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Annual Report

A message — from the — Head of School

Dear MSNV Family and Friends, “There’s no place like home; there’s no place like home” recites the character Dorothy as she clicks her ruby red heels and transports herself from Oz in the iconic tale, The Wizard of Oz. This story has tugged at heartstrings for generations, as so many of us can relate to Dorothy’s desire to return to a place where she feels comfortable, secure and loved. This is why our event committee adopted this theme for our annual auction in May. At MSNV, we understand the need for nurturing, especially in the formative years of our children. We pride ourselves in being a home away from home. Our families noted in our spring 2016 parent satisfaction survey how they love MSNV’s close knit community and our emphasis on family involvement. We would not have it any other way. We find the integration of families in the MSNV educational journey to be invaluable. Each of our families contributes something to MSNV and their participation has kept us growing and evolving for over fifty years. Our MSNV families are undoubtedly the heart and soul of our school. Throughout my years with MSNV, what has remained consistent across all the families I’ve seen come and go, is an absolute and unwavering commitment to the educational experiences of our children. You’ll see in our “Highlights” section all kinds of events from our past year. It’s our families that have made it possible for us to provide the most enriching opportunities to expand the creative minds of our young. We are very excited to feature the D’Elia family in this report. Having been with MSNV for 17 consecutive years, they will always be a part of our community. We are fortunate to hold such a special place in their memories. We also take a moment to give sincere thanks to our Parent Volunteer Coordinator, Susan Thomas (parent to former MSNV students Finlay and Oscar), for her positive spirit and dedication in organizing parents to support MSNV. It almost goes without saying that the result of energy, participation and commitment of our families in MSNV has resulted in a great number of phenomenal graduates who have the foundation they need for whatever path (dare I say, yellow brick road!) they may choose. Our graduates head out into the world prepared as Lifelong Learners, Independent Thinkers, Self-Assured Problem Solvers, Respectful Community Members and Engaged Global Citizens. Read about two shining examples, alumni siblings Alexander “Ace” Eldeib (class of 2004) and older sister Nadia Eldeib (class of 2000). We hope you enjoy this report from “somewhere over the rainbow” and, with a sparkle in your eyes (if not in ruby slippers), remember: “There’s no place like MSNV!” With warmest regards,

Betsy Mitchell Head of School

Family feature:

The D’Elia family After an impressive 17 consecutive years with MSNV, we asked the D’Elia family (parents Elsa and Larry, and their children, Alexandra and Jack) to share with us some thoughts about their time with our school. Alex took the time, while working for the NBC Today Show at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, to write about her memories of MSNV, her “home away from home:” I am actually quite surprised with how much I remember from such young years of my life. I believe that’s a testament to how much MSNV impacted me. The learning environment is definitely like none other. The structure of the class creates a trusting and personal relationship between the teachers and students… We were genuinely excited to learn. And we learned so much more than just math and science; we learned how to be polite and personable people. It wasn’t until I left MSNV that I realized what we had been learning was very advanced for our age. I think the learning environment and the tools we were given made difficult lessons easier and more enjoyable to learn. After MSNV, I honestly spent two years relearning material. It was advanced, fun, and more than just a “class.” Alex is entering her junior year at the University of Virginia after graduating from high school at St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes in Alexandria, VA. She is majoring in media studies and foreign affairs and minoring in Portuguese. Her brother, Jack, attended MSNV from age 2-12 and graduated this year, June 2016, with favorite memories of field trips, International Day, Montessori Model United Nations and teachers who “spent all the time needed for [him] to learn the subject matter.” Read more from the D’Elia family here:

“[Our children] always emerged from a day of school happy! Our kids were taught AND cared for.” Larry D’Elia, father to Alex (class of 2005) and Jack (class of 2016)

— 2015-2016 —



MSNV Elementary practiced problem solving through a variety of science projects, experiments and observations for the annual Project Fair.

MSNV added new learning tools like Primary Outdoor Curriculum materials including vertical thermometers and hygrometers, a Mud Kitchen, rain gauges and child-size garden tools; Elementary Outdoor Curriculum items such as sports balls, materials for outdoor chimes, binoculars, field microscopes and stream kits; three laptops;

Upper Elementary hosted a Jazz Festival to showcase various composers, musicians, artists and related dances. Upper Elementary created costumes, designed the set and performed “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” the selection for this year’s Shakespeare performance.

an electricity activity lab and table light for Elementary Science; as well as items to assist students with concentration,

including a breathing ball, Hokki stools, assorted fidgets and reading strips. MSNV offered new high-quality afterschool opportunities for our children, including the Preprimary and Primary selection called “Cooks and Books.”

The 2016 MSNV Musicale “The Earth and Sky: A Celebration of Our Environment” was a multicultural performance which included choreographed dances, skits written by our children, instrumentals on xylophone, ukulele and drum, and cooperation from MSNV alumni who served on the sound and video crew. The natural playground at Valleybrook was enhanced with new swinging benches for the Primaries and a new climbing apparatus (made by an MSNV parent!) in the Preprimary section. MSNV Primary enjoyed a full-day excursion to learn about the life and times of the first President of the United States at his plantation house, Mount Vernon.


THE WORLD MSNV Elementary bought and individually gift-wrapped a selection of approximately 80 books to donate to the Annandale Christian Community for Action (ACCA) Child Development Center.

Lower Elementary welcomed more than 20 visitors to learn about food, clothing, dance, culture and history from a host of countries from Columbia to Morocco to Vietnam! One grandfather mesmerized students with a story of his escape from Armenia during troubled times. We are grateful for our guests who provide our children with a deeper understanding of the world. Primary at Valleybrook and visiting volunteers used our own fully decomposed compost matter, full of healthy earthworks, in our garden beds.

Upper Elementary led a number of community service projects and designed Eco Week, where they dedicated each day to a specific environmental goal, like reducing waste during lunch.


ONE ANOTHER We welcomed current and alumni families to our MSNV community events, including Fall Festival, our Musicale and International Day. MSNV launched a new school logo and developed a viewbook to boost school spirit and share MSNV with others. MSNV hosted several Parent Education events (with Upper Elementary-prepared refreshments!) and welcomed speaker Heather Tedesco for “Raising Children to be Independent.” The MSNV Board of Trustees worked with Independent School Management (ISM) to develop a new five year Strategic Plan for 2016-2021. MSNV Primary and Elementary built bonds across campuses and age-groups as they worked together monthly on reading, outdoor curriculum and service activities.

Lower Elementary helped to remove trash from the nearby nature trail and participated in stream clean-ups throughout the year to improve local water quality. A Primary class made signs to hinder water pollution and encourage recycling at a springtime festival at one of our local state parks. Upper Elementary sixth-graders raised over $1,000 to support their travels to New York to participate in the Montessori Model United Nations

MSNV Elementary enjoyed three days of adventurous, team-building activities at the Echo Hill Outdoor School. 100% of faculty and staff engaged in professional development, including Amanda Glithero, a master’s degree in Special Education; Tim Schwartz, a master’s in Montessori Education; Claire DeFelice, Orff music training; Carlee Cameron, Gillian Van Brakle and Beca Sandoval, American Montessori Society conference; Tracy Rigo, Tim Chen and Christy Chen, Orton Gillingham training; Beth Bell-Leresche and Betsy Mitchell, ISM and the National Association

Conference as delegates for the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the Federal Republic of Somalia. They researched and represented their

of Independent Schools (NAIS) diversity conferences. MSNV congratulates the class of 2016, our largest graduating Upper Elementary class to date.

countries on topics including “Building agricultural resilience to climate change” and “Migration and the right to mobility.” Upper Elementary raised $1,171 from a bake sale to support the International Rescue Committee, a global humanitarian aid, relief and development nongovernmental organization.

A note from — the President — MSNV Board of Trustees

Dear MSNV Family and Friends, The 2015-2016 school year was another successful year for MSNV. It has also been a significant year for me as my second and final year as President of the Board of Trustees, sixth year of Board membership, and as chair of the MSNV Fund.

2015-2016 MSNV Board of Trustees Pranoti Asher Shane Blake Adrianna Bravo Vice President Dan Cornette Michael Cranna Secretary Robert Eikel Andrew Hunter President

The Board pursued its obligation to provide sound fiscal stewardship for the school by working closely with the Administration in pursuit of three major undertakings this year: 1) expanding and deepening the school’s approach to advancement through participating in a comprehensive advancement audit in the fall and closely following the progress of the school’s advancement team throughout the year; 2) continuing progress on the Hillbrook renovation project including assisting with and funding the completion of the permitting process and satisfying all of the school’s many notification requirements in support of this summer’s construction; and 3) developing and adopting a new strategic plan, which lays out the steps MSNV and the Board will take over the next five years so that MSNV will continue to be the extraordinary school and community we cherish. We are counting on your support to help make these plans into reality. While we ensure our tuition and fees cover MSNV’s operating budget, annual giving allows MSNV to maintain affordable tuitions while furthering our mission in great ways. Because of your support, MSNV is able to add unique features to the Montessori education of our children; features that make a difference to the whole educational experience of our children. We appreciate that you are a caring community of givers, sharing for the betterment of MSNV. As you read through the Highlights in this report and as you now review our Financials, we hope you will see that we manage our funds strategically and are good stewards of your gifts. Gifts to the MSNV Fund help us better prepare an environment that fosters our commitment to our mission statement. Our bright and engaged children are the result of our cumulative efforts.

J.P. Moreno Treasurer

Thank you for all you do to make MSNV such a fantastic school!

Wilson Moy

With gratitude,

Jennifer O’Sullivan Sandy Paik Larisa Sawhney Deborah Selmonosky Nada Jaboury Spriggs Jana Thomas

Andrew Hunter President, MSNV Board of Trustees, 2014-2016 Chair, MSNV Fund, 2015-2016

— MSNV —

Financial Report July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016

$57,059 MSNV Fund

$67,904 Event Fundraising

$164,973 Fundraising & Contributions


$36,546 $529,459

Interest, Dividends & Other

Extended Day, Summer Camp & Special Programs



Revenue $3,108,543 Tuition & Fees, Net

After Net Tuition Discounts of


Total Revenue



Salaries and Benefits

EXPENSES $339,911






$190,095 $16,021



Special Programs, Special Events


$88,200 Interest

$126,799 Facilities


FUND DONORS TO THE MSNV FUND 2015-2016 We are happy to recognize the following individuals who made gifts to MSNV this year. Your generosity supports every aspect of our Montessori community so that we may inspire and guide our children to love learning, to love one another and to love the world around them. Your contributions are helping to produce creative and innovative leaders for tomorrow’s world!

LEADERSHIP CIRCLE All donors who give $600 or more are members of the Leadership Circle Practical Life Leaders Acknowledges donors of $6,000 or more

Outdoor Nature Nurturers Acknowledges donors of $600 to $1,199


Anonymous* Daniel Bane and Hanan Altimimi† Capital One Services, LLC Sarah Clymer and Noah Clymer† Keith and Jennifer Critzer* Robert A. Eikel and Katherine B. Eikel Jim and Karyn Ferro* ExxonMobil Foundation* Joan and Benton Fisher Thomas Greiner and Rachel Howell Elizabeth and Christopher Hickey IT Strategies LLC Marshall and Julie Kasten Timothy and Ana McIntosh Betsy Mitchell* The Ohlweiler Family Abigail and Jack Ohlweiler John and Joan Ohlweiler Sandy Paik and Beck Lynch* Sean and Michelle Rogers Alan and Jana Thomas Vanguard Charitable

Bead Chain Benefactors Acknowledges donors of $2,400 to $5,999 Michael and Becky Cranna* Andrew Hunter and Karen Kleiber* William and Margaret Kleiber* McIntosh Foundation Hunter and Amber McIntosh Mark McIntosh and Barbara Gonzalez-McIntosh Pink Tower Builders Acknowledges donors of $1,200 to $2,399 Dr. Pranoti Asher and Dr. Michael Kelley* Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area Mr. Matt Fitzgerald and Dr. Adrianna Bravo Jennifer Liner ’82 and Dina McCullough* The Murrell Family* John Smith, III and Sabrina Rose-Smith Rebecca and Jonathan Underly

Brian and Claudia Wright

Global Pathfinder Patrons Acknowledges donors of $300 to $599 Anonymous Sue and Lee Allen The Ahlfeld/Schwartz Family Thea Bartha and David Rohrbach Catarina Cronquist and Andrew Tappert Zedford and Kyong Dancey Emmanuel K. Dennis and Rosemond Dennis* Adele and Mark Feldstein Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Bob and Ellen Hambleton John Hasnas and Ann Tunstall* Phyllis Liner* Joseph and Sumira Osterman Susan and Dan Park* Christina Perucci and Nico Lindenau Larisa K. Sawhney and Michael Frutchey Barbara Selig and Edward Addiss Michael and Wendy Selig Deborah Selmonosky and BG Jones Laura Smalligan and Eric Sandberg-Zakian Mark Weldon and Kim Trinh Denise and Alexander Wood Metal Inset Supporters Acknowledges donors of $100-$299 Brian and Shilpa Amato Sirio Aramonte and Viviane Passarani† Eileen and Albert Bartha* Shane Blake and Lisa Gillen† David and Megan Bloomgren David and Nina Breen Richard and Joedy Cambridge Thomas Seth Canning Ismael Castro and Carmen Olmedo Tim and Christy Chen Dennis and Jessica Cotto Ivy Derderian The Dunton Family Angela and Vi Sieu Duong Kelly and Eric Engstrom Sedina Eric Ralph and Joanne Erickson Catherine and Jon Ferguson

Cathy and Mike Field Carole Franques Samuel Gebremariam and Gennet Negussie Amanda Glithero The Goodson Family* Sara Grossman Nicole and Nolan Guagenti* Jody and Mike Harbin* Joanna Hirst Stephen Hogye Brian and Nancy Hunt Mrs. Marion Jacknow* Marcia and Dixon Johnston Valeriya Kachanovskaya Vijay and Archana Khosla Anuj Kumar and Kavitash Arora Elizabeth Kyvig Janine Labak* Nana and Vance Little† Rob Lu and Irene Tham* Lisa Maska and Jonathan De’Ath* Gina and Jeffrey Moeller* Wilson and Meme Moy Julianne Mueller and Thomas Johnson* Dr. and Mrs. Richard Murray Pauline Ney Ms. Trina Ocasio and Dr. Wendell Ocasio Jen and Bob O’Sullivan The Parkhurst Family Eugenio Peral and Christina Jimenez Dennis and Denise Reilly* Aileen Reynolds and Robert Silverstein Vivian and David Richard* Claudia Rohaly Robert and Jessica Sandler Michael and Priya Santoro Phyllis Pearson Sayne Silicon Valley Community Foundation Neil Morgan and Kate Singleton Helga and Lloyd C. Stevenson Natalie Tehranchi ’08 Doris Thomason Kim Thomason Oanh Tran* Tricia and Jay Visconti

*msnv vips have 5 or more consecutive years of giving †Combined Federal Campaign 2015 Donor

Homan and Su Wai Margie White Nathaniel Wurst and Barbara Jauregui Allison Carpenter and Nabeel Yousef Friends of MSNV Acknowledges donors up to $99 Amazon Smile Foundation Ariadne and Erik Autor* Elizabeth Bell-Leresche and Garry Bell Karen Bopp and Elliott McEntee Robert J. Braxton Jean and Daniel Carr* Gwynnen and Michael Chervenic Dan Cornette and Suzy Scollon* Basil and Marcia Davis Leila Davis Bob and Gwen Frutchey Katherine and Kevin Gronberg Annette M. Hasnas ’13 Mrs. Anne F. Heard Michael Hirsch Diana Hwang* Kimberly Jackson* Arabella N. Jariel ’13 Jennie and Ike Jariel Eugenia and Gregory Klein Noah Taylor, Margie Jervis and Paul Taylor Margaret and Greg Masters* Jessica Mejia Brian Morrison and Mary Leigh Phillips Aaron Pierce and Catharin Meadors Albert and Miriam Pinto Laura Portch Nancy and Jack Schick* Lily Yeung-Wagner and Andrew Wagner Grandparents Anonymous Michael and Jacqueline Volpe* William and Margaret Kleiber* John and Joan Ohlweiler Sue and Lee Allen Eileen and Albert Bartha* Richard and Joedy Cambridge

Ismael Castro and Carmen Olmedo Sedina Eric Phyllis Liner* Marcia and Dixon Johnston Vijay and Archana Khosla Pauline Ney Phyllis Pearson Sayne Helga and Lloyd C. Stevenson Robert J. Braxton Jean and Daniel Carr* Basil and Marcia Davis Leila Davis Bob and Gwen Frutchey Mrs. Anne F. Heard Michael Hirsch Albert and Miriam Pinto Nancy and Jack Schick* Alumni and Alumni Families Ariadne and Erik Autor* Elizabeth Bell-Leresche and Garry Bell Karen Bopp and Elliott McEntee David and Nina Breen Thomas Seth Canning Jean and Daniel Carr* Gwynnen and Michael Chervenic Keith and Jennifer Critzer* Emmanuel K. Dennis and Rosemond Dennis* Ivy Derderian Ralph and Joanne Erickson Catherine and Jon Ferguson Joan and Benton Fisher Carole Franques The Goodson Family* Bob and Ellen Hambleton Annette M. Hasnas ’13 John Hasnas and Ann Tunstall* Joanna Hirst Stephen Hogye Kimberly Jackson Arabella N. Jariel ’13 Jennie Jariel Valeriya Kachanovskaya Jennifer Liner ’82 and Dina McCullough* Phyllis Liner*

*msnv vips have 5 or more consecutive years of giving †Combined Federal Campaign 2015 Donor

Lisa Maska and Jonathan De’Ath* Margaret and Greg Masters* Betsy Mitchell* Gina and Jeffrey Moeller* Julianne Mueller and Thomas Johnson* The Murrell Family* The Parkhurst Family Laura Portch Dennis and Denise Reilly* Aileen Reynolds and Robert Silverstein Vivian and David Richard* Barbara Selig and Edward Addiss Michael and Wendy Selig Noah Taylor, Margie Jervis and Paul Taylor

Natalie Tehranchi ’08 Oanh Tran* Margie White Matching Gift Companies Capital One Services, LLC ExxonMobil Foundation* Foundations Amazon Smile Foundation ExxonMobil Foundation* Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund McIntosh Foundation Silicon Valley Community Foundation Vanguard Charitable

The names listed in this report have been printed according to our records. If there are any errors or omissions, please accept our sincere apology and inform Diana Hwang,, 703-256-9577.

Special thanks to Parent Volunteer Coordinator Susan Thomas MSNV would like to thank all who volunteered their time and talents to MSNV over the past year. Our children enjoyed a wide-spectrum of fantastic opportunities including learning about Hawaiian luaus, service with the United States Air Force and ballroom dancing! Whether you worked in the garden with the children, chaperoned a field trip, organized an event, or volunteered through another facet, please know how much we value your efforts and appreciate you. This past spring we said goodbye to Susan Thomas, our Parent Volunteer Coordinator, as she and her family moved overseas. One of the reasons I contributed so much to MSNV is because I really believe in the Montessori philosophy for teaching children both academics and essential life-long social skills. MSNV does a fantastic job at balancing this. Through volunteering, our entire family got so much more out of our experience at MSNV than we would have without it. We understood just how much everyone who works for the school puts into their job, how every person is appreciated and essential and how much they truly believe in every child’s potential. Finlay and Oscar told me on numerous occasions they loved how involved I was in the school and appreciated how I helped to make their school better. Those words made the hours worthwhile as I felt they are learning the value of giving through living and breathing it and because it’s nice to be appreciated by your children. Susan, your efforts enriched the MSNV community and for that, we are so grateful.

ALUMNI feature:

ACE & NADIA ELDEIB Siblings Alexander (“Ace”) and Nadia Eldeib graduated from the Montessori School of Nor thern Virginia in 2004 and 2000, respectively. Ace is a senior at Harvard University this year and Nadia graduated from Harvard in 2013. Both of them were international level Junior Olympian fencers with high school degrees from Edmund Burke in Washington, D.C. Their accomplished young lives began at our school. We spoke with their mother, Connie Schrieber, about their experience: They have the best memories of their time with MSNV. They understand how much it opened their path and their possibilities. They didn’t have to decide “I’m math or I’m verbal”—they did both and could push and explore how far they could take that. That was a huge advantage of the Montessori approach—you don’t have a one track setting—you get all of it, not just some of it. Connie noted that MSNV accommodated her children’s ability to the level that enabled them to excel without feeling pressured. She remembered her daughter’s favorite materials in the classroom like works with coins; the bead chains which encouraged her fascination with very large numbers from an early age; and using geometric shapes to demonstrate the Pythagorean Theorem. She noted how her son was a very keen reader already in his Primary years and recalled, in both cases, how pleased she was that the teachers managed to keep adding new, high-level materials to the shelves to keep the children interested. “This enabled the kids to grow to their potential without pressure. They could enjoy what they liked to do—learning.” Connie attributes the flexibility her children have had in terms of career direction with their grounding at MSNV. Her daughter, who majored in Government Affairs and minored in Women’s Issues, is now based in San Francisco, CA working for a mobile app startup called Kamcord. “Flexibility to move [professionally] is essential in our future economy. They handle this with ease. They weren’t boxed in from the start.” Ace is currently working as a Software Engineer with Microsoft. Read more from the Eldeib family here: If you would like to nominate our next MSNV Featured Alum, please email Subject: ALUM STORY.

Our Mission: We inspire and guide children to love learning, to love one another and to love the world around them. Our Vision: We envision a humane and peaceful society where people of all ages feel reverence and responsibility for all that sustains life on Earth. Looking ahead

The 2016-2021 MSNV Strategic Plan seeks to: expand our educational programs; enhance school spirit; strengthen advancement efforts; and promote our tradition of strong corporate governance.


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