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People’s Insights: Volume 1, Issue 8

MTV Music Meter

MTV Music Meter A music discovery initiative by MTV, it lists the top 100 upcoming artistes across genres using an algorithm that ranks artistes on the basis of their social buzz.

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Ranking based on real-time buzz MTV's algorithm looks at tweets, blogs, articles, streams, purchases and other social mentions of over a million artistes, ranking them across categories such as hip-hop, indie, rock and mainstream.

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Launched as an app on mobiles It was downloadable on iOS and Android devices in March 2011. After over a million downloads in less than a year, it released an update – Music Meter 2.0. The app aims to increase music discovery 'on the go'.

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Discover artistes through 'curation' The tool aggregates upcoming artistes after leaving out popular mainstream ones like Justin Bieber. The 'artiste snacking' allows users to focus on discovery, offering just enough to pique their curiosity.

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Myriad benefits Users can listen to 30-second audio samples, view photos, videos, tweets, etc. They can 'share' artistes on social networks. It is also useful for updates on latest music trends in a simple, clutter-free manner.

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A platform for fresh acts The large database increases visibility, connecting artistes with potential fans, augmenting their fan base. It also creates revenues for them through a 'buy MP3' option, allowing users to download the full songs.

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MTV still about music YouTube killed the 'music video' with MTV dropping 'Music Television' from its logo and shifting focus to reality TV. Music Meter aims to bring back music through the digital medium, driving sponsorships and ads.

Source : , 2010/02/mtv-drops-music-television-from-its-logo.html

The competition 'We are Hunted' has been doing exactly the same thing for a few years, but fails to match Music Meter's reach. Billboard's 'Social 50 chart' gauges all artistes' popularity on social media, not just emerging ones.

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Limited social engagement levels Critics state that Music Meter's sole focus on 'discovery' hampers engagement levels. After discovery, users need to switch to another platform for conversations and content pegs like full-length songs.

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Music Meter working on its limitations Music Meter has come a long way since its launch. Version 1.0 did not filter artistes by genre. Version 2.0 added features like tour dates and purchase of concert tickets. The plan is to go more social.

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'Discover, consume & engage' music on social media Album sales, TV say nothing about taste. Billboard's and MTV's social media forays highlight the importance of discovering artistes, trends. YouTube, Spotify hope to complete the cycle by streaming the content.

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MTV Music Meter - People’s Insights Volume 1, Issue 8  

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