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Middle Eastern Fare Adds Spice MSLGROUP Food Trends Watch

Middle Eastern fare will enjoy a boost in popularity this year. In fact, experts predict that by 2017, sales of ethnic foods in grocery stores will grow by more than 20 percent, led by strong demand for Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors.*

As Middle Eastern cuisine becomes more popular, its traditional spices can be used to expand the flavor profile of other everyday foods. MSLGROUP culinary experts profile some of these emerging trends.




Tart and lemony

fragrant and tangy with a hint of nuttiness

earthy and slightly fruity taste with moderate heat

A dark reddish powder from

Traditionally a mix of

Similar to

sumac shrubs

thyme, sumac and sesame seeds

chili flakes




Substitute sumac for lemon in dishes such as Lemon Chicken

Sprinkle Mix in dips over veggies like hummus and tzatziki

Use as an Add subtle all-purpose flavor to red seasoning meat or a brighter note to fish and poultry

Sprinkle over flatbread and grilled veggies

Sprinkle over a salad or plate of eggs

About MSLGROUP’s Food & Beverage Team A category leader, the Food & Beverage team of MSLGROUP is devoted to creating economic value for the nation’s food and beverage industry. It operates in offices throughout North America, representing leading food and beverage brands, and manages a state-of-the-art Culinary & Nutrition Studio in Seattle. *Mintel

Mix with olive oil for a dipping sauce with bread

Add a spoonful to soup or chili for subtle heat and fruity flavor

Infographic: Middle Eastern Fare Adds Spices  

The popularity of Middle Eastern flavors is on the rise, thanks in part to the food truck craze and consumer interest in culinary adventuris...

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