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Evaluation Report


Caribbean Cuisine Tour 2010

Days of Sampling at

and Leading Independent Stores


A Taste Experience

Team Caribbean Chef Rustie Lee

Caribbean Cuisine Tour 2010

Chef Hasan DeFour

Chef Lorenzo Richards

Chef Gary Tomlin

Chef Tricia Jadoonanan

Chef Anthony Cumberbatch

Janice Johnson

Paul Pantin

Tashlyn Nyathi

Shorliza Odbure

Mary Anne Elliston

Natalie Morrison

Sam Hamilton

Cherell Bovell

Introduction WorldFoods Caribbean Cuisine Tours

For the past decade, expressed interest in Caribbean foods has seen a steady growth. But in the last three years, according to food experts, interest in Caribbean cuisine has quadrupled in its popularity and appeal to the UK masses. In response to this interest, WorldFoods organised its first ever Caribbean Cuisine Tour in June 2009. This novel initiative was launched to promote the exotic flavours from the region for 23 consecutive days. The entire 23 sampling days was a huge success. On 28th May 2010, WorldFoods took to the road for a second time with an unprecedented 36 day Caribbean road show across major supermarkets, including Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Asda, Tesco and a number of independent stores, both in London and Birmingham. In addition to the tour 50,000 “Tastes of the Caribbean’’ recipe guide’s were produced and distributed throughout the 36 sampling days. This guide aimed to create practical awareness of how people can replicate the “colorful West Indian style” cooking at home using ingredients they can easily find in their supermarkets. As you turn the pages of the WorldFoods Tastes of the Caribbean guide, you will find it packed with tantalizing, time honored mouth-watering recipes, ideal for beginners as well as those familiar with authentic ingredients and products. The guide also provides a shopping list of essential products for each recipe featured. A number of recipes featured in the guide were inspired by leading Caribbean celebrity chefs on the WorldFoods tour this year, including Chef Hasan Defour, Chef Gary Tomlin and Tricia Jadanoonan. The leading Chef of this year’s tour was the first lady of Caribbean cuisine and TV personality, Chef Rusti Lee.

Background British food consumers are known for their pioneering pallets when it comes to their love for exploring different cuisines from around the world. So it is quite natural for non-Caribbean’s to engage in the idea of buying Caribbean food. The challenge is in translating these food concepts into eating experiences they want to repeat. This is where WorldFoods… ‘A taste experience’ comes into play.

We offer a three part solution to our strategic partners:

The first step is the WorldFoods Tastes of the Caribbean recipe guide publication, the second is the food sampling days with culinary demonstrations by leading Caribbean celebrity chefs providing genuine brand endorsements and the third element is the WorldFoods Mobile Kitchen that acts as a platform for the brands and personalities.


A Taste Experience

Sampling Days

Caribbean Cuisine Tour 2010

28 May 29 May 30 May 31 May 1 June 2 June 3 June

Southend Lane, Sydenham, London SE26 4PU 1 Claps Gate Lane, Beckton, London E6 6JF Lombardy Retail Park, Coldharbour Lane, Hayes UB3 3EX Unit 4 Hyde Estate Road, The Hyde, Hendon NW9 6JX Ladbroke Grove, London, W10 5AA 263 New Cross Road, New Cross, London SE14 5UL 80 Dog Kennel Hill, Dulwich, London SE22 8BB

4 June 5 June 6 June

Grove Crescent Road, Stratford, London E15 1EN High Road, Woodgreen, London N22 6DR King Street, Acton, London W3 9LA

9 July 10 July 11 July 12 July 13 July 14 July 15 July

Old Kent Road, London SE1 5AS Marlow Way, Wallington, Surrey CR0 4XS Lavender Hill, Clapham, London SW11 1JG Western Road, Park Royal, London NW10 7LW East Ferry Road, Isle of Dogs, London E14 3BT Forty Lane, Wembley, Middlesex HA9 9EX Marshall Road, Leyton, London E10 5NH

Objectives • • • • • •

Build awareness for Caribbean food and drink brands Educate the consumers on the usage of the product Integrate clients marketing and promotional activities Increase awareness of Caribbean products in store Communicate Unique Selling Points Gather qualitative research

Delivery Strategy Sampling at supermarkets

The incredible range of Caribbean food and drink products from our sponsors, plus the additional focus on Caribbean travel this year, made the case for a very exciting showcase for the launch of the WorldFoods Caribbean Cuisine Tour 2010. A delectable array of products presented across 16 different brands had customers behaving like children in a candy store, leaving satisfied with big smiles, and a taste experience not to be forgotten, helped by the giveaway Tastes of the Caribbean guide publication. WorldFoods taste experience culinary demonstrations, influenced customers buying decisions in a huge way. The using of Caribbean celebrity chefs, such as Hasan Defour who worked alongside Michelin television star and personality Gary Rhodes on Good Food TV’s Rhodes across the Caribbean, as well as Rusti Lee, a huge lovable TV personality, really helped to deliver an engaging and exciting taste experience. Largely, customers were happy with the fact they could go away, armed with the knowhow, to repeat some Caribbean food and drink recipes.

The Brands

Customers sampled and experienced products and services from the following sponsor’s brands:


A Taste Experience

Sampling Days

Caribbean Cuisine Tour 2010

18 July

Walsall Road, Perry Barr, Birmingham B42 1AB

19 July

Wolverhampton Road, Oldbury, Birmingham B69 4PU

20 July

High Street, King’s Heath, Birmingham B17 7BW

31 July

Lewisham Road, Lewisham, London SE13 7PY

1 August Lewisham Road, Lewisham, London SE13 7PY 2 August Gallows Corner, Bryant Avenue, Romford RM3 0LL 3 August Kennington Lane, Kennington, London SE11 5QH 4 August Old Hoover Building, Western Avenue, Greenford UB6 8DW 5 August Armada Way, Royal Dock Road, Gallions Reach E6 7FB 6 August 5 Gainsborough Road, Leytonstone E11 1RX 7 August Armada Way, Royal Dock Road, Gallions Reach E6 7FB 8 August Glover Drive, Lee Valley, London N18 3HF 9 August Purley Road, Purley, Surrey CR8 2HA INDEPENDENT STORES 21 July

285 Dudley Road (Near Afro Carib. Millenium Centre) B18

10 August Peckham High Street SE15 11 August Peckham High Street SE15 12 August Walthamstow Town Centre E17 13 August Harlesden NW10 14 August Harlesden NW10

Tour Ambassadors A number of Britain’s leading Caribbean Chefs supported the Caribbean Cuisine Tour 2010 by performing culinary demonstrations including:

Chef Rusti Lee - First lady of Caribbean Cuisine and TV personality Chef Hasan Defour - From Good Food TV – Rhodes across the Caribbean Chef Lorenzo Richards - Multi Award Winning Caribbean Master Chef Chef Tricia Jadoonanan - International Award Winning Chef Chef Gary Tomlin - Appeared on ITV’s ‘’Hell’s Kitchen’’ Chef Anthony Cumberbatch - Multi Award Winning Chef Our ‘Ambassadors of Caribbean Cuisine’ put on live “Cooking Demonstrations”, creating and suggesting delicious recipes whilst being at ease with up selling and cross selling of our sponsors brands. The chefs spoke of their personal product choices and gave an education to customers for using featured products in many different ways for their daily cooking.

WorldFoods Mobile Kitchen

The WorldFoods Mobile Kitchen was an innovative and attractive display, representing and increasing the brand equity of the sponsors product lines. The branding of our sponsors could be seen on all sides of the Mobile Kitchen unit from far a field. Many customers commented on the ‘good look’ of the unit.


A Taste Experience

Products Sampled Caribbean Cuisine Tour 2010

Caribbean Traditional Rice & Black Eye Peas

Caribbean Traditional Rice & Kidney Beans

Tropical Rhythms Pineapple & Guava

Tropical Rythms Sorrel Ginger

Tropical Rythms Fruit Punch

Barbados Creole Pepper Sauce

Sweet Thai Chilli



Caribbean Traditional Rice & Pigeon Peas

Plantain Chips

Jerk BBQ Sauce

Indian Sweet Mango Sauce

Original Hot Pepper Sauce

Thai Chilli & Garlic Sauce

Red Kidney Beans

Black Eyed Beans




Sardines in Hot Luis. Sauce

Water Crackers

Summary of findings after 36 days of sampling and recommendations •

The different Caribbean brands recall amongst customers already familiar with Caribbean food and drink brands was high with many customers sharing how they used specific products as part of their daily home cooking.

The culinary demonstrations performed by our chefs on tour encouraged many customers to experiment with products over the traditional tried and tested methods. Customers found the cooking demonstrations very useful, especially to those who were not very familiar with Caribbean cooking.

Customers enjoyed the different variety of Caribbean food and drink brands available for sampling which were presented in fun and exciting ways. This really worked to revitalise a sense of ‘Caribbean culinary pride’.

The professional display of this rich collection of Caribbean brands received very positive feed back with many customers stating that they would like to see more of these types of road shows which they found very informative. The Tastes of the Caribbean guide was also considered very useful as a reference to recipes so customers are able to repeat their taste experience.

High brand loyalty was clear amongst customers whom declared they were extremely happy that good selections of Caribbean food and drink brands were now available across the multiples. Surprisingly though there is still a significant number of customers who were not aware of Caribbean food being sold across the multiples.

For many customers the opportunity to experience other Caribbean brands different to their usual brand choices proved popular and gave customers a great taste experience.

The WorldFoods sampling team menu creations and serving suggestions for everyday cooking were extremely popular amongst customers, nutritional values played an important part in customers purchasing decisions as well as convenience, affordability and taste.


A Taste Experience

Products Sampled Caribbean Cuisine Tour 2010

Pepper Mint

Ginger & Sorrel

Lamb Pattie

Chicken Pattie

Tiger Malt

Tropical Seasoning

Jerk Barbecue Sauce

Jerk Marinade

Jerk Seasoning

Shirley Coconut

Hardo Bread

Spiced Bun

Bulla Cake

Cerassie / Corilla

Lemon & Ginger

Salt Fish Pattie

Vegetable Pattie

Curried Beef Pattie

Fish Seasoning

Hot ‘n’ Spicy Chicken Coating

Eclipse Original

Sodabix Original

Physically taking customers to the food aisles and directing their attention to the Tastes of the Caribbean guide product references helped to reinforce customers loyalty to their food and drink choices.

For those customers new to the Caribbean food and drink category, sampling provided them reasons for turning impulse shopping into loyalty buying. This group had linked images of Caribbean travel with food and drink. There was huge fascination with the travel aspect of the road show and many explained that they would keep the Taste of the Caribbean guide as a reference for their holiday plans.

Recommendations: •

Use further research methods to get better understanding of your brand(s) perceived personality according to customers.

Conduct customer surveys at selected sites to study the frequency of purchase and customer knowledge of products available in store.

Use a sampling team that has the expertise and is flexible in understanding and speaking to customers in their ‘preferred’ language style during the interactive and practical sampling sessions.

Support publications which include lifestyle and recipe sections to reinforce the experience of Caribbean food and drink.

Use qualitative research as a guide to appreciate how to apply the psychology of the customers buying behaviour.

We strongly recommend the use of recognised Caribbean chefs in any major food sampling activity. Customers engaged their thoughts freely and an immediate bond with the chefs was evident and in turn seemed to develop more trust in the products being used in the cooking demonstrations and food sampling.

Thank you for reading our findings and recommendations


A Taste Experience

Tour Highlights Caribbean Cuisine Tour 2010

Jamaican High Commissioner his Execellency Anthony.S.Johnson Visits the WorldFoods road show whilst sampling at one of Tesco’s largest stores in the UK. The Beckton store at Galleons Reach in East London also carries the biggest ethnic food range in the country. The occasion was filmed by Ben Television


A Taste Experience

Tour Highlights Caribbean Cuisine Tour 2010

WorldFoods Open Evening at the Jamaican High Commission The Right Honourable Baroness Benjamin gives an outstanding speech on the importance of Caribbean food and drink brands coming together to promote the Caribbean as a region.


A Taste Experience

Tour Highlights Caribbean Cuisine Tour 2010

Worldfoods Launch Event at the Penthouse No1 Leicester Square The Coming together of Caribbean food, drink and travel brand ambassadors together with Caribbean celebrity chefs celebrating the commencement of the WorldFoods 36 day Caribbean Cuisine Tour across Birmingham and London.

The Future “Due to education of both consumers and buyers, people are demanding more Caribbean products,” says Mark Fields, vice president of marketing at Tastes of the Caribbean, the largest importer of Caribbean food products in the United States. “The products were available before, but no one cared.” Someone cares now, as Fields points out that he has seen a $5 million increase nationwide in the sales of Caribbean food products over the last three years. Right now, the stage is set, the demand is growing, and the door to the mainstream market is open wide. “I think Caribbean products are following on the tracks of other products like Mexican, Italian, and Thai,” says Ashley. “In the near future, we will see Caribbean products take their right place.” Source Caribbean development export agency

WorldFoods ‘the Caribbean food and drink brands champion’ •

WorldFoods is equipped to help its clients build and maintain strong brand equity through sampling activities.

WorldFoods cultivates the position of Caribbean brands in the minds of its target audience.

WorldFoods sampling team focuses on key messages to achieve better impact for Caribbean food and drink businesses. We select skilled and passionate personnel for sampling activities to achieve the best relationships with customers on behalf of our stakeholders.

The strategies initiated by WorldFoods, have been acknowledged by all stakeholders, for creating a new marketing platform from which the entire Caribbean food and drink sector can grow and benefit. Our specialist knowledge and experience is of vital importance for all those interested in growing their brands awareness, in one of the fastest growing food sectors.

Use WorldFoods publications to reinforce the experience of sampling food and drink.

Use WorldFoods qualitative research as a guide to appreciate the psychology of the customers buying behaviour of Caribbean food and drink purchases.

Let us be your ‘brand champion’ to create and build your valued brand. Let us spread your brand vision and values. Let us show you how by using our sampling expertise that you can grow brand awareness and recognition of your lines. You are invited to learn more about WorldFoods sampling activities. Please contact us by telephone on 020 7515 6158 or e-mail

WORLDFOODS Evaluation Report  

Evaluation Report

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