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DECLARATION OF PERFORMANCE DOP-MS-11.2 1. Unique identification code of the product-type: double casement wood-aluminium window without mullion 2. Type, batch or serial number or any other element allowing identification of the construction product as required: type COMFORT 3Q 3. Intended use or uses of the construction product, in accordance with the applicable harmonised technical specification, as foreseen by the manufacturer: window for private and public buildings 4. Name, registered trade name or registered trade mark and contact address of the manufacturer: M SORA d.d., Trg svobode 2, 4226 Žiri, Slovenija 5. System or systems of assessment and verification of constancy of performance of the construction product: system 3 6. In case of the declaration of performance concerning a construction product covered by a harmonised standard 14351-1:2006 testing was performed by: IFT Rosenheim under system 3 and issued test reports. 7. Declared performance Essential characteristics Resistance to wind load Watertightness Air permeability Mechanical durability Resistance to racking Resistance to static torsion

Class C2/B3 7A 4 2 1 4

Harmonised technical specification EN 12210 EN12208 EN 12207 EN 12400 EN13115 EN 13115

8. The performance of the product identified in points 1. in 2. is in conformity with the declared performance in point 7. This declaration of performance is issued under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer identified in point 4. Signed for and on behalf of M SORA d.d.: Žiri, 1.7.2013

dr. Aleš Ugovšek, Project manager

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Dop comfort%203q double%20casement