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Innovated Smoking Chamber Mauting UKMH with Horizontal Air Flowing Mauting

The smoking chamber with horizontal air flowing MAUTING UKMH allows : • Horizontal air flowing for optimal treatment on grates • Alternating air blowing and sucking from the left to the right side and on the contrary • Uniform flowing across the whole entrance wall • Mild and uniform product treatment • Independency on level position on trolley • Built-in water drop eliminator


he smoking chamber with horizontal air flowing is an equipment which allows heat treatment of smoked products, particularly on grates, e.g. reddening, drying, smoking and cooking. This kind of chamber is suitable for heat treatment of all laying products like sliced meat, jerky, cheese, tofu, etc…

The novelty is the usage of vertical slots for optimal full horizontal air flowing. Thanks to the vertical slots it is possible to use a trolley with almost any number of levels without necessity of slots settings. The high volume air entrance eliminates differences in treatment, especially in the middle and edge of trolley. The smoking chamber with horizontal air flowing MAUTING UKMH provides optimal air flowing, speed, direction and exchange of circulating air in all levels of trolley. The smoking chamber UKMH has its own circulatory fan for each trolley and it is also always equipped with the exhaust fan. Â

6 | MSP Magazine • February/March 2017

Issue 24  

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