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September/October 2011

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THE ADVANTAGES OF ADOPTING NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN THE OFFSHORE INDUSTRY Burkert’s ex-proof AirLINE Ex 8650 system, working in conjunction with modules from the intrinsically safe Siemens SIMATIC ET 200iSPTM system, has provided the ideal solution in a recent North Sea project for Jiskoot an internationally recognised manufacturer and supplier of Zone 1 control, sampling and blending systems to the oil and gas industry. In one of Jiskoot’s recent projects, the company required an electro-pneumatic actuation system for a sophisticated and compact gas sampling system that it was manufacturing. The skid was destined for use in the North Sea, controlling 3 gas samplers in a highly automated system for use on an offshore oil rig. Maintainability and space were premium requirements. The ideal control solution for the skid needed to be able to interface and communicate with a Profibus DP network, and be suitable for use within an ATEX Zone 1 Area. This zoning requirement meant that Jiskoot required a single supplier to provide the control solution - as an integrated system in a stainless steel control panel - which would then be certified for use in the hazardous area. The requirement for single source responsibility was also important due to the location of the oil platform, in a remote area of the North Sea. This placed a premium on equipment conformity and reliability, as getting spares and/or personnel to site could be difficult, depending upon the prevailing weather conditions. Until recently, Jiskoot’s requirement for a control cabinet that combined electrical and pneumatic devices for use in Zone 1/21 could not have been satisfied. This was due to the risk of corrosion of electrical parts, which could subsequently cause an explosion. However, Burkert’s development of its AirLINE Ex 8650 system meant that a solution was available to Jiskoot. The AirLINE Ex 8650 system delivers substantial reductions in cabinet space, wiring, documentation and validation by combining EExia solenoid valves with modules from the intrinsically safe SIMATIC ET 200iSPTM system, and Fieldbus communications, providing users with a complete ATEX certified unit for use in zone 1/21. Burkert’s EX 8650-based solution allowed Jiskoot to collect all of the control signals generated on the sampling skid

into one place within the hazardous area, and then seamlessly communicate this information back to a Siemens S7 315 PLC located in a safe area. The use of a pneumatic manifold with integrated Siemens I/O reduced the amount of wiring required and tubing on the skid; and because the PLC and remote I/O were from the same manufacturer, this ensured that there were no communication problems between the hazardous location panel and main control centre. The AirLine Ex 8650 system is housed in a stainless steel control panel with the ET200iSP distributed I/O system consisting of 17 off 3/2 solenoid pilot valves, 32 -off channels of digital input (from proximity switches) and 11- off channels of 4:20mA HART input for 2-wire transmitters. The control panel collects the digital signals generated from position feedback switches on process valves, analogue input control signals generated by external pressure transmitters, temperature transmitter signals, position transmitters located on the sample collection cylinders to provide performance feedback and alarming and for the valve position confirmation, as well as sending pneumatic signals to the 17 process valves located on the skid. These signals are then fed back to a Siemens S7 315 PLC provided by Jiskoot’s client, which is sited in a safe area and acts as the Profibus DP system master. The S7 315 communicates with the ET200iSP module on the front end of the 8650 Valve + I/O assembly and also the Stahl ET316 Touch screen located in the door of the Jiskoot panel located in the door of the Jiskoot panel. Burkert Fluid Control Systems Brimscombe Port Business Park, Brimscombe Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 2QF United Kingdom Telephone : 01453 733020 | Fax : 01453 731343 Email : Web : 05



ATEX COUPLINGS CONNECT GAS TURBINE FOR POWER GENERATION The high torque, proven reliability and zero maintenance characteristics of Bibby’s HS series of Turboflex disc couplings have resulted in their specification as drive couplings on gas turbine power units with outputs up to 64MW. The gas turbine units, supplied by one of the world’s leading manufacturers are essentially modified aircraft engines used to drive generators for power generation and to drive centrifugal compressors for LPG gas compression. The high performance (HS) series is Bibby’s newest range of disc couplings; it is designed to handle the most challenging applications in oil and gas, water treatment, power generation, marine and pumping applications. The HS couplings are manufactured to fully comply with API671 standards, and are produced from fully traceable alloy steel. Key to the specification of the HS series couplings for gas turbine power generation applications is Bibby’s design, which effectively drives in friction, rather than shear, to the disc assembly joint. This eliminates the potential for fretting during normal operation, and prolongs the life of the coupling. The HS series is rated for maximum continuous torques from 0.62kNm to 446kNm, and speeds from 50,000 rpm to 5,500 rpm (fastest to slowest) in standard configurations. However, Bibby’s Parametric Design Philosophy means that if a standard design does not exactly fit an application, then it can be optimised to suit. In compliance with the requirements of API671 and in common with all otherncouplings in the Turboflex range, the HS series offers the benefit of a plug-in design which allows easy installation. This enables the couplings to be installed, and the flexible elements (disc packs) changed, without

disturbing adjacent machinery. In addition, by nature of their design, these disc couplings are torsionally stiff and backlash free; and they will also accept significant levels of angular, radial and axial misalignment without any loss of operating performance. Complementing the exceptional performance and reliability of HS disc couplings is the further benefit that they are essentially fit- and- forget units. The couplings have no moving parts, so require no maintenance – and neither do they need lubrication; however the presence of oil in the environment will not effect the operation of the couplings. The robust nature of the HS series design means that the couplings are ideally suited to environments where hostile working conditions are encountered. In these environments the couplings can be adapted using a variety of special materials and surface coatings: Bibby Turboflex HS couplings are fully ATEX compliant and can be supplied to meet the rules of, and approval/ inspection by third-parties such as Lloyds, DNV and ABS, (etc). In addition, for applications where the environment is hazardous, spark-free versions of the HS series couplings are available. Bibby Transmissions United Kingdom Telephone : 01924 460801 Email : Web : 07


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NEW DRAEGER WEBSHOP MAKES SAFETY EASIER Designed to make safety easier, the new Draeger Webshop provides easy access to a wide range of industrial safety solutions. Found at this interactive, secure on-line web facility forms part of Draeger’s ongoing commitment to understanding and working alongside its customers. Enabling UK customers to source Draeger products 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, the site offers fast delivery on thousands of personal protective equipment, occupational

Draeger’s move into eCommerce means that customers can

safety products, portable and fixed gas

now source Draeger products, services and “know-how” at

detection equipment as well as spares

a time convenient to themselves. Quick and reliable, the

and accessories.

new Webshop complements Draeger’s extensive team of UK sales and technical support personnel.

Serving general industry, oil and gas (upstream and downstream), fire and rescue and the water industry, this convenient website has both quick and extended search facilities and also allows visitors to browse via

Existing Draeger account customers can access the site straight away and registration for new customers

extensive industrial application and product catalogues.

is quick and straightforward.

By using Draeger’s deep knowledge and understanding

For more information visit:

of the safety issues and risks that are faced every day,

or email:

the site can also assist with product selection for those industries.

When searching via industry sector, for

instance, visitors are automatically directed to the most appropriate products for their working environment. Product catalogues are quick and easy to access and, for those who require further assistance or information,

For further information contact: Customer Service, Draeger Safety UK Limited, Ullswater Close, Blyth Riverside Business Park, Blyth, Northumberland, NE24 4RG.

the site contains convenient product-specific enquiry

Tel: 01670 561200

forms and direct email links as well as telephone, fax

fax: 01670 356266

and instant message “chat” facilities.

Fully committed to customer care and support, HAZARDOUS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS





PULS UK GAINS ATEX APPROVAL FOR FULL RANGE OF REDUNDANCY MODULES PULS UK, the world’s leading manufacturer of DIN rail power supplies has been granted ATEX approval for its full range of redundancy modules, allowing them to be used in potentially explosive environments. Redundancy modules are used to back up critical devices in the event of the main source of power being interrupted. The units have been tested to EN 60079 – 15 and are approved for use in Class 1 Zone 2 Category 3G explosive atmospheres. PULS says no electrical changes were necessary to achieve the approval and that the Standard had been met in essence by dual conformal coating the internal components of the units. The six ATEX approved PULS modules, which range in output from 10A to 80A, will not increase in price despite the higher specification. ATEX, which derives its name from the French ‘ATmosphère EXplosif’ is the framework for controlling explosive atmospheres and the standards of equipment and protective systems used in them. By achieving EN 60079 – 15 approval PULS UK is now well placed to become a major supplier of

redundancy modules in this important sector of the market. An explosive atmosphere is created when dust, mist or gases become mixed with the air and produce a flammable substance. Many industrial environments may contain, or have the potential to produce, an explosive atmosphere. Examples include places where production activities create or release flammable gases or vapour, such as paint spraying, or in factories handling fine organic dusts such as grain flour or wood. PULS UK Ltd, Unit 10 Ampthill Business Park Station Road, Ampthill, Bedfordshire, MK45 2QW Tel: +44 (0) 330 999 9988 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 841291 Website:


OFFICIAL DUPONT™ LICENSEE PROVIDES FULL TECHNICAL SUPPORT, SERVICE & PRODUCT SUPPLIES Following their appointment in 2010 as an authorised supplier for the Kalrez® range of perfluoroelastomer parts manufactured by DuPont™ Performance Polymers, Dichtomatik Ltd are pleased to announce that they have now also been appointed as an official licensee for the full range of Viton®, Vamac® and Zalak® as well as the Kalrez® finished products available from this world leading supplier. As an official authorised licensee, Dichtomatik provide an important technical link between DuPont™, as the raw materials supplier, and the end user of finished sealing products as well as intermediary compounders and moulders. Dichtomatik combine a single point of contact with technical backup, service support and full product supply facilities for a wide range of high performance sealing products. Their licensee service also includes full product traceability, covering the requirements of all major industries including automotive, chemical and food processing, power generation, pharmaceuticals, together with oil and gas operations. A very wide range of sealing products including ‘O’ rings, flat washers, discs, mouldings and cords in both standard or alternative sizes and configurations can be provided. HAZARDOUS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS


With the specialised range of DuPont™ materials, sealing problems involving extremes of pressure, temperature, friction and chemical resistance can be overcome to reduce component or equipment breakdowns for proprietary manufactured products. Further information is available from: Dichtomatik Ltd, Donington House, Riverside Road, Pride Park, Derby DE24 8HX Telephone: 01332 524401 | Fax: 01332 524425 e-mail:


GANNET LEAK UNDER CONTROL Shell divers have recently closed the relief valve from which oil had been seeping, and no oil has been released since that point. Continuous monitoring is being carried out to ensure the closure of the valve has been fully successful. “It is not easy to quantify the total volume spilled but we estimate so far that it is around 216 tonnes [1,300 barrels],” said Glen Cayley, Technical Director of Shell’s exploration and production activities in Europe. However, in terms of the volume on the surface, which changes from day to day, it is estimated to be about one tonne [approximately six barrels]. “This is a significant spill in the context of annual amounts of oil spilled in the North Sea. We care about the environment and we regret that the spill happened. We have taken it very seriously and responded promptly to it,” added Cayley. The spill is a light crude oil with a low wax content (API-36). There is also some hydraulic fluid in present. Cayley stated: “The high winds and waves over the weekend have led to a substantial reduction in the size of the oil sheen as can be seen from the current levels on the water. We continue to expect that the oil sheen will disperse naturally due to wave action and that it will not reach the shore.” The Maritime and Coastguard Agency surveillance flight last weekend found no oil on the surface.

So far, 36 concrete mats have been successfully laid on the flowline in a process to secure it to the seabed. This process will continue over the next few days. A standby vessel, Grampian Prince, remains on station monitoring the area, with oil spill response equipment and dispersing agents available if required. Shell’s emergency response team remains in place and is working with the authorities (DECC, MCA, Marine Scotland, Scottish Government) to manage the incident and minimise its environmental impact. Shell is also in contact with RSPB and other environmental agencies.


FOUR-YEAR SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE CONTRACT FOR THREE OF SHELL’S MAJOR NORTH SEA FACILITIES Engineering services company Hydratight’s expertise has won the company a four-year service and maintenance contract for three of Shell’s major North Sea facilities. Hydratight will handle maintenance and shutdown operations at Shell’s St Fergus gas plant at Peterhead in Aberdeenshire, the Mossmorran fractionation plant on the outskirts of Cowdenbeath, Fife and the Braefoot Bay marine gas terminal near Aberdour.  Hydratight won the contract in a competitive five-way tender to supply engineering services and machining work at the facilities, which bring natural gas and other liquids to the mainland from the North Sea. “We were able to show that our Health and Safety track record and leak-free free start-up performance, technical ability and commercial compliance were second to none,” explained sales engineer John McKay.

to say we probably have the best technicians on the market for this kind of work.” Hydratight’s main role will be to offer bolting and machining services during planned shutdowns, but the company will also run a six-hour callout service in emergencies.

“We have worked with Shell for many years — 18 years at St Fergus — but always previously on a job by job basis. This is a welcome show of confidence in our abilities. We are proud

Around 40 Hydratight staff have recently undertaken a two-month shutdown schedule at St Fergus.




A+A 2011 IN DÜSSELDORF POSTS RECORD NUMBERS: 1,580 EXHIBITORS FROM 54 NATIONS - PREVIEW REPORT Düsseldorf will be dedicated to prevention and safety topics from 18 to 21 October. These are the dates for the biannual A+A, the leading International Trade Fair with Congress for Safety and Health at Work. At its inception in 1954, the trade fair was launched as a national event for “Occupational Safety + Occupational Medicine”. Since then, A+A has developed into an authoritative international idea and market platform.

A+A 2011 is being highly anticipated. After all, the areas of occupational and workplace safety are facing challenges all over the world due to the changes in the work environment. Keywords in this regard are demographic development, changes in employment relationships towards more independent work or also the increased number of women in the workforce,” explains Klaus Bornack, Managing Director of Bornack GmbH & Co. KG and also President of the A+A Advisory Board.

This year, with 1,580 exhibitors from 54 nations on 57,400 m² of booked exhibition area, it is posting new record numbers and presents itself as international as never before. Two thirds of the exhibitors come from abroad. After Germany (27,200 m²), the highest demand for display area comes from Italy (4,500 m²), China (3,200 m²), France (3,000 m²), Great Britain (2,800 m²) and the Netherlands (2,000 m²).

A+A 2011 in Halls 3 to 10 will focus on the topics of personal protection (e.g. protective clothing, protective equipment, corporate fashion), health at work (e.g. prevention, ergonomics) and security at work (e.g. fire protection at the workplace and disaster relief, environmental protection in the workplace, measuring and control techniques). Some of the product highlights in the topic segment “Personal Protection” include protective equipment and clothing with special fits for women, as well as top-quality HAZARDOUS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS



A+A Trade Fair, in addition to the day-long theme of “Fire Protection and Disaster Relief at Work” at the A+A Congress. In Hall 6, A+A 2011 exhibitors will show special equipment for corporate disaster relief, e.g. emergency medicine, technical aides, ABC protection, decontamination or instrumentation, control and communication technology.

Focus on Ergonomics

functional protective equipment outfitted with high-tech laminates and membranes, intended for demanding use by fire departments or civil protection agencies. Daily fashion shows in Hall 5 prove that intelligent, functional solutions, new materials and pleasing design in protective clothing are not mutually exclusive.

The focus of the A+A topic segment “Health at Work” is foremost on issues relating to workplace health promotion and the design of healthy workplaces. With the theme park “WorkplaceDesign” in Hall 7a, A+A 2011 focuses in particular on the ergonomic design of workplaces and work processes in production and office. At the centre of attention is the communication of “Best Practices“. The theme park comprises exhibitor presentations on the topic of ergonomics, the special exhibition “Ergonomic Workplace Design in Production and Offices” (organised by Dr. Curt Haefner Verlag publishing house in cooperation with Deutsches Netzwerk Büro, or German Office Network, and the ergonomics institutes of various universities) as well as a stage programme with topical lectures, discussions, and presentations on ergonomic workplace design.

Another component of A+A 2011 is the “Innovation Park Hazardous Materials” in Hall 9. Here visitors can get an overview of new products and services for safe handling of hazardous materials.

New Offers for Disaster Relief at Work The area of security at the workplace focuses on products, equipment and services for the protection of humans, corporate assets and the environment. The tight connection between measures for individual protection (safety) and protection of assets (security) marks the specific aspects of fire protection and disaster relief at work. During A+A 2009, the “Disaster Relief Forum”, which, among other things, offered a live demonstration of rescue and salvage operations, generated very positive visitor feedback. This created the incentive to add corresponding topics to the

Information on A+A 2011 is available online at: Take advantage of discounts by buying your ticket online and printing it out yourself! Opening hours of A+A 2011 (18 to 21 October): 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Messe Düsseldorf GmbH Press Department A+A 2011 Martin-Ulf Koch/ Larissa Browa (Press Assistant) Tel. +49(0)211-4560-444/ -549 FAX +49(0)211-4560-8548 E-mail: 15



CROWCON’S GAS-PRO CONFINED SPACE GAS DETECTOR AT A+A 2011 IN DÜSSELDORF Crowcon will be showing its new Gas-Pro confined space entry gas detector at A+A 2011 in Düsseldorf between October 18-21. The Gas-Pro has a number of special features that make it ideal for confined space use, including a top-mount display, an internal pump, five gas capability and a tri-colour status indicator. Crowcon will also be showing other new products, including its IRmax infrared (IR) hydrocarbon fixed gas detector and its ATEX approved LaserMethane® mini Gen2 (LMm) portable methane detector. The IRmax is an ultra-compact IR gas detector which delivers rapid, fail-safe detection of hydrocarbon gases with very low power consumption. Far smaller and lighter than comparable IR detectors, the IRmax is easy to install in even the most inaccessible locations and its remote display feature makes it extremely versatile. The second generation LMm is designed to detect methane at a distance of up to 100 metres in seconds and has turned what used to be a time consuming and potentially hazardous procedure into a quick and easy one.

All these products, as well as Crowcon’s existing range of state-of-the-art gas detection products, can be found in Hall 5, stand number B32. Crowcon’s experts will also be on hand to answer any gas-safety related questions. More information about the show and registration/ ticketing details can be found on the organiser’s website. CONDENSATE SYSTEMS


SPECIAL CONDENSATE DRAINS BEKO Technologies are world leaders in condensate management, beyond our standard range of BEKOMAT’S BEKO Technologies offer a number of special condensate drains to suit applications that are not adequately covered by the other products in the market. BEKOMAT explosion proof models with ATEX approval are designed for use in explosive, hazardous locations such as off shore, chemical plants and power plants to name a few. The vacuum version of our BEKOMAT condensate drains have been designed specifically for the discharge of condensate or other fluids from vacuum systems. Additionally, these condensate drains can also be used for technical processes under standard atmospheric conditions. They extend the scope of application of BEKOMAT devices to include pressure from 0.1 to 1.8 bar (abs). In the case of multistage rotary compressors, the condensate from intercoolers must be reliably removed otherwise it will get into the next compressor stage. The consequence: a slug of liquid hitting the impeller. With the BEKOMAT LA/ LALP range damage to the later compressor stages can be prevented. The BEKOMAT 8 and 9 condensate drains are for large volume compressors. They are particularly used in crude oil installations

and refineries, the petrochemical industry and the chemical engineering sector. High pressure BEKOMAT’S up to 63 bar can also be supplied be BEKO to suit applications in many industries using high pressure compressed air.

For more information please call our technical team on: 01527 575778 or visit our website at 17



HADAR LAUNCH LED EMERGENCY FLOODLIGHTS FOR HAZARDOUS AREAS Hadar Lighting, the specialist manufacturer of lighting for Hazardous Areas and part of the Ashington-based A-Belco Group, launched their new HDL106E LED emergency floodlights at the prestigious Offshore Europe exhibition in Aberdeen. Designed specifically for stairwells, muster areas, lifeboat stations and other critical zones in Zone 1 & 2 Hazardous Areas which require large amount of light even when normal power supplies fail, the lights have just received third party certification through SIRA for both ATEX and IEC Ex applications, enabling the company to begin full scale production to fulfil pre-registered orders. Weighing just 9 kgs, the units can be set up in single, double or even triple arrays with the amount of light generated able to be pre-set dependant on individual requirements.   Bill Armstrong, Hadar’s Sales Director, explained the advantages of the lights. “The HDL106 has met with universal approval across a wide range of sectors, but in the offshore sector the lights have been particularly well received. Whilst in mainland installations these LED lights very quickly pay for themselves through low maintenance and power requirements, in offshore emergency situations the important criteria is not necessarily the cost of running, but rather the minimal draw of power in a situation where a finite supply of power is available.”   “In addition, as the amount of equipment on rigs increases, so does the light required on increasingly cluttered decks. More lights normally require more power which isn’t always easy to arrange, especially on older rigs, so the huge advantage of all LED floodlights, whether for normal operations or emergency situations, is that engineers can produce more light, with less power and without the need for costly re-wires. They are easy to fit, cheap to run, very rugged, give off a fantastic white light, and are instantly on or off with no warm up period.”   “This emergency version has been developed due to customer demand for similar lights for muster stations and emergency escape routes.  “The lights are for ‘fit and forget’ situations where conventional battery powered luminaries can only give 10% of normal output but the LED floodlights can be pre-set to give light from 90 minutes on full power to six hours on 25% power by activating different numbers of the integral LEDs - a feature which is obviously impossible for

traditional luminaries.” The HDL106E’s are lightweight and can handle the vibrations on offshore platforms, rigs and marine vessels which necessitate constant maintenance for traditional emergency lighting.”   The first orders for the new units are already being assembled for Hadar’s Middle Eastern distributor, Daly Fluid Technologies.   Bill Armstrong continued, “We were first to market with LED floodlights certified for Zone 1 hazardous areas last year. The Gorgon project in Australia, where we modified the floodlights slightly to make them even more environmentally friendly, produced a massive order which was the catalyst for the further development of the range. Since then we have created a new purpose built, dedicated manufacturing cell recruiting additional staff to meet the global demand.” “The exhibition was a huge success for ourselves with enquiries and actual orders already into six figures resulting from the show.and we’re looking forward to a very busy time in production and converting these enquiries into further orders.”

Established in 2005, and now part of the A-Belco Group, Hadar Lighting is a specialist manufacturer of hazardous area products for the oil, gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and marine industries worldwide offering the design and production of products for Zone Classification Areas 1, 2, 21 & 22, Gas and Dust. Further details of the Hadar range is available at 19



KEEPING HAZARDOUS MATERIALS CONTAINED AND UNDER WRAPS IS ESSENTIAL Dr. Shrink’s premium shrink wrap is your number one choice for containing hazardous materials! Our premium 100% virgin resin material comes in widths up to 50 feet and up to 12-mil thick. Weatherproof and maximum UV inhibitors provide you with long term protection. Flame Retardant material is available that meets all NFPA 701 specifications. Dr. Shrink offers superior customer service and knowledgeable staff to help assist you with all your shrink wrap needs. Our warehouse has everything in stock for immediate shipping and drop shipments are available. Our shrink wrap is proven successful for all types of encapsulations, containments, remediation and disaster restoration; Dr. Shrink has got you covered!

For More Information Please Visit:


DAYLIGHT™ LAUNCHES NEW ESD SAFE WORKSTATION LAMP Daylight™ has unveiled its latest ergonomic ESD Safe Workstation lamp, designed specifically for professional and industrial environments. It is suitable for use in EPA (Electrostatic Protected Areas - IEC 61340-5-1 and ANSI/ESD 20:20), because it provides total protection against static electricity and electrostatic discharge (ESD). The ESD Workstation lamp (product code # D33191 – RRP £239.99) is powerful, strong and flexible. Its 18w energy saving tube (100w equivalent) delivers a clean bright light over a large work surface which improves contrast and reduces glare, and the flicker-free electronic ballast maximises the quality of the light allowing users to work for longer in optimal comfort. As with all Daylight™ lamps ease of use comes as standard with a 3-directional head joint allowing the lamp to be positioned with only one hand and a high-quality metal arm ensuring flexibility and durability. This lamp is simply ideal for use on workstations where ESD sensitive devices are being handled. The complete lamp is grounded and has special static dissipative materials to smoothly take away static charges in a controlled manner, preventing any build up of static electricity which gives 100% protection against ESD events.

To check out Daylight’s™ full range of products or for details, order online or to obtain details of your nearest stockist please visit: or call 020 8964 1200. 21



HOISTS DESIGNED FOR THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY USED IN FPSO MOORING SYSTEM The J D Neuhaus company have a long established reputation for the design and manufacture of materials handling products. They also supply purpose designed equipment for specialised applications such as the oil and gas industry where safety and reliability are primary requisites. For this purpose they can supply hoists, with a lift capacity range from 0.25Kg up to 100 tonnes, to API7K certification. These are high durability products rated explosion proof/ spark resistant and powered by compressed air or hydraulics with corrosion resistant options also available. Customised lifting and control systems can be accommodated with load test certifications available through DNV, ABS, Lloyds and others. Typical land based or offshore equipment loads include BOP handling, FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading) vessel mooring/tensioning together with a wide range of general materials handling requirements on jack-up rigs, semi-submersibles, drill ships etc. Specialised hoist applications have also been developed for operation in low temperature ‘cryogenic’ conditions, together with hoists for subsea operation down to levels of 70 metres. The FPSO vessel is used as a temporary storage unit for oil or gas from offshore production platforms before it is subsequently transported by a pipeline or oil tanker to the store depot. An integral piece of equipment on FPSO’s are the hoists used to manoeuvre equipment both on and around the vessel. Subject to heavy loads and harsh environments, the JDN hoists provide an essential ‘strongest link’ in these material handling operations. Bardex Corporation, headquartered in Goleta, California, was contracted to design and build the mooring system for an FPSO ordered from Elf Petroleum Nigeria, Ltd. (EPNL), a Nigerian subsidiary of French Oil company Total S.A., and contracted through Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI). A number of overhead cranes were evaluated before Bardex concluded that JDN’s hydraulic overhead crane was the best option.

Instead of procuring 16 separate chain jack tensioning systems (four per corner of the FPSO and each rated at 18 tonnes), it was determined that one unit per corner could be used and a system of four overhead cranes used to move one chain jack tensioning system for use in all four corners of the FPSO. Additionally, the specially designed mooring system included sixteen fairlead stoppers each weighing in at almost 25 tonnes. A system like this had never been built before, and JDN was the only crane builder in the world capable of supplying it to specification and on time. It comprised a hydraulically powered overhead crane with a hoist lift capacity of 18 tonnes, designed to withstand daily ocean environmental conditions with a high atmospheric moisture content. Established in 1745, J D Neuhaus is the acknowledged premier manufacturer of air-powered handling equipment in the world. Their products operate safely and reliably in some of the most demanding and difficult environments in the automotive, oil & gas, and mining industries, while offering unmatched quality and superior service. Further information is available on request to: J D Neuhaus GmbH & Co. KG, 58449, Witten-Heven, Germany Telephone: +49 2302 208-219 Fax: +49 2302 208-286 e-mail:




SPM INSTRUMENT’S BEARINGCHECKER AND VIBCHECKER ARE NOW IN NOW IN EX VERSIONS. Excessive Vibration and poor bearing condition are two of the main reasons for plant to fail, so now SPM are delighted in presenting two new easy to use and economically priced handheld products that will reduce downtime and save money.  Bearing Checker EX is a unique tool designed for quick and easy on-site measurement of bearing condition. This small and lightweight portable instrument is now available in Ex version for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. To find out more about BearingChecker and where to order your own instrument, visit the BearingChecker website www. VibChecker EX is a light and compact-sized instrument for vibration measurement in the 10-1000 Hz frequency range. Measurement results are immediately and automatically evaluated against ISO standards. Green - yellow - red LEDs indicate vibration severity and a real time FFT spectrum is produced for easy pattern recognition. Results can be stored for documentation and follow-up.   With its built-in probe, easy button operation and clear symbols, VibChecker is an all set to go instrument; just point the probe and measure to locate vibration-related problems.

Machine vibration is the result of many problems in industrial equipment. Integrated in your normal maintenance activities, periodic vibration measurement with VibChecker will go a long way to help keep your equipment operational. To find out more about the instrument visit: For further information and demonstration contact us on: SPM Instrument UK Limited Tel: + 44 (0) 1706 835331 Email:


PCB PIEZOTRONICS ANNOUNCES ATEX APPROVAL OF SMART VIBRATION SWITCH FOR USE IN HAZARDOUS AREAS PCB Piezotronics, a world leader in vibration, acoustic, pressure, force and torque sensors, has announced that its unique 686B01 series vibration switch has been ATEX approved for use in hazardous environments. The EX686B01 is ideal for 24/7 continuous protection of cooling tower fans and gearboxes, fin fans, motors and pumps, HVAC systems, wind turbines and other critical machinery operated in hazardous areas. Meeting ATEX Ex D IIC T3 Gb approval requirements for use in hazardous environments, the EX686B01 is hermetically sealed and mounts with a single stud like a sensor. This smart vibration switch includes an embedded piezoelectric accelerometer for accurate measurement and monitors vibration velocity for more consistent results. Delivering reliability that cannot be matched by mechanical switches, the EX686B01 also offers a remote reset capability and USB programmable alarm threshold and time delays to avoid false trips. PCB Piezotronics EX686B01 is highly versatile, fully userprogrammable via USB and is a low cost drop-in replacement for most popular mechanical vibration switches as it only requires two wires and can replace legacy switches without additional cable runs. In addition to being a more reliable HAZARDOUS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS


device compared to mechanical vibration switches, the EX686B01 is also a significantly lower cost alternative for many electronic vibration switch applications requiring single relay operation. Information from: PCB Piezotronics Ltd, 7 Paynes Park, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG5 1EH. Tel: +44 (0) 1462 429710, Fax: +44 (0) 1462 429798. Email: Web site:


MARIGOLD INDUSTRIAL® LTD PUTS HAND SAFETY IN THE SPOTLIGHT WITH THE LAUNCH OF INDICATOR SYSTEM Providing workers and managers with a quick, simple and effective visual guide to ensure they have the right level of cut protection for the hazards encountered in the workplace is the focus of a new initiative launched by hand and arm protection specialists Marigold Industrial® Ltd. The company has launched a 3 colour coded indicator ‘dot’ on the back of its highly acclaimed Puretough P Series with each colour signifying a level of cut protection - Green (Cut level 1-2), Amber (Cut level 3-4), Red (Cut level 5). The new Indicator System enables the user to know instantly what level of cut protection is being provided by the gloves and ensure that it is the right level to protect against the hazards being encountered. The Indicator System uses a 3 colour coded system that relates to the level of protection provided by the glove. Colour code 1 – Green (Safe) Gloves with a large green ‘dot’ on the back of the hand have lower protection (cut level 1 - 2) and should therefore be used in work areas of minimal cut hazard, e.g. general handling.

flexibility and grip, in addition to offering mechanical protection, in particular cut level 5 for P5000, and cut level 3 from the P3000. “The Indicator Syste was developed following a series of consultations with customers as part of our glove development programme, the feedback of which highlighted that a colour indicator system on the glove itself would help both workers and managers quickly identify the right type of glove for the hazard level being encountered,” said Marigold Industrial® Ltd International Marketing Manager Donald Gillespie. To keep up to date with all the latest news from Marigold Industrial® Ltd, sign up to their brand new e-newsletter - HAP

Colour Code 2 – Amber (Caution) Gloves with a large amber ‘dot’ have mid-level protection (cut level 3 - 4) and should therefore be used in work areas where a medium cut hazard is present, e.g. sharp component handling.

Review, which is issued quarterly. You can join up by simply going to and clicking on the ’Subscribe to Newsletter’ button on the home page.

Colour Code 3 – Red (Danger) Gloves with a red ‘dot’ have the highest level of protection (cut level 5) and should therefore be used in work areas where a high risk of cut injury is present, e.g. glass & sheet metal handling. Having already broken new ground with its environmental and user safety elements - non-solvent and water-based in addition to being Formaldehyde, Silicone, Phthalate (plasticizer), Azo Dye and DMF free - the Puretough P Series is ideally suited for general handling & cut protective requirements in the engineering, construction, electronics and automotive industries, where grip and flexibility are particularly important. A knitted 3 glove range, manufactured at Marigold Industrial’s® high-tech plant in Portugal - the P1100, P3000 and P5000 – form the new Puretough™ P Series combining comfort, HAZARDOUS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS


For more information visit: call: 08450 753355 email:


EX RATED ENCLOSURES AND JUNCTION BOXES FOR HAZARDOUS AREAS CEE Norm can meet the needs of enclosures for hazardous areas with Hensel’s EX certified range of cable junction boxes, terminal boxes and empty boxes. The DK series enclosures are suitable for use in Zone 2 and Zone 22 hazardous areas as defined by ATEX where the presence of dust or gas creates the potential for explosion and where any sources of ignition must be eliminated. Manufactured from impact resistant, surface-coated polycarbonate, and offer IP65 sealing. EX certified in accordance with standard 94/9/EG, the enclosures are also flame resistant and self-extinguishing to 960 degrees C as defined in the EN 695-2-11 glow wire test. Where there is a fire, the enclosures are halogenfree and silicone-free, ensure no toxic fumes will be produced. The cable entry boxes provide can accept cable sizes from 1.5mm up to 25mm. The terminal boxes are fitted with terminal blocks for copper conductors in sizes from 1.5mm up to 35mm. The empty boxes are available in a range of sizes and supplied as ‘component’ products for OEM applications to provide protection for systems to be used in hazardous areas. For all of the enclosures cable entry is via metric knockouts and cable glands that maintain IP65 sealing.

Typical applications for the DK series EX rated enclosures include the chemical plants, agricultural operations, corn mills, refineries, sewage treatment plants, cement factories, enamelling plants, and wood-processing plants. CEE Norm U.K. Ltd : Graham Fox Tel: +44 1952 212700 Fax: +44 1952 212711 Web: Email: TEST & CERTIFICATION

SGS SUCCESSFULLY PROVIDES CE CERTIFICATION OF STONE PRODUCTS IN CHINA SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, successfully offers testing and CE (Certificate of Conformity Europe) certification for stone exports to European countries at its laboratory for natural stone and homogeneous material in Xiamen, China. The SGS lab, strategically positioned in one of the major stone production and export regions of China and a leading source of stone in the world, provides excellent support for local and international trading companies by ensuring quality control of the stone products that enter European markets. The Certificate of Conformity Europe (CE Mark) is a seal that indicates the product to which it is affixed is in conformance with EU Product Safety Directives. Such EU Directives apply to all products that are put into service for the first time within the European Economic Area. Since 2007, the European Community

has required most stone products to bear the CE mark, according to Directive 89/106/EEC. Stone products covered include slate for roofing and exterior walls, facing panels, fixedsize boards, flooring plates and stone products for roads. For further information, please contact: SGS Industrial Services Niky Guo Marketing SGS – CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd. Unit A, 1F Rihua Mansion, No. 8 Xinfeng 2nd road, Torch Hi-Tech Zone, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China 361006 t: +86 (0) 592 576 5859 | f: +86 (0) 592 576 5380 E-Mail: Website:




MERCURY INSTRUMENT HIRE HELPS PROTECT OIL RIG SAFETY Portable mercury monitors hired from instrumentation specialist Ashtead Technology have enabled the rapid assessment of working conditions for safety specialists undertaking vital maintenance checks on oil rigs in the North Sea. RBG, the leading provider of inspect, assess and repair (IAR) services to the global energy industry, has been using advanced Jerome J405 Mercury Analysers to monitor conditions on a number of rigs prior to maintenance and safety inspections. RBG’s Technical Support Engineer Colin Bones explained that the portable J405s are regularly hired from Ashtead Technology for rentals of varying lengths; from a few days to six months. He said: “Alongside other gas detection work on the rig, the J405s help us determine potential exposure levels for when further work, such as tank and vessel entry. By deploying the J405s at this preliminary stage we are able to identify the correct personal and respiratory protective equipment, such as full face respirators or SR100 half face masks which minimise the potential for exposure. “Once the monitoring has been undertaken and we have established a safe working environment, we are then able to carry out any maintenance work required. This can vary from splitting pipework and flanges, removing sludge and contaminants from tanks, to inspecting and cleaning pipes. “Because the frequency of this work can be irregular we decided that a standard rental from Ashtead Technology best suits our needs and provides us with instant access to advanced instrumentation to ensure we can react to client demands.” The J405 utilises the industry-proven and reliable gold film sensor technology and simple, one-button HAZARDOUS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS


operation. Key features include improved ergonomics from previous versions, a larger display as well as improved data storage, retrieval and communications. It can be used across a wide range of mercury-related applications, including mercury spill response, landfill monitoring and hazardous waste analysis. Alan Hasson, Ashtead Technology’s General Manager, added: “This application highlights the many benefits of instrument rental. The instruments were delivered tested and ready for immediate deployment, which meant that RBG was able to save time in preparing for the work. At the end of the hire period, instruments are simply returned to us, so there are no ongoing maintenance or storage costs. “Our overall aim at Ashtead Technology is to put the right instruments into the hands of those that need them; which means that we need a large fleet of the latest technologies, a high level of technical support and a range of financial packages that meet customers’ differing needs.” Further information on Ashtead Technology’s comprehensive fleet of non-destructive testing, remote visualisation and environmental monitoring instrumentation is available at:











To advertise here please contact : Paul Miles Tel: +44 (0)1634 731646 Email:



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Process Operations Manager (Hazardous Waste) A leading UK hazardous waste company is looking for a chemical or mechanical engineer with experience in a process management role to

take on full operational management responsibility for their Indirect Thermal Desorption plant (IDT).

• • • •

Responsibilities • • • • • •

Management of the operational aspects of the ITD Improve operational efficiency and productivity from the commissioning stage to a fully established process within specified budgets and timescales Health and Safety Management Systems and all relevant health and safety related legislation Environmental Management Systems and all relevant environmental legislation Quality Management Systems. Implement and maintain plant PPM systems 

• •

Location Newcastle, North East £35000 - £45000/annum £40,000 plus benefits

Holding or working towards CPC (national). WAMITAB COTC in the Treatment and Transfer of Hazardous Waste (Level 4) Excellent working knowledge and experience of chemistry and/or chemical engineering, waste management activities, operations and practice  Operational management experience, preferably within a continental shift pattern



Skills required • •

• •

Extensive experience of waste treatment facility management, processing equipment and treatment processes for treating waste from a broad range of industry sectors Knowledge and understanding of CAD  Understanding of the commercial aspects of plant operation  In depth knowledge of current health, safety and environmental legislation  Computer literate including Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook P&L experience Understanding of environmental management including operations, technical, legislative and commercial aspects Proven ability in the successful management of customer and client relationships  Well developed management, written and verbal communication skills


negotiable Job Reference   AH037

Job ID 107682229

To apply: contact Abi at Willow Shaw quoting AH037 Tel: 01527 576416 Email: Website

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