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Multilogue By MSLGROUP

People’s Insights: Volume 2, Issue 35

Multilogue: the future of corporate events? Multilogue is a live online interactive meeting that allows large groups of people, from all around the world, to chat with each other, in real time. It is especially popular among global companies, and has been used as an extension of face-to-face meetings and even as a substitute (eliminating the travel time, costs and logistics involved in organizing large-scale physical events).

Leveraging networked technologies The particularity of Multilogue is that it is a private social network used uniquely in the corporate environment. Access to a Multilogue discussion is only granted upon invitation so only those concerned can participate. At the end of a session, all the data exchanged remains the exclusive property of the corporation. It is analysed and summarized to guide company strategy.

Live moderation in employees’ native languages On the day of the Multilogue meeting, a team of client stakeholders, MSLGROUP moderators and MSLGROUP technical support experts come together at a central hub. There is at least one moderator per language in order to bring insights from every part of the world.

Real time analysis Some clients like to get the summary from the moderation team every 45 minutes. For them, it is like putting their finger on the pulse of the organisation. They want to be able to stir the conversations and dig deeper in some of the most fruitful ideas being exchanged.

Henjo Guitjens CEO, MSLGROUP in the Netherlands

A team of moderators follow the discussion in real time. The software functionalities allow them to qualify, track and rank comments as they are made.

Post event analysis We monitor what is being said. We then summarize the key points and analyses and employees’ ideas. Personally I think the real value of Multilogue is the moderation. Instead of employee comments being lost in cyberspace, people are genuinely heard and answered to.

Marine Wallace Director Brand & Talent Practice, MSLGROUP In the Netherlands

After the event, moderators summarize the ideas, questions and recommendations. They identify key themes and present a report that can guide the company’s strategy.

Answer to collaborating across borders and time zones MSLGROUP has organised Multilogue meetings for global companies, connecting teams from 25 people to over 50,000. The tool has been used in several ways: from discussing strategy with board members, to brainstorming within an international marketing team or even co-creating company values with employees. In the next slides, we explore some of these use cases.

MSLGROUP's own Multilogue MSLGROUP was formed in 2009, and opted for a Multilogue to discuss the new company’s vision with new colleagues from 35 countries. CEO Olivier Fleurot hosted the Multilogue, which spanned over 28 hours and saw 1,200 participants (50% of all employees).


Introducing a new brand signature at AXA When AXA decided to reshape the company’s brand positioning they needed to bring on board all their staff. The challenge was to introduce the new values and inspire the staff to adopt new behaviours. AXA opted for a Multilogue and invited all 120,000 employees to address questions such as ‘What does it mean to be attentive? How will I adapt my behaviour to deliver the brand promise?’ Source:

Results of the AXA Forum Discussions were organized in 9 different languages and the meeting was live for 24 hours. 42 top CEOs of AXA were asked to post a video testimonial (in their own language) about how the brand signature would affect their local market. Of the 120,000 employees invited, 41% or 54,000 employees participated, representing 59 countries, and posting over 19,000 comments.

Beyond the forum Seeing the volume and quality of discussion, AXA leaders integrated the main findings in their local business plans. A new global intranet was created based on the key topics that emerged. The most active contributors from the Multilogue were identified as “champions� for certain topics.


A new web magazine was launched using the views and anecdotes shared online as a starting point.

Co-creating values at GDF SUEZ When Gaz de France and SUEZ merged to become GDF SUEZ it was the birth of a new company with a workforce of 210,000 employees in 30 countries and speaking 7 different languages. GDF SUEZ opted for a Multilogue to co-create a unified identity across the company and proactively address the risk of a culture clash.


Creating a culture of open dialogue 48,000 employees took the opportunity to participate in the discussion and generated 12,000 comments. Their feelings and votes were analysed and resulted in the launch of the new GDF SUEZ values a few months later.

Breaking the walls between silos and generations Particularly through the power of social media, employees – and other stakeholders – have become used to new means of communication. Today, collaboration is key: People want to be asked and they want to feel that they participate in decision making processes. An A-to-B-information flow is thus outdated.

Julia Christoph Senior Consultant - Brand & Talent, MSLGROUP Germany

Multilogue is more than a cost effective solution to host companywide discussions. The live human moderation ensures that the conversation is influenced in real time and that the key findings are extracted and analysed. Employees feel empowered to have a say and they share a common energy during this live social experience.

Transparency, openness and co-creation What if a brand created a global think tank in real-time and had the best, brightest and most passionate minds and influencers working on a project? Social media has allowed for the walls to come down... This global collaboration tool of Multilogue will help more amazingly brilliant ideas meet and merge and come to life.

Sarah Thompson Digital and Social Leader, MSLGROUP, Canada

A Multilogue promotes transparency, openness and co-creation. It creates a culture that is especially valued by Gen Y workers and will appeal to brands that want to leverage the power of online meetings for engaging employees.

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Multilogue - People's Insights Volume 2, Issue 35  

This week, we distill insights around Multilogue - a live online interactive meeting developed by MSLGROUP to help global organisations coll...

Multilogue - People's Insights Volume 2, Issue 35  

This week, we distill insights around Multilogue - a live online interactive meeting developed by MSLGROUP to help global organisations coll...