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People’s Insights: Volume 1, Issue 27

McDonald’s Mein Burger

McDonald’s Germany – Mein Burger To celebrate its 40th anniversary in Germany, McDonald’s launched a six-month-long crowdsourcing campaign, inviting Germans to make their own burgers online.

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Germany's 1st crowdsourced burger People used the ‘Burger Configurator’ tool to choose from 70 ingredients (bread, meats, sauce) to build their dream burgers, and to give them a personalised name.

We knew that many dreamed of creating their own individual McDonald’s burger. A burger that would appear on the plates of our two million daily guests. So we created a competition and invited everyone to take part. - Razorfish Germany.

DIY marketing McDonald’s empowered participants, providing do-it-yourself tools to make personalised banners, video promos and posters. An attractive gallery showcased the burgers for smoother public voting.

It's all about the execution in this case as Razorfish... provided the tools for users [to] promote their burger creation and encourage their friends, as well as the general public, to vote for the eventual winners. - Reuben Halper, Google UK @ Five Cool Things

“Your video, Flyer, Profile, Wallpaper, Web Banner, 1 on 1 for Facebook” (courtesy: Google Translate)

Celebrating the winners Five finalists were chosen and given star treatment.They starred in their own TV commercials, and their burgers were served across Germany for a week each. Just Stevinho won after the last round of voting.

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Impact online and in real life Online: 116,000 burgers created, 1.5 million votes cast and every fourth German online reached. In real life, the campaign set local benchmarks for promo burgers sold, customers gained and revenue raised.

160,354 votes


10,574 views 45,832 votes Collage: Votes on McDonalds site, Views on McD Germany YouTube, Engagement on McD Germany Facebook & Comments from blogs around the web

The secret sauce: Name your burger The personalised names served as an outlet for creativity and, more importantly, as enticing short-form content pegs people could push out while asking for votes.

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The secret sauce: Tapping into communities Online communities played a key role in building hype and spreading reach. In 2011, the community of prominent gaming podcaster Steven ‘Stevinho’ Krömer helped the McStevinho win.

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Power of niche communities: Bronies Sebastian, a participant, tapped into the power of the German Bronies* by naming his burger Scootaloo, after a character on ‘My Little Pony’*. His burger received the maximum support – more than 160,000 likes. 160,354 votes “So now German Bronies have a awesome place to meet up” - Vinnyboiler “ If this burger would win the final competition, i would defenitly buy it. :D “ - Pinkie Swirl “YES! Being German finally pays off! I normally avoid it, but I think it's about time to visit McDonald's again ” - dontstopme “brb, flying to Germany to order a chicken sandwich” - Haloman2023

Comments in Brony fan site Equestria Daily, and on YouTube (Courtesy: GoogleTranslate )

*Bronies - community of male fans (age 13 - 30) of animated TV series My Little Pony, described by Gawker as: "One of the strangest, most volatile fanbases on the internet, a fan base as entitled and obsessed as that of any adult sci-fi series or comic book."

Global brand, local relevance Traditional German ingredients - Nuremberg grilled sausages, black forest ham, pretzels - were most successful. This campaign allowed McDonald’s to connect with Germans on a deeper, more personal level.

This year’s first place winner has Germany written all over it… …The ultimate winner was the Pretzelnator which consists of a pretzel bread bun with sour cream, onions, lettuce, schinken, hard cheese, beef, and cheddar cheese. What more could you expect from a German creation?

Local campaign, global reach Digital is a global medium, and McDonald’s a global brand. Participants tapped into global communities to gather votes, exposing the Mein Burger campaign to browsers across the globe.

1) 2)

Crowdsourcing campaign, and control Brands relinquish control when crowdsourcing content. They need to monitor their properties closely, and act swiftly to rectify embarrassing situations. McDonald’s succeeded in containing one such situation.

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Crowdsourcing in the F&B space Several food and beverage brands globally have experimented with crowdsourcing product innovation, to varying degrees of success, including Domino’s Pizza, Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream, and Mountain Dew.

Domino’s Pizza Australia

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Global campaign (13 countries)

Domino’s Social Pizza - Read about Ben & Jerry’s -

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Mein Burger - People's Insights Volume 1 Issue 27  

This week, we distill insights around McDonald's Mein Burger - a six month crowdsourcing campaign that invited Germans to create their own b...