near’.  Each  person   will  receive  five  pages  (two  and  a  half  spreads).  While  researching  for  my  project  I   stumbled  across  four  books  of  poetry.  The  first  book  is  titled  ‘Coping  with  Gravity’   and  in  this  book  the  author  differentiated  her  poems  in  the  book  via  chapters  and   content.  From  this  presentation  of  Maxine  Clair’s  book  I  chose  the  layout  for  my   book.  I  will  present  the  book  with  chapters  and  title  them  and  the  different  poems  of   the  same  category  that  she  did  I  will  mimic  except  my  “poems”  shall  be  images.  In   the  second  book  ‘Signs  and  Wonders’  by  Carl  Dennis  there  is  a  poem  titled  Signs:   When  you  go  I  want  a  clear  sign,   A  door  shut  by  accident  on  my  hand   Or  a  tooth  broken  that  morning  on  the  steering  wheel   As  I  stop  short  driving  to  work   And  taste  blood  in  the  gap.   I  want  to  feel  it  all  now   With  simple  grief  rising  in  a  wail   As  you  wave  at  me  from  the  car.   No  a  dull  pain  floating  yards  off;   Not  to  wake  up  years  later,   Ease  out  of  bed,  and  fall,   My  legs  sometimes  in  the  winter  gone  stiff,   The  walls  in  the  room  to  weak  to  lean  on,   The  floor  sliding  out  of  reach  below.     In  this  Dennis’s  emotions  are  strong  and  evident.  He  express  himself  in  a  literal   since  without  being  cliché  and  literal  and  I  want  to  take  this  skill  with  language  and  

play on  words  in  order  to  create  my  poem  about  ‘the  village’  I  want  them  to  know   how  appreciative  I  am  and  how  much  I  love  them  without  saying  I  love  you  and   without  saying  thank  you.  The  second  book  is  titled  ‘The  Clasp  and  other  poems’  by   Michael  Collier.  In  this  book  there  is  a  poem  titled  ‘The  point  of  no  returned’:   Out  of  dust  and  tall  border  grass   Of  an  airfield  appears  my  father,  not   Magically,  but  in  a  photograph.   A  generation  of  fathers  uniformed  and  standing,     Married,  absent  from  the  birth  of  their  sons,   Who  will  be  weak  soldiers  and  fight  the  war   Of  an  evil  councillor.     My  father  tells  me  about  something   He  calls  the  point  of  no  return.   That’s  when  the  plane  he  takes   From  Natal,  Brazil,  to  Florida  develops   Engine  trouble  and  is  forced  to  land   In  a  leper  colony.  He  says  that  if  you  go   Father  than  halfway  to  anywhere   And  you  get  in  trouble,  it’s  better  go   Where  you’re  headed  than  turn  back.     The  point  of  no  return  has  to  do  only  with     failures    and  the  need  to  dramatize  them.   Otherwise,  the  heart  registers  nothing.   Another  story  is  told  to  explain  success:   How  the  submarine  his  best  friend  captained     Was  torpedoed  and  sunk  three  days  after   Armistice.  He  sees  his  friend’s  face   In  the  occasional  Japanese  discovered   Hiding  in  the  Philippines.     Under  the  shade  of  palm  trees  the  airplane   Rests.  My  father  stands  under  its  wings   And  puts  his  arms  up  in  measurement.   He  is  young.  His  wife  in  Florida,  young.   He  has  gone  farther  than  halfway:  the  distance   Forms  a  face  in  the  dust  of  the  cockpit.       In  this  poem  the  writer  speaks  of  the  lessons  of  her  father.  Where  he  left  a   lasting  impression  she  continues  to  carry  in  her  adult  life.  Life  lessons  that  stay  with  

one such  as  the  poem  presented  in  this  poem  convey  a  bond  to  the  words  and   homage  to  the  person  who  spoke  the  words.  With  this  I  shall  pay  homage  to  the   ‘village’  that  helped  raised  me  as  I  was  missing  some  figures  that  should  have  been   their  yet  was  not  and  I  would  like  to  say  thank  you  to  others  who  stepped  up  and  to   the  ones  who  did  not  leave  as  well  without  these  people  I  would  not  be  who  I  am   today.      

I am  unsure  of  the  lengths  of  the  poems  I  am  going  to  write  but  I  am  sure  that  

the heart  and  intellect  with  wording  that  I  have  experienced  in  the  books  I  used  for   research  are  going  to  play  a  major  part  in  my  process  of  writing  the  poems  for  my   book.        

Last Research  

In this I analized the four poetry books I used for research in order to enhance my photo book.

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