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People’s Insights: Volume 1, Issue 19

Pepsi Pulse

Digital dashboard for pop culture Pepsi Pulse – launched on April 30 and part of the beverage major's 'Live for Now' global campaign – is a social-media-driven interactive dashboard for everything on pop culture in real-time.


The platform lives @ Pepsi Pulse features a fresh set of pop-culture-based articles that are scored by SocialFlow’s technology to rank interest and resonance of the articles against an audience on Twitter.


The brand ambassador Joe Jonas, Disney star and musician, will provide engaging content focused around the 'Live For Now' campaign, and will tweet using the hashtag #LiveForNow.


Celebrity-heavy The campaign will include celebrity challenges and updates, which urge their fans to participate and respond, ultimately “inspiring and getting consumers to live in the now�.

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Inviting and inspiring consumers Pepsi wants its consumers to live in the moment by knowing what’s hot across the web so that they can be the first among their friends to share the information.


Interesting, unexpected news Pulse has had a major impact on the brand. Pepsi now has a fresh and popular culture created especially for it. The number of conversations it has sparked off online is another advantage.

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Pepsi Pulse - People’s Insights Volume 1, Issue 19  

50+ thinkers and planners within MSLGROUP share and discuss inspiring projects on corporate citizenship, crowdsourcing and storytelling on t...

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