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Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? Feature Feature Wednesday Feb 10, 2010Feature – By La'Juanda "LJ" Knight 50 54 22

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When it comes to the greatest female entertainers of our generation, there are a few names that come up. Alicia Keys, Beyonce and Rihanna (which I don’t understand why). However, with the Beyonce explosion coming and

5/24/2010 9:47 PM

Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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hitting us hard in the late 90’s and never stopping, most people automatically give her the crown. Does she deserve it? She is a hard working woman however, that is something I have to question because not too long ago there was another very popular R and B songstress who was always on people’s minds and hearts. Sadly, she passed away right as her legend status was beginning to be aflame. I am speaking of Aaliyah. Similar to the age-old hip-hop discussion of would Jay-Z be where he is now had Tupac not have passed away. I am going to take it in the R&B route. Before everyone was being “Bootylicious” and loving the almighty “Besus” (Beyonce fanatics actually call her that. I’m not making this up). People were singing “Your Love Is One In A Million” and “Back And Forth” and later on “Dust Yourself Off And Try Again”. Aaliyah was the “Queen B”. Similar to Beyonce she was an all around entertainer who could sing, dance, act (although I wouldn’t call what Beyonce does acting) and people were taking notice of her being the next big thing. She was beginning to be featured in major films and unlike Beyonce, was actually successful in conquering the lead role without boring the audience members with stale acting. She also gained popularity without resorting to using her sexuality as Beyonce often does. However, she did have a scandal where she was married to a grown a** man while she was still a teenager. So innocent and pure she was not either. Beyonce, on the contrary, since her meteoric rise to fame has taken the whole superstar singer to a whole new level. She is in make-up ads, phone ads, movies, owns a clothing company and God knows what other projects she has her hands in. She is more than a singer. She is an icon for a generation some would say. She is also so popular that you could not escape her grasp if you tried. A task that not many other entertainers have done. Not to mention an African American one. That is a whole new accomplishment in itself. Some might also argue that Aaliyah never had a song that was as monumental as say Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” or “Crazy In Love”. Others might say that she was heading down that path and would undoubtedly had an iconic song for her generation had she been giving the chance. So my question is, if Aaliyah were still alive, would she not be the one receiving the starring movie roles? So my question is, if Aaliyah were still alive, would she not be the one receiving the starring movie roles? We can all agree that her acting was better than Beyonce. Would she be the one performing to sold out arenas? Like Beyonce, she could sing, and dance live as well without a slip in step. Would she not be a beauty icon for major make-up companies? She too was a very beautiful young woman and had inked modeling deals with popular clothing companies of the time such as Tommy Hilfiger. Aaliyah also had a strong team behind her, which consisted of Timbaland and Missy who helped to mold her sound. Just as Beyonce did with her Destiny’s Child roots and Papi Knowles. Would some of those Grammys Beyonce won recently been in the arms of Aaliyah? I could go on and on with comparisons and such but I won’t. My question is: could Aaliyah have been the one to take Beyonce’s place in the limelight if she were still living?

5/24/2010 9:47 PM

Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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What say you? For more of La’Juanda “LJ” Knight check her out @


5/24/2010 9:47 PM

Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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Alicia says: February 10, 2010 at 2:38 pm B’s popularity has been driven by a machine, so she probably would be pretty popular. Aaliyah would have given us more diversity – she wasn’t overly-sexed up, could do more dance-wise than shake her crotch at a camera, and was a much better actress.


Gigi says: February 10, 2010 at 2:55 pm I think that they were two different types of singers. Everyone can hate as much as they want to on Beyonce, but she is one of the hardest working women is show business, Beyonce is an entertainer. A performer. Aaliyah was the girl next door, she had a presence that was calm but noticeable. Her songs were great and her acting was good, but I don’t think that Aaliyah still being here would stop Beyonce at all. The girl is driven. Destiny’s Child sold records while Aaliyah was alive, so I don’t think they would have had a problem “sharing” the spotlight if she were still here.

5/24/2010 9:47 PM

Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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RIP Aaliyah :)

Alivia says: February 10, 2010 at 4:49 pm I would have to agree with Gigi. I’m not a big Beyonce fan but I do think both Aaliyah and Beyonce would do great on different levels!


05girl says: February 10, 2010 at 2:57 pm Ok, I’m biased a bit here – I’m a total Beyonce stan. At the same time I became a big Aaliyah fan when her last album was released; I remember feeling proud of the buzz she was garnering as the next big thing. I’ve heard this argument before, but even objectively I think it has no merit. Beyonce would still be famous if Aaliyah were around. Perhaps not as famous, but I think they’d both still be A/B-list celebs. I say this because they represent 2 different images/products. Aaliyah had more street-cred (many r&b hits, as well as her style); she had the R Kelly scandal; but let’s be for real.. she could not perform live and she did not have the vocal range that Beyonce has. I remember hearing reviews of Aaliyah’s concerts and that was the feedback (that she did not have great live performances.). Beyonce’s product is just totally different – total pop image/sound AND she can blow. Perhaps Aaliyah would have gone more pop, but based on her albums (even her last one) she still was very much only an urban star.


05girl says: February 10, 2010 at 2:59 pm I only remember Aaliyah acting in 1 movie…?

Alivia says: February 10, 2010 at 4:58 pm 1. Romeo Must Die 2. Queen of the Damned 3. Started working on sequels to Matrix, but she had passed before it was finished.


Tiffany W. says: February 10, 2010 at 3:06 pm I really despise this question, because it’s not a good comparison. Frankly, Aaliyah doesn’t have the same vocal range, style, stage act as Beyonce; and really they’re not even the same genre. I can recall talks of fans complaining that Aaliyah wasn’t that phenomenal live. If I were to compare Aaliyah to someone, which is kind of useless, it would be Ciara. I say comparing is useless, because you tend to appreciate the one or the other less.

5/24/2010 9:47 PM

Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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Alexandra Lapa says: February 10, 2010 at 8:44 pm I agree with Tiffany. They’re different in range and style, I don’t think they even aim for the same audience. They’re not playing in the same league, so I don’t think there’s much room for comparison. If you mean being a performer, though, I’m a fan of both, but I think Beyonce is the bigger star (not saying she has more talent).


Elle Shanice says: February 10, 2010 at 3:49 pm 8 years ago, R&B singer Aaliyah died in a plane crash in the Bahamas after filming a video for “Rock the Boat”. I remember that day very clearly as if it were yesterday, & I was sad when I heard the news because she was one of my favorite singers. When she died, she was just beginning to gain the overall success that Beyonce’ has right now. She had two previous double-platinum albums (Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number in 1994 and One In A Million in 1996), a starring role in a hit movie (Romeo Must Die in 2000), and other projects that she was working on. Her career was on the way up at the time of her death, & I keep thinking about what could have been if she were still alive today. Beyonce’ had great success on her 1st solo record, but her popularity carried over from Destiny’s Child. Aaliyah started out on her own and she was younger. She had also won several awards and been nominated for others, including 2 Grammy nominations and more after her death. She won 2 MTV VMA’s 2 NAACP Image Awards, 3 American Music Awards, and 4 World Music Awards, including Entertainer of the Year in 1998. Aaliyah was 14 when she released Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number in 1994, and she had released 3 platinum albums when she died at age 22. The potential of what her career could have been is incredible, because she was on the way up. Her unique style and vocal delivery made her influential in 90’s R&B. On top of that, her style in every stage of her career was trend-setting. I remember that I used to want to wear baggy pants and sunglasses to be like her when I was little. My favorite thing about Aaliyah Dana Haughton was the fact that she carried herself well. She did not succumb to the industry’s standard of beauty or what an R&B singer should look or sound like. She was always confortable with herself, but was still able to change it up in order to appeal to a larger audience. R.I.P. Aaliyah Dana Haughton (January 16, 1979-August 25, 2001)

diannawest says: February 10, 2010 at 7:36 pm i agree point well written


Karen says:

5/24/2010 9:47 PM

Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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February 10, 2010 at 4:19 pm I find this very disrepectful to be comparing Aaliyah who has passed away and wasn’t able to really hit the prime of her career because of her untimely death to Beyonce who is alive and obviously has the chance to get movie opportunities and be performing world wide. And Beyonce and Aaaliyah weren’t in the same genre of music, Beyonce is a Pop artist. Aaliyah was RnB.

Alysha says: February 10, 2010 at 7:21 pm Seconded.


Lexi says: February 10, 2010 at 4:42 pm OMG i seriously brought this topic up with my sis a few weeks ago!!! I think I actually said, ‘If Aaliyah had been alive, Beyonce would not be as huge.’ Know that I am not a huge fan of either, but I do respect both for their music and styles. I do agree with 05girl — It’s so true that Aaliyah was on her way to “Queen A” status, but one thing I do think is that she was a bit more pigeon-holed as an R&B singer (read: Urban, Black, etc), whereas Destiny’s Child was first able to crossover into a more diverse audience thus launching Beyonce, as a solo artist, safely into the mainstream stratosphere. Trust, Aaliyah was on her way there, she had her roles in Romeo Must Die, Queen of the Damned and was supposed to play a role in the Matrix films, later filled by Jada Pinkett Smith. Plus who could argue that her dancing wasn’t flyy — Are You That Somebody? — CLASSIC!! It’s just so unfortunate that her life ended so tragically at such a young age.


erin whitlock says: February 10, 2010 at 5:31 pm I have been wondering/saying this same thing for years! I think Jay Z + Beyonce both made significant “come ups” due to the untimely deaths of Biggie and Aaliyah. Right place at the right time. Just my opinion…


/neoma says: February 10, 2010 at 5:52 pm wow, just hearing Aaliyah’s name again makes me feel like crying all over again…and again. you don’t appreciate someone until they’re gone…. just…wow….

5/24/2010 9:47 PM

Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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Tiffy says: February 10, 2010 at 7:11 pm I believe that if Aaliyah was still here she would be just as famous as Beyonce if not more because you must think about it this way…. even though Aaliyah was an RnB singer though she began to breakout to a larger audience later on she was the big young African American female artist of the 90’s and which is what Beyonce is today. When Aaliyah passed we had other African American female artists but none had that breakout quality that Aaliyah possessed except for Beyonce so in a sense B did take the spot that Aaliyah was beginning a fill at the time of her death however they both are different artists I think that if Aaliyah was still alive there would actually be no room for Rihanna. Aaliyah was a daring trendsetter of her time and though she didn’t have the vocal range of Beyonce the lady could sing and with her style, voice and dancing I believe the media driven rivalry between Beyonce and Rihanna would be between Aaliyah and Beyonce. It would be B and Aaliyah at the top of the game with maybe Ciara, Keri and others being around but Rihanna’s non singing self wouldn’t exist because if Aaliyah was here the whole game would be different….

12. Gabrielle, the Taj. says: February 10, 2010 at 7:22 pm I don’t think Aaliyah’s vocals were very powerful. I also don’t think she was as great of an entertainer, as far as dancing goes. She was an appealing artist at best, with a nice good-girl image and smooth vocals that could make the best of any beat. But could she blow? Not really, IMO. Was she an amazing dancer? She definitely wasn’t known for it.To be honest, I think she could very well be in the same boat Monica is currently in. Monica has undeniably strong vocals, and songs that everyone sang at one point in time. But now, she’s fighting for relevancy. Aaliyah blew up after her death (as artists often do), so that`s the only reason I think she’s getting this kind of comparison. Who’s to say she wouldn’t be singing alternative or Euro pop-music like most of the artists are doing now? I highly doubt that after major commercial success she would have stuck to soulful R&B stylings. I liked her, but I was never a super fan. I’m not a super fan of Beyonce’s either, but I have to admit that her voice isn’t bad and she can put on a very energetic show.

Angela says: February 11, 2010 at 12:21 am I agree. Aaliyah did have a super hit with “Are You That Somebody,” and I do believe that Missy and Timbaland used their best beats on her songs, but I don’t see Aaliyah dominating the 2000s had she lived. Can you see her singing “Promiscuous”? Or “Umbrella”? Or even “Single Ladies”? I think she’d be a cut above Ashanti and Ciara, but she never dominated and controlled the scene the way Beyonce does. She probably would be in the same boat as Monica and other 90s R&B singers (Brandy, SWV, TLC, etc) who were squeezed out of the game as record companies expected black singers to cross over to pop rather than be content with the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. But I think her acting career would have been very successful because she had a natural presence. 13. Gabrielle, the Taj. says: February 10, 2010 at 7:30 pm I think I disagree with the whole overly-sexed and “she didn’t try to assimilate into the industry’s ideal of beauty” comments as well. In the 90’s, all female artists embraced the masculine look (baggy jeans, bandannas), look at TLC and Mary J Blige, even Xscape album covers. Later in her career, you could see her image begin to change. Tight leather pants, fitted jeans, midriff tops (Rock the boat video). I think her image fit in with the styles of the times; I truly don’t think Aaliyah was trying to be different or atypical in

5/24/2010 9:47 PM

Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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any way.


CeCe says: February 10, 2010 at 7:34 pm I think that they would have been able to peacefully coexist. They are both driven and talented and have very loyal fanbases. RIP Aaliyah


creole grits says: February 10, 2010 at 7:46 pm HELL NO…simply put & excuse my french


sin says: February 10, 2010 at 8:45 pm NO body knowsss! I know this is for conversation sake, but this is not just about talent but the forces behind the talent.


Reecie says: February 10, 2010 at 9:49 pm I have never heard this comparison of Aaliyah to Beyonce, nor have I heard Jay to Tupac. I’m from the east coast and it has always been ‘where would Jay be if BIG was still alive…’ not Tupac. I’m not the biggest Beyonce fan but seeing as she was first in a group, that was out the same time Aaliyah was in her prime–yes Beyonce wouldve still eventually gone solo and been the breakout star. also, their styles are SO DIFFERENT, its almost silly, IMO to compare them. Aaliyah was a talent that is sorely missed, but she’s more of the solo girl era of Brandy and Monica–and who’s to say she would still be on top, or kinda out of the spotlight now, like the other two trying to make a comeback…


Abbie Brown says: February 10, 2010 at 10:43 pm Beyonce is a pop-star. She and Aaliyah would not be in a so-called “fight” for the title of Queen. Beyonce and Aaliyah would both be soaring in their own lanes. The two artists shouldn’t be compared. One is not better than the other. I wish were Aaliyah were still alive today because, frankly, I am becoming tired of watching Beyonce trying to out-do herself. What else is there for her to do? She can chill out. And if Aaliyah were alive, would Ciara been able to debut her goodies? I highly doubt it.

5/24/2010 9:47 PM

Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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phiona says: February 11, 2010 at 4:21 am different types of stars. beyonce is far more aggressive and seemingly in control of her package. i think aaliyah was still on her journey of self-discovery. beyonce is a more powerful singer. saying that i much prefer aaliyah.i think it’s partly generational. i also think that everyone peaks and falls off at some point. it would have happened to aaliyah and it will also happen to beyonce. (just as it seems to have with sade – new album is meh but that’s another discussion). unrelated aside: it still trips me out that aaliyah and dame dash were due to be married…wonder then if she and bey would be friends being that their husbands weren’t…


Shakira says: February 11, 2010 at 6:45 am I love Aaliyah and I think Beyonce has good music but I would not compare the two in music. I would think Aaliyah and Beyonce would be on the same level of fame. I remember hearing a rumors that Aaliyah was suppose to get the roles of Deana Jones in the movie Dream Girls and Cinderella in Cinderella Movie(97), if she was alive to play those roles do u think she would be bigger then beyonce? Can you picture Aaliyah playing those roles and pulling it off?? If you had to compare, compare them in acting skills. I can’t speak for everyone else but when I do compare the two I think of where Beyonce and Aaliyah were back in early 2001. Beyonce had just done MTV’s Carmen(05/08/01) and Aaliyah had already done Romeo Must Die and Queen of the Damned and was starting to film her scenes for the Matrix Reloaded. To me Aaliyah comes out on top, but I’m a huge Aaliyah fan and always will be.


Charlay King says: February 11, 2010 at 7:55 am Aaliyah and Beyonce at that time and place were in the same category period; R&B. If Aaliyah were alive music would not be in the direction it is going now and Beyonce wouldn’t have the Queen status; just like Hip-Hop i.e. Tupac and B.I.G. However due to the unfortunate circumstances for the two communities (R&B and Hip-Hop) two people (Jay-Z and B) capitalized on the present opportunity at that time. Their opportunity changed the game and made it what it is. I’ve heard this so many times from males; Aaliyah was better than B and if B.I.G. was here Jay wouldn’t be where he is. (People born and raised in Brooklyn). A star is nothing without the fans; so yes the fans do know so the saying “nobody knows” as to whether Aaliyah would have the Queen status is a fallacy.


venuscirca1984 says: February 11, 2010 at 10:28 am All I know is I’d buy a ‘best of’ Aaliyah CD before any of Bey’s. You almost don’t have to buy a Bey record, you can hear her on the radio or on tv or in the mall for free! lol Anyway, I almost like Bey’s music, she’s not an actress, but a great musical talent a hard worker and a good dancer; however, her overexposure turns any fandom I might have into annoyance:( I miss Aaliyah. She was original and I could relate to her. I can’t see myself relating to Bey. I like unique ARTISTS that aren’t afraid of being different. We do have them (V.V. Brown, RES, The Noisettes, Esperanza Spalding, Alice Smith) but they rarely

5/24/2010 9:47 PM

Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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make it big, which is a shame. If she were still alive, I think there would be room for both of them. They would have different sounds and therefore attract different types of fans. There’s no way to know for sure.


Crystal Veil says: February 11, 2010 at 10:40 am Aaliyah has my heart forever, honestly so any comparison is mute for me. She was like the alternative girl before it became popular. I think about this all the time, actually…what would it be like if she were still alive? There wouldn’t be a need for half of the singers out today that’s for sure. I think a interesting comparison would be Rihanna/Aaliyah. Aaliyah had the whole edgy persona, while still remaining mainstream. She was a great actress, stunning beauty, amazing dancer. I could definitely see Aaliyah as a gateway to some of the newer underground artists coming up. She was in a different lane, she could have easily fit in with people like M.I.A., Santigold, Maluca, Amanda Blank. I could really see her as a matriach for that whole scene. She worked really well with other artists, Timbaland, Missy, Ginuwine, Magoo, the whole blackground camp. My 6th grade self will never forget.


mrscoopermedia says: February 11, 2010 at 11:35 am Two different styles. Beyonce is not the best of actresses. I think Aaliyah would have been the same things thought. A clothing line, acting, probably promoting other artist. Who know.


Jeweleast9 says: February 11, 2010 at 11:37 am I do wish Aaliyah was still here as she would have have offered a very nice slice of musical artistry. I believe she was on her way to superstardom. However, it may have changed her for the worse and not the better as is the case with many. Although I would not compare her with Beyonce (who is the premiere entertainer right now whether you like her or not), I prefer Aaliyah simply because I can remember her work! That is what I would like to see for Beyonce because I feel that at present, most of her music has no lasting legacy. But, when it comes to working the “business”, Ms. Knowles has one of the greatest PR machines ever.


JusMe1 says: February 11, 2010 at 11:38 am This is an apple/oranges comparison. The simple answer is of course Beyonce would still be the queen that she is. Aaliyah never had the numbers Beyonce has. She was no way near as famous or popular. I am a huge Aaliyah fan but she never had the crossover appeal that B has. The question should be if Aaliyah was still alive would Ciara and Rhianna even exist?The answer to that question is definitely NOOOO!

5/24/2010 9:47 PM

Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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I don’t understand why people always make these kind of articles about Beyonce. There are a lot of other singers out. I guess if you want all the stans to come out write about Beyonce…


Jolisa says: February 11, 2010 at 12:28 pm Ok why the comparasion can we leave Beyoncé alone ? Seriously I’m tired of the comparaison Beyoncé is where she is cause she works hard, nd she is an amazing artist and entertainer. Ailyah and her are completely 2 different type of artist. Ailyah is more in the Ciara range. Long leave the Queen B


TAE says: February 11, 2010 at 1:56 pm aight i was just listening to my Aaliyah mix in the car so you know I had to comment. In my opinion Aaliyah was IT, but I can not knock Beyonce’s hustle. If Aaliyah was here today I believe her and Beyonce would be the Biggie and Tupac of R&B. They are completely different yet would both be powerfully successful and overwhelmingly loved in thier own ways. They represent two different types of women, just as Biggie and Pac represented two different types of men. Aaliyah was a an enigma, mysterious, ethereal, understatedly sensual, smooth…Beyonce is more charismatic her appeal is a lot more exuberant, Aaliyah is like lightning while Beyonce is all thunder. If I had to ride with one it would most definitely be Aaliyah as I connect more with her image and music but I still love me some Beyonce though, she truly is very talented and deserves her success . At the end of the day it’s apples and oranges….it’s all about taste. I find it funny though that Aaliyah was with Dame and Beyonce is with Jay-Z as Jay and Dame are like two sides of the same coin….just as Aailyah and Beyonce are


/ia Whaley says: February 11, 2010 at 2:19 pm Honestly. No attack on you Ms. Knight. I’ve read your writing and you are indeed talented. But this is just another one of salty beans articles trying to knock Bejesus down a peg or two to make others feel good about themselves. I mean really? What is B supposed to do? Throw herself under a bus? I really get that there’s a lot of resentment & cat claws towards Bey because of her astronomical success: she’s banging beauty and lives the life that dreams are made of; and she makes you want to hate her. And we get it: some of us want to screw her man for bragging rights, some of us want to stab her in the back and twist it slowly, gouge her eyes out, burn her hair weave, and push her down a flight of stairs. Will that make the “B is soooooo overrrrrrrated” articles go away? This kind of reporting/writing just taps into why women are so mistrustful of one another Aaliyah has passed away. Why can’t we let her Rest In Peace without someone trying to would’ve, could’ve, should’ve on her soul?

5/24/2010 9:47 PM

Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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Clnmike says: February 11, 2010 at 3:37 pm Didnt use sex to sell record? Could act? Better singer? Dancer? I dont know which Aaliyah people are remembering but I damn sure dont remember her knocking any of these things out the box. She and Beyonce are carbon copies of each other and given the shelf life of these artist her star probably would have been fading right around the time Beyonce’s sar was rising. Nice conversation topic though.


thinkpink says: February 11, 2010 at 4:12 pm Second that Nia. The Beyonce hating is beyond ridiculous and things are written everyday to knock her down a peg. This is just another one of those articles. However the answer is yes Beyonce would still be Queen B if Aaliyah were alive. Aaliyah was more R&B while Beyonce has perfected the art of appealing to a massive audience.


FaithPeach says: February 11, 2010 at 5:30 pm I agree with all those posters who stated that these young women are/were of totally different calibers in entertainment. Beyonce can dance very well, Aaliyah could dance very well. Both have won numerous awards for their artistry yet both offer very different things. (why do I keep saying ‘very’?) I noticed that not long after Aaliyah died, there appeared Alicia Keys and Beyonce along with other young female artists. One thing I can say the two have in common is that long after they’re gone, their names and legacies will remain because they have left a lasting impression on this earth.


Amy says: February 11, 2010 at 6:28 pm Clutch claims to be a positive site (false) but they are always disrespecting Beyonce and now not letting Aaliyah rest in peace. How many times are you going to write an article on why you dislike Beyonce if you don’t like her don’t post anything about her and your problems will be solved.

Clutch says:

5/24/2010 9:47 PM

Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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February 11, 2010 at 7:40 pm Readers: We have never disrespected Beyonce. It you are referring to “15 Reasons” article – I would advise that you re-read the piece fully. The author makes not one but two points to say the reasons are not OUR reasons and if you read the end of the piece we give Beyonce major accolades and again reaffirm those are not our thoughts. I think a lot of people DO NOT READ articles fully and make assumptions about a piece based off a title. Thanks again for your comment. From Beyonce Article: 1st: “Before you all start out trying to ring my neck, I better first state the fact that this letter should strictly be filed in a drawer set aside for anything fiction. This letter isn’t true to my situation, but I guarantee you it’s a feeling that’s continually echoed throughout the minds of many women and men out there. We’re no stranger to the fact that people across the board got love for Beyoncé, but lets keep it real since we’ve already entered the sharing circle, and dish a bit on the reasons why people got hate for Beyoncé too.” 2nd: “These are all just possible ideas, and not something I personally hold as doctrine. I believe you have to personally know a person to truly have a reason to hate on ‘em, and since I have yet to be invited for tea at Beyoncé’s, none of these bulletins personally reflect my opinion. Instead of focusing so much on B, you should consider a quote by Dr. Benjamin E. Mays” 3rd: “Whatever you do, do it so well that no man living, no man dead or no man yet to be born can do it any better.” That’s the philosophy we see in Beyoncé. She does it to the best of her abilities and her talents have led her to the top of the industry. So I’ll leave you with this — don’t hate, just step up to the plate.” And might I add – I am a BIG fan of Beyonce – so it wouldn’t make any sense for me (or Clutch team members) to degrade Beyonce or any other person. Best, Dede

Clutch says: February 11, 2010 at 7:42 pm Also – this article is in no way disrespecting Aaliyah. If anything – it’s keeping her alive and honoring her memory. Best, Dede

Maggie says: February 11, 2010 at 7:49 pm Clutch isn’t positive!? HA! get out of here with that. The most positive site for young black women I have seen and frequented. And I agree with Dede this is NOT negative or disrespectful. It’s

5/24/2010 9:47 PM

Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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something lots of people have been wondering for years.


faymous Fya says: February 11, 2010 at 8:13 pm Beyonces Tina Turner Celebration/Tribute “Rolling on the River”


a/n says: February 11, 2010 at 10:04 pm “However, she did have a scandal where she was married to a grown a** man while she was still a teenager. So innocent and pure she was not either.” Thank you for speaking about this in this article. I remember when Aaliyah passed… i was 13 years old in the salon when I heard the news. .. Everyone from my school and even others years later have always exaggerated how she was innocent.. and an angel… making her out to be perfect. Now i don’t have anything against Aaliyah for those who are wondering.. I actually listened to her music back in the day … more than Beyonce. I actually prefer Aaliyah over Beyonce. Someone explained that Aaliyah was more diverse and its true. If you look at her old videos she always wore baggy TH clothing and when it was time to be a lady .. she shined on that! ALso her songs were different.. I can personally relate to Aaliyah’s songs over Bey’s. ( no offense to Bey’ and her fans).


yvette says: February 11, 2010 at 10:51 pm My friends and I think were discussing the same thing! Great convo starter! I am on the fence about who would be the Queen, but best believe Aaliyah would have been just as big as Beyonce. To all that think this is being disrespectful to Aaliyah you all are nuts<<<<< how is this disrespectful!?!Why try to go after Clutch and the author of the article for something that is a common convo in many circles for years. smh.


kd131 says: February 12, 2010 at 12:42 am did u mean to get those aaliyah song titles all messed up?


kd131 says: February 12, 2010 at 12:46 am I think both of them would have been very successful however the album sales for ‘Aaliyah’ were mediocre until her death. Aaliyah would stay within the R&B charts and possibly dominate while Beyonce would be in pop.

5/24/2010 9:47 PM

Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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B. Suga says: February 12, 2010 at 12:49 am I am a fan of both. But, Aaliyah was not the powerhouse vocally that Beyonce is. Both women acting skills left much to be desired. They would be able to coexist. Beyonce would still be the uber star she is now…outshining, outselling, outperforming, outsinging her competition.

40. The One. says: February 12, 2010 at 1:26 am Well.. this is a good convo. Idk. cause you never know. You don’t know how things pan out. No one can predict the future. Alot of ppl who used to be huge, are no longer there. However I think if Aaliyah would have grown more as an artist. And grew vocally and artistically, I don’t see why there would be no reason for her to be huge right now. There’s room for everyone to do their thing.. I think we all just miss having her around.


Jen says: February 12, 2010 at 2:37 am Beyonce would still be as huge as she is today, but I have to wonder if Aaliyah would have gone any further than she had already gone and if she had, how far would the public really let her go musically? I believe she would have continued to soar when it came to acting but the people who listen to music are so fickle. Beyonce tends to move along with what’s popular now but she’s subtle but she always makes sure that she comes out with a song that makes women roll their eyes at their man(that‘s her one constant). Aaliyah was consistent and consistency is sometimes looked at as boring causing people to ignore it. You can look at Monica, she doesn’t change, she stays the same puts out the same good quality music as she always has and her sales are nowhere near where they should be, the same goes for Brandy, all three of these girls were hot around the same time and now no one wants to buy their albums, yet they’ll go out and buy a Beyonce album (the first one and the one that she always releases with concert footage).I’m a Beyonce fan, I think her talent is amazing(singing/dancing)but I also love good R&B music or just good music in general, so in my book, yes Beyonce would still Queen B but Aaliyah would have either had to change her sound, or risk the chance of being in the same place as Brandy and Monica. And in my opinion, their music is still good so that’s not a bad place to be in.


Mee says: February 12, 2010 at 2:57 am I don’t know what movies ya’ll saw Aaliyah in but the ones I saw were pretty bad she couldn’t act any better than Beyonce. And as a few other people have said apples and oranges. I think Beyonce would be right were she is but Ciara on the other hand might not. Aaliyah would also be star in her own right but I don’t think she would have acheived the same level of super stardom as Beyonce.

5/24/2010 9:47 PM

Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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Boss says: February 12, 2010 at 11:09 am This is really all I have to say about Beyonce’, and I think it speaks for itself! Check it out.


Leona /. says: February 12, 2010 at 12:05 pm I was just asked my man this question last night…..hmm…beyonce and aaliyah are two different kind of entertainers so I think they would have both been equally successful…i love them both


roamer says: February 12, 2010 at 3:53 pm I love this site, and i’m not a beyonce fan either…. …..but i always wonder why there is so much hate for beyonce on this site. it reads a lot to me like jealousy. beyonce is a girl who clearly works hard, regardless of what i think of her music there is no denying that she’s a hard worker. shrug. so why try to steal the girl’s shine by comparing her to another artiste who has been dead for almost ten years? she is criticized in almost every way, and a lot of times disguised as “saying what other people think”. but i mean really? comparing her to an artiste who has been absent for ten years? really ladies? regardless of their similarities..come on…this is in poor taste. y’all really need to stop with the hating articles, seriously. get over it….smh


BlaqCurrant says: February 12, 2010 at 4:39 pm “Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here?” YES, I am a fan of both lades, and as much as I am annoyed with seeing “Besus” all the damn time, I must say that Beyonce would still be where she is now if Aaliyah were still alive. Vocal ability definitely goes to Beyonce, Aaliyah was not that good a singer, she had no range, but what she did do , she did well, the whole sexy tomboy persona, the mystic that surrounded her, Timbaland & Missy are just what Aaliyah needed, without them I do not believe this “Would Beyonce Be…” topic would even be a topic. I don’t know how well Aaliyah’s cd’s sold before her death but my guess is only after her death was there a significant increase in the sale fo her cd’s, is it safe to say that Destiny Child (“Besus” was already being singled out as the stand out, who didn’t see that coming?) had the highest album sales thus far of any female group (I think), yes Aaliyah may have gotten bitten by the acting bug a little earlier but Romeo Must Die, Queen Of the Damned were by no means block buster hits, who knows, maybe if she were alive and was able to star in the Matrix sequels that might have all changed, maybe she would’ve starred in Carmen a Hip-Opera, The Fighting Temptations, Dream Girls, Cadillac Records……maybe?

5/24/2010 9:47 PM

Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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5/24/2010 9:47 PM

Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here? | Clutch Magazine:...

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Would Beyonce Be Queen B If Aaliyah Were Here?  

Would Beyonce Be Queen B If Aaliyah Were Here?

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