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web posters design Client : Te Puna Reo o Ngä Käkano

Background :

Specifications :

Te Puna Reo is a preschool that provides opportunities for

> Requirements scoping

a wide variety of learning experiences through the medium

> Brand design

of Te Reo Mäori. The Te Puna Reo site was developed with

> Interface design

learning in mind – a beautiful site that uses the metaphor

> Development

of the koru and growth cycle to reinforce the importance of

> Online marketing and SEO

early childhood education in Whänau Ora.

> Hosting facilitation

webposters design Client : Vivo Enoteca Cucina

Background :

Specifications :

MSO has been working with Vivo to market their business

> Requirements scoping

for over five years. One of our more recent projects is the

> Interface design

rebuild of their website. The main focus of the brief was to

> Development and content management

capture the ambience of the wine bar and give the user an

> Online marketing and SEO

indication of what the ‘vibe’ is. We also needed to create

> E-newsletter and e-advertising

a site that did everything it should and allowed easy and regular updates.

web posters design Client : Mitchbuild

Background :

Specifications :

Using strong visual graphics and photography MSO created

>> Interface design

the front end design for the Mitchbuild Company. The

>> HTML and CSS

design focused primarily on using the site to market the

>> Maintenance

past and future projects of the company and highlight the

>> Branding and marketing colleteral

areas Mitchbuild focus on when it comes to building.

webposters design Client : Locating Us

Background :

Specifications :

This is the second site we have done for Locating Us, this

>> Requirements scoping

time the site focuses on the WhosOnLocation product.

>> Branding

The design and functionality of this site concentrates

>> Interface design

on usability echoing the software product it should be

>> Development and content management

promoting. A lot of work was done around effective

>> Online marketing and SEO

communication and intuitive navigation – from secondary

>> Illustration and animation

to function.

BRANDING posters Client : IHC - Idea Services

Family/whanau services IDEA Services family/whanau services support people with intellectual disability living with their family or caregivers. The service is flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the person and their family. Our family/whanau services differ from area to area.

Home support

Contract board

This is a very flexible form of support, based on the needs of the person and their family. A support worker may provide support in the home or take the person out in the community. One of the goals is that the person learns skills and enjoys new experiences with guidance from the support worker.

With this service, the person boards with a family, a friend or others. We make the boarding arrangements and provide ongoing support including help working out any issues.

Family Centres These are in some areas. They provide respite support, including accommodation for short stay visits.

Shared Care

IDEA Services

A local family will care for and share their life with your family member in their own home. Care is on a part-time basis, depending on the needs of your family.

Empowering people with intellectual disability November 2009

If needed, we can help contract boarders access other services, such as work support, day programmes, and medical services.

Foster care Because we believe that children should live with their birth families, foster care is provided only in exceptional circumstances. Where foster care goes ahead, we ensure that children and their birth families keep in close contact.

Family/whanau services

Other services

In some areas there are holiday programmes, after school care IDEA Services family/whanau services support people with intellectual disability and sibling camps.

living with their family or caregivers. The service is flexible and can be tailored to

to live, learn, work and enjoy life.

meet the specific needs of the person and their family. Our family/whanau services differ from area to area.


Home support


This is a very flexible form of support, based on the needs of the person and their family. A support worker may provide support in the home or take the person out in the community. One of the goals is that the person learns skills and enjoys new experiences with guidance from the support worker.

Family Centres These are in some areas. They provide respite support, including accommodation for short stay visits.

Shared Care A local family will care for and share their life with your family member in their own home. Care is on a part-time basis, depending on the needs of your family.

Contract board With this service, the person boards with a family, a friend or others. We make the boarding arrangements and provide ongoing support including help working out any issues. If needed, we can help contract boarders access other services, such as work support, day programmes, and medical services.

Foster care Because we believe that children should live with their birth families, foster care is provided only in exceptional circumstances. Where foster care goes ahead, we ensure that children and their birth families keep in close contact.

Other services In some areas there are holiday programmes, after school care and sibling camps.


Background :

Specifications :

IHC commissioned MSO to refresh one of its

> Corporate identity system, promotional material

long-standing departments, Idea Services. Providing

> Brand development

support and information to those responsible for the care

> Design and art production

of IHC clients. MSO developed an inspirational branding

> Project management

system highlighting the joy and success that comes with

> Print and dispatch management

caring for this unique sector of society.


BRANDING posters Client : Powerco – The Gas Hub

Choose natural gas water heating for your new home at The Links and we’ll connect your property for free*.

It’s our shout!

Discover the power, comfort and affordability of natural gas Visit for all you need to know

Find out more about the power, comfort, and affordability of natural gas at

about natural gas.

•Terms and conditions may apply

Glen Molloy Commercial Sales Manager T 04 978 0540 F 04 917 7335 C 027 344 4729 E W

Level 2, 1 Market Grove, PO Box 30602, Lower Hutt 5040

I lead commercial sales so if you use natural gas on a large scale, I’m the guy to talk to.

Your natural gas connection

The Gas Hub is a division of Powerco Limited

Background :

Specifications :

The Gas Hub is a subsidiary brand of Powerco Ltd NZ. MSO

>> Corporate identity system and promotional material

was contracted as brand guardians working on a diverse

>> Web interface design

range of collateral, corporate, promotional and online

>> Signage

marketing. The relationship calls for strategy as well as

>> Design and art production

conceptual design right through to production and dispatch.

>> Project management >> Print management

BRANDING posters


Client : Moana Fisheries Ltd – Hooked on Seafood



V O U C H E R >>>>>>>>>>>>>


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This voucher entitles the bearer to $10 off any meals shown on Hooked on Seafood menu boards, current at the time of redeeming this voucher. Excludes drinks.






Wellington Downtown Backpackers


Regular hours:

10am–7pm Mon to Fri

stadium event hours: Phone us: Follow us on twitter: Join us on Facebook:

5pm–10pm 04 473-6838 @hookedWGtn hooked on seafood


(visit for our extended summer hours)

Background :

Specifications :

Moana Fisheries Ltd came to MSO to help them develop the

>> Brand strategy and development

‘Hooked on Seafood’ brand, a subsidiary of Moana, designed

>> Promotional material

to increase the retail footprint in Wellington. MSO worked

>> Corporate identity system

with Moana from the beginning developing not only visual

>> Environmental graphics

ideas but we were also involved with strategy, proposals,

>> Website and online marketing

consultations and concepts. This is an ongoing project.

BRANDING posters Client : Spectrum Health and Fitness

Being well for life

Jane Kennedy GENERAL MANAGER Appointment :

Being well for life SPECTRUM Health and Fitness Cnr Customhouse Quay & Johnston St Wellington P 04 473 3771 M 021 701 149 E

Background :

Specifications :

Spectrum needed an identity that helped it stand out

> Corporate identity system, promotional material

amongst the plethora of Health enterprises within

> Brand development

the Wellington CBD. Targeted specifically at young

> Signage

professionals wanting that lifestyle of health and wellbeing,

> Design and art production

MSO developed a brand that exudes energy and vitality

> Project management

committed to providing the whole package.

> Print management

PUBLICATIONS posters Client : Department of Conservation – People Strategy 2020

Our changing world It is important that each of us understands that what was appropriate in the past, may not be appropriate for the future. Nothing is static: knowledge grows, approaches get improved, new learning offers new opportunities, discoveries are made, better ways to work are developed, and previously impossible goals become attainable. We are entering a new era, with new challenges – climate change, social change, demographic shifts, continuing environmental degradation and global economic impacts; and also new opportunities – a growing awareness of the importance of conservation, increasing engagement, and greater public understanding of the importance of the environment to our prosperity and wellbeing.

As a department, our biggest risk will be

“The scientific consensus is that inaction will change the earth within a few decades into a place unlike any ever inhabited by humans: ‘business as usual’ will open the door to catastrophe...the wholesale reinvention of how we live, make and use energy, is not a choice but a matter of survival.” Fred Krupp: earth: the Sequel, 2009.

the underpinning context for the People Strategy 2020 is our DOC Outcomes Model1, which is expressed in each issue of our annual Statement of Intent.

trying to play it safe and resist change.

“We are still realising how much radical rethinking we will need to comprehend the forces now loose in the world and to figure out how to deal with them. the scale of forces, this time, is planetary; the scope is centuries; the stakes are what we call civilisation; and it is all taking place at the headlong speed of self-accelerating human technologies and climatic turbulence. talk of “saving the planet” is overstated, however, earth will be fine, no matter what; so will life. It is humans who are in trouble.”

How we choose to respond to these challenges and opportunities will determine our success, the conservation gains achieved, and the legacy we leave. For DOC the implication is that our work, and the way we have been doing this work, may no longer be the most effective way to achieve our outcomes. each of us needs to understand this fact, and be open to changing both ‘what we work on’, and the ‘how we work’. the People Strategy looks at important changes likely in the near future, builds on the Core Conservation Message and Positioning Plan work, and has a focus on guiding the development of four key areas:

Stewart Brand: Whole earth Discipline, 2009. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

• The organisational culture we need

“You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you.” Brian tracy.

“If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” thomas edison, quoted in Bornstein: How to Change the World, 2004.

• The leaders, and the leadership capability we need to take us into the future, including engaging with others. • Developing the skills and capability to meet the challenges of the present and future. • Improving the performance and effectiveness of our organisational systems.

Photo: Franz Josef Glacier, South Westland, New Zealand


Note 1: DOCDM-570947

DOC PeOPle Strategy 2020

DOC PeOPle Strategy 2020

Background :

Specifications :

When DOC approached us to produce their people strategy

> Design

(a 10 year plan), they were totally open to what we could

> Art production

achieve. The result was an inspirational document that

> Image selection

transformed the content from good to exceptional (their

> Project management

words not ours). As the content went through many

> Print management

incarnations MSO maintained a great eye for detail and the finished product has been received very well.


PUBLICATIONS posters Client : Wellington City Council – Annual Report 2009/2010


spine 19mm

At a glance

In thIs sEctIon

ouR AiM protecting and enhancing Wellington’s natural environment.


legAl ReQuiReMentS local Government Act 2002 – support


environmental, social and economic well-being now and into the future; ensure ongoing provision of water, wastewater and stormwater services and ensure they are adequate to meet the city’s needs. Reserves Act 1977 – administering public reserves and preparing reserve management plans. Resource Management Act 1991 – comply with resource consents on activities such as landfills, sewerage, and quarry. Waste Minimisation Act 2008 – promote effective and efficient waste management and minimisation.

Gardens and beaches Green open spaces




Wastewater and stormwater


Waste reduction and energy conservation


environmental conservation attractions



outCoMeS More sustainable. Safer. Healthier. More liveable. More competitive. Better connected. More actively engaged. Stronger sense of place.

CHAllengeS •

Protecting biodiversity and managing pest plants and animals.

Reducing or offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.

Encouraging efficient use of resources such as water and energy.

Wellington City CounCil AnnuAl RepoRt 2009/10

Continuing to reduce the amount of solid waste the city produces.

Protect sensitive natural areas and resources.

Reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions; reduce resource use and convert to renewable energy.

Minimise the impact of resource use, including development, on landscapes and ecosystems.

Dispose of waste in ways that protect the environment and encourage recycling.

Provide high quality, accessible green spaces.

We aim to protect and enhance Wellington’s natural environment.

See ‘progress against strategic priorities’ for the key initiatives we are taking to meet these goals.

CoSt 2009/10 expenditure and funding (actual and budget) for environment

Fees and user charges



general rates Actual

targeted rates


grants, Subsidies and other income


Depreciation funded by rates and fees and user charges

Budget 0








StRAtegiC AReA enVIRonMent


Development contributions and other external funding





Financial overview During the year, we continued to manage the city’s finances prudently on behalf of the people of Wellington.

the CounCil’s inCome And eXpenses – thRee yeAR tRends – $m

The following pages provide an overview of our financial performance for the year to 30 June 2010. They provide an explanation of our financial statements and notes on pages 143 to 221, so they can be more easily understood by readers with a non-financial background.

We received $213.5 million of our income from rates.

income $398.6 2010

expenses $368.3 net surplus $30.3 income $369.6 expenses $353.5

2009 net surplus $16.1

the net surplus is calculated using the formula: • Total income – total expenses = net surplus.

the CounCil hAs ReCoRded A net suRplus FoR the yeAR oF $30.3 million. the undeRlying suRplus is $1.5 million. The Council budgeted for a surplus of $24.1 million in the Long-term plan 2009–19. The majority of the reported surplus represents funding received from third parties for capital purposes. As this income is received for specific capital projects, it cannot be used to offset rates.

Wellington City CounCil AnnuAl RepoRt 2009/10

undeRstAnding the CounCil’s undeRlying Result FoR the yeAR ended 30 June 2010 The underlying financial performance outlined below shows an underlying surplus of $1.5 million versus the budgeted surplus for the year after the exclusion of fair value movements and other items that cannot be used to fund operating expenditure. There were two items which have had a significant impact on the underlying surplus for the year. The first item was the $14.2 million increase in the Council’s provision for non-weathertight homes. The social, economic and health costs of non-weathertight homes are affecting a number of home owners and their families across the country and have had an effect on our financial results for the year. The Council is actively working with the Crown to address non-weathertight homes with the introduction of the Government’s financial assistance package.

The second item was the receipt of two years of dividends from Wellington International Airport Limited. Total dividends received in the year were $15.4 million compared with a budget of $5.3 million which served to significantly reduce the impact of the increase in the provision for non-weathertight homes on the reported result. We also continued to manage our costs within budgeted levels and make savings in areas such as interest costs, despite increasing financial pressures. $M RepoRted CounCil suRplus

income $360.4


the CounCil’s souRCes oF RAtes inCome – $m

expenses $334.9

2008 net surplus $25.5 0









$10.4 5%



Income expenses net Surplus

$32.6 15%

2008 ($M)

2009 ($M)

2010 ($M)









$62.7 29%

sewerage and stormwater

$44.4 21%


Water (including water by meter) downtown and other targeted rates

Adjusted by:

Fair Value movements


Expenditure from Wellington Waterfront Project and joint ventures


Additional expenditure not funded under section 100 of LGA


Vested assets


Adjusted surplus


Council budgeted surplus


undeRlying suRplus

We received $398.6 million of income from a variety of sources. The following graph shows the various sources of the Council’s income of $398.6 million during 2009/10. While rates continue to be the main source of funding, the Council also received income from a number of other sources including funding for capital expenditure as well as fees and user charges. The breakdown is as follows:


general and targeted rates – Base sector general and targeted rates – Commerical, industrial and business sector


$63.4 30%

101.8 48%

the CounCil’s souRCes oF inCome – $m

111.7 52%

Base sector (non-commercial) Commerical sector

For a full explanation of the surplus go to page 145. $17.7 4%

$17.6 4%

Rates income for capital expenditure

$103 26%

$213.5 54%

Revenue from investment property leases Revenue from operating activities other income

$14.2 4%

Financial income $32.6 8%


FinAnCiAl oVeRVIeW oVeRVieW

Overall results – at a glance

The Council receives income from general rates, and from a range of targeted rates including water, stormwater and sewerage rates. The breakdown of rate sources is outlined below. The second graph shows the proportion of total rates that are paid by the commercial and non-commercial sectors

xv xv

Background :

Specifications :

MSO was commissioned to produce the Wellington City

> Design and art production

Council Annual Report in conjunction with the Council’s in-

> Project management

house design and art production team. This year’s challenge was opting for a cost effective design solution. The MSO team worked with graphic elements to represent various parts of the Wellington infrastructure with great results.

PUBLICATIONS posters Client : ACENZ – Innovate


WaiToMo CaVes VisiTor CeNTre – WaiToMo


dunning Thornton Consultants ltd for Tourism Holdings ltd

MessaGe froM THe PresideNT

The site is one of New Zealand’s most important tourist attractions, welcoming between 200,000 and 500,000 visitors per annum. One of three major caves, the original glowworm cave site is operated by Tourism Holdings Ltd. The unique new centre that was born from a design competition through to a highly technical and structural integrated piece of architecture is of international significance.

i am delighted to see that once again this year we have a large number of entries for the iNNoVaTe NZ awards. Not surprisingly in the current financial environment, the majority of projects relate to infrastructure, roads, bridges and wastewater but it is pleasing to see projects relating to manufacturing, leisure and tourism have also been entered. disciplines represented range from civil/structural to process engineering, fire engineering and lighting design, reflecting the broad range of services offered by aCeNZ members.

This is the first timber gridshell in the southern hemisphere. Translucent eTfe (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) clads the timber structure as a series of long pillows. Their support by short pin-jointed poles is a world first and achieved considerable efficiencies in the cladding.

excellence means “doing more than is warranted” and you will see that our winners have done just that, in many cases not just for their clients but also for society in general. awards such as these rely on people being prepared to volunteer their time, experience and skills to judge them and i thank all those involved in this task. Thank you also to our clients, without whom there would be no projects to judge. you will see that in many cases there is a physical manifestation of an entrant’s vision and so a special thank you this year, as we join with our contractor colleagues in our annual conference, to the constructors who turned the entrants’ visions into reality.

dunning Thornton designed the canopy, platforms, precast toilets, civil works and the stabilisation and retention of the steeply sloping landscape. all of the canopy structure is exposed and forms the architecture of the roof. The detailing not only resists the complex load-paths through the gridshell, but elegantly expresses this flow of forces. The Judges noted that every aspect of the gridshell design was very complex and required an extremely high level of structural expertise to achieve such a successful outcome. The structural solution is very elegant with minimally sized structural members sensitively detailed and connected.

Timber gridshell roof – rib splices and four-way cable nodes

extremely complex and innovative structural engineering has resulted in a stunning outcome.

Graham Chapman

as a key contributor to the successful design competition submission, dunning Thornton continued its close collaboration with the architect and utilized the skills of the contractor and timber fabricator early in the project including producing a full-scale prototype of part of the structure in order to test and refine the details.


The site is on department of Conservation land, owned in conjunction with the local iwi, so an environmentally and culturally sensitive design was essential, and its iconic image is a key part of continuing marketing of this attraction. it is a unique structure in New Zealand, and as noted by the Minister of Conservation during the opening ceremony, it represents a perfect balance between the environmental and tourism aspirations of our country. Major edge support catenaries and tethers Photographer Patrick reynolds 16


Background :

Specifications :

Each year MSO is contracted to put together ACENZ

>> Design and art production

Annul Engineering Awards Magazine. It is our job to

>> Project management

complement the Innovative entries of engineering with

>> Print and dispatch management

a stunning and well aligned graphic theme. MSO also

>> Advertising sales

completed a rebrand for ACENZ in 2008 bringing their well respected branding into the 21st Century.

PUBLICATIONS posters Client : Te Ohu Kaimoana – Annual Report 2010 Spine guides - 5mm do not print

AnnuAl RepoRt 2010 KORO WETERE Te Ohu KaimOana


is experience and leadership in serving the country as Minister of Maori Affairs during the turbulent economic years from 1984 to 1990 proved invaluable during discussions over allocation.

Hon Koro Wetere is to retire as a director of Te Ohu Kaimoana in February 2011 after serving on the board of Maori fisheries for more than a decade. Koro was first appointed to the former Treaty of Waitangi Fisheries Commission in 2000 by the Labour-Progressive coalition Government. He was included in a new group of Commissioners appointed to drive through the barriers holding up iwi agreement on a method for allocation of the Maori Commercial Fisheries Settlement. Serving alongside iwi and business leaders such as Shane Jones, Archie Taiaroa, Rob McLeod, Naida Glavish, Judge Ken Mason, Toro Waaka, Dame June Mariu and June Jackson, Koro helped advance the Commission towards a new creative model for allocation that allowed for recognition of both the “coastline” and “population” scenarios, but also acknowledged the competitive commercial environment in which Maori fishing had to operate.


Pg 8

nyone who knew Archie knew what he represented – honesty, respect, trust, hard work and discipline. Annual Report 2010 – Te Ohu Kai Moana Trust & Group He inspired thousands of people, not only Maori but Pakeha also.

m aO r i F i s h e r i e s T r u sT

A Member of Parliament from 1969 to 1992 in the seat of Western Maori, Koro was not unfamiliar with the work of the Fisheries Commission. He was involved in the preparation of the original Maori Fisheries Act 1989, which gave effect to the interim agreement between the Maori and the Crown, and the negotiations which led to its promulgation. His experience and leadership in serving the country as Minister of Maori Affairs during the turbulent economic years from 1984 to 1990 also proved invaluable during discussions over allocation.

the tangata whenua. This provided much impetus for iwi to find a solution to allocation. His leadership skills as well as a lifetime of political expertise, including a very strong network of iwi connections, high-level political links, notably within the Labour Party, and an unwavering belief that any agreement for allocation must be based on tikanga Maori, helped guide the Commission through this difficult process. In November 2004, Mr Wetere was appointed a director of the newly created Te Ohu Kai Moana Trustee Limited.

Koro helped create an atmosphere of improved positive engagement with iwi at a critical time for the Commission. Koro is extremely well-known among Maori, and would be recognised wherever the Commission travelled to when consulting with iwi over allocation. The Commission was able to go onto any marae around the country where Koro’s work and experience would be acknowledged by

ARCHIE TAIAROA Sir Archie was first appointed to the Treaty of Waitangi Fisheries Commission in 1993 by the former Prime Minister Right Hon Jim Bolger and Sir Doug Kidd, the then Minister of Fisheries. He was among the first board members appointed to the Commission following the signing of the Sealord Deal in 1992 between Maori and the Crown and he remained on the board until his passing in September 2010. He served as Deputy Chairman from 2000 and was appointed Chairman in 2006, a position he held until voluntarily stepping down in 2009. Sir Archie was to retire from the board in 2011, but it was not to be. Sir Archie was the peacemaker during the turbulent 1990s as iwi debated how to carve up the $700 million Maori Commercial Fisheries Settlement. He spearheaded the drive for recognition of freshwater rights for iwi and was a key driver in the creation of a million dollar annual fund for tertiary students to study fisheries management, aquaculture and marine biology. He continued to be a passionate

advocate for indigenous people and urged the Commission and iwi to take a prominent role in promoting global indigenous rights. Sir Archie was a founding board member of the World Council of Whalers, based in Victoria, Canada.

We are enormously proud to have worked with Sir Archie over the years. His passing came as an enormous shock to all at Te Ohu Kaimoana and those who have been associated with our organisation.

Annual Report 2010 – Te Ohu Kai Moana Trust & Group Pg 9 In the last decade, Sir Archie undertook the role of Anyone who knew Archie knew what he negotiator and peacemaker between the Crown represented – honesty, respect, trust, hard work and wider Maoridom on issues that affected all New and discipline. He inspired thousands of people, Zealand. Successive Prime Ministers and Ministers not only Maori but also Pakeha alike. from all sides of the political spectrum were able to call on Sir Archie for wise counsel and advice. Sir Archie was 73. He is survived by his wife, Lady Martha, and their son, Rakeipoho. Outside of Te Ohu Kaimoana, Sir Archie was the co-convenor of the Maori Congress and a trusted adviser of Dame Te Atairangikahu, the late Maori Queen. A former pupil of Hato Paora College, Sir Archie continued to actively support the school in its education of young Maori boys.

Last year, Te Ohu Kaimoana had the pleasure of taking part in Sir Archie’s investiture as a Knight Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit by the Governor General, Sir Anand Satyanand. It was a hugely important day for Sir Archie, and for our organisation and staff members who attended.

Annual Report 2010 – Te Ohu Kai Moana Trust & Group

Background :

Specifications :

Creating an engaging Annual Report that contains so much

> Design and art production

statistical and financial information is always a challenge.

> Image selection

MSO has produced TOKM’s Annual report for the last four

> Print and dispatch management

years and every time we find a new and exciting way to

> Project management

communicate its content. This year was about looking towards the future and ensuring ongoing support for Te Ohu Kaimoana.

Pg 7

PROMOTIONAL posters Client : Wellington City Council – Community Grants

Background :

Specifications :

MSO was brought in by WCC to help promote their new

>> Posters, flyers, press advertisement

initiative of community grants. MSO was asked to design

>> Design and art production

collateral to reflect this and to engage with the public,

>> Illustration

motivating them to apply for new grants designed to

>> Project management

bring Wellington communities together. This was achieved through a mix of vectors and photography applied through a series of collateral.

PROMOTIONAL posters Client : Mitsubishi Motors – Warranty System




Background :

Specifications :

Mitsubishi has been a long standing client of MSO for over

> Corporate documents

12 years. With a dedicated team ready to pick up their

> Promotional material

work at the drop of a hat. We maintain this relationship by

> Design and art production

prioritising their work and understanding their timeframes

> Photo retouching

and budgets. This is just one of the many jobs that requires

> Print management

excellent Photoshop skills for image retouching and

> Print

extreme attention to detail and proofing skills.

PROMOTIONAL posters Client : AXA – Quan book

Quality Advice Network Everything you need to succeed

Your success starts here.








1 8



Adviser Toolkit

8 1







As a Financial Adviser, it is important to make sure you keep track of all your business interactions with your clients. This is easy to achieve through your QAN membership.

The AXA certified Financial Practice designation is a unique quality mark that is awarded to Adviser Practices who fulfil criteria specified by the Quality Advice Network. once your Adviser Practice has been awarded with this annually renewable rating, your Practice can use the mark to communicate to clients that you have attained a high level of professionalism based on robust business practices and customer service.

Your QAN Membership Benefits To help you provide professional financial advice and run a compliant and systemised practice which meets the legislative requirements, the Adviser Toolkit provides you with:

You will get everything you need from one complete toolkit, custom-built and industry tested to manage your client activity, including your customer relationship management database, and key communications to clients.

Adviser Workbench technology which includes a customer relationship Management system and report tools;

AXA’s Quality Advice Process Toolkit which includes essential customer communication templates that meet legislative and industry requirements; and

Regional Field presence to support Adviser Practices using the Quality Advice Process Toolkit.

AXA will also help support your business towards attaining this exclusive mark of quality.

rate, representing a significant discount off the price you would be able to purchase it for yourself. Please see the enclosed pricing schedule.


consistent quality advice processes;


streamlined client file management practises;


Active automated client review process;


All Advisers in the practice receiving an A or B annual audit rating from AXA;


clean complaints history for the previous two years;


All Practice Advisers have met or exceeded the minimum training requirements under the code of Professional conduct, including attendance at AXA continuing professional development training;


Well developed financial and management reporting to monitor business performance; and


demonstrating an appropriate approach to customer segmentation and meeting recognised service levels.










QAN Buy Out Option

Quality Advice Network

Your QAN Membership Benefits As a recipient of the quality certification, a business will receive: •

An official AXA Certified Financial Practice certificate;

Dedicated tools and resources to help you market your business as an AXA certified Financial Practice, and to explain the value of quality advice to clients;

Recognition from customers and associates that the business offers a high level of professionalism and customer service;

Promotion and publicity by AXA when you attain the certification mark;

Consent to use the certification mark as a tangible point of difference in your promotional activities; and

Special AXA benefits including an enhanced Buy out option, and contribution towards the case management fee for any complaint made to the AXA recommended dispute resolution scheme.

Naturally, certification will be closely aligned to the requirements of an individual AFA. The practice certification criteria includes but is not limited to:

cost: The Quality Advice Process Toolkit is included in your QAN membership fee. The Adviser Workbench technology is available to QAN members at a discounted

Everything you need to succeed

cost: these services are included in your membership fee.

AXA – the strong backbone of the Quality Advice Network Quality Advice Network Everything you need to succeed



You work hard for your clients and deserve to get value from your AXA business when you retire. Your Quality Advice Network is dedicated to supporting you, even when you want to change tack. When your circumstances mean that you no longer have a need to hold an AXA distributor Agreement, you have the comfort of knowing that you can sell your AXA business with the QAN members’ Buy out option (Boo), subject to certain conditions. This convenient service is designed to help give you the comfort of financial support when your career as an Adviser comes to an end. AXA’s Buy out option is available exclusively to you as a member of the Quality Advice Network.

AXA, working closely with you.


AXA Certified Financial Practice Designation

subject to certain terms and conditions, the service can be accessed when you prove that you haven’t been able to sell your register at a reasonable price in the market, and either: -

in the event of your death; or


if you are physically or mentally incapacitated, or


your appointment to sell AXA products ends for specified reasons.

Your QAN Membership Benefits As a member of the QAN, and subject to certain terms and conditions, the specially designed Buy out option helps to give you: •

peace of mind knowing that a purchase of your AXA business can be arranged based on a known calculation;

certainty for you and your family.

in addition, you may be eligible for an enhanced calculation of the value of your business based on your attainment of the AXA certified Financial Practice designation quality mark, or for strong persistency performance. cost: this service is included in your membership fee.

With AXA, you’re with one of New Zealand’s leading financial services companies. We have the size, resources, expertise and focus to deliver for you an outstanding Adviser support model through the Quality Advice Network. in just this last six months, AXA has been recognised for some outstanding achievements. in April, AXA was awarded the Morningstar Fund Manager of the Year 2009 - kiwisaver New Zealand. in August, we were recognised in independent Adviser market research by Beaton research and consultancy as a 4-star company and rated by Advisers as second equal in the market. AXA also experienced the largest improvement in overall satisfaction ratings of any of our surveyed competitors for the last two years. We are totally committed to constantly improving our offer to Advisers, and to your clients. This includes how we work with you: by providing the right kind of support for each Adviser and Adviser Practice, and offering you the kinds of incentives and rewards that increase your prospects and career enjoyment, while adding value to your business. To help you serve your clients in the workplace, we recently introduced an innovative suite of workplace protection products to enable New Zealand businesses to more effectively protect their employees. Part of this offer is the innovative small Business Protection Plan designed to support a vital sector of our country’s economy. it is receiving gratifying approval from Advisers and clients alike.

AXA Global investors manages over NZ$4.5 billion of assets across the major asset categories of international equities, domestic equities, property, fixed interest and cash. Their success is due to an investment process that’s based on high quality research backed by sound judgement. To make sure you get the daily support you need to build your business, AXA has a highly proactive customer services team, dedicated business administration teams, the AXA Academy training group, and Business development Managers – all working to help you succeed and make life easier for your customers in the new regulated environment. To maximise support of our products and promotions, AXA’s marketing team provides advertising, direct mail, direct response marketing, business to business, online, Tv and print advertising. Your BdM, and our support teams are your direct point of contact for all your day-to-day queries, and to help you develop your business through regulation and beyond. When you work with AXA, you benefit from being with an organisation who thinks like you do – robust and innovative, and totally committed to constant improvement, which is why the Quality Advice Network is the right choice for you and your future.

our Fund Manager is AXA Global investors – one of New Zealand’s most reputable Fund Managers. AXA Global investors is responsible for managing the funds in AXA’s investment portfolios for thousands of clients.

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Everything you need to succeed © Morningstar research ltd. All rights reserved. To the extent that any of the content above constitutes advice, it is general advice that has been prepared by Morningstar, without reference to your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on any advice, you should consider the appropriateness of the advice and we recommend you obtain financial, legal and taxation advice before making any financial investment decision. if applicable, investors should obtain the relevant product investment statement and consider it before making any decision to invest.


Background :

Specifications :

Making a very factual document appeal to its audience is

> Branding

always a challenge. Although a document may be heavy on

> Design and art production

content it does not mean it has to be boring. We met AXA’s

> Illustration

brief by breaking up the content with colour and graphic

> Project management

element to help the reader navigate the document. Axa has a strong brand and the key was to create something fresh without loosing the brand’s identity and value.


PROMOTIONAL posters Client : Ministry of Health – Maori Health Innovation Fund

Te ao Auahatanga

Hauora Maori Maori Health Innovation Fund

TE AO Auahatanga Hauora Maori

TE AO Auahatanga Hauora Maori

TE AO Auahatanga Hauora Maori

Te Kakano | Seeding Innovation

Te parekereke | Sharing Innovation

Te ruinga | spreading Innovation

He atāhua ngā hua o te auahatanga | successful innovation is our future

He atāhua ngā hua o te auahatanga | Innovation is our future

He atāhua ngā hua o te auahatanga | successful innovation is our future

Te Kakano is one of three funding categories in the new Māori Health Innovation

Te parekereke is one of three funding categories in the new Māori Health

Te Ruinga is one of three funding categories in the new Māori Health Innovation

Fund: Te Ao Auahatanga Hauora Māori. Te Kākano will encourage and support innovative

Innovation Fund: Te Ao Auahatanga Hauora Māori. Te Pārekereke will support Māori

Fund: Te Ao Auahatanga Hauora Māori. Te Ruinga will assist Māori providers to expand

ideas and new whānau ora services that respond to the needs of Māori communities.

providers to share information on service innovation and whānau ora practice.

or adopt effective proven whānau ora service models.

Applications are now open

Applications are now open

Applications are now open

Find out more by visiting

Find out more by visiting

Find out more by visiting

Te ao Auahatanga

Te ao Auahatanga

Te ao Auahatanga

Hauora Maori

Hauora Maori

Hauora Maori


Maori Health Innovation Fund


Background :

Specifications :

Ministry of Health’s Innovation fund has received

> Brand development, posters, funding guidelines

international recognition as being innovative and forward

> Website and e-newsletter

thinking. MSO reinforced this innovation with a brand that

> Brand strategy

captures the spirit of whanau ora within New Zealand.

> Design and art production

Working with talented up and coming Maori artist Shane

> Project management

Hansen, MSO developed all of the branding and collateral

> Print and dispatch management

material around this promotion.

BILLBOARD posters Client : Black Boot – Legends of Rugby















Background :

Specifications :

The project was developed and evolved over the four year period

>> Conceptional development

culminating in the stunning FREE displays that were a feature

>> Branding

on the Taranaki Street Wharf, Wellington, Britomart in Auckland

>> Design

and part of the Red Zone in the city centre of Christchurch. The

>> Project Management

requirement was for an environmental gallery for the enjoyment of the general public and rugby fans to coincide with the biggest sporting event New Zealand has ever seen.

BILLBOARD posters Client : Black Boot – Legends of Rugby

Background :

Specifications :

Part of the ‘Black Boot’ campaign were two buses fully

>> Conceptional development

skinned for Wellington and Auckland to promote the gallery.

>> Art production

The Auckland bus benefited from a powerpoint presentation

>> Design

that ran on this bus and all the additional buses that could

>> Nationwide project management

run the show on the screens within the buses.

FLAGS Client : Wellington City Council – Christmas Flags

Background :

Specifications :

Simple, contemporary and uniquely kiwi was the solution

> Design and art production

to WCC Christmas flag brief. Coming up with a Christmas

> Illustration

feel for the southern hemisphere is always a challenge but

> Project management

one that MSO rose to with outstanding success. The challenge here is minimalism. The flags needed to be legible from a distance so we needed to ensure the images were recognisable, bold and simplistic.

FLAGS Client : Various – Display Flags

Background :

Specifications :

MSO has a wide range of products available including Point

> Design and art production

of Sale and display flags. A great way to attract attention,

> Sturdy plastic base

these durable, affordable flags are sturdy and have a long

> Aluminium poles

life span. The great thing about them is when you are ready

> Treated polyester silk flag

for a new design they are easy to update and change out.

> Various styles and sizes available

MSO can design the flag or implement an existing design.

BANNERS Client : Haight Ashbury – Pull Up Banners

Background :

Specifications :

Haight Ashbury is one of Wellington’s leading hair and

>> Design and art production

treatment boutique salons. Always at the cutting edge,

>> Print

Haight Ashbury have used MSO for it’s internal displays,

>> Brand refresh

signage, competition entries, advertising, and event

>> Drop banners

displays. Haight Ashbury are always looking for something

>> Advertising

different and MSO are happy to produce just that.

>> Signage >> Presentation documents

BANNERS Client : IHC – Volunteers banners

TUKUNA TE Muka te pingao hei honongatanga

Kia hari te koa, kia ora, kia manawanui

take a moment to connect.

Have fun, feel good, make a difference.

Background :

Specifications :

IHC has been one of MSO’s long-standing clients and each

>> Brand development

year comes with new design challenges. Over the past year

>> Design and art production

we have developed various campaigns that require pull

>> Project management

up banners for events and expos. Though the designs may

>> Print management and assembly

differ they always carry the integrity of the IHC brand.

>> Print

posters Display Client : The Gas Hub – Internal Display


Natural gas it’s easy on the planet,and your wallet

With better resource efficiency, light carbon emissions and virtually no visual or noise pollution, it just makes sense. Find out more

Background :

Specifications :

MSO was commissioned to carry The Gas Hub branding

> Design and art production

through to their interior spaces. With such strong elements

> Internal banners

to work with we wanted to create a space that reflected

> Interior design

the brand but also engage and direct the visitor through

> Furniture design

the reception area and also help build the new brands value

> Project management

throughout the company. .

Display posters Client : Wellington City Council – Event Signage

Background :

Specifications :

Wellington Home and Garden Show needs no introduction

> Design and art production

but it does however need great advertising which is

> Illustration

precisely why WCC came to MSO for a large format

> Project management

solution. These posters displayed around Wellington cleverly and boldly communicated the theme of Sustainable Gardening and gave interested parties all the information needed to participate in this annual event.

Signage posters Client : Moana Fisheries Ltd – Hooked on Seafood

Background :

Specifications :

This project was the initial stage of the branding shown

>> Conceptual development

earlier in the booklet for Moana’s new venture ‘Hooked

>> Design and art production

on Seafood’. This was an exciting project for MSO and it

>> Marketing and advertising collateral

meant teaming up with architects, sign writers and Moana

>> Interior design

to create eye catching environmental graphics that are

>> Signage design

sympathic to it surrounds – This project was nominated for

> Project management

a Resene Colour Award in August 2011.

posters signage Client : Wellington Free Ambulance – External Site Branding

The WellingTon Free AmbulAnce Service (inc) – building & SignAge PlAn – Thorndon STATion drAFT 01

The WellingTon Free AmbulAnce Service (inc) – building & SignAge PlAn – PoriruA STATion drAFT 01

Background :

Specifications :

MSO was excited when it’s client Wellington Free

> Design and art production

Ambulance approached it to design the external branding

> Presentations

of their Kent Terrace community premises. Having worked

> Advertising

with WFA extensively we felt confident we could achieve a

> Document design

great look that added value to their existing brand.

> Signage > Project management

signage posters Client : Citywise – Vehicle Signage

Background :

Specifications :

MSO knows how to get maximum visibility when it comes

> Design and art production

to car signage. These cars are security cars and it was

> Vehicle signage

important that they are highly visible at night. Our solution

> Project management

was to print on reflective material, so any night lights would make the branding really stand out.

posters signage Client : Smart Energy – Vehicle Signage

Background :

Specifications :

MSO can create a meaningful and well received brand

> Design and art production

and then apply it across all mediums to make sure your

> Brand development

company is highly visible and communicating your

> Marketing strategy

messages successfully. Illustrating this process was

> Corporate identity system

Smart Energy. We created a brand then helped them apply

> Vehicle signage

it across various collateral to create maximum exposure.

> Project management

MSO Design | Level 2 | 4 Bond St | PO Box 11184 | Wellington | P. 64 4 384 2677 | F. 64 4 385 4778 | E.

November 2011 V16

MSO Portfolio Booklet 2011  

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