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Manufacturer (name, address)

M SORA d.d. Trg svobode 2, 4226 Žiri, Slovenia Industrijska ulica 13, 4226 Žiri, Slovenia

Place of manufacturer (address)

We declare under our sole responsibility that

Product (type, model)

Two wing window without upper

Lot, batch, serial number

type UDOBJE 3Q

Is in confirmity with the provisions of the following regulations:

Zakon o gradbenih proizvodih (Uradni list

RS, št.52/00) Directive 89/106/EGS

and complies with the requirements of the following standards: The ITT tests were made by notified body:

SIST EN 14531–1:2006

Ift Rosenheim, Theodor Gietl-Strasse 7-9, 83026 Rosenheim, Deutschland (št. 10-001128-PR07)

Place and date:

Name, surname, position:

Žiri, 1.6.2011

Barbara Šubic, Project Manager

Signature of authorized person:

M SORA d.d. Trg svobode 2 4226 Žiri Slovenia 11 EN 14351-1:2006

Two wing wooden window type UDOBJE 3Q, with vertical and horizontal opening

Window for private and public buildings

Resistance to wind load

Class C2/B3

(SIST EN 12210)

Water tightness (SIST EN 12208) Thermal efficiency of glazing

Class 7A


(SIST EN 673) 2 [W/m K]

Thermal efficiency of window


(SIST EN 10077-1, 1,9 x 2,4m) 2 [W/m K]

Air permeability (SIST EN 12207)

Class 4