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Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity

Pi Kappa Phi - University of Missouri A Handbook for Recruits SUMMER 2011

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity

115 members 100 actives 15 associates 15 24 36 40

seniors juniors sophomores freshmen

80 are from in-state 35 are from out-of-state 67 are from Missouri 25 are from Illinois 14 different states represented

When did Pi Kappa Phi charter at Mizzou? May 1949

The Chapter

Pi Kappa Phi is located at 908 Curtis Avenue. Our house is a quick walk to class and is right in the center of all the excitement and activity of Greek Town.

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity

Pi Kappa Phi encourages freshmen members to live in the residence halls for at least one year. The residence halls are an excellent way to get involved on campus and make friends outside of the fraternity. It is also the #1 way to meet and recruit new members. However, freshmen are allowed to move into the house.

How many meals do in-house men get per week? 15 meals each week Monday - Thursday = breakfast, lunch, dinner Friday = breakfast & lunch Sunday = dinner

The House

How many men live in the house? 58 men The nine officers of the E-Council are required to live in the house so that they can best fulfill their chapter responsibilities.

The university requires every Greek house on campus to have a house mom or house dad. Our house dad lives in the downstairs apartment. His presence is necessary for insurance reasons, and he also serves as a liasion to the Housing Corporation.

Brothers live in the house anywhere from 2-5 semesters.

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity

Pi Kappa Phi prides itself on being a brotherhood made up of men from all over. Kansas City Columbia Manchester Chesterfield Sedalia Springfield Barnhart Clinton Stanberry Jackson St. Charles Ofallon Centralia

St. Louis Jefferson City Glendale Kirkwood Parkville Bowling Green Kirksville Branson St. Paul Fenton Lebanon Harrisonville Troy

Illinois Wisconsin Utah Minnesota California Ohio Kansas Tennessee Texas South Dakota Colorado Oklahoma Virginia

Diversity The men of Pi Kappa Phi value academics. Our brothers are studying to become professionals in many different fields such as:

Strategic Communication Political Science Economics English Finance Biology Magazine Journalism Accounting Education Sociology Marketing Management Broadcast Journalism Civil Engineering Pre-Medicine Biochemistry Mechanical Engineering Industrial Engineering Personal Financial Planning Convergence Journalism Theatre

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity

Greek Intramurals are the most competitive leagues on campus. As a Pi Kappa Phi athlete, you will have the chance to play against top notch competition.

For every sport, Pi Kappa Phi registers two competitive teams. This allows more members to have a chance to participate and represent the chapter.


2009 Greek DII Men’s Basketball-2nd Place Men’s Football - 1st Place Men’s Volleyball - 3rd Place

2010 Greek DII Men’s Basketball- 1st Place Men’s Football - 1st Place Men’s Soccer - 1st Place

2010 Homecoming King Andrew Lorenz. A proud member of Pi Kappa Phi

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity

Pi Kappa Phi seeks well-rounded men who were involved in high school activities. In high school our members were active in the following organizations. National Honor Society Theater Production Varsity Football Varsity Basketball Habitat for Humanity FBLA Track and Field Varsity Lacrosse Key Club Ultimate Frisbee Team Photography Club Varisty Golf

Student Council Marching Band A-Capella Group Speech and Debate Team Church Youth Group Varsity Volleyball Wilderness Adventure Club Varsity Soccer Varsity Tennis Debate Team Varsity Wrestling

Involvement The men of Pi Kappa Phi are involved in several leadership positions within the Greek Community but are even more involved in other campus organizations. Alumni Assoc. Student Board The Mizzou Student Foundation Mizzou Students Association Residential Life STRIPES Summer Welcome Tour Team Alpha Kappa Psi (Business) Phi Sigma Pi (Honors) Omicon Delta Kappa Intrafraternity Council Business School Tour Team Rugby Club Greeks Going Green Mortar Board Business School Ambassadors Allies in Action

Homecoming Steering Committee Greek Week Steering Committee RAMS Steering Committee New Greek Education Pre-Med Society Mojo - Ad Mysical Seven Caring For Columbia Phi Alpha Delta (Law) Zou Crew Tiger’s Lair Team Mizzou Greek 12:20 Mizzou Football Mizzou Public Health The Maneater Head Start

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity

Homecoming is an original Mizzou tradition and one of the most memorable parts about being Greek. Each fall the alumni return to campus for a weekend to celebrate Mizzou spirit and pride. The fall semester is dedicated to preparing for this memorable weekend. Greek chapters make house decorations, act in theater skits, complete service events, and donate blood. The Homecoming weekend concludes with the football game where the Homecoming king and queen are announced.

The Traditions

Greek Week is a tradition very similar to Homecoming. However unlike Homecoming, this event is specific to the Greek Community and is far less rigorous. But the competition is still fierce. This competition between Greek chapters takes place in the spring. The categories of competition include a skit, a blood drive, service projects, and games.

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity

Pi Kappa Phi has an official tailgating spot where brothers, alumni, friends, and parents can hang out and enjoy themselves before home football games.

A marriage party is an easy way to meet girls from the sorority we are paired with for Homecoming or Greek Week.

Social During the year, we grill burgers and hot dogs provided by our house chef on the front porch. This is a great time to hang out with brothers and socialize with sorority girls.

Rose Ball is the name of our spring formal. Last year we went to the Lake of the Ozarks and stayed at the Lodge of Four Seasons. Pi Kappa Phi chartered a private yacht for the night and spent the evening having a good time out on the lake.

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity

How long is pledgeship? Associate membership lasts one semester. What is the Standards Board? Pi Kappa Phi’s internal judiciary system that enforces the chapter rules amongst its members. Is Greek Life going to hurt my grades? The transition to college academics can be difficult. Pi Kappa Phi requires associate members to attend study sessions during the week. Also, there is a quiet study room in the basement. Remember, the all Greek average GPA is higher than the campus average GPA.

Associates must have a semester or cumulative GPA of 2.5 in order to be initiated into the fraternity.


Where does Pi Kappa Phi Rank in grades?

Fall 2010 - 3.149 (3rd) Spring 2010 - 3.023 Fall 2009 - 2.948 (10th) Spring 2009 - 3.166 (3rd) Fall 2008 - 3.017 (6th) Spring 2008 - 3.07 2010 Homecoming King 2 Seniors selected for the top 39 Seniors Award in 2011 Consistent Involvment in top campus organizations Numerous members have received honors on Tap Day a recognition of students involvment and service to the campus

Should I be concerned about hazing? No, Pi Kappa Phi is a non-hazing fraternity.

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity

If you are interested in learning more about our fraternity, please contact one of the guys listed below. We would be more than willing to answer any of your questions. Also, we would be happy to provide you with information about upcoming recruitment events in your area. If you plan on being in Columbia, we would be more than willing to give you a tour of our house. The men of Pi Kappa Phi look forward to hearing from you and meeting you. Michael Herschel VP - Recruitment 573-690-6988

The Next Step

Andrew Schutte President 573-673-3019

Conner Hartenberger Chicago Rush Chair 630-967-4946

Tom Jarvis VP - Internal 865-806-7315

Dan Schmitz Warden 847-502-2319

Please visit to learn more.

Pi Kappa Phi Rush Guide for more information

Pi Kappa Phi Rush Guide for more information