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factories in China which copy almost everything: from knives to complex processing lines. There are also large national booths financed by Chinese government at key global exhibitions.

only the test-tube meat, also known as cultured meat, may completely change the approach to meat processing in favor of the process automation”.

For this reason, Chinese equipment was most popular in Russia in the first six months of 2016, according to VVS experts: the share of Chinese manufacturers in the total import volume of the meat processing equipment was 67.2% (5,590 units).

The global market will develop towards increasing automation with the view of reducing the operating costs, increasing productivity and improving quality. It is difficult to predict what will be the results of this development. However, the market needs high quality systems for control, analysis of raw materials and final products, production planning and automation. There are still many tasks and goals to accomplish.

From A to Z “In the next 10-20 years we will not see anything groundbreaking which will completely change our market”, Alexander Zolotavin, regional representative of the GEA company said. “Today, the meat processing industry is one of the industries using very large number of manpower, mostly due to the complexity of the raw material standardization. May be

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44 | MSP Magazine • February/March 2017

Considering the ongoing import substitution in Russia, the production process improvement is impossible without equipment complying with the modern global standards. Because of this, the import of this equipment will continue growing in the near future, according to VVS.

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On the other hand, Alexey Gorbatov believes that the demand for equipment will not be growing in the next 2−3 years. “The companies which have moved to a new technological level feel confident about the future, while those who have not done it, will not be able to afford any significant investments”, he said. The production modernization requires significant investment expenditures: the price of one unit of modern meat processing equipment from Europe may be from 1−2 to tens of millions of roubles. The growth driver of the demand for new equipment will be large meat processing companies which possess sufficient collateral property to cover their credits, because the cost and installation of the equipment is approx. 60% of the project cost.

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