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People’s Insights: Volume 1, Issue 51

Restore the R

A collaborative restoration effort In July 2012, Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) and Pabst Beer invited people to participate in the restoration of the iconic Rainier Beer sign, by completing a series of online challenges.

How it works The website featured a virtual R sign with 258 light bulbs. To light up the bulbs, fans completed challenges and posted photos/videos as proof. Participants won invites to the MOHAI see the restored sign on display.

Taps into local passion for Rainier The campaign taps into passion for the historic Rainier brand (established in Seattle in 1878), and appeals to people who were accustomed to seeing the iconic sign as a part of the city skyline.

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The COOL factor The quirky nature of the challenges helped the campaign gain traction. Challenges were creative and fun, appealed to the Rainier fan community and inspired participation and coverage.

Crowdsourcing share-worthy content Thinkers applaud the design of the campaign, which is designed to generate a stream of share-worthy content and appeal to bloggers and the media.

On-ground share-worthy content On-ground, Rainier created awareness, excitement and an opportunity for people to share photos on their social networks by having mascots ‘Grazing Rainiers’ walk around local parks and neighborhoods.

Was the campaign successful? While only 94 of 258 challenges were completed online, the campaign was successful in generating buzz around Rainier, favorability for Pabst and awareness about the new MOHAI location.

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Restore the R - People's Insights Volume 1 Issue 51  

This week, we distill insights around Restore the R - a campaign in which Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry and Pabst Beer invited pe...

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