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Yo! Raps Magazine | FEATURE: Cassidy - Still Got B.A.R.S

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FEATURES Cassidy - Still Got B.A.R.S Posted: Thursday - November 1, 2007 | Comments (6)

< FONT>A lot of people give Cassidy credit for being an excellent battle rapper and a lyricist but they really don’t know the full capability of his shine. It’s hard to really capture it when you got people like Lil’ Wayne and T.I. running the hip hop scene right now. But if you shut up and look close, pay a little bit more attention, you could see some similarities. According to Cassidy, you might even see some similarities between him and Tupac. Not to say that these artists copied his style. At least Cassidy isn’t claiming that. On the contrary he is taking it as a compliment or even an ode to him. Cassidy may be taking it that way but the streets say something different. Regardless, he is still keeping it moving full throttle and preparing for his new release on November 6. After a stench in jail, a life threatening car accident and getting reacquainted with God Cassidy can finally say that he has seen it all and has a story to tell. The Barry Adrian Reese Story.

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When did you decide to take a hip-hop career seriously? I always loved music. I got into hip hop when I was real young. I was about 14 or 15 is when I started to write a lot and really love to rap. But I still couldn’t see myself making it, liking being a real rapper with videos. I just wanted to be the hottest person on my block or in my neighborhood. I really didn’t think that it was gonna be a career. Or something that I was going to do until I met up with my manager, and the Ruff Ryders. I started to travel and see real people that were really in the industry. I heard them tell me that I had an opportunity to really make it and do my thing. Once I heard that and was really around people that I seen in the videos and seen on TV and that I went out to buy that’s when I knew it could be a career for me. I guess I was about 17 years old.

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How does it feel when people label you as a true lyricist and put you in the category with Big Daddy Kane, Rakim and Nas? These are the OG’s. That’s a blessing. Those dudes that I use to look up to. Dudes that inspired me and encouraged me to rap and to do my thing. For people to put me in the same category with legends is a blessing in itself. I got the chance to meet a lot of the dudes that you named and they had love for me and respected me as a lyricist. It means a lot. Ads by Goooooogle

On the same token, although people do mention you when they discuss lyricist, you don’t receive the same attention, and play as say Lil Wayne. What do you think about that? I don’t necessarily think that’s true. I just think that because the last two years I went to jail and then I got into an accident. So that’s the reason why a lot of dudes got a chance to do they thing. A lot of them are doing they thing. The game so watered down now that they may not have noticed that it was lyrical when it was a lot of lyrical dudes doing they thing. So now that I’m back. I’m back putting out albums and freestyles and I’m taking it right back over. Like before I went to jail I had it on smash and the dudes that was considered to be lyricist wasn’t considered to be lyricist back then. They might have been considered to be hot or might have been stars but not as lyrical as they is now. But when I went away it was easy for people to step up because there was no competition. But now that I’m back it was nothing for me to take it back. That’s why I just dropped a song and that’s why my song is skyrocketing and I got the number one song out. It was never nothing for me take it back. To really take the ground back for being the hottest punch line rapper or hottest lyrical dude. I know that’s nothing for me to do because I really do this. How do you think your time in jail affected your artistry? Do you think it helped or hindered your craft? It didn’t affect me. I feel as though it made me better. I definitely matured a lot. I bettered my relationship with God. I appreciated the things I’m blessed with. I appreciate doing this music. I think it made me into a better person. Do you think the accident also helped you find a new appreciation for God? After jail and the accident. Both of the situations were life threatening. For me to survive them both, it’s definitely a blessing. I always knew God and I always believed in him but I just bettered my relationship with him. I read the bible from cover to cover. I just did a lot of talking to God. I seen God work in my life first hand so it bettered my relationship. I heard the "I Get Money" mix you did. It sounded like you felt that some niggaz was stealing your whole double identity mentality that you developed. People like T.I. who also has this same complex with him and T.I.P. What do you think when you hear other cats using your alter ego concept? When I see people rhyming off a beat that I used or using my concept or a dance that I made up or whatever I feel flattered. For them to want to use something that you did then that must mean that they are respecting what you doing. It must mean a lot of people in the world is respecting what you doing. So, I’m flattered. People in world know what I do and what I came out with and what I started .That’s just like, I just wanted to put the songs out so people can open up they eyes and realize it because sometimes people get distracted. When you open up your eyes then you realize it like oh yeah I do remember him doing that first. So that’s why I put out the song. Not to really beef with nobody or start no trouble just to let the streets and my fans know that I realize and

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3/6/2009 1:37 PM

Yo! Raps Magazine | FEATURE: Cassidy - Still Got B.A.R.S

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my eyes are open to what’s going on. I want people to realize what’s going on so that I can make it to the level that I should have always been on.

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Sometimes they say that battle rappers can’t make the transition and can’t make quality albums. I know that you started out as a battle rapper. How was the transition for you? It’s hard for rappers to make transitions period. Like if you start out a battle rappers then it’s hard for you to make the transition to being a hit maker. You start out being a party rapper and doing club songs then it’s hard to make a transition into doing depressing songs. It’s like it’s hard to make the transition period. So it definitely was hard for me being a battle rapper to not focus on riding the beat or focus on coming up with words and just making hits. I had some people around me that showed me some strategies and tips on how to make a hit. Coming up with concepts and hooks. I also just matured. It took me years to learn. I got signed when I was 17 but didn’t release my first album till I was about 21. It took me time to adjust it. It was like artist development. Similar to what the Temptations had to go through. You might have been hot when you first got signed. They still had to learn how to make hit records. They wasn’t even writing the songs but it’s about how you sing the song and what songs to sing. It just took time. The same thing with me until I got it right. I got it right on the first album. That’s why I had legendary songs and hits like "Hotel" and "It Gets No Better". I was getting it even more right on the second album. That’s why I had legendary songs that were even more of the type of songs that I like to do like "I’ma Hustler". Also legendary street songs like "A.M To The P.M.", the song that I did with Nas. Legendary girl songs like the song I did with Lauryn Hill. It was like I was getting there. I was learning how to make hit records. But now since I been through what I been through the last couple of years. I’m real mature now so I feel even more comfortable with what I’m doing now. I feel like I got it even more mapped out. Even though I know I can get better. I think I got it even more figured out than any other artist do. You grew naturally like any other artist. Yeah but I don’t feel like a lot of other artist grow too much. A lot of them stick to the same thing that they brought you in the beginning. "I’ma A Hustler" don’t sound nothing like "Hotel". You can’t even tell that it’s the same artist. I just try to reinvent myself and get creative to come up with new styles and strategies. I feel as though I’m maturing and doing a lot more than other artists do. You probably have been through a lot more than some other artist. Yeah. The new album "B.A.R.S.: The Barry Adrian Reese Story" this is going to be a more personal album? Definitely. You gonna get to know me as a person and not just an artist or a celebrity. I want you to know me as a person. The person that I was in middle school and elementary school. The person that I was before I got signed. The person that I was when I was in jail fighting a murder. The person I was when I was in the hospital trying to come out the coma. Before people respected me as being a rapper and making good songs but now they going to respect me and look at me like how they looked at Tupac. That’s why Tupac was able to be bigger than every other artist that was out at the same time he was out. Even though it was other people that had hit songs. They was following his life. That’s why when he died or dropped albums it meant so much to so many people. People loved him as a person. That’s how people starting to look at me. They starting to love me as a person. The way I came out when I went through those life threatening situations. It touched people. They know that it’s real. They know I really lived it so they respect it. What did you have to do to get to the point to be comfortable enough to be more personal on this album? I always can talk about what’s on my mind .I like to talk about what people wanna know. A lot of questions running through peoples head. It was easy for me to go in the studio and talk about all the things that I went through. It was on my mind and it was on everybody else mind. The new album is out November 6. Who are some of the producers you worked with? Timbaland, Scott Storch, Cool & Dre, Ne-Yo, Hi-Tek, Tank and I produced a record on this album myself. I did over fifty songs so I’m not sure if I’ma use all the songs I did with those people but I definitely got to work with a lot of producers and travel around so it was a good look. - By La`Juanda Knight

Follow Us On Twitter! COMMENTS (6) L-BLOCK CRAZY | Sunday - February 24, 2008 cassidy i think he is the best rapper that have every lived as a person to hes not a bad person yea he killed a 22yr old man but i beat it was for a good reason nd iam glad he beat the murder nd the people that think hes lucky its wanst luck it was just god....but cassidy or i should barry adrien resse (B.A.RS) GOOD LUCK ON EVERY THING Yung Brandon | Friday - January 25, 2008 Ay man cass is da sickest dude ive heard in my lifetime.he my favorite rappa he even inspire me 2 be betta den him n dats wats it gonna be.i know im a nobody cuz i aint big time n i aint gotta say but cassidy u my nigga but wit all due respect im comin 4 yo spot homie.... Boysen | Monday - November 19, 2007 Keep it Boy Boy...We missed you a lot...nigga,we repping you hard down here in Maun Botswana Southern Africa...Dats real talk...

3/6/2009 1:37 PM

Yo! Raps Magazine | FEATURE: Cassidy - Still Got B.A.R.S

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Boysen | Monday - November 19, 2007 Dat Dude Tams is talking crap.Are u serious man..why are u hating on the nigga?just coz he,s macking all da hoes u want...stop hating..Cass is the truth & aint no doubt about dat..u must be a Lil Wayne fan.... tams | Monday - November 12, 2007 he aint nutting like tupac and he didnt come up with that split personality thing, eminem had that going on before him. he too full of himself GreenEyez | Friday - November 2, 2007 It might be a pretty good album. Sounds like he may have grown up some. Kudoz to L Knight still putting it down!


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Cassidy interview  

cassidy interview