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Team currie takes on walk ms this spring When asked what she would say to someone thinking about joining or starting a Walk MS team, Buena Park resident and mother of four, Kathy Currie had this to say:

“Do it! Get signed up and get out there. Anybody can do this with just a couple of dedicated people and an open mind.” As numerous individuals learn to cope with the uncertainty of MS on a daily basis, Currie and her family, along with many other team members see the two-mile Walk MS event as a rewarding way to get involved and do something positive to create a world free of MS. Like many individuals living with multiple sclerosis, Currie’s journey has been filled with twists and turns. Starting with a wrongful diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease in 2000, eight years elapsed before some inconclusive pain in the face and teeth led to an MRI and spinal tap.

Kathy Currie (center with orange lei) with her team at Walk MS

Test results spurred a re-diagnosis of MS in May of 2008. “I was in shock as well as my family,” said Currie of the news. “It was all new for us, but we jumped right in and started doing our research.”

treatments.” In early spring of 2010, Currie stumbled across the website’s “Events” section and the Walk MS event caught her eye. “I immediately said to myself, I’m going to do that,” Currie recalls of the discovery. Continued on Page 5

While doing some research online, Currie discovered the Society. “The website was great for me” explains Currie, “I used it constantly to look up symptoms and read stories about new medications and


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(800) 344-4867 Publication of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Pacific South Coast Chapter Chapter Offices: 12121 Scripps Summit Drive, Suite 190 San Diego, CA 92131 3000-C Airway Avenue, Suite 125 Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Vice President, Programs & Services Karen Hooper MSConnection Editor Jessica Read MSConnection Associate Editor Leslie Christofferson The National Multiple Sclerosis Society does not endorse products, services or manufacturers. Such names appear here solely because they are considered valuable information. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society assumes no liability for the use of contents of any product or service mentioned. Information provided by the Society is based upon professional advice, published experience and expert opinion. Information provided in response to questions does not constitute therapeutic recommendations or prescriptions. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society recommends that all questions and information be discussed with a personal physician. We mobilize people and resources to drive research for a cure and to address the challenges of everyone affected by MS. Š 2011 National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Pacific South Coast Chapter




Five TIPS FOR END-OF-YEAR GIVING Give to a cause you believe in while making your tax bite smaller by donating to the Society before December 31. Follow these suggestions and make your gift a successful one.


Talk to your accountant and reduce what you owe for 2011


Review your portfolio and avoid capital gains tax by giving your appreciated stock to the Society


Consider an annuity and receive tax benefits and guaranteed payments for life


Stick with organizations you support—like the Society!


Make a long-term commitment and consider a gift in your living will or trust, helping support our mission in the future

To discuss these planned giving options, please call Karen Barton at (800)344-4867 or (760) 448-8412.


MS RESEARCH UPDATES FIFTY-Two MS Genes Identified In the largest MS genetics study ever, researchers have documented 29 new genetic variants associated with MS, and confirmed 23 others previously implicated in the disease. Most of the genes were related to immune function, and more than a third have already been linked to autoimmune diseases. A large number were related to T-cell function; T cells, a type of white blood cell, play a major role in the immune system’s attack against the nervous system in MS. Also, two genes linked to vitamin D were found: research increasingly suggests that low vitamin D levels are a risk factor for developing MS. (The Society is funding a new clinical trial of vitamin D supplementation.) The study, a collaboration between the International MS Genetics Consortium and the Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium 2, was published in the August 11, 2011, issue of Nature, and involved nearly 10,000 people with MS and more than 17,000 who do not have the disease. While the results of genetics studies haven’t so far resulted in the ability to do individual genetic counseling, these and further findings should help uncover what causes MS and improve treatments. The Society

is funding a second large study to confirm and expand these results.

New MS Therapy Moves Forward The first phase III study of alemtuzumab (proposed brand name Lemtrada) for relapsingremitting MS found that the drug met one of two primary endpoints. Researchers found that people treated with the drug had 55% fewer relapses over two years compared to those taking the interferon Rebif. However, results of the trial’s other goal, to delay disability, were not statistically better than Rebif. The study, called CARE-MS I, involved 581 people with relapsingremitting MS. Another trial, called CARE-MS II, is still underway. Alemtuzumab is a monoclonal antibody that attacks the cells in the immune system that contribute to myelin damage. It is presently approved by the FDA to treat B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Sanofi and Genzyme, the drug’s sponsor, plan to seek approval of this intravenous drug for MS in the U.S. in early 2012. In June 2010, the FDA designated alemtuzumab a “Fast Track Product,” which should expedite its future review after results of the phase III trials are submitted.

LEARNMORE MS RESEARCH TAKES CENTER STAGE In October, blogger Dr. Julie Stachowiak and producer/director Kate Milliken—both of whom live with MS— reported live from the world’s largest MS conference at the Society’s blog. At the fifth joint meeting of ECTRIMS and ACTRIMS (the European and Americas Committees for Treatment and Research in MS), over 5,000 of the world’s leading scientists and clinicians gathered October 19-22 in Amsterdam. Results from four phase III studies on MS therapies were presented, along with the latest research on MS risk factors, treatments and diagnosis. Join the conversation at blog.national, and connect with people with MS, the people who care about them and MS experts.

TOLL FREE NUMBER 1 800 344 4867

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ROCKIN’ MOMS Two women share their experience with marathons, motherhood & MS Raising children is hard enough. Add multiple sclerosis to the mix and then you’ve really got your hands full.







Jo Powell recalls her diagnosis, “I thought my chances of seeing the world and having a family were gone forever.” Marilee Foley agrees, “I thought my life was over and I went into a deep depression for awhile.”

However, neither woman has taken their MS diagnosis lying down. Instead, they decided to lace up. Marilee, diagnosed in 2003, splits her time between her five children, aged 10-22, and training. Before her diagnosis, she qualified for the Boston Marathon 5 times. Despite debilitating headaches, visual impairment and extreme fatigue, Marliee has competed in over 25 events in the past 5 years. Marilee reasons “Being a mother has helped me stay alive and fight. My children have been an anchor, keeping me focused on my true meaning and commitment.” Jo, a new mom this year, was diagnosed in 2005 and got into endurance events with her first sprint triathlon in 2009. Staying active is what it’s all about, Jo asserts, “I never would have attempted these events prior to my diagnosis, but they have changed my life. I have met lifelong friends and developed a new sense of self confidence.” Motherhood and MS pack a powerful punch. Though MS symptoms usually disappear during pregnancy, Jo exclaims “I didn’t experience the ‘break’ from MS. I still had numbness and




“I’m in the fight of my life. Continuing to be an athlete is my way of fighting back at this disease.”

tingling, leg weakness and fatigue.” Marilee concurs, “It hasn’t made motherhood easier. But it has allowed me to become more patient and empathetic.” That is why both women are so motivated. “I race to show the world that although I am living with MS it will not define who I am and what I can accomplish. If I have to hobble across the finish line, I will,” says Jo. Adds Marilee, “I’m in the fight of my life. Continuing to be an athlete is my way of fighting back at this disease.” And being moms has only deepened their drive: “I want to show my daughter that you can be and do anything you put your mind to regardless of what ailment or disability you may have,” concludes Jo. Marilee agrees, “The one great thing about living with MS and having children is that it has provided the opportunity to teach them how important it is to give back and help others. They have helped raise money and participated in events to support the cause. This is a crucial lesson for all children and people.”


Team currie takes on walk ms this spring (continued from Cover) After reaching out to a handful of supportive family and friends, Team Currie was formulated to participate in the 2010 Walk MS event in Irvine. In their first year, Team Currie was able to bring together nineteen walkers and raise $3,000 to create a world free of MS. In 2011, the team grew to fifty walkers who together raised more than $4,000, including the help of Currie’s cousin on the east coast. This spring, Currie plans to rally the team once again with a new fundraising goal of $5,000. Family members rejoining Team Currie in 2012 include Kathy’s husband, Ted; sons, Kyle, Kelly and Clay; daughter, Kaitlyn; mother, Theresa Kirkland; and sister, Michelle Kirkland. Other participants include Michelle’s nursing colleagues at Kaiser, various family friends and their children. A cousin, Danielle Rutledge, will be representing Team Currie on the east coast at Walk MS in Pittsburgh, Pa.

“My family members and I each have to cope individually, but this is one way we can all come together and do something fun for a good cause,” said Currie of the annual Walk MS event. “The MS Society is a great charity, and research [for MS] is needed everywhere.”

In the coming year, Kathy aims to continue adjusting to treatment and medications for her symptoms and most importantly she hopes to walk the two-mile course at Walk MS unassisted yet again. “And if I can’t-” she said, “-well, I have a wonderful team of doctors, family and friends to help me get through whatever way I have to.” In addition to their third annual Walk MS in Orange County, Team Currie is also branching out into other MS Society events. Kathy and a “wheeled” five-person version of Team Currie successfully completed the two-day, 100-mile Bike MS event in October 2011, raising a grand total of $3,500.

JOINTHEFUN Walk MS is a free and family friendly event. Participants include individuals living with MS, their extended families, friends, medical professionals and other individuals who support the cause of creating a world free of MS. Sunday, April 22 LEGOLAND® California Resort, Carlsbad Saturday, April 28 NTC Park - Liberty Station, San Diego Saturday, May 5 University of California, Irvine


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SERVICE PROVIDER HIGHLIGHT: 2-1-1 In addition to calling the Chapter Information Resource Center regarding MS related needs, we hope that you also take advantage of the 2-1-1 service. Keep reading to find out more! The 2-1-1 service offers comprehensive information and referral resources for your local community in areas such as community health, human services and overall support. Callers seeking assistance can dial 2-1-1 toll free, 24-hours a

day and connect with a trained, multilingual information and referral specialists. They can connect you to various services such as housing, healthcare navigation, financial assistance, food resources, and disaster relief. They even provide assistance for the holidays including programs like Toys for Tots. You can find out where to make donations or how to receive a toy for your tot.

You can also visit their website at or Simply dial 2-1-1 or go online to get the resources you need today!

HELP US ADD TO OUR EQUIPMENT LOAN CLOSET Do you have unused wheelchairs or other durable medical equipment (DME) that you no longer need? If so, we ask you to please consider making a donation to our Equipment Loan Closet and help those in need of these items. Our Equipment Loan Closet is designed to provide durable medical equipment to meet individual’s temporary needs. The Equipment Loan closet helps individuals with MS who are in need of equipment due to an MS exacerbation, for additional support to participate in an activity or an event or to provide temporary assistance while accessing insurance.



In addition to helping those in need of your unused equipment, we would be more than happy to provide a donation letter for tax purposes. Schedule a pick-up for your donation or make a loan request for DME support by calling our Equipment Loan line at (714) 689-9609. Calls are answered by a volunteer and are returned no later than the next Tuesday or Thursday following the call. Call and donate to the Equipment Loan Closet today! Please note, per vendor regulations, members requesting equipment will be required to provide a


physician’s prescription confirming need and ability to safely use equipment requested. We are not equipped to meet emergency needs. If you do find yourself with an immediate need, call us directly at (800) 344-4867.

MARKYOURCALENDARS LIVING WELL WITH MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS | PROGRAM HAPPENINGS Annual Meeting of the Members Saturday, January 28, 2012 9:30am Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort 25135 Park Lantern Dana Point, CA 92629

REGISTERTODAY To register for any of the programs listed, as well as learn about additional programs available, visit or call us at 1-800 344-4867 (1-800-FIGHT-MS) and press “1.”

SAVE THE DATE Twelfth Annual UCSD MS Symposium Saturday, March 24, 2012 9:00am – 12:00pm Mission Valley Marriott 8757 Rio San Diego Drive San Diego, CA 92108


We’re Unstoppable • 1

Learn more at We’re Unstoppable! As a member of the chapter, you are invited to participate in our Annual Meeting of Members. We will recognize outstanding volunteers, elect our Board of Trustees and Board Chair, review our annual report and hear from Dr. Daniel Bandari about “From the Lab to the Clinic: Meeting the Unmet Needs in Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.”

Orange County Social Security Disability Insurance Day Wednesday, February 15, 2012 10:00am - 2:00pm This is an opportunity for individuals who want to apply, need help with the application process, or seek assistance with appealing a denial.

Learn the latest on MS treatments and research from Dr. Corey-Bloom from UCSD and Dr. Thomas Lane from UCI. Check your mail and the Chapter Calendar at in early March for more details.

For more information, call Katie at (714) 689-9601 or email her at

TOLL FREE NUMBER 1 800 344 4867

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Anaheim 1st & 3rd Tuesday, 12:30 - 2:30pm Rosa Ferreras 714-758-0829 Anaheim: En Español Familiares y amigos bienvenidos. El segundo y cuarto martes de cada mes Anaheim Adventist Church 900 S. Sunkist St, 6 - 7:30pm Rosa Ferreras 714-758-0829 Susana Pérez 714-235-7570 Brea: Family & Friends Welcome 2nd Monday & 4th Friday, 10am - 12pm Kathy Kelby 714-525-0686 Rob Lammers 714-990-2933 Brea 1st Friday, 10am - 12pm Denise Kish 909-519-4410 Jim Langdon 714-392-2052 Carona Del Mar: Minimal Symptoms/Newly Diagnosed 3rd Wednesday, 1:30 - 3:30pm Sherri Brash 714-846-2064 Costa Mesa: Man to Man 1st & 3rd Wednesday, 1:30 - 3pm Mike Milne 949-215-8502 Dana Point: Minimal Symptoms / Newly Diagnosed 4th Thursday, 10am - 12pm Jerry Dowd 949-584-4619 Susan Watson 949-493-1299 Huntington Beach: Minimal Symptoms / Newly Diagnosed 2nd Wednesday, 10am - 12pm Jeanne Archibald 714-842-7198 Priscilla Wolz 714-846-6526



Huntington Beach: Working with MS 1st Tuesday, 6:30 - 8:30pm Laurie Cable 714-969-8298 Karen Patterson 714-377-4006 Irvine: Mature Group 2nd & 4th Wednesday, 10am - 12pm Betty Brusco 949-481-0143 Jack Santos 949-786-9593 Irvine: Girl Talk 3rd Monday, 11am - 1:30pm Tabitha Evans 714-669-5618 Maggie Finn 949-748-7591 Laguna Hills 1st Tuesday, 10am - 12pm Francine Grasso 949-278-6935 Karen Harlas 949-498-9583 Lake Forest: MS with Christ 3rd Monday, 6:30 - 8:30pm Bill Bisch 949-218-5020 Cathy Varela 949-496-3810 Midway City 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 10am - 12pm Pat Howard 714-968-0277 Linda Logan 714-374-0430 Mission Viejo: Minimal Symptoms / Newly Diagnosed 2nd Wednesday, 6:30 - 8pm Jerry Dowd 949-584-4619 Susan Watson 949-493-1299 Newport Beach 3rd Sunday, 2 - 4pm Harriet Pavidis 714-839-5529 Norma Mucia 714-641-9171

San Diego County

Cardiff by the Sea: Women’s Group Future meetings put on hold For more information, please contact Jessica Goodrich 714-689-9602


Chula Vista: En Español Llame para más información. Fernando Palomino 619-691-7964 Chula Vista St. Marks Lutheran Church 850 Hilltop Dr. 3rd Wednesday, 11am - 1pm Susan Lipp 619-248-0669 Bonnie Kuhn 619-749-8806 Escondido Joslyn Senior Center, Room 5 210 Park Avenue 3rd Wednesday, 1 - 3pm Beth Bradsher 760-747-9096 Michele Easterling 760-805-6390 Escondido: Christian Group 3rd Friday, 1-3 pm Calvary Chapel of Escondido 1675 Seven Oakes Rd, Room 4 Dawn Vallely 760-390-1777 Oceanside Oceanside Library 3861 Mission Avenue 2nd Wednesday, 12 - 2pm Juanita Hamilton 760-754-1911 Poway Weingart Center 13094 Civic Centre Drive 1st Tuesday, 6:30pm Peggy Green 858-748-4009 Ramona 2nd Tuesday, 11am - 12pm Van Reeder 760-789-9129 San Diego (Clairemont/ La Jolla) Denny’s Restaurant 4280 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. 1st Thursday, 10am - 12pm Denise Kish 909-519-4410 San Diego: Mens Group Kaiser Education Center San Diego 10990 San Diego Mission Road 1st Tuesday, 6:30pm Bill Homer 858-571-1867

San Diego (Mid-City) Kaiser Education Center San Diego 10990 San Diego Mission Rd 4th Monday, 2 - 4pm Stephanie Russell 619-224-6156 Spring Valley New Seasons Church 2300 Bancroft Drive 2nd Saturday, 12:30 - 2pm Kris Hodge 619-933-2601 Debbie Centeno 619-460-4123

Professionally-led SUPPORT GROUPS

Support Group for People Experiencing Progressing MS Symptoms 2nd Tuesday of Every Month 10:00am - 12:00pm Facilitator: Debbie Hornstein, MSW Neighborhood Community Center 1845 Park Avenue Costa Mesa, CA 92627 714-689-9602



Chula Vista: Outdoor Loma Verde Pool 1420 Loma Lane Tuesdays & Thursdays 12 - 1pm

Fullerton Friends in Christ Lutheran Church 2311 E. Chapman Avenue Wednesdays, 10:30 - 11:30am

El Cajon: Outdoor/Indoor St. Madeline Sophie’s Center 2119 East Madison Avenue Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 11:30am - 12:30pm Irvine: Indoor Arthritis Foundation Approved Class Waterworks Aquatics 25 Waterworks Way Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:30 - 11:30am No lift available at this time

Huntington Beach Yoga Works 301 Main Street Wednesdays, 1 - 2pm Santa Ana Goodwill Fitness Center 1601 E. St. Andrew Place Fridays, 9:30-10:30am San Diego Addie’s Personal Training Studio 4440 Ingraham St. Sundays, 10-11am $5 per session

Vista: Indoor Bally’s Fitness Center 1932 Hacienda Drive Tuesdays & Thursdays 11:45am - 12:45pm



Women’s Caregiver Group 2nd Wednesday of Every Month 6:30 - 8:00pm Facilitator: Deborah LeFevre, MFT National MS Society Office 3000-C Airway Avenue, Suite 125 Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (714) 689-9602

La Jolla Ability Rehab Specialists 737 Pearl St, #108 1st, 2nd, 3rd Tuesdays, 6 - 6:45pm

Caregiver Support Group 3rd Thursday of Every Month 6:30-8:00pm Facilitator: Seraphina Galante, MSW, Family Consultant Southern Caregiver Resource Center 3675 Ruffin Road, Suite 230 San Diego, CA 92123 (858) 268-4432, ext. 112


Costa Mesa Healthy Balance 1599 Superior Avenue, Suite B Thursdays, 10:45 - 11:45am Costa Mesa Yoga Works 1835 Newport Blvd, #A208 Mondays, 10:45 - 11:45am Dana Point Dana Point Community Center 34052 Del Obispo Road Wednesdays, 8:00 - 9:00am

Fullerton: Indoor Aquatics North Orange County YMCA 2000 Youth Way Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 9 - 10am $6 per session La Jolla: Yoga Scripps Memorial Hospital 9888 Genesee Avenue Thursdays, 9 - 10am $10 monthly fee Cardiac Rehab 858-626-6493 San Diego: Outdoor Aquatics Peninsula Family YMCA 4390 Valeta Street Monday-Friday, 11am - 12pm $5 per session San Marcos: Lebed Method Meadow Lark Community Church 1918 Redwing St. Tuesdays, 10:00-11:00am Diana Dean-Naú 760-809-9176 $5 per class

TOLL FREE NUMBER 1 800 344 4867

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MEDICARE DEADLINES Medicare recipients still have the opportunity to review, renew or replace drug plans during the annual open enrollment period, which began October 15 and runs until December 7 this year. The 2006 drug law imposes a penalty on those who need prescription drug coverage (and who do not have creditable coverage), but do not sign up in time. That penalty grows larger every year. In 2012, the “donut hole,” or gap in prescription drug coverage, still exists, but the Affordable Care Act requires insurers to give Medicare Part D participants a 50% discount on most brandname drugs, including the MS disease-modifiers, while they are in the coverage gap. Drugs prescribed “off label” for MS symptoms are still excluded from coverage and exempt from the discount.

(but not including a Medicare Medical Savings Account plan), can switch to Original Medicare during the Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period from January 1, 2012, to February 14, 2012.

The “Extra Help” Program People who receive SSI Visit for general information, publications (Supplemental Security Income) benefits, or who get and to compare the drug plans help from the state Medicaid available in your area. Call program to pay Part B premiums an MS Navigator® at (Medicare Savings Plan), 1-800-344-4867 for free automatically qualify for “Extra healthinsurance counseling. Help,” which means no donut People with a Medicare private hole for prescription drugs as health plan, also known as a well as lower coinsurance and Medicare Advantage plan, copayment costs. People with 10



low incomes also qualify . Apply directly through the Social Security Administration at

LEARNMORE Find out more about medicare, frequenty asked questions and medicare prescription drug plans at nationalMSsociety. org > Living with MS > Insurance & Money Matters > Medicare


Flu shot, or not?

Tax deductions beyond medicine Many of the expenses associated with managing MS might be tax deductible, beyond medicines. (Keep in mind that only unreimbursed medical expenses that exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income are deductible.) Here are additional possibilities: • Equipment and extras, such as service dogs (and dog food!) and transportation to doctor appointments via car service or taxi if you can no longer drive. •

Home modifications that don’t increase a home’s value. “Get a doctor’s prescription for ramps, wider doorways, grab bars, even a swimming pool, as well as a letter from a real estate agent stating that these changes don’t make your home more valuable,” suggests Anne Davis, program director of Legal Services for the Society’s New York City and Southern New York Chapter.

For people receiving SSI or disability benefits, impairment-related work expenses may be deducted from their earnings, if their income might otherwise jeopardize their government benefits. Two IRS Publications may be helpful: • 907, Tax Highlights for Persons with Disabilities • 502, Medical and Dental Expenses Consult an accountant to make sure your particular situation is in line with current IRS regulations.

Flu season brings not just coughs and sniffles, but the question: Get a flu shot, or not? Because there is a much higher risk of an MS relapse due to flu than to the flu vaccine, the Society generally recommends that people with MS get the shot. “Don’t wait for flu season to catch up with you. Discuss getting the flu shot with your doctor to protect yourself this year,” says Rosalind Kalb, PhD, vice president of the Society’s Professional Resource Center. The injectable flu vaccine— which is an “inactivated” vaccine—has been studied extensively in people with MS and is considered quite safe. It may be taken by people on an interferon medication, glatiramer acetate, or mitoxantrone. It is not yet clear if the vaccine is as effective for those talking natalizumab or fingolimod. It’s best to delay vaccination for four to six weeks after the onset of any serious exacerbations. People with MS should avoid FluMist, a live-virus flu vaccine (sometimes called LAIV for “live attenuated influenza vaccine”) delivered via nasal spray. For more information, go to vaccinations.

TOLL FREE NUMBER 1 800 344 4867

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TEN YEARS OF CHALLENGE WALK At this year’s 3-day, 50-mile Challenge Walk MS, 217 walkers, 90 crew members and hundreds of volunteers celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the event while raising funds and building awareness about Multiple Sclerosis. With the help of everyone involved, we raised $969,811 bringing us one step closer to a world free of MS.


ELITE FEET Elite Feet members raise a minimum of $10,000. 1. Anne Allen - $56,360 2. Melissa Glasser - $42,540 3. Kathy Stimson - $30,515 4. Bill Bisch - $16,000 5. Linda Milson - $10,663 6. Brian Grey - $10,450 7. Dan Glasser - $10,343 GOLDEN LACES Golden Laces members raise a minimum of $5,000. 8. Chris Serocke - $8,575 9. Greg Zolotar - $8,490 10. Jeanne Woodard - $8,265 11. Louise Brockmann - $7,417 12. Christina Padien - $7,193 13. Jennifer Armstrong - $7,174 14. Jeannette Flynn - $7,039 15. Colleen Brown - $7,035 16. Tricia Graup - $7,018 17. Doris Morgan - $6,942

TOP TEAMS MISSION POSSIBLE Hurt SO Good!!- $102,059 GOLD AWARD NorCal StreetWalkers with Good Carma - $71,059 Team Momentum - $69,150 The Fireflies! - $64,222 Walking Wine-rs - $53,398 BRONZE AWARD Star Striders - $22,476 On Our Way - $21,511 Team Pardee - $19,079 The GREENhorns - $16,165 Walk and Roll - $15,199 30. Kristine DuBois - $5,075 31. Sibylle House - $5,065 32. Penelope Moreland Gunn - $5,000

32. Sandy Naham - $5,000

OVERACHIEVERS Overachievers raise 18. Gretchen Montgomery - $6,479 a minimum of $3,500. 19. Joyce Savage - $6,135 33. Tanaaz Wheeler - $4,887 20. Angie Matthias - $6,000 34. Kathy Milson - $4,535 21. Heidi Parish - $5,855 35. Diane Nelson - $4,505 22. Joy O’Donnell - $5,610 36. Shannon Oughton - $4,270 23. Paula Sanchez - $5,510 33. Tanaaz Wheeler - $4,887 24. Marilyn Kaforey - $5,385 34. Kathy Milson - $4,535 25. Tiffany Birkett - $5,221 35. Diane Nelson - $4,505 26. Mary Lou Micheaels - $5,220 36. Shannon Oughton - $4,270 27. Matthew Birkett - $5,170 37. Kristi Bisch - $4,175 28. Jordan Hinson - $5,160 CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE 29. Javier Morgan - $5,142 12



“I had an amazing experience walking my first year! I’m looking forward to coming back next year!” – Carlene S.

“Marching Marthas can’t wait to come back next year! Thanks for an amazing weekend!” - Amanda R. “Team Mixed Nutz had a fantastic time on our first Challenge Walk MS. We made new friends and look forward to next year!” – Mary Lou M.

OVERACHIEVERS (cont.) 38. Polly Sauer - $4,148 39. Abigail Barnes - $4,080 40. Eileen Whelehan - $3,960 41. Judi Bruner - $3,871 42. Erin Barone - $3,865 43. Jeannine Hamill - $3,825 44. Amanda Diaz - $3,811 45. Jessica Brody - $3,675 46. Michelle Constantine - $3,669 47. Rita Gatto - $3,605 48. Robyn Bjorklund - $3,600 49. Lisa Hall-Pentzell - $3,568 50. Cindy Kalicki - $3,565 51. Scott Horn - $3,564 52. Virginia Marshall - $3,540 56. Amy Glad - $3,500.00 55. Joyce Mason - $3,500 53. Dawn McGrosso - $3,500 54. Mavourneen O'Brien - $3,500 57. Kari Silva - $3,380.55 63. Alyssa Silva - $3,060.55 64. Sara Snyder - $3,050.00 85. Kelley Aydelotte - $2,735.00

OUR SPONSORS ROCK! Thank you to our generous 2011 Challenge Walk MS sponsors. With the help of these sponsors we were able to raise money, build awareness and provide an enjoyable day for all who participated. GOLD SPONSORS

® ®

U.S. Pharmaceuticals


BIKE MS CYCLISTS PEDAL FOR A CURE This year, over 2,200 cyclists hit the road and raised $2.2 million for the 29th Annual Bike MS Bay to Bay Tour sponsored by Land Rover Miramar. This fourtime winner of the “Best Cycling Event” awarded by the readers of Competitor magazine was a huge success! Participants of all levels enjoyed gorgeous coastline routes, participating in either the 15- or 30-mile route one day route or the 100- or 150-mile route over two days. It was an enjoyable and memorable cycling adventure and we encourage all of you to join us next year!

Bay to Bay Tour 2011 sponsored by

SHOUT OUTS FROM OUR PARTICIPANTS “What a great ride!!!! Thank you Bike MS - my sister and I had a blast. Already can’t wait for next year!” - Lindsey “What an awesome experience! Very well organized and supported event. It’s no wonder participants go back year after year. Inspiring to see so many people coming together to support a great cause.” - Lisa “I want to thank everyone that donated for Bike MS! Doing the 150 miles was well worth it and at the end to receive a medal and a thank you from Beth who’s been diagnosed since 1997. I now ride for those who can’t.” -Gonzalo

Thank you to our amazing corporate sponsors, including our title sponsor Land Rovery Miramar. We’d also like to thank our presenting sponsors, Hansen’s Beverage Company and KTLA 5 News.


TOLL FREE FREE NUMBER NUMBER 11 800 800 344 344 4867 4867 || 13 13 TOLL


MS DINNER AUCTION CELEBRATES 25 YEARS! On November 19, 600 guests joined together at Loews Coronado Bay Resort to raise over $460,000 in celebration of 25th Anniversary of the MS Dinner Auction. This year the gala was proud to welcome a new title sponsor, Pacific Wealth Management, a private firm that manages assets for high-net worth individuals. The sparkling affair started off with a celebratory toast from Chapter President Richard Israel who thanked everyone for coming out and supporting a world free of MS. Guests then spent the next two hours sipping Barefoot Bubbly and power shopping the over 700 packages that the MS Dinner Auction is so famously

known for. Items included domestic and international travel packages, estate jewelry from Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers, Chargers’ memorabilia, amazing gift baskets, wine and culinary collections, and much more! At dinner, the sweet sounds of The Soultones joined by members of the Anthology house band played while guests feasted on Loews’ Modern Latin cuisine amongst a sea of glittery silver and purple décor. NBC’s Steven Luke entertained guests as the evening’s Master of Ceremonies and introduced Stephen Homsey, a young man from Massachusetts who just ended a 3,000 mile cross country walk to raise money for multiple sclerosis research.

The Soultones entertain guests during dinner.



Guests also heard a moving message from Board Member Justin Reckers and an informative research update from Dr. Tom Lane, Director


Guests look at silent auction items.

of the MS Research Center at University of California, Irvine. Inspired by the progress of Dr. Lane’s work, the Hausman Family Foundation pledged a $100,000 match that evening to MS research that will extend to the end of the year for anyone desiring to make a research gift. The live auction was also a huge success as bidders took home amazing deals on luxury travel packages, one-of-a-kind experiences, fine jewelry and watches, and autographed guitars. The evening ended with guests celebrating and dancing into the night. See photos from the event and learn more at


HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHAT VOLUNTEERING IS ALL ABOUT? In 2010, the National MS Society endorsed a 5-year strategic roadmap that strives to be a response to the brutal facts of living with MS and identifies what must be done, not only at the Society, but globally to achieve a world free of MS. With the help of individuals and organizations from across the country and around the world, sharing their experiences and perspectives provided a clear expectation about what must be done to change the lives of those with MS. Everyone involved who graciously commits their time and energy into our cause had a direct impact on our overall goal. Volunteering is more than just stuffing envelopes or cheering at events as you can see through the development of our Strategic Plan. It is a perfect example of how volunteers can lend their expertise in a variety of ways and ultimately have a huge impact overall. Here are a few special volunteers who deserve the spotlight this quarter!

Ashley has been Lynn King’s faithful Angel for five years and Lynn has been Ashley’s hero. “A memory I cherished most was when the MS Support group I belong to gave me enough funds to give Lynn a special Christmas from us all. There is not a moment with Lynn that stands out, rather her courage and smiles in spite of the MS and living in a full care facility.”

Richard worked with the Leadership team over the summer doing prospecting for the MS Dinner Auction, helping plan and execute the summer Golden Circle events, and took on a major volunteer role at the MS Golf Invitational. “What may have started as a resume builder, really turned into a valuable experience where I learned a lot and now have a special connection to the National MS Society,”

Sharon Griggs, founder of the Del Mar Center for Strategic Leadership and Change, has provided pro bono leadership coaching to the chapter’s senior management team for nearly three years. Sharon is a trusted business confidante with professional experience in general management and international business development. The chapter is fortunate to have such a valuable volunteer like Sharon.

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Annual Meeting of Members - Dana Point


Social Security Disability Insurance Information Day

MARCH 12-18 MS Awareness Week 24 UCSD MS Symposium

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walk MS: Carlsbad walk MS: San Diego

MAY 5 walk MS: Irvine 7 Golf MS Invitational TBD Day at the Bay For more INFORMATION, visit the “Mark Your Calendars” section on page 7 OR 16



WE NEED OFFICE VOLUNTEERS! Do you have free time in your day to help us around the office? We need you! Projects include mailing preparation, computer input and more. You can volunteer at either of our office locations in Costa Mesa or San Diego. Email for more information.

Winter 2012 MS Connection  
Winter 2012 MS Connection  

MS Connection Winter 2012 Edition