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The 3 Best Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights By: Michael Malbrough

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Click Here To Read More about Strength Training For Women Strength training for women has become a controversial topic for years. Most women don’t want to get too bulky and even a lot of women have family members who discourage them from lifting weights. But weight lifting is one of the best things a women can do for her looks, vitality and her future. This is a list of the 3 best reasons why women should lift weights:

Women who do strength training usually want to look good in their clothes (including swimwear) Women are almost always hitting the gym come late fall. They all have one common goal, and that is to get ready for beach season. There is little that will motivate people more that wanting to look good in a bikini/ swimsuit. Generally speaking, women who workout with weights want to look toned, not skinny. And it just so happens, that is what most guys are looking for! Men are into women who look healthy and a woman with good muscle tone is something that can’t be beat when it comes to looking healthy. Which leads me to my next point.

Women Who Lift Weights Are Healthier And Feel Much More Energetic I know that this is not a hard concept to grasp so I won’t take a long time explaining it. Strengthening your body is actually optimizes the way that your body burns fuel and that your body can work much more efficiently when you are in better shape and have built up your muscles. Building muscle can help with flexibility, your ability to recover from injuries and even strengthens your bones...

Strength Training for Women Helps To Prevent Future Health Problems, Including Osteoporosis

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Health problems will always be something that you will have to deal with, even if you lift weight everyday. However, building muscle helps women to avoid serious degenerative illnesses and can even help your body fight the flu and common colds. It is always great to be the only one at the office who doesn’t have a cold. A great resource for you if you are a woman who is serious about strength training then you can click here This article was sponsored by

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The 3 Best Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights  
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