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For those who suffer from hemorrhoids there is nothing worse than the constant burning and itching that never seems to go away for very long. Worse yet the flare ups always seem to come at the worst possible moment when there is nothing you can do about it. Most people who suffer from hemorrhoids use a topical hemorrhoid cream to relieve their symptoms. The question most hemorrhoid sufferers want to know is a hemorrhoid cream really effective or does it just mask the symptoms? Before you can assess whether or not a hemorrhoid cream is really effective you need to have a better understanding of why you have hemorrhoids in the first place. In most cases hemorrhoids are caused by excessive straining when you defecate. This can be caused by a poor diet that leads to constipation or by spending far too much time sitting on your backside on a daily basis. They can also be caused by a combination of both. No matter what kind of hemorrhoid cream you buy, you will find that they are relatively effective at relieving the burning and the itching. This is all that most creams are supposed to do; they are not a cure for the problem, simply a way of temporarily relieving the symptoms. The main difference is in which type of hemorrhoid cream you decide to use. You have your choice of dozens of different pharmaceutical creams or you can take the more natural approach and select a natural cream that will work with far less risk of side effects. When you are looking at the box or tube that the hemorrhoid cream comes in you should pay particular attention to the ingredients. You should be looking for an ingredient listed as an astringent. This is the main ingredient and is the one that relieves the pain and burning that you are using the cream for. If you are going to use a natural hemorrhoid cream the ingredient most commonly used is witch hazel as it is one of the most effective natural astringents. If you want the hemorrhoid cream you choose to be as effective as possible you need to make sure that you use it properly and in accordance with the instructions on the box. With this in mind you need to make sure that you read the instructions fully and understand them. You should always wash the area to be treated and your hands every time you plan to use the cream. Each of the different creams on the market can provide relief for your hemorrhoid pain and itching, some are more effective than others and the all natural ones seem to work the best. is a great resource for people interested in Natural Treatment for Hemorrhoids. Learn an effective simple system that will teach you best treatment for hemorrhoids guaranteed by clicking here: Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment

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==== ==== Hemorrhoid gone in 48 hours check it out: ==== ====

Is Hemorrhoid Cream Realy Effective  

Hemorrhoid gone in 48 hours