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Fall 2018


Director's Welcome Whether you are a new freshman or new transfer to the Mount, you will find that living in the residence halls has a lot to offer for your growth as a person and future Mount grad. Our goal is to provide a fun-filled, safe, and creative space for you to learn, build memories and friendships, and thrive. From our many social and educational programs, floor meetings, services, and leadership opportunities, we hope that life in the residence halls will feel like "home." Our student and professional staff are hard at work preparing for your arrival, and we are committed to taking care of the details so that everything is easy and carefree when you arrive in August. To assist with your pre-move in preparation, we are pleased to provide you with this informational booklet. We hope that you find this information useful, and we look forward to welcoming you in person soon! Michelle Salanda Director of Residence Life

Contact Us! Doheny Residence Life Office Our office is located in Hannon 123 Please use the telephone outside of the building and dial 2661 to get into the building Phone: 213.477.2661 Fax: 213.477.2669 Email:

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Have a question that's not answered in this brochure? Contact us at

Your Housing Assignment Follow these simple steps to find out your Building and Room Number as well as your roommates' names (if applicable). 1. Log into your MyMSMU page 2. Locate the WebAdvisor button and click on it 3. Click “WebAdvisor for Students” 4. Go to the menu option titled “Financial Information Menu” 5. Click “Room Assignment Summary” to view your room assignment CLICK HERE to go to MyMSMU

Check out our floor plans and room layouts Want to see where the lounge is located on your floor? Do you know where the nearest laundry room is?

CLICK HERE to view floor plans and room layouts

Move In Day!

Saturday, August 18 from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Sunday, August 19 from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Check in will take place from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm outside on the lawn outside of Hannon Hall From 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, residents check in at Hannon 1st floor lounge If you arrive after 9:00 pm, follow the instructions that are on the exterior doors of each building to call the RA on duty,


Bring only what you need. You can continue bringing items from home and decorating your room as the year goes on. Make it easy on yourself and your family and bring what you'll need for the first few weeks. We have dollies! If you need a dolly to move, you can borrow one from us for 30 minutes at a time. RAs will walk you to your room, but since we have a lot of people to check in, we won't be able to help you unload. Have a positive attitude! Moving can be an emotional experience. Make sure you're having fun, and ask the RAs and the staff for help if you run across any issues.

What's included with my room? All rooms come with the following for each resident: Desk Desk chair Bed (extra long twin mattress) Wardrobe or closet Dresser Bulletin Board University telephone with voicemail service (1 per room) Bulletin board outside of the room (1 per room)

One of the best parts of moving into the residence halls for the first time is decorating your room. During move in weekend, students will choose their bed/closet/desk/ etc. on a first come, first serve basis. We do not reserve beds for students in advance. If you have roommates, we encourage you to get in touch with them over the summer so you can start planning the layout of your room.

"Can I bring my pet snake to school?" "Should I bring my coffee machine?" "Can guests stay with me for a sleepover?" Students will receive a copy of the Student Handbook when they move into the residence halls. Residents can view the most updated Student Handbook on the MSMU Website, The Student Handbook is updated every year. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE STUDENT HANDBOOK

Living in a Community Whether you are living with a friend you have known for a long time, or you have never met your roommate before, living with someone is an awesome experience! In order to make sure that everything goes smoothly this year, communication is key! Your RA will give you and your roommates a Roommate Agreement Form during the first week of classes so you can set ground rules for your room. The Roommate Agreement Form is a useful tool that will help you and your roommates discuss cleaning schedules, expectations when you have guests over, sleeping schedules, and sharing items in the room. Students can see their roommates' information on WebAdvisor so you can talk during the summer.

Topics to discuss with your roommate Cleaning the Room * Who is bringing the cleaning supplies (residents can also borrow some supplies at the Residence Desk)? * How often will each person clean the room? * How will you decide on who does which chores? Sharing Belongings * What items are okay to share (food, clothes, printer, etc.)?

Sleeping and Studying * What time do you typically go to bed? * When do you study (Morning, afternoon, night)? * Do you study with music or in silence? Communication * How will you resolve issues that come up? * What expectations do you have of your roommates?

The Resident Assistants Each floor has 1 Resident Assistant (RA). They are students just like you, and they are available to help you adjust to your life on campus. Whether you need advice about classes or want to know what's going on around campus, they are here to assist you. You will meet your RA at the first floor meeting, which will take place during the first week of classes.

Get involved! Do you love helping people? Is creativity your strong suit? Do you want to get involved on campus? We hire Resident Assistants for the 2019 - 2020 academic year during the Fall 2018 semester. Look out for advertisements and information that will be available at your floor meetings!

What fun things can I do in the halls? Weekday Programs RAs and Community Programmers put on over 40 weekday programs each academic year. Our weekday programs have a social and educational aspect, with opportunities for students to connect and make new friends. We also make sure that you are learning new skills outside of the classroom. Check your floor's calendar for different events happening in the halls! Some past programs include: DIY Mickey Ears, Breakfast at Night, and Vision Boards

Weekend Programs Residence Life wants to make sure that there are activities to do on the weekends. Whether you're from out of state or want to stay on campus to study and relax on the weekend, we encourage you to stop by our Sunday night programs. These programs take place one to two Sundays a month. Come by to play games, make a craft and enjoy movie nights. Some past programs include: Spa Nights, PJ's & Waffles, DIY Flower Crowns, Nacho Bar, Acai Bowls, and Aromatherapy Crafting

Residence Hall Check List We have created this check list to help you prepare for your move to your new home at the Mount. Each person's needs are different, so tailor this list to suit your requirements. Room Needs/Storage * Desk lamp (no taller than 2 feet) * Alarm clock/clock radio * Wastepaper basket and trash bags * Dry erase board * Cleaning supplies * Tissues * Calendar * Pictures and posters * Small shelving unit (less than 3 feet) Electronics * Desktop computer/laptop * Ethernet cord (in case the wireless is unavailable) * Printer * Surge protector/extension cords * Batteries Linens/Laundry Supplies * Sheets (Extra Long Twin) * Pillows and pillow cases * Towels * Mattress pad * Blankets and comforter * Clothes hangers * Laundry bag/basket * Laundry detergent and dryer sheets * Rolls of quarters * Iron

Toiletries and Miscellaneous * Shampoo/Conditioner * Shower tote/caddy * Hair styling products * Personal medication and vitamins * Body and face soap and moisturizer * Toothpaste/toothbrush/floss * Comb/brush * Tweezers/nail clippers/scissors * Q-tips * First aid kit Desk/Office Supplies * USB * Notebooks, binders, and folders * Printer paper * Pens/pencils/highlighters * Post-it notes Kitchen needs * Bowls, cups, mugs, and utensils * Can opener * Ziplock bags and tupperware * Dish soap and sponge Shared Items (1 per room) * TV (smaller than 32 inches) * Coffee maker * Mini fridge (less than 3.5 cubic feet)

Getting Around Town Residence Life has teamed up with the Office of Transportation to make sure our students have an opportunity to check out what is going on in the downtown Los Angeles area. Doheny Explore LA Shuttle: This shuttle service runs in the afternoons and evenings during the weekends so students can get to the grocery store, coffee shops, and other areas in downtown Los Angeles. There are 4 pickup times, 12 pm, 2 pm, 4pm and 6 pm. The shuttle goes to LA Live, Fig & 7th shopping center, Santee Alley, Olvera Street, Chinatown, Koreatown, Mercado La Paloma, Natural History Museum and Ralph ’s. You must be a current MSMU student to ride the Explore LA Shuttle. We believe that freshmen residents should get the full University experience by being on campus and utilizing these great opportunities to explore LA. Freshmen residents cannot apply for a parking permit but can appeal by emailing


Our MSMU shuttles run between the Chalon and Doheny campuses Monday through Friday with runs almost every hour (and sometimes more frequently)!

Who can I talk to about...

We hope you are getting excited about living on campus and starting your new life at the Mount. This summer is a great time for you to prepare for this incredible milestone. Below you will find information for other offices and departments on campus. We also included information of why you would need to contact their office, their office location, and phone number. Admissions * For questions regarding your tuition deposit, housing deposit, and to get in touch with your Admissions Counselor * Student Services (Building 745), 213.477.2561 Business Office * For questions about your payment plan or statement * Student Services (Building 745), 213.477.2540 Orientation/Women's Leadership * First Year Orientation will take place on Friday, July 21 * Building 11, 2nd floor, 213.477.2664 Health Services * All residents must be cleared with Health Services by their deadlines in order to move in. Residence Life will not issue keys if you are not cleared * Building 5, 213.477.2685

Who can I talk to about  (continued)... Food Service * For questions about your meal plans and regarding the food in the cafeteria * Building 11, 2nd floor, 213.477.2610 Mail Room * For questions regarding your mailbox, sending and receiving mail * Building 10 1/2, 213.477.2594 Student Employment * For questions regarding on campus employment and work study * Student Services (Building 745), 213.477.2562 Academic Advisement * For questions about placement testing, registering for classes, changing or declaring a major * Student Services (Building 745), 213.477.2577 Campus Ministry * For questions about weekly Mass and getting involved with the spiritual component of our University * Building 7, 213.477.2672

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What if I didn't get the room type I wanted? Please call the Residence Life Office and we will do what we can to accommodate you. We have a waiting list for students who are interested in a room change. Room changes are not guaranteed and based on availability, but we will do our best to try to house you in a different type of room.

What if my friend and I want to live together, but she/he is not listed as my roommate? Please call the Residence Life Office and we will do what we can to accommodate you.

How do you match up roommate pairs?

Roommates are matched with various factors in mind: major, sleep schedules, hobbies, etc.

What do you suggest I talk to my roommate about before check in? Introduce yourself and get to know each other as well as talk about big items like TVs and refrigerators so you can maximize your space. Some topics to discuss are: what time do you normally study and go to sleep? How do we want to decorate our room? What are our rules for having guests in the room?


How and when can I start receiving mail? All residents are assigned a mailbox that will be given to you at the Mail Room during the first week of classes. You can begin receiving mail once the first week of school begins. Your address will be: Your Name 10 Chester Place, Box # (box numbers are assigned by the Mail Room) Los Angeles, CA 90007

Where do I go to do laundry? Laundry rooms are available in all floors of McIntyre, in Hannon 2nd, behind House 20, behind House 8 1/2, and in the House 7 basement. It costs $0.75 to wash and $0.50 to dry. Laundry detergent and dryer sheets are also for sale at the Residence Desk.

Is there cable TV in the residence halls?

All of our social lounges in the residence halls have cable television (all floors of McIntyre, Hannon 1st, House 20, House 8 1/2, and House 7). Students can watch tv on a first come, first served basis. Cable television is not provided in the residence halls.

Does my housing come with a meal plan? All residents will be enrolled in a meal plan. The meal plan is included in the price you are paying for the room. More information regarding the meal plan will be sent to you by Food Services in the coming weeks. Your meal plan begins on Saturday, August 18 with brunch at 10:00 am. Use your MSMU ID to purchase your meals. At Doheny, the cafeteria is located in Building 11 (Ahmanson Commons). Call 213.477.2610 for more information.

Important Dates and Reminders What else do you need to do before moving in? Clear with Health Services by August 1st. Students must submit information regarding their immunizations and complete all of the requirements set forth by Health Services. Residents cannot move in to the residence halls if they have not completed all of these steps. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH REQUIREMENTS

Register for at least 12 units. All residents must be registered for at least 12 units prior to moving in to the halls. New students typically register for classes during Orientation. If you have any questions, contact Academic Advisement at 213.477.2577 or the Registrar's Office at 213.477.2540. Clear with the Business Office. Please contact the Business Office at 213.477.2540 to verify that your account is on track. All residents must attend their mandatory first floor meeting, which is taking place on Monday, August 20 at 9:30 pm. More information will be given to you during Move In Weekend. All residents must move out of the residence halls at the end of the Fall Semester by 11:00 am on Friday, December 7, 2018. Students who are returning to the residence halls can leave their belongings in their rooms over the Winter Break. We encourage students to take any items home if they will need it during that time since the University will be closed. The residence halls will reopen Saturday, January 5, 2019 at 9:00 am. Please make your plans accordingly.

Doheny Housing Brochure Fall 2018  
Doheny Housing Brochure Fall 2018