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• Granted leave to appear in three New Jersey Supreme Court cases as amici curiae to defend the affidavit of merit and same specialty expert witness requirements, and to object to the judicial expansion of the statute of limitations.


Repeal of the cosmetic surgery tax Continue to fight against the Ambulatory Care Facility gross receipt tax. Defeated extension of the Ambulatory Surgery Tax to physician owned one-room surgical practices


• Persuaded the Department of Banking & Insurance (DOBI) to release proposed rules on networks and fair contracting with healthcare insurers


• Stopped proposed legislation that would punish out-of-network providers, by: 1. making it a crime to waive certain fees; and 2. requiring primary care providers to research specialists’ network status and charges, among other things.


• Secured sponsors for legislation that will prohibit insurer ranking of physicians unless they can accurately evaluate and disclose performance in a meaningful way


• Achieved revisions to DOBI’s comprehensive PIP rules including the removal of the workers compensation network and over 100 controversial codes


• Supported legal effort which resulted in a New Jersey Supreme Court opinion reversing earlier decisions extending plenary scope to physician assistants • Achieved through rule-making physician supervision of patient referrals and ordering of tests by physician assistants • Objected to chiropractors’ proposed expansion that would allow them to perform school sports physical examinations


• Maintained the right of physicians to refer their own patients to their own facilities without raising legal issues


• Supported the law that will allow Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) to manage patients’ directions for end-of-life care • Reversed law that required prisoners to be released with a copy of their entire medical record, including psychiatric notes, which now may be summarized


Stopped the 27+% Medicare fee cut

• Partnered with other state medical and specialty societies to introduce a bill that would allow private contracting with Medicare patients; this has resulted in introduction of H.R. 1700, the “Medicare Patient Empowerment Act” • Supported the initiative to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB); Congressman Runyon (R-3) is a co-sponsor of the bill; Congressmen Pallone (D-6) and Lance (R-7), both on the Assembly Energy & Commerce Committee and Health Sub-Committee, support the repeal • Led the New Jersey initiative to repeal the SGR (sustainable growth rate); Congressmen Pallone and Lance support the repeal

DRUG SHORTAGES: Led the initiative to convince the AMA to lobby Congress for legislation to predict, prevent, and manage drug shortages; this resulted in the introduction of H.R. 2245, the “Preserving Access to Life-Saving Medications Act.”

PAYMENT ISSUES: Supported deadline extensions: • to apply for a hardship exemption from the 2012 e-prescribing penalty • for 5010 compliance • for ICD-10 implementation

HEALTH SYSTEM REFORM: • Objected to proposed regulations under the Sunshine Law which require pharmaceutical and device manufacturers to aggregate and attribute transfers of value to physicians in the amount of $10 • Filed comments on the Medicare Shared Savings (ACO) proposal which resulted in positive changes to the program



SNJ was granted leave to participate network benefits. The fees were to be paid at the usual, customary, and reasonable (UCR) as amicus curiae in the following New Jersey Supreme Court cases: rates, but were paid less than UCR based on the use of the Ingenix database which was • Kendall v. Hoffman LaRoche: found in other legal forums to be flawed. This case involved judicial expansion of the discovery doctrine, permitting a case to be filed nine years after the onset of Enforcement of National Class-Action injuries alleged to be attributed to use of Settlement Agreement against Horizon: a prescription drug. MSNJ urged the court not to further expand the two-year statute This settlement agreement terminated in of limitations on personal injuries beyond May of 2012. MSNJ assisted members a reasonable interpretation of when the with individual compliance disputes and patient knew of should have known that the also filed compliance disputes on behalf of injuries were related to use of the drug. The our members over the course of the four New Jersey Supreme Court allowed the case year compliance period which resulted to go forward. in payments of hundreds of thousands of dollars to physicians. Two compliance • Nicholas v. Mynster (pending): This disputes are pending. Both involve correct case reviews a lower court decision allowing interpretation and payment under CPT a medical malpractice case to go forward guidelines. even though the plaintiff did not have an expert from the “same specialty” available to testify to the appropriate standard of Advocacy for Physicians Treating Medicare care. MSNJ urges the high court to apply the Patients Under New Payment Models: expert testimony statute as written, requiring a match of the board certifications. MSNJ provided education and resources to physicians on the Medicare Shared SavingsACO-rule and on other care integration models through: Class Action Cases against Aetna & CIGNA on UCR Fees: • A Collaboration and Forum with the New Jersey Hospital Association and Horizon These cases are pending in the US District Healthcare Innovations, featuring national Court in Newark. MSNJ is a plaintiff seeking and state experts on healthcare delivery and damages for physicians who were underpaid care coordination models for care rendered to patients with out-of-

LEGAL, MANAGED CARE, and PAYMENT ADVOCACY • Independent legal review and discussion of ACO agreements with hospital medical staffs •


Advocacy before Agencies: • MSNJ continues to monitor the state’s implementation of a New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance Consent Order with Horizon. The Consent Order penalized Horizon for certain payment practices, but allowed it to make certain underpayments and interest to the state, rather than to the physicians. We believe that any underpayment should be paid directly to the affected physicians. • MSNJ has sought clarification from the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners of the “active reduced fee” license under which many retired physicians practice part-time for the under-served populations in the state. A CMS/Novitas Solutions interpretation will disallow Medicare payments to these physicians based on the fact that the physicians are not fully licensed. This interpretation would cause physicians of this status to be disallowed payment from government insurance and will impact access to care by underserved patient populations. Advocacy with Payers:

MSNJ advocates directly, with both private and government payers, for members on payment issues. These efforts include: • Medicaid; assistance from the state program on fee-for-service payments, balance billing issues, and managed Medicaid issues. • Medicare; MSNJ regularly seeks and receives assistance from Novitas Solutions on payment issues and is currently working on Medicare billing privilege revocations based on the “active reduced fee” license issue (see above). • MSNJ has convinced private payers to: reverse payment denials based on eligible specialty match; assist with 5010 payment interruptions; reverse payments wrongfully denied; reinstate plan participation when erroneously terminated; pay physicians from the correct fee schedule.

2011 – 2012 CAPITOL CLUB MEMBERS S. Manzoor Abidi, MD Najib Alturk, MD Stephen J. Angeli, MD Douglas N. Benson, MD Bergen Anesthesia Associates*** Steven Berkowitz, MD*** Michael H. Bernstein, MD Alex Biener, MD Ronnie Z. Bochner, MD* William K. Boss, Jr., MD Robert E. Brolin, MD Anthony P. Caggiano, Jr., MD Mary F. Campagnolo, MD Frank M. Capecci, MD John P. Capelli, MD Paul J. Carniol, MD** Donald M. Chervenak, MD Donald J. Cinotti, MD* Roderick J. Clemente, MD Jason D. Cohen, MD** Robert Conroy, Esq. Joseph P. Costabile, MD* Arnold A. Criscitiello, MD Anthony J. Delfico, MD Joseph Disaverio, MD Gary A. Drascher, MD Marc M. Dreier, MD Ira Esformes, MD* Joseph J. Fallon, Jr., MD William C. Franckle, IV, MD Robert S. Freid, MD Robert A. Fuhrman, MD Gregory J. Gallina, MD** Linda G. Gochfeld, MD Christopher Gribbin, MD***

Peter A. Gross, MD Vijay K. Gupta, MD Keith A. Harmon, MD Edward L. Hedaya, MD Ibrahim M. Ibrahim, MD David A. Ingis, MD

Peter E. Kagan, MD Walter J. Kahn, MD Kenneth Kaplan, MD David E. Konigsberg, MD Linda Korman, MD Steven H. Krawet, MD James B. Loftus, MD Ted Louie, MD Edward S. Magaziner, MD Joseph Manno, MD Clark Martin** Catherine Mazzola, MD Stephen B. Meisel, MD Richard A. Menghetti, MD* Bruce A. Monaghan, MD Jay J. More, MD Robert C. More, MD Charles M. Moss, MD Nancy L. Mueller, MD***

Hoan-vu T. Nguyen, MD* Thomas P. Obade, MD Irving M. Paltrowitz, MD** Stephen G. Pereira, MD Thomas R. Peterson, MD*** Joseph P. Pizzurro, MD John W. Poole, MD*** Radiology Associates of Burlington County*** Niranjan V. Rao, MD* Joseph H. Reichman, MD Steven L. Richards, MD Michael J. Richardson, MD Robert S. Rigolosi, MD* Tariq Rizvi, MD Alejandro Rodriguez, MD Gene S. Rosenberg, MD William A. Rough, Jr., MD Margaret Mary Sacco, MD R. Gregory Sachs, MD** James C. Salwitz, MD Scott R. Schaffer, MD Michael Schoppmann, Esq. Steven P. Shikiar, MD** Christopher J. Spagnuola, MD Michael Spedick, MD Janet Strain, MD William M. Sugarmann, MD Thomas S. Vates, III, MD Kyu S. Wang, MD

*Capitol Club Executive **Capitol Club Elite ***President’s Club Member list current as of 4/30/12



SNJ members are entitled to a preliminary legal defense benefit included with membership. This valuable benefit is designed to provide members with high quality legal representation at the earliest stage of a legal action. This is the most critical stage of any investigation.

If a member is the subject of an investigation or disciplinary action, MSNJ will arrange for initial legal representation to file a response to disputes with the following entities: • • • • • • •

The NJ Attorney General’s Office The NJ State Board of Medical Examiners The Medical Practitioner Review Panel The NJ Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor NJ State Medicaid Investigation Office of the Medicaid Inspector General The United States Attorney’s Office

• • • • • •

The Office of the Inspector General The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Hospitals Nursing Homes Extended care facilities Ambulatory Surgery Centers

The preliminary legal defense benefit is comprised of the following services: • • • •

Initial interview Comprehensive legal review of the matter Initial written response to the entity bringing the dispute Preliminary appearance

If the matter is not fully resolved or dismissed at the conclusion of the preliminary representation members have the option to retain their own counsel. MSNJ will not cover additional legal services under this benefit however, MSNJ will arrange for discounted legal fees when possible.

If you are the subject of a complaint or an investigation call the MSNJ Member Resource Center at 609.896.1766 ext.0.


The Member Resource Center was created in 2008 to improve member service through a resource center designed to eliminate transferring member phone calls throughout MSNJ, track and collaborate frequently asked questions, and evaluate recurring questions or issues to determine the need for publications, manuals or staff task reallocation. • • • •

All incoming calls to MSNJ route to the Member Resource Center. The questions are ranked as simple, moderate or complex. Simple calls are answered immediately. Moderate calls are referred to the FAQ’s listed on the website, or when possible explained by the resource center staff. • Complex questions are documented and sent to key staff for the answer.

Complex Questions/Issues

2011 Statistics Total Inquiries:


Inquiry Method: Call Email/Web Other

1,963 566 22

Types of Calls: Easy Moderate Complex

1,699 214 638

Most complex questions are turned around in 3 business days. Once the question is answered, it is returned to the resource center. The resource center staff returns the call to the member and is now familiar with the answer and less likely to classify it as a complex question needing assistance in the future. Other complex questions help identify trends that may be occurring (i.e. insurance company policy changes) and must be addressed at the organizational level through legislative or regulatory methods. The Member Resource Center is instrumental in determining how MSNJ allocates resources each year.


All calls are tracked. The calls are sorted to identify potential FAQ’s. If a recurring question is identified, it is added to the FAQ’s posted on the website. Complex questions are brought to the attention of MSNJ leadership and addressed in the appropriate fashion.

Additional Services

The Member Resource Center also accepts meeting registrations, processes new member applications and mails information packets to non-members.



he Medical Practice Management Section (MPMS) of the Medical Society of New Jersey provides a means for medical practices within the state to have a voice and resource center for the assimilation and dissemination of information vital to the continued growth of medical practices. It offers practice managers opportunities for networking, idea sharing and a platform for the voice of the medical practices throughout the state of New Jersey. To date, MSNJ’s MPMS has close to 400 members.

2011 – 2012 MPMS Events August 24, 2011 – Webinar: Transition to Medicaid – Managed Care Speaker: Karen Brodsky, Director of the Office of Managed Health Care in the Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services at DHS. September 14, 2011 – Webinar: NJ’s Proposed New PIP Rule & Fee Schedule Speaker: Jean Bickal, Assistant Director, Division of Insurance, NJ Department of Banking & Insurance September 22, 2011 – Webinar: The Use of Social Media in the Physician Practice Speaker: Avis Bishop-Thomas, Esq., Partner, Labor and Employment and Litigation Practice Groups, DeCotiis, FitzPatrick & Cole, LLP September 28, 2011 – Webinar: Payers’ Overpayment Recovery Initiatives & How to Defend Extrapolated Claims Speaker: Frank Cohen, Principal and Senior Analyst, The Frank Cohen Group, LLC October 6, 2011 – Webinar: Moving Medicine Forward: The Role of NJ-HITEC & The Regional Extension Centers Speaker: Balavignesh Thirumalainambi, Meaningful Use Manager, NJ-HITEC October 27, 2011 – Webinar: Physician Employment Contracts & Insight on Selling a Practice to a Hospital Speakers: Frank R. Ciesla, Esq., Shareholder & Chair, Health Care Law Practice, Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla; and Sharlene Hunt, Esq., Shareholder, Health Care Law Practice, Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla

MSNJ’S MEDICAL PRACTICE MANGEMENT SECTION November 17, 2011 – Webinar: Workers Compensation from the Physician Payment Perspective Speakers: Michael A. Moroney, Esq., and Catherine Flynn, Esq.; Partners, Weber Gallagher Simpson Stapleton Fires & Newby LLP January 6, 2012 – Webinar: The New Jersey Prescription Monitoring Program: An Overview for Prescribers Speaker: James Mielo, RPh, Administrator, NJ Prescription Monitoring Program, New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, NJ Office of the Attorney General February 9, 2012 – Webinar: Becoming a Meaningful User – part 1: How to Qualify Speaker: Balavignesh Thirumalainambi, Meaningful Use Manager, NJ-HITEC February 23, 2012 – Webinar: Becoming a Meaningful User – part 2: How The Meaningful Use Reporting System Works Speaker: Balavignesh Thirumalainambi, Meaningful Use Manager, NJ-HITEC April 11, 2012 – Webinar: Proposed Insurer Network & Contract Regulation Speaker: Neil Sullivan, Assistant Commissioner, Life & Health, New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance April 19, 2012 – Webinar: Privacy & Security in an Era of Telemedicine, Social Media and the Internet Speaker: Helen Oscislawski, Esq., Healthcare Attorney & Principal at Oscislawski LLC April 25, 2012 – Webinar: What is Happening in the Medical Practice Acquisition Market in NJ Speaker: John Fanburg, Managing Member & Health Law Chair, Brach Eichler LLC May 4, 2012 – MSNJ Annual Meeting – The Westin Mount Laurel, Mount Laurel, NJ • Minimizing Risk in Order to Make your Practice Thrive; • ICD-10: An Overview; • Maintaining Privacy and Security in an Ever-Increasing Technological World; • Cost-Saving Recommendations for Running your Practice in a Difficult Economy; • Roadmap to Meaningful Use: What Every Provider Needs to Know; • Intelligent Division of Labor Approach for the ICD-10 Conversion; • Right Sizing Office Staff


Mobilize your practice – download today.

DocBookMD a free msnJ memBer Benefit

fast / e asy / s e c u r e • sav e t ime, improve patient care • Complete directory of your MSNJ colleagues in the palm of your hand • On-demand HIPAA-compliant messaging with multi-media collaboration – send and receive high-res images such as X-rays or EKGs instantly and much more.

i P H ONE / iPAD / ANDROID DocBookMD is supplied at no charge to MSNJ members. Go directly to the iTunes App Store or Google play on your device and download DocBookMD, then complete the registration process. You will need your MSNJ member ID# ready.

c o m m unicate collaborate coordinate

MSNJ Helps NJ-HITEC Reach 5,000 Member Milestone


he New Jersey Health Information Technology Extension Center (NJ-HITEC) announced on November 16, 2011, that it has reached the 5,000 primary care providers member milestone in support of the healthcare evolution to transition to patient Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Each of its member doctors signed an agreement pledging to work with NJ-HITEC to become a meaningful user of EHRs; to earn the federal incentive funds pursuant to President Obama's Stimulus Plan; and to improve the timely delivery of high quality medical care through the effective use of health information technology. This major milestone, achieved six months ahead of the April 2012 deadline, demonstrates NJ-HITEC’s commitment to assist primary care providers effectively utilize their EHR systems to meet the federal requirements for incentive funds. Executive Director, Bill O’Byrne explains, “NJ-HITEC has a deeply committed and highly talented staff who welcomes the challenge to now train and educate 5,000 New Jersey primary care providers as Meaningful Users of electronic health information technology. We are convinced that our efforts will significantly improve the quality and timeliness of healthcare delivery in New Jersey.”

Over the last year, MSNJ has been working with NJ-HITEC through the ONC grant to promote NJ-HITEC through education and outreach to our members. This includes advertising in Physician Advocate, the largest physician directed circulating journal in New Jersey. MSNJ’s 2012 Winter issue of Physician Advocate was dedicated solely to NJ-HITEC to recruit physicians to adopt health information technology and to enroll in NJ-HITEC’s services. Other forms of communication to our members were web-based educational programs presented by NJ-HITEC, and articles written by NJ-HITEC for MSNJ’s e-News issues. MSNJ planned an “EMR Users Group” where current users could present their experiences, obtain helpful tips and tools, and network with other users. Our vendors had the opportunity to provide training in a group setting to their end users. Physicians who did not have an EMR system had the opportunity to take a look at the vendors and listen to presentations, including a CME presentation from NJ-HITEC on how to get started. About NJ-HITEC: NJ-HITEC provides support and assistance to New Jersey’s primary care providers in the selection, implementation, and achievement of “Meaningful Use” of an ONC accredited Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. NJ-HITEC is the federally designated Regional Extension Center (REC) for New Jersey established by the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) through a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the National Coordinator (ONC).

MEDIA HIT REPORT 2011 - 2012 2011 5/2/11: “Allendale Community for Mature Living Named Finalist for 2011 ...” PRLog.Org 5/11/11: “Physician Practices Make Significant Economic Impact on NJ” Economy ... “Physician Practices Make Significant Economic Impact on NJ” “Physician Practices Make Significant Economic Impact on NJ Economy ...” “Physician Practices Make Significant Economic Impact on NJ Economy ...” “Physician Practices Make Significant Economic Impact on NJ Economy” 5/13/11: “Physicians Immune From Economy Hit” NJ 101.5 5/16/11: “Medical Society of NJ announces new executive director, president” “New leaders named to Medical Society of New Jersey” “Doctors High on Downs” Philadelphia Business Journal “Medical Society Taps Downs as New CEO” NJBiz “Physician Practices Make Significant Economic Impact on NJ Economy ...”

5/17/11: “NJ doctors group: Physician, slim thyself” 5/18/11: “Horizon Blue Cross scraps plan to convert to for-profit” The Star-Ledger - “UPDATED: Horizon Blue withdraws application to turn forprofit” (Kornett Commentary) NJBiz 5/21/11: “Society Chief Named” Asbury Park Press 5/22/11: “Local business briefs “ Asbury Park Press 5/23/11: “Horizon abandons quest to become for-profit” American Medical News 5/24/11: “Stem cell support at crossroads” Crain's New York Business 5/26/11: “Aventura's 'Senior Prom' for the young at heart” “Bill targets unlicensed surgery centers” “N.J. same-day surgery centers would be inspected every 2 years under stricter Senate bill” 5/27/11: “Horizon abandons quest to become for-profit” American Medical News 6/13/11: “On the Boards | Philadelphia Inquirer | 2011-06-13” Philadelphia Inquirer “Taking pulse of doctors' offices amid shortage” NJBiz

MEDIA HIT REPORT 2011 - 2012 “Medical Society of NJ and Sun Partner to Provide Doctors with Financial Services” 6/14/11: “Why does everyone hate no-fault car insurance?” Fox Business “Sun Bancorp mulling northern NJ expansion” 6/20/11: “Healthcare reform rankles AMA delegates” Crain's Chicago Business 7/5/11: “All Rights Reserved” Red Bank Hub 7/7/11: “More New Jersey doctors using paperless prescriptions” 7/8/11: “Doctors' use of e-prescriptions soars” The Republic 8/2/11: “N.J. aims to cut medical costs in auto insurance” Asbury Park Press 8/7/11: “Three Questions” (Rao Interview) Star Ledger 8/17/11: “10 Female Spine Surgeons to Know” Becker's Orthopedic & Spine 9/7/11: “NJ lawmakers host round table on lowering health-care costs” 9/29/11: “Christie Administration Works with Health Care Providers to Reduce Regulatory Burdens” State of NJ (DOBI) website 9/30/11: “Old Bridge doctor retires after 52 years of service” 10/3/11: “A good practice for docs, hospitals” NJBiz 10/4/11: “The Numbers Are in Health Care as Economic Engine in Mercer County” Mercer Business 10/9/11: “Christie Administration Works with Health Care Providers to Reduce ...” Insurance News Net 10/12/11: “Should Jail Officials Be Allowed to Strip Search Anyone They Arrest?” 10/16/11: “Dr. Barmakian joins Summit Medical Group's Westfield offices” Suburban News 10/22/11: “Money flows to GOP from NJ spine doctors” 10/24/11: “Primary Care Pharmacies” NJ Spotlight “Money flows to GOP from NJ spine doctors” Daily Record 10/30/11: “GOP incumbent, challengers push for change in 3rd District” The Bridgeton News - 11/4/11: “In Camden, Intensive Care for Diabetics” NJ Spotlight “Donald M. Chervenak Has Recently Been Recognized by Strathmore’s Who’s Who Publication” 11/10/11: “McKay's long-awaited novel a captivating Cure”

MEDIA HIT REPORT 2011 - 2012 Kings County Register/Advertiser

The Star-Ledger -

11/18/11: “Health Department to Take On Licensing of Single-Room Surgeries” NJ Spotlight

1/10/12: “Single-Room Surgeries to Operate Under Same Rules as Hospitals ...” NJ Spotlight

11/21/11: “New Jersey Medical School Student Elected to Prestigious AMA Post” UMDNJ press release

“New Jersey Licensing Law Benefits ASCs – and Patients” SurgiStrategies

11/22/11: “Committee of doctors trying to make high school football kickoffs safer” Bergen Record ( “NJSpotLight: State Health Department Could Oversee SingleRoom Surgeries” 11/29/11: “Easing End-of-Life Care” NJ Spotlight 12/9/11: “Evans, Jasey & Tucker Bill To Require Insurers To Cover Sickle ...” Insurance News Net 12/12/11: “Corner office: Larry Downs” NJBIZ 12/15/11: “At NJ Healthcare Conference, Successful Strategies for Cutting ...” NJ Spotlight

2012 1/6/12: “Hope for Heroes” South Jersey Magazine 1/9/12: “Opinion: Managing health care costs through a collaborative approach”

1/11/12: “Changes on the Horizon for New Jersey ASCs” 1/14/12: “New state program will help track prescription drug abuse” Bergen Record ( 1/15/12: “How N.J. plans to put a lid on pain pills: Officials to announce program that will track prescriptions” (The Star Ledger) 1/18/12: “NJ Governor Uses Pocket Veto on ASC Licensing Bill” Becker's ASC Review 1/19/12: “Keeping Track of Pills, Pharmacies Flag Abuse of Pain Prescriptions” NJ Spotlight “Evans, Jasey & Tucker Bill To Require Insurers To Cover Sickle ...” Insurance News Net “SELECTIVE INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA v. ROTHMAN” 1/20/12: “Christie Vetoes Licensing Bill for Single-Room Surgeries” NJ Spotlight “SELECTIVE INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA v. ROTHMAN” “New Jersey ASCs bitten by Governor's Veto” SurgiStrategies 1/27/12: “Senate Readies for Second Try to License Single-Room

MEDIA HIT REPORT 2011 - 2012 Surgeries” NJ Spotlight “NJHA Names Meyers New Board Chair at 93rd Annual Meeting” MarketWatch “NJHA Names Audrey Meyers New Board Chair” Citybizlist “NJHA Names Meyers New Board Chair at 93rd Annual Meeting” Sacramento Bee 2/3/12: “NJ Checkup: Finding Solutions Before Doctor Shortage is Critical” NJ Spotlight 2/13/12: “Physician assistants can't do needle EMG tests, NJ top court rules” American Medical News 2/14/12: “State Street” NJBIZ 2/15/12: “Patients Medical Welcomes Dr. Robert Marinaro, MD, FAAD – Holistic ...” 2/23/12: “NJ Insurers Tie Doctors' Payments to Quality of Care” NJ Spotlight 2/24/12: “NJ Health Insurers Tying Payments to Performance” 2/28/12: “N.J. High Court Says State Discovery Rule Not Foreclosed by Product Liability Law” 2/29/12: “State widens ban on sale, possession of synthetic marijuana in New Jersey”

“Update: N.J. bans ‘synthetic marijuana’ over health concerns” “New Jersey cracking down on synthetic marijuana” “Turner: Statewide Ban of Synthetic Marijuana Must be Made Law” “Attorney General’s office expands ban on chemicals used to make synthetic marijuana” The Star-Ledger “Attorney General issues sweeping ban on synthetic marijuana” The Times “NJ bans synthetic marijuana” The Daily Journal “New Jersey bans all forms of synthetic marijuana” The Philadelphia Inquirer “NJ issues immediate ban of synthetic marijuana products” “NJ bans sale of synthetic marijuana” Burlington County Times (via “NJ bans sale of synthetic marijuana” 6ABC “New Jersey bans sale of synthetic marijuana” CBS3 “N.J. issues statewide ban on designer drugs” “NJ Attorney General Announces Statewide Ban on Designer Drugs” NJ 101.5 3/1/12: “New Jersey bans synthetic marijuana” The Philadelphia Inquirer “N.J. announces stronger ban on synthetic marijuana” Burlington County Times (via

MEDIA HIT REPORT 2011 - 2012 “State bans synthetic marijuana” “NJ completely bans synthetic marijuana products” “Synthetic marijuana banned in NJ” Daily Record “Synthetic drugs banned in New Jersey” NJ 101.5 “Comprehensive statewide ban on synthetic pot issued” – South Brunswick 3/3/12: “New Jersey Supreme Court Re-affirms Discovery Rule For Statute of Limitations in Pharmaceutical Negligence Lawsuits” 3/6/12: “Pleasantville-based Reliance Medical Group well prepared for future” Press of Atlantic City 3/16/12: “All you need to know about Cohanzick Country Club in its heyday ...” The Bridgeton News - 3/18/12: “How NJ doctors dealt a blow to auto insurers” The Star-Ledger - “Pressure is on to ease NJ auto insurance reforms” 3/27/12: “ANTELL v. AETNA INC.” 3/28/12: "Group Calls For Outdoor Smoking Ban" WBGO News (Lawrenceville) 3/29/12: “GARDNER v. CIGNA, CONNECTICUT GENERAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY” 4/12/12: “New Jersey Tapped to Participate in National PCMH Trial” NJ Spotlight 4/18/12: “New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome's Patient-Centered ...” 4/26/12: “Get the facts on the New Jersey Lawsuit Reform Alliance” 4/29/12: "Drug shortages leave healthcare providers foraging for vital medicines" The Star-Ledger

Inaction vs IN ACTION We understand the difference The Litigation Center of the American Medical Association and the State Medical Societies fights to protect doctors and uphold the highest standards of patient care. In courtrooms across America, we are achieving legal victories that preserve the rights of physicians, promote public health and protect the integrity of the profession. Whether we are challenging managed care organizations’ payment practices or preserving the autonomy of the hospital medical staff, one thing remains constant: The Litigation Center is an active force fighting for physicians’ rights. Learn more on how The Litigation Center can help you: Membership in the American Medical Association and the Medical Society of New Jersey makes the work of The Litigation Center possible. Join or renew your memberships today.

The Litigation Center is proud to have Lawrence Downs, Medical Society of New Jersey CEO, serve on its executive committee.

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Report of MSNJ's Accomplishments

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