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People’s Insights: Volume 1, Issue 38

CNN I’m Voting

I’m Voting Facebook app CNN partnered with Facebook to create the I’m Voting app to encourage discussions on political issues, and to share insights from these conversations in their coverage of the 2012 presidential elections.

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New direction for CNN With CNN TV ratings touching a 21 year low and with a 23% drop in the 24-54 year old category, analysts commend the network’s partnership with Facebook and efforts to revamp their news products.

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Power of social influence The team behind the I’m Voting app and government 2.0 analysts believe that social citizenship can impact the outcome of the elections. A recent study from UC San Diego validates this theory.

Good platform for debate People appreciate CNN’s efforts to create awareness and spark discussions around important issues, and point out the app’s potential in reaching young voters.

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Too much politics on Facebook? However, several people are growing tired of the constant discussion of politics and the elections in media and on social media, and resent the additional discussions the I’m Voting app is likely to spark.

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Potential to gather metrics and insights Analysts acknowledge the potential of the I’m Voting app to use metrics gathered from surveys and insights gleaned from conversations, both to predict trends and to better understand the views of the masses.

By Tim Berge

Only represents Facebook & CNN fans Several people have criticized the data collected from the app, pointing out that it does not truly represent the view of Americans but of Facebook and CNN users, the majority of whom are democratic.

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Ignores independent candidates People have also criticized the app for naming only Obama and Romney and ignoring independent candidates such as Gary Johnson, which comprises quality of data collected, and misleads app users.

Privacy concerns People are also unhappy about the privacy concerns the app raises. Some are wary about sharing their preferences with Facebook. Others point out that voting is private and this privacy should not be violated..

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Overall lack of trust & increase in cynicism The criticism and comments from app users indicate a lack of trust in the media and increase in cynicism towards elections coverage. People are actively evaluating data shared and forming their own opinions.

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Role of data in election coverage Analysts and journalists speculate that digital tools and data will play a big role this year – in media coverage and in people’s minds, and most digital companies are riding on this hype with their own data products.

1) 2) Facebook & CNN Election Insights, Amazon Election Heat Map, Twitter Political Index

Will social trends predict next US president? Some believe that social trends will indicate the outcome of the elections, while others caution that social trends may not be an accurate measure of the entire population.

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CNN I'm Voting - People's Insights Volume 1 Issue 38  

This week, we distill insights around CNN I'm Voting -- a Facebook app designed to encourage discussions around the US elections, and to min...