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Journey Started of on a road where I didn’t know where it was going to end up, after numerous proposals trying to find a context on the project after I had found the process. I came up with why not do something that is fresh and a hot topic. Journey

So I have been searching the media to try and find a concept for the project. During the proposal stage I found myself forever looking through news feeds, news blog’s and papers trying to force a concept out.

The Project

After much research and many tutorials I discovered that I was looking to much at the concept, I realised that instead of just adding my opinion of the chosen subject why don’t I add both questions and let the viewers make up their mind when reading the question.

After thinking about the questions that I want to ask people to think about I need to choose how I will be processing them, These are BIG questions so in order to do get the message across I would need to do it big, will this be Free hand light writing? Or will it be stencils? I also decided to narrow the questions down to three they were... 1.

Would you rather less war or better economy?


Would you rather be feared or respected?


Art or graffiti?

These are the questions that I came up with and are inspired by what I was seeing every day in the news. Reading my blog will explain in more depth why I choose the specific questions.

We alway have

After all the research I was admittedly scared that time was running out. The thing with light writing is when you go to do it in big places like these you have to prepare thoroughly, So I started to plan a night of it, After much I’m researching and experimenting with light writing every time I told someone I’m going light writing they didn’t know what I was on about until I explained it to them. From then I wanted to create a Documentary that visually explains light writing and shows the whole night of what we do when we are out. I wanted to create a team that I could rely on and help me get the final outcomes.

Dont get tied dow


Making the Stencils took 14 hours alone with the help of a friend. I made a video of the stencils and turned it into a time-lapse to show the process.

One of the stencils I made on a large scale.

The stencil at Southbank Skate park.

The Process with the stencils.

Free Hand Light Writing Southbank Waterloo

Shooting the documentary in London.

Shooting the documentary in London.

Millbank Tory Headquarters

Millbank Tory Headquarters

On the bridge with parlinment in the background.

On the bridge with Parliament in the background.

I liked the contrast in the sign and how dark the background is.

Broken down Graffiti Drug den

The Project  

this is a book which describes my project