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So what are the best performers doing differently than others?




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What are the best performers

DOING DIFFERENTLY? So what are the best performers doing differently than others? The short answer is that they do what we all know we need to do; they just do it better and better over a long period of time. They do not change the name of well known basic reliability and maintenance concepts, for example RBM, TPM, VDM and so on. There is nothing wrong in any of these labels and methods, but if your organization frequently starts a new initiative even before you finished the initiative you just started two three years ago, then you will never reach the results that are achievable. Your organization will be tired of new initiatives and as a leader you will not get the followers and true support you need from your organization. If you study any of these three letter acronyms you will soon learn that all of them include about 280 elements that have to be done well in order to achieve best in class reliability and maintenance performance. (Inspections, alignment, balancing, lubrication, planning, scheduling etcetera.) We call these elements best practices and they are used by many organizations worldwide to benchmark, develop improvement plans and to measure success or the lack thereof. Please contact if you like an example. Whatever path you chose to improve your reliability and maintenance performance I recommend you stay on track with that initiative for a very long time. FOR THE FULL STORY PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 3

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GAS TURBINES High temperature flammable gas detector


WELDING EQUIPMENT Preheating with cables and blankets



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Here a best performer is defined as an industrial plant that has achieved a high reliability and fast throughput of manufactured products and as a consequence, manufacturing costs, including maintenance costs, are low.

WHAT ARE THE BEST PERFORMERS DOING DIFFERENTLY? – Part I So what are the best performers doing differently than others? The short answer is that they do what we all know we need to do; they just do it better and better over a long period of time. They do not change the name of well known basic reliability and maintenance concepts, for example RBM, TPM, VDM and so on. There is nothing wrong in any of these labels and methods, but if your organization frequently starts a new initiative even before you finished the initiative you just

started two three years ago, then you will never reach the results that are achievable. Your organization will be tired of new initiatives and as a leader you will not get the followers and true support you need from your organization. If you study any of these three letter acronyms you will soon learn that all of them include about 280 elements that have to be done well in order to achieve best in class reliability and maintenance performance. (Inspections, alignment, balancing,

SLIDE 1: One option is to do nothing. If the valid work load remains the same and attrition is at the rate shown in the graph, then there will be a gradually bigger gap between valid work that needs to be done and available internal recourses. During the first six to twelve months some of this gap will be handled by fewer people forced to do more work, but soon this is not enough. After that backlog of valid work will increase, unscheduled overtime will increase, contractor hours will increase, reliability and throughput will decrease and costs will go up. I promise you!

lubrication, planning, scheduling etcetera.) We call these elements best practices and they are used by many organizations worldwide to benchmark, develop improvement plans and to measure success or the lack thereof. Please contact if you like an example. Whatever path you chose to improve your reliability and maintenance performance I recommend you stay on track with that initiative for a very long time. The best organizations understand why they need to improve. They do not only know why they need to improve, they understand why they must improve to stay competitive. Besides the obvious reasons that improved reliability will speed up throughput and reduce costs there are more reasons why you always need to continuously improve. Safety is one of them. The less you need to work with equipment the safer you are. Reliable equipment requires less hands-on interference thus reducing risks for safety incidents. If you have to adjust or repair, the task is much safer to perform if it has been professionally planned and then scheduled. One company reported to me that reactive maintenance was 29% more likely to cause an injury than if the task had been planned and scheduled before execution of task. Energy is another. Just with such simple things as cleaning of electric motors and not painting them will extend electric motor life and reduce energy consumption because the motors will run with a lower temperature. Fixing insulation and leaking

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steam traps can save much energy. Condition your pumps to run at Best Efficiency Point (BEP) can save a lot of energy and pump repairs. Of course you know this and like to do it, but if your maintenance/operations organization is too reactive, you will not find the time to do it. Future attrition of crafts people. Best organizations know how many crafts people are expected to retire and leave in the next five to seven years. They also have a plan to fill this gap between future work load and resources. In all of the countries I work at present. (Australia, Belgium, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, UK USA). There is a shortage of skilled crafts people and the future predicts an increased shortage. At the same time not many companies have good training programs or agreements with vocational schools to train for this need. Some plants have their own apprentice programs and in this economic downturn they have been forced to reduce number of employees. In a unionized organization this means that you have to lay off your future work force first. At present many organizations can find skilled people in some trades because of plant shut downs and downsizing, but skilled crafts people are often in their fifties and will soon retire. So what do best performers do? They know the rate of attrition and they have a plan to manage for the future. (Slide 1) The right thing to do is to look into how well you Execute Maintenance Prevention. (Operating practices, Alignment, Lubrication, Balancing, Filtration, Cleaning etc.)(Slide 2). Better planning and scheduling will allow people to work in a system that will enable them to become more efficient and do better quality work. (Slide 3).  Reader Reply Number: 300

SLIDE 2: Maintenance Prevention will trim down work load. If this is done well it can realistically reduce work load by 5 – 10%. Teaching operators why a steam system can not be started up too fast, what happens to an electric motor if it is started repeatedly and so on will reduce work load. Aligning a drive train to precision will reduce need for maintenance work. Lubricating right will do the same etc. You all know these things need to be done; again make sure they are executed right. These measures are not expensive to implement and they are met with high acceptance by crafts people and operators. The reason many of these basic tasks are not done with precision is not the lack of skills or knowledge, it is often that work is too reactive and not planned which calls for fast response and “I go back and fix it right later”. This leads to the next step you need to do to free up time and close the gap between work load and available recourses.

SLIDE 3: Planning refers to all activities you do to prepare a task with parts, tools, material, lock out, tag out, required craft skills and time estimate to do the task etc. Scheduling is to decide when task is to be done and who is going to do it. To become proficient in planning and scheduling and management of people can take time and has to be done on-the-job. It is a common mistake to spend time and money on training of only planners. You also need to train and implement procedures for requestors of work, front line organization leaders and crafts people. Operations also must be involved; they have a key role in defining work and setting the right priorities. In a survey of “Why Planners Do Not Plan” 1160 respondents gave “Too many emotional priorities” as the top reason as to why planning is not done.(Ref / surveys July 2009) Requestors, often representing operations set higher priorities than necessary to get the job done. This is a very common obstacle to overcome and it has to be done as part of on-the-job training and implementation.

Christer Idhammar, president IDCON INC Christer Idhammar is a world renowned expert in Reliability and Maintenance Management best practices. He started the Idhammar group of companies in Sweden in 1972 and IDCON, INC in USA 1985. In 2002 he received the Euromaintenance Incentive Award for outstanding

international contributions to improve Reliability and Maintenance in industries world wide. In May 2008 he received the Salvetti Foundation reward for best speaker among 154 speakers at Euromaintenance 2008 in Brussels. He can be reached at

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GPRS Data Logger - log and upload data to Central via SMS or GPRS 3GTrack, offers a complete line of remote data loggers, fully featured to meet the needs of data capturing and transmission in remote areas. GS828 series GPRS Data Logger can be utilized in monitoring sensors, transducers or measuring devices through I/O or RS485 port. Its huge internal memory keeps >35000 records. Data Logging and Upload Interval is user programmable from 1 min to 24 hours. Its numerous I/O supports wide application – environmental control, building management system, water or gas pipeline and distribution

substations, and power network monitoring etc.  12 analog input  16 digital input  6 pulse input  4 relay output  power level alert Server/Client Software supporting MySQL/SQL/Oracle database is available. GS828H is powered by AC or 12VDC, and backup by internal rechargeable battery. GS828L is featured with sleep mode allowing non-stop operation for >2 years with battery. GS828-H2 and GS828-L2 are integrated with additional 2 x temperature sensors and 1 x humidity sensor.  E:  Reader Reply Number: 306

ELITEpro™ Recording Poly-Phase Power Meter – Measure, log and analyze electrical loads The ELITEpro™ is a complete solution for pinpointing electric usage and quantifying energy consumption. It is a portable interval recording power meter that can measure up to four channels of current (0-6,000 amps) on voltage services up to 600V AC. Parameters that can be by measured, stored, and analyzed include Volts, Amps, Watts, Volt-Amps (VA), Volt-Amps reactive (VAR), Kilowatts (kW), Kilowatt Hours (kWh), kVAh, kVARh, and Power Factor. The ELITEpro™ also offers some power quality features such as the ability to view voltage, current, and power waveforms and calculate harmonics

to the 63rd order in real-time. Measurements are stored in onboard memory at recording intervals defined by the user. The ELITEpro™ can be powered from the phases of the service being measured with onboard battery back-up. The Windows-based ELOG™ software package is used to program the meter, display metered values, and retrieve and analyze the collected data. The ELITEpro™ can be mounted anywhere with its magnetic back and is available in an optional weather-tight enclosure.  DENT INSTRUMENTS    

64 NW Franklin Avenue Bend, Oregon 97701 541.388.4774 (p) 800.388.0770 (toll free) Reader Reply Number: 303

NEW 8-Channel Data Recorders The new SRD-99 series record and display process or temperature signals in numeric, tabular or graphical format. Ideal for industrial, building services and process control applications. Choice of 1, 4 or 8channel versions; with Pt100/500/1000 or 0/4 to 20mA inputs. Each input can be simply named, ranged and captioned by the user – using the front key operated menu. Data recording is automatic, or by an externally controlled input, with sample intervals from one second up to one hour. The internal memory – up to 8MB – can store 2 million data points. All versions feature a built-in RS-485 (Modbus RTU) serial port for configuration and data transfer to analysis/archiving software. Data can also be transferred by a memory stick, with the USB port option. All models are in compact 96x96mm panel mounting housings. A lockable clear plastic hinged front door accessory provides IP 42 protection. Full information here  Metrix Electronics Ltd  T: +44 (0)1256 864150  Reader Reply Number: 304

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FTR FAULTRACKER The model FTR Faultracker is a new concept designed specifically for fault finding and monitoring and data logging tasks on electrical systems. Modern electrical control systems are complex. Sooner or later, they go wrong. Faultfinding is a tedious, time-consuming task. If the fault is intermittent, it can become a nightmare. The FTR has the ability to monitor many inputs simultaneously and to be able to ‘unravel’ fast sequences. It will monitor, display and record 16 points within an electrical system such that:  the state of the system can be seen at a glance.  monitoring can be achieved at a safe distance.  ‘fast’ events can be replayed

one step at a time.  intermittent faults can be ‘captured’.  it can be left for days or weeks until triggered by a fault condition. Using the FTR has been proven to reduce frustration and down time simply by being able to replay the true state of the system step by step at the moment the fault occurs.  Laplace Instruments Ltd


3B, Middlebrook Way CROMER Norfolk NR27 9JR T: 01263 51 51 60 F: 01263 51 25 32 E:

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GRANT INSTRUMENTS launches Wi-Fi enabled Squirrel portable data logger The Squirrel Wi-Fi data loggers feature built-in Standard 802.11 wireless Ethernet (Wi-Fi) capability which allows easy integration with existing wireless networks in scientific laboratories, offices and factories. Users can now connect their computer remotely to the logger to retrieve data and reprogram the device without the need for communications cabling or expensive converter boxes. With multiple 24-bit analogueto-digital converters and up to 16 true differential or 32 single ended analogue inputs, the Wi-Fi Squirrel data loggers are an out-of-the-box solution for a wide range of data logging applications. These include industrial testing and research, vehicle testing or engine monitoring, scientific and environmental research, and quality assurance. Nathan Neal, commercial manager for data acquisition products at Grant Instruments, said: “The Squirrel Wi-Fi enabled handheld data loggers’ combine high performance and universal inputs with the simplicity of wireless networking in a compact and easy-to-use instrument. As a result, it will be particularly useful for data collection applications where the user is remote from the data logger, for example on moving equipment or machinery, or from

distant office or facility.” The high precision Squirrel WiFi data loggers can store up to 10 million readings in the onboard memory - additional storage is available via a removable Multimedia (MMC) or SD card. The unit also features up to 16 calculated/derived channels, 4 alarm outputs for triggering external devices, USB and RS232 serial ports and is powered from internal cells, an external power supply or via a USB connection. SquirrelView set-up and download software for a PC is provided as part of the system to enable users to export stored data to a chosen PC-based application. Customers that are registered for Grant’s web server application can also upload the data automatically to a dedicated web page and thereby allow authorised personnel to access the latest data via their web browser. The Grant data acquisition product range extends from high specification, portable data logging systems (Squirrel family) through to fully integrated custom-configurable acquisition and control systems (dataTaker family), while Eltek, the Cambridge-based Grant affiliate, produces Squirrel variants primarily for remote logging. All products come with a 3 year warranty. OEM versions of most products are available on request.  T: +44 (0) 1763 260811  E:  Reader Reply Number: 308

Race Technology Race Technology initially developed the DL1 data logger for motorsport use. It did however soon become clear that it was also suitable for different applications. The DL1 has a built in 3 axis 2g accelerometer (6g optional) and uses a high precision 5Hz GPS (optional 20Hz) to measure position and speed. The DL1 is also a highly configurable unit with easy automation available. The DL1 can for example record a continuous loop of a specified time and only write the information to the compact flash card if a specified event has occurred. Armed with these built in features and the ability to log

up to 8 analogue inputs and 4 frequency inputs at 100Hz, the DL1 has become a very attractive solution for industrial data logging, including railway, marine and production line monitoring. Not only is the DL1 packed with features, it is also one of the best value for money data loggers on the market, from £499.00+VAT. Also available from Race Technology are the DL2 and VIDEO4 data/video recorder.  Race-Technology After12 King Street, Eastwood Nottingham NG16 3DA  Reader Reply Number: 307

Wireless Sensors interface

to Conventional BMS BluBug has recently launched a completely new and innovative way to benefit from wireless sensors without having to change your existing infrastructure. Our wireless sensors boast a 5 year battery life measuring temperature with the option of humidity too. Sensors use the latest meshing digital radio technology to create a robust wireless sensor network. Measurements are transmitted across the network to a DIN Rail Gateway which supports eight 0-10V outputs. These can be scaled to your requirements and tied to the output of any of the sensors. The industry standard signals can be linked directly to your standard BMS or PLC

control system. The DIN Rail Gateway also features an Ethernet port for remote monitoring of the system or logging of measurements. To benefit from the low cost of installation and to eliminate running cables, call James Wilson on our free phone number 0800 756 5396 or email  BluBug Ltd    

27 The Crescent Emsworth PO10 8JS, UK T: 0800 7565396 E: Reader Reply Number: 309

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TopMessage and ProfiSignal

– industrial data acquisition The modular TopMessage Data Loggers from Delphin are capable of independent acquisition and monitoring of any required measurement value (e.g. temperature, pressure, flow, vibration). Simple integration of the compact Message devices within an existing company network allows any department to access measurement data via a desktop PC. The data is saved directly scaled and lineated (e.g. bar, Litre/sec, m/min, °C). Thermocouple and RTD sensor scaling is preconfigured. Every input is true differential with galvanic insulation.

has also free configurable parameter screens to store and load recipe files for various tests. ProfiSignal enables access to historical data at speeds not previously achieved and provides a smooth transition between online and offline evaluation. For evaluation purposes, Yt, Yx, orbit, FFT and logic analysis diagrams are provided. The Logger is supplied with the software ProfiSignal. This is a SCADA system for industrial applications, monitoring, quality assurance, test bench automation, lifecycle testing, vibration monitoring and analysis. The

software enables users to create their own automated test stand applications. The development environment “Programming by Selection� allows the user to pick commands from a list box of pre defined code blocks. The software

 DAQ Solutions Ltd Scada & Data acquisition


T/F: +44 (0) 1226 341440 M: +44(0) 7595 024 353 Reader Reply Number: 302


aM&T Sub-Metering Sub-Me terin ng Systems Systems

Power Quality Analysers

Energy Data Loggers

Power Factor Correction

Flexible ccost-effective ost-effective met metering ering forr all utilities ut ilities and every every type typpe of business. W Wee hhave ha ve the th hhardware, hardware, software, sooft ftware, networking networking ki and inst installation allation skills to supply the package pac kage you you need, onn time time and on budget. budget.

High performance instruments for the most demanding energy and power qquality analysis applications designed aand built to the highest quality standards. Supplied complete with the latest Su windows software. win

Easy to use portable data loggers for electricity and general utility monitoring. Safe, non-invasive.

#OST EFFECTIVEAUTOMATIC0&#UNITSFOR fast payback and real savings.












s 4OUGHWATERPROOFCASES (3 phase analysers) s 3IMPLE7INDOWSSOFTWARE s !VAILABLETOHIRE www .elcom t 01279 01279 503 503173 173 f 01279 01279 654441 654441 e sales@elcom Unit 5, Southmill Trading Trading Centre, Centre, Bishopâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Stortford, Stortford, Hertfordshire H ordshire CM23 3DY Hertf 3DY


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ONLINE CONDITION MONITORING In an uncertain world you can’t afford to lose productivity or incur unnecessary and avoidable expenses. You need a solution that meets the demands of your business. It has to be smart, sophisticated, rugged and easy to use

Timken Online

INTELLIGENCE SYSTEM With variable speeds, temperatures, loads and more, your equipment is constantly exposed to an extreme range of operating conditions that make trending and analyzing data difficult. These variations require a reliability solution as flexible as the conditions your equipment will face. Our online wireless

monitoring solution allows you to adjust alarms to meet current conditions and still handle fluctuations. The conditions targeted by Timken detection include:  Misalignment  Vibration analysis  Unbalances shafts  Shaft deflections  Bearing conditions

 Lubrication  Gear damage  Mechanical looseness Timken is where you turn for reliability solutions customized for your business. With a combination of shockpulse, FFT, vibration analysis and more we can provide early detection of potential failures, allowing for better maintenance

planning, reduced downtime and increased cost savings.  Mr. Val Papiernik  Timken Coventry LTD Progress Close, Leofric Business Park, Binley Coventry CV3 2TF UK  T: +44 (0) 2476 296 920  F: +44 (0) 2476 296 993

 Reader Reply Number: 310

Pruftechnik Condition Monitoring GmbH, an established supplier of vibration-based Condition Monitoring Systems for machines and plants, is presenting the intelligent FFT data collector and signal analyzer for use in hazardous environments



for explosive atmospheres – the new FFT analyzer has protection class II 2 G EEx ib IIC T4 This innovative product is the next phase in the systematic development of the world’s most successful FFT analyzer for monitoring and diagnosis of machine conditions. VIBXPERT® EX finds application in the

chemical industry, refineries, oil and gas production and all other sectors of industry where hazardous areas demand explosion-proof measuring systems. Ex class II 2 G EEx ib IIC T4 meets the most stringent

demands for Ex protection. Therefore no hot permits or other means of protection are needed for most areas.  PRÜFTECHNIK Condition Monitoring GmbH Oskar-Messter-Straße 19-21

85737 Ismaning


T: +49 89 99616-235 F: +49 89 99616-300 Reader Reply Number: 311

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5FM8FCXXXUDBSETEJSFDUDPN For more information quote EMS Enquiry No. 104 on IBC

We can show you the way... Proviso Systems Ltd provide condition monitoring and predictive maintenance products and services predominantly to the UK market. We utilise techniques including vibration monitoring, thermal imaging, oil analysis and integrated plant management philosophies.

Let us light the way to protecting your business... Vibration Analysis Thermography Oil Analysis Hydraulic Circuit Testing RCM

Balance & Laser Alignment Pulley Alignment Electrical Inspection & Testing Motor Current Analysis Equipment Criticality Audits

Tel: +44 (0)1777 817536


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How the management team at Aunt Bessie’s have harnessed CMMS and OEE Systems to inform Operational Excellence programmes and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) initiatives, delivering significant savings...

OPERATIONAL excellence and TPM

go hand-in-hand at Aunt Bessie’s Looking at the brand logo, you might think that the sturdy figure of Aunt Bessie suggests a liking for her own Yorkshire puddings. Yet Aunt Bessie takes the concept of ‘lean’ much more seriously for her manufacturing processes, with few organisations better demonstrating the importance of a strategic approach to lean manufacturing. Since 2005, Aunt Bessie’s manufacturing plants in Hull have been able to achieve millions of pounds in savings by using an integrated approach to continuous improvement. Stuart Drysdale, Manufacturing Director at Aunt Bessie’s insists that; “It’s no good just concentrating or production performance. Availability is the first metric for OEE and nine times out of ten that’s about efficient and effective maintenance management. So in my book, operational excellence and total productive maintenance absolutely go together.”

Manufacturing for growth Aunt Bessie’s has been one of the fastest growing brands in the UK food market over the last decade. A combination of factors which include economic climate conditions that have witnessed a resurgence of frozen foods, a careful but committed product development strategy, and ringing endorsements from celebrity chef, Delia Smith, have resulted in Aunt Bessie’s achieving a retail sales value in excess of £170 million in 2008 and a 9% annual growth rate (compared to just 1.1% across the frozen food sector). A further part of the success has been the result of careful licensing of the Aunt Bessie's brand, including the multi £m range of frozen potato products, made under licence by H.J. Heinz Frozen & Chilled Foods Ltd. There are two Aunt Bessie’s sites located together in Hull operating twentyfour hours per day, five days per week

with 350 staff producing a range of meals, recipe dishes and more than 20 million of Aunt Bessie’s famous Yorkshire Puddings each week. Harnessing technology In 2004, Aunt Bessie’s embarked on an ambitious programme of operational excellence to keep pace with business growth and combat competitive pressure. This programme continues today supported by an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) System which drives and informs continuous improvement and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) at the site. The goal of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is to increase equipment effectiveness so that each piece of equipment can be operated and maintained to its full potential. However, in order to maximize equipment effectiveness, you need a measurement tool that can help you understand your

11 EMS July/Aug 2009


equipment problems so you can take steps to eliminate them. The key to this understanding is Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) which links three elements in one percentage: the time the machine is actually running, the quantity of products the machine is turning out, and the quantity of good output. OEE Systems go beyond the basic OEE score allowing you to identify all elements of waste including time, materials, resources and energy loss. Following a rigorous tender process, Aunt Bessie’s implemented the Idhammar OEE System in addition to their maintenance management system, as Stuart Drysdale explains; “When we were looking at the OEE System from Idhammar, we came across their complementary CMMS and decided to kill two birds with one stone. Up to that point, we had been running maintenance using spreadsheets; they simply weren’t good enough.” Setting the agenda The systems were brought in to support a single change agenda established as a core business process across all management levels. The key elements included: Consistent use of data and reports The OEE system provides more than the simple OEE metric. Powerful reporting against key performance indicators provides accurate management information at the touch of a button; “We can display graphs showing performance for the last 24 hours, 24 days or 24 months by line, product or asset, as well as MTBF, time spent by engineers on the line or top events – and drill down into quality, availability and so on.” The reports enable the management team and staff of Aunt Bessie’s in Hull to share the same performance data and by clicking on any aspect of the report, staff can drill down a number of additional levels to gain insight into specific underlying causes, Clear leadership By sharing a common understanding of the major losses identified by the OEE System at any one time, the management team is able to establish clear priorities. Furthermore an integrated improvement agenda within the system allows priorities to be turned into action plans with appropriate milestones and status flags. An improvement agenda is also a powerful persuasion tool. Each time a review session identifies what needs to be

done, you can record the actions for each participant including costs, savings, target completion and review dates. It is then possible to record the progress made and prevent problems dropping off the list. Whilst CI teams and front line managers need to see the OEE and loss details, more senior managers can just review the improvement traffic lights to check that their teams are making progress. Establishing a culture of continuous improvement It’s all well and good having an industry standard measurement in place to gauge how well you’re doing, but it’s what you do with it that counts. Improvement teams on each of the Aunt Bessie’s lines are given accountability and responsibility to identify and work on the top three issues revealed by the OEE system. “Despite its extensive functionality, the OEE System is straight-forward to use by anyone in the plant. This further supports our culture of ownership and responsibility.” One of the rules at Aunt Bessie’s is to convert losses to their cash equivalent in order to make them visible. In the same way, they are able to measure the profitability improvements gained by each percentage OEE improvement - and reward accordingly. Mitigating risk Changes to process, standards or equipment are piloted locally before being rolled out across the factory, balancing the need for cost-control with encouraging more creative solutions. The OEE System can provide data to show the impact of these improvements, and “what-if” analysis can be used to assess the difference made by the absence or presence of a particular attribute. Revisiting the maintenance basics Stuart Drysdale suggests that “Maintenance has to be a part of any production improvement”. The CMMS provides coordinated maintenance schedules, controls spares and stock levels and records critical jobs and materials requirements. By supporting predictive maintenance, the CMMS reduces unplanned stoppages and uses labour and materials more effectively, including the planned stocking of long-lead items. A well known formula from Peter Willmott, internationally renowned authority on TPM, suggests that for every 100 unplanned breakdowns and stoppages:

12 EMS July/Aug 2009

 40 can be fixed by restoring equipment to standard conditions  25 can be fixed by regular and relevant condition monitoring  20 can be fixed by daily asset care checks  15 can be fixed by designing out physical weaknesses in the system With the CMMS, Aunt Bessie’s has been able to focus on the top three maintenance strategies, rather than jumping to the last point. Over the past 12 months the site has also implemented reliability centred maintenance (RCM) programmes, further supporting the TPM programme and Aunt Bessie’s strategic goal of improving performance. Focussing on staff development In addition, a wide range of TPM techniques have been implemented at Aunt Bessie’s including single-point lessons. As areas for training are identified, single-point lessons break them down into manageable chunks that can be rolled-out across the site via short presentations or a one-page document on a specific improvement topic. The proof of the pudding... “The OEE System highlights losses, drives our improvement agenda and, in the end, leads to improved effectiveness, a better working environment, and big bottom line improvements.” Aunt Bessie’s has calculated that 1% of OEE improvement across every line is worth around £150,000 of savings per year. “Our minimum improvement last year was 14% and our best was 47%, so the system paid for itself in a couple of months.” Stuart Drysdale admits that the system isn’t yet watertight; it relies on manual rather than automated data entry which means that the production data may be eight hours behind. At the end of each shift, the line manager enters data ranging from shift pattern to production numbers and problems experienced, using the system to pick assets and log downtime against each. Automated data capture would provide real-time manufacturing performance to support faster decision making, however, for now the combination of lean, TPM and OEE is clearly delivering impressive results for Aunt Bessie’s.    

Tel: +44 (0)117 920 9400 Email: Reader Reply Number: 312

ATEX Oil in water monitoring is now easier than ever with the ultra-low maintenance, low cost TD-1000C continuous oil in water monitor


is now easier than ever The TD-1000C comes to you complete and ready to run right out of the box with stainless steel mounting panel, isolation valves and calibration fluid. It includes 4 – 20ma and discrete alarm outputs. Using UV Fluorescence measurement technology, the TD-1000C is a continuation of

the line of oil in water monitoring products including the TD-500D hand held oil in water analyzer. Our instruments are ideal for preventing oil contamination in Industrial Waste Water, Steam Heating and Open and Closed Loop Cooling water systems. Our TD-1000C monitors have

AUTOMATIC LUBRICATORS A.T.S. Electro-Lube offer a full range of self contained Automatic lubricators

Electro Series

Electro-Luber Series — ATEX certified gas driven Lubricators in 4 sizes filled with the grease that the user requires. Refill/recycling service for used units

Ultimate Series

Ultimate Series — Refillable high pressure Lubricators for single or multi-point applications Refilled by grease gun

Titan Series

Titan Series — Refillable high pressure lubricators For single or multi-point application Refilled by changing standard grease cartridge

a wide range of operation from low ppb to hundreds of ppm with internal compensation for cell condition and suspended solids. Accuracy and repeatability is better than laboratory methods in most cases. 15 years of total focus on Hydrocarbon in Water Monitoring makes us the industry leader in

applications knowledge from crude oil production to ultra pure water.  2023 N. Gateway Blvd., Suite 101, Fresno CA 93727 USA


T: (559) 253-1414 F: (559) 253-1090 Reader Reply Number: 313

Dust and fume extraction hoses from Masterflex

 Temperature range -260°C to +1100°C  Size range 38 mm to 900 mm  Very flexible, small bend radius  Long service life, low operating costs  Suitable installation and connecting systems

A.T.S. Electro-Lube (UK) Ltd 383L Jedburgh Court, Team Valley Trading Estate, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, NE11 0BQ Telephone: 0191 4914212 Fax: 0191 4914224 Email: Web: For more information quote EMS Enquiry No. 106 on IBC

Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd GB-Oldham OL1 4ER Tel: 0161 626 8066 PU / FABRIC HOSES



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To ensure that you have the smartest, most economical facility management tools available to make strategic decisions about your facility, CWorks Systems introduces CareWorks – an internet accessed, on-demand CMMS for facility managers CareWorks by CWorks Systems allows you to manage your facility ‘virtually’ through any internet browser; thus, critical time and related costs are saved, improving your company’s bottom line. To determine your potential cost savings, visit our website at and use our online time calculator. Determine how much time and money you would save by using CWorks CMMS. CareWorks provides:  Mobility  Use by multiple facilities anywhere, anytime  Data-driven reports and

executive spreadsheets  24/7 Customer Support CareWorks eliminates:  Cost of IT support  Initial capital cost of an Internet server  Cost of the Server and Network maintenance Special Offer - For a limited time only, CWorks Systems is offering a FREE Lenovo S10 Netbook or equivalent for any yearly subscription of CareWorks. See for details.  Reader Reply Number: 314

25 years of experience in the field of maintenance

API PRO – the flexible maintenance system MADE FOR INTERNET: The new version of API PRO called Open.7 is due for release in October and will include complete EAM functionality based on thin client Windows technology ensuring excellent performance when operated by the internet. API PRO Open.7 also includes a variety of new features directed at the needs of international groups and companies. Handling of multiple currencies together with multi-language support for naming of e.g. spare parts fit the needs of international companies with extensive maintenance needs. BROWSER-BASED APPLICATIONS: API PRO utilizes the flexibility of a Windowsbased client combined with the accessibility of WEB browser based applications. E.g. the Job Request Portal enables API PRO users to request and access any job request regardless of whether API PRO is installed on the computer they have access to.

WEB HOSTING: API Maintenance Systems offers as a service to host your entire API PRO solution for you (SaaS). All your company needs is WEB access from your computer. All necessary software and hardware for running API PRO is supplied, installed and maintained by us and hosted in a secure server at our outsourcing partner. API MAINTENANCE SYSTEMS API Maintenance Systems develops, markets and supports the API PRO maintenance management software. API PRO is installed in >50 countries by leading companies in a variety of industries and organizations to maintain plants, facilities and equipment.    

API Maintenance Systems Reader Reply Number: 315

14 EMS July/Aug 2009


Too often organisations implement an EAM (Enterpise Asset Management) system and find the benefits claimed in the original business case are not delivered. In many cases the performance of the maintenance department may have regressed whilst dealing with the aftermath post implementation. Significant resource is often required to bridge the gaps in processes, resource requirements or system functionality that can appear. So what is it that goes wrong and how can the true potential of the EAM system potential be unlocked?


of your EAM system Why is an EAM needed? Fundamental to the objectives of any Asset Manager is the basic requirement to optimise the level of investment of its assets to yield the maximum value at the optimum sustainable cost. To be effective in delivering this objective requires a sound understanding of the business drivers and context in which they operate. Faced with this task, effective measurement systems are necessary to manage the asset base, associated work and costs and to track improvement progress. In recent years there has been a shift in many organisations from purely maintenance focussed to a broader ranging asset management remit. Many organisations are aspiring to be less reactive and more proactive to avoid the direct and indirect losses of unplanned failures of its assets. The more developed organisations now consider the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Total Life Cycleâ&#x20AC;? costs of ownership, and are taking a longer term view of their assets planning ahead to ensure continued business performance . They are relying on the collection and reporting of timely and accurate asset performance data to make critical and best value decisions about their assets. This whole life approach can maximise benefit by reducing both capital and revenue expenditure and increase the return on the investments made by

managing the asset base more effectively with one set of numbers that is easily transferable from one function to another. The EAM is the link between the asset management strategy, the processes and competencies employed and the people who use the system. This framework surely should provide the perfect vehicle for maintaining assets proactively but too often this is not the case with one or more of these essential elements failing to deliver.

Why do organisations invest so heavily in implementation of EAM systems? The decision to Investment in a new or upgraded EAM system requires consideration to a broad range of internal and external factors and as investment can be significant securing of funding generally requires a sound business case to justify the expenditure. Typically, improved equipment effectiveness, efficiencies in resource and material management, improved cost

Figure 1: Linking Business Strategy to Performance Monitoring

15 EMS July/Aug 2009


control and EHS performance to name a few may well be quoted as quantifiable benefits associated with implementation of the system. Implementation of a new EAM system can be both daunting and a resource hungry activity, especially if there is a need to gather or cleanse extensive data of plant, equipment and inventory and revise inadequate legacy maintenance plans. The desire to implement an EAM system may be driven by a number of factors:  Legacy system(s) are unsupported and/or holding back progress.  A new system will ensure the organisation will be able to implement a real continuous improvement programme.  The last auditor said we need a new system.  A system is required that is common to all functions.  All our major competitors have one.  Common ways of working and systems are required across the company.  Improved data management is required to meet regulatory or statutory requirements.  A need to control or reduce costs.  Asset and maintenance performance is below required standards. Any of this sound familiar? I am sure it does and with such compelling requirements to change why not! Well the truth is generally there is nothing wrong with the case for change but it is how the change programme is implemented, that can result in the disconnect between the identified improvements and the ability to deliver real value. So what can go wrong? When implementing a new EAM it is imperative that there is alignment between the system

configuration the business processes and the people that are to use the system. Frequently, the system is configured and licences provided based on organisational structures that are not sustainable or around poorly developed processes. System operating blueprints may well be developed based on known ways of working and are difficult to adapt to necessary changes in organisation or processes due to changes in business priorities or as the competency of the organisation develops. Hence at ‘go live’, there is often misalignment between required ways of working and those developed during the implementation phase. This manifests itself with staff either unable or unwilling to operate the system due to organisational, cultural, financial or operational constraints. Thus, the quality of data collected is often incomplete or inaccurate making effective decision making difficult. Even if the data is collected effectively, utilising it to drive an improvement agenda can be problematic. Often KPI’s are not clearly defined and understood and reporting functionality is not efficient. The reporting and analysis functionality of the EAM must be efficient and dynamic to allow the Asset Manager to identify trends and deviation from desired levels of performance and be proactive in driving the improvement programme. Unfortunately, too often KPI’s are selected that are not appropriate by way of format or level of detail for the target audience to be beneficial. At senior level the link to the Business Strategy may also not be that obvious resulting in the value of the KPI’s being challenged and thus not supported. Hence, the desired levels of improvement are not achieved or resource remains focussed on the wrong business priorities.

16 EMS July/Aug 2009

So how can you unlock the Potential of your EAM system? The Value Driven Maintenance (VDM) methodology is prescribed in the renowned “New faith in maintenance” book and is increasingly being used by organisations to benchmark performance to derive the improvement agenda and quantify its value. The VDM control panel is increasing becoming the standard for EAM and CMMS KPI reporting and performance monitoring. The control panel provides the link between the strategy, processes and performance. It provides a standardised range of proven KPI’s and processes linked to clearly defined competencies that support the development of a valuable and professional maintenance organisation. This will enable an organisation to benchmark internally and externally performance in a reliable and consistent way. However, to drive improvement at a local level an extensive range of drill downs

are made available to explain the value of the KPI and to support further detailed analysis. The drill downs discharge into a portal in which all related Performance Indicators (PI’s) and their trends are visualised. This efficient and dynamic monitoring of performance allows the maintenance manager to truly unlock the potential of the EAM with information that will support effective decision making at the right level and at the right time. Conclusion EAM systems can provide significant business benefit, but the IT system must be aligned with the processes and people. If true potential is to be unlocked data gathered must be accurate and timely and support KPI’s that can be efficiently reported to the right people at the right time and that are aligned to the business strategy.  Reader Reply Number: 315

Figure 2: Right, information, right people, right time

Figure 3: Example - Drill down to drive improved Asset Utilisation performance


An Atlas Copco compressor is at the heart of an aeration system using compressed air to agitate the water and overcome the build up of silt against the tidal doors that protect the guillotine gates of the Denver Sluice on the River Great Ouse, near Downham Market in Norfolk

ATLAS COPCO COMPRESSOR aids Norfolk waterway de-silting The sluice controls the water levels over parts of the fens and prevents high tides from flooding low-lying areas. Over the past couple of years the Environment Agency has had to dredge up to four metres of silt from in front of the gates and downstream of Denver Lock because only a limited amount of water had been allowed to flow from the three ‘eyes’ of the sluice due to a prolonged period of dry weather. The decision to bring the ‘eyes’ which include the upstream guillotine gates back into full service was hampered by the inability to move the silted up tidal doors (mitre gate type) protecting them. Rob Barker, the Project Manager from the Environment Agency, Anglian Region, sought the expertise of their NEECA Framework Consultants, Royal

Haskoning, to develop his concept for an aeration system. The task fell to David Goodman, Principal Mechanical Engineer with Royal Haskoning based in their Leeds Office, who developed the initial concept to outline design stage and produced the specification and tender drawings for the system. The final details for the design, along with the supply and installation of the equipment was provided by Atlas Copco’s main distributor in the area, Anglian Compressors, based in Peterborough. Commending the support received David Goodman said: “The level of assistance provided by both Anglian Compressors and Atlas Copco’s technical team was excellent and greatly contributed to the success of the project;

and as expected the equipment supplied and quality of installation was first class.” The complete installation comprised a GA15 VSD 15 kW rotary screw compressor together with an LV500 air receiver and a PD 60 oil filter, housed in a purpose-built GRP kiosk located on site, together with associated pipework and control valves/manifolds. The aeration system itself comprised three concentric loops of galvanised steel pipework installed in front of each gate. Four mm holes were drilled at 100mm intervals in sections of the pipework loops with each concentration of holes covering a different section of the individual gate/sill. A set of ball valves was configured to allow independent control of each loop for concentrated aeration at

17 EMS July/Aug 2009


higher pressures and also flushing of the system in either direction. The decision to install a variable speed drive version of the GA15 compressor – capable of delivering air at the rate of 16 - 48 l/s at a pressure of 7 bar(e) – was influenced by the ability of the VSD compressor to match output to demand for optimum energy efficiency and to minimise starting currents without energy penalty. The system is now operated regularly during outgoing tides which carry the silt downstream and all the indications are that the system will continue to be effective in keeping the front of the tidal gates free from any silt build-up. Commenting on the project, Rob Barker said: “The Environment Agency is very pleased with the early results of the compressed air aeration process. We would certainly consider installing similar systems in other locations experiencing this type of problem.”  Reader Reply Number: 316

Boge Compressors Ltd. officially launched the Polaris® range of industrial oil-free turbo compressors to the UK marketplace at an event held earlier this month

RELIABLE, EFFICIENT and 100% oil free compressed air The three stage Polaris® turbo compressors extends Boge capabilities to deliver 100% oil-free compressed from 225 to more than 1,500 kW. In order to achieve this, Boge has made a strategic alliance with FS-Elliotts Co., LLC to deliver their turbo technology exclusively throughout Europe. The Turbo stages have been tailored for compressed air production and are proven worldwide through the brand name Polaris®. These compressors are already providing 100% oil-free,

reliable and efficient compressed air for large consumers worldwide including car production plants, electronics manufacturing, food, beverages, and the pharmaceutical industries. The sophisticated design of these turbo compressors has come from decades of accumulated experience and knowledge. A robust and reliable industrial design, simple and low cost installation through to ease of operation and maintenance are all benefits realised by existing users. Importantly – and, with

18 EMS July/Aug 2009

energy efficiency being such a key concern on every Plant Manager’s mind - the Polaris® range has been developed to ensure optimised operational efficiency throughout the entire year keeping associated energy costs to a minimum. David Burton, the UK General Manager of Boge commented “We already have some turbo compressors installed within the UK and Ireland which are working perfectly for our customers who are enjoying the reliability that comes with these state-ofthe-art compressors.”

The three stage Turbo compressors from 225 to more than 1,500 kW fit perfectly into new or existing installations and will provide enormous efficiency increases  Reader Reply Number: 317

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By incorporating special lubricant metering discs on its range of linear recirculating roller bearings and guideway assemblies, Schaeffler has reduced lubricant consumption by more than 25 per cent compared to conventional designs

METERING VALVES CUT lubricant consumption by 25 per cent on linear guidance systems A range of linear recirculating roller bearings and guidance systems are now available with special lubricant metering valves, which provide precise doses of lubricant to the linear guides, reducing lubricant consumption by more than 25 per cent compared to standard designs, reducing maintenance and servicing costs and preserving resources for the customer. Schaeffler’s RUE-E range of roller monorail guidance systems can now be fitted with special lubricant metering valves to ensure that the lubricant is precisely metered under all operating conditions, regardless of the guide’s mounting position. This is made possible because of several key design factors. First, Schaeffler uses a patented injection moulding technology to produce the saddle plate, which, combined with the various connection options for relubrication at the front, rear and side of the carriage end, and the special design of the end pieces – the lubricant is directed precisely at the rolling elements. This not only minimises relubrication quantities, but also improves the reliability of the guide and is kinder to the environment. John Loonam, Linear Product Specialist at Schaeffler UK comments: “Basically, the

O rings in a standard linear guidance system are replaced with the SMDS metering valves. A paper seal is placed between the end plate and the lubrication duct, which prevents leakage of the lubricant from the ends, resulting in a reduction of more than 25 per cent in lubricant consumption compared to standard designs. Only one valve per side and rolling element loop is required and one lubrication connector per carriage.” Several years ago, Schaeffler’s Linear Technology specialists developed a relubrication and sealing component kit that contained a metering system for minimising lubricant quantities and various sealing elements. These provided optimal sealing of the lubricant duct for the standard INA-branded roller monorail guidance systems. The latest SMDS integrated metering valve option offers high reliability with only one lubrication hole per carriage, independent of the roller monorail guidance system’s mounting position and operating conditions. With conventional roller monorail guidance systems, the relubrication duct between the lubrication hole on the linear guide and the rolling elements can

20 EMS July/Aug 2009

become empty, depending on the mounting position and operating conditions. This means more lubricant is required during relubrication to ensure reliable operation and because it takes the lubricant longer to reach its desired destination. With centralised lubrication systems, only one specific dose is provided per impulse, which can be a problem. This can lead to the lubricant arriving late in the rolling elements or, at worst, lubricant starvation. This problem is exacerbated when the guide is mounted at an angle of 90 degrees, often resulting in insufficient supply of lubricant to the upper rolling element rows. In extreme cases, this can cause damage to the rolling elements and raceway, leading to the complete failure of the linear system. The new SMDS metering valves replace the standard O-ring seals. These prevent the lubricant duct from running dry, avoid inadequate lubrication or over metering, and allow precise relubrication with very small, precise quantities. The linear guides have only one valve per side and function irrespective of mounting position.  Reader Reply Number: 318


PERFECT CONTRAST Small features can make a big difference to the functionality of a thermal imaging camera and the new contrast optimiser on the FLIR top-of-the-range BSeries model, the B600, is no exception. This camera and its counterpart in the FLIR P-Series plant maintenance range are the first commercial models to have this feature. It is a special algorithm that allows details in

contrast-rich infrared images to be seen with greater distinction. By optimising the adjustment of brightness and contrast all image details are enhanced equally regardless of the temperature range in which they happen to be. This means the thermal detail of a small hot object will be as clear as the detail of its cold background that represents the dominating temperature range.

The image of the cat shows this feature off well but in reality the sector to benefit the most from this capability will be building inspection. Often the cold background, such as the sky, dominates an image requiring the operator to adjust the settings manually to achieve crisper detail on the target. Contrast optimisation does this

automatically contributing to the camera’s overall ease of use. It decreases the need for manual adjustment of level and span while preserving background detail. The FLIR camera operator can therefore concentrate on the image rather than the camera control.  +44(0)1732 220011  Reader Reply Number: 319

CUT OUT THE WAITING with the MDM300 Advanced Dew-point Hygrometer Michell Instruments’ MDM300 advanced dew-point hygrometer can save engineers weeks of waiting time each year. Recent research into the operation of Michell Instruments’ ceramic sensor technology has helped the MDM300 provide faster measurements. Dew points as low as -70°C can now be measured accurately in less than 10 minutes – faster in many cases. This super-fast response does not rely on the sensor being dried by a desiccant, which means that every measurement is fast – not just the first of the day – allowing for many more measurements to be taken each day. However, this is not the only way in which the MDM300 cuts out waiting. Efficient nickel metal hydride batteries and power management circuitry provide the user with 48 hours of use between charges – giving much more time in the field making

measurements. In addition a flat battery can be recharged to 90% of its full potential in just 20 minutes, thanks to the intelligent charger. With its Bluetooth connection, the MDM300 connects wirelessly to a PC. This means no more time lost in locating, untangling and plugging in cables. Set-up of the instrument and downloading of logged data is therefore quick and simple. A number of cost-effective and easilyportable sampling systems are available for the MDM300 to ensure accurate measurements and help prolong the life of the sensor. These range from simple fixed orifices for low pressure measurement all the way to high-quality configurable sampling systems for pressures up to 400 BarG, designed for use in natural gas and other demanding process environments.

To maximize flexibility, measurements can be taken by means of external sensors which are easily connected to the MDM300. These sensors can be used display dew point, pressure or temperature or can be used to provide pressure and temperature compensation to the displayed moisture parameters.  01353 658 000  Reader Reply Number: 320

21 EMS July/Aug 2009


CEM successfully employed ACCELEROMETERS APPROVED in gas turbine power generator applications for over 20 years

The Signal Ambitech “Emirak” CEM has been successfully employed in gas turbine power generator applications throughout the world for the past 20 years. Currently over 3000MW of electricity is being generated in the UK by plants using this equipment including a recent installation in Baglan Bay, South Wales, for the advanced 9H gas turbine manufactured by General Electric. Successful emissions monitoring from gas turbine power generators requires appropriate consideration of their unique characteristics and how they differ from other large

combustion processes. When selecting CEMS equipment for gas turbines, it is important to choose a system designed specifically for this application. The Signal Emirak is a heated, extractive system, which utilises a chemiluminescent NOx analyser with sensitivity to NOx well within the 75ppm range noted above and it is now being tested for MCERTS approval in the UK. This approval is expected such that the system fully complies with EN14181 within the implementation timescale set out by the Environment Agency.  Signal Group Ltd     

Ambitech Division, Regal Way, Faringdon, Oxfordshire SN7 7BX T: 01367 242660 F: 01367 242700 E: Reader Reply Number: 321

METALLURGICAL FAILURE ANALYSIS Exova has many years of experience in conducting metallurgical failure analysis and related field investigations across a wide range of industry sectors. Our clients include manufacturers dealing with customer complaints, consumer protection bodies, insurance companies, end users (from all major industry sectors e.g. oil and gas and aerospace), importers and those interested in reverse engineering. Exova has professionally qualified metallurgists, chemists, materials and polymer scientists who are experienced in report preparation

for litigation support, performing routine product verification and failure analysis reports. Exova’s laboratories are equipped to provide a full analytical, mechanical testing and component testing service. Exova has a large number of scanning electron microscopes, fitted with analytical accessories, plus light microscopes and photographic systems. Portable chemical analysis and metallographic equipment is available to facilitate the in-situ examination of failed components (where the component cannot be removed from service or is too large to transport). Exova has many years experience in this type of on-site investigation, having provided the service in challenging environments such as offshore oil and gas installations or inside a power generation plant.  T: +44 (0) 161 787 3250  E:  Reader Reply Number: 323

22 EMS July/Aug 2009

for more critical applications The established range of SensonicsS PZS accelerometers have been recertified to allow an even wider scope of applications as a result of their gaining the highest standard for intrinsic safety ATEX (EEx ia). Currently utilised throughout industry for machine vibration monitoring in potentially explosive atmospheres, applications for the PZS device include motors, pumps and power turbines. This recertification now permits use on an extended range of gas turbine sets. PZS accelerometers enable safe operation to be maintained in the event of two component failures in a hydrogen gas atmosphere. This performance has now been extended to include operation up to 100ºC with a maximum loaded capacitance

rating of 47nF for Class IIC environments in a 28.5V circuit. Applications for the PZS can now include installations where cable runs in excess of 400 metres can be achieved in the hazardous area utilising industry standard cable and safety barriers.  Further details from


Russell King, Sensonics Ltd, Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, UK T: +44 (0) 1442 876833 F: +44 (0) 1442 876477 E: Reader Reply Number: 322

Reduce costs and increase availability with the world class TIGER® condition monitoring system for gas and steam turbines from Turbine Services



advanced condition monitoring system

TIGER® continuously evaluates the condition of your turbine by automating the knowledge of the best turbine engineers. The software builds up a complete picture of the turbine in the last shift, day, or week providing a simple-to-read diagnostic summary. TIGER® provides performance and maintenance calculations along with archiving and graphing facilities which enable the analysis of trends and incidents in detail and the data

replay feature allows examination of historical events just as they occurred. TIGER® also allows your colleagues to connect remotely to assist you in the smooth and efficient running of your turbine and will alert you when you have a problem. TIGER® is the smart way to monitor your turbines.    

T: +44 (0) 141 849 6123 E: Reader Reply Number: 324


New ATEX certified high temperature flammable gas detector The new, ATEX certified Xgard Type 4 gas detector from Crowcon is designed to quickly detect flammable gases in high temperature applications (up to 150°C) such as gas turbines. Gas turbines are usually operated with natural gas (or sometimes naphtha) at high flow volumes, so a gas leak could be extremely dangerous. According to the UK HSE, at least one gas detector should always be installed if a gas turbine has a continuous gas supply. This detector should be located in the ventilation outlet, as a leak will always

reach it. Additional detectors can also be installed at other points around the turbine to increase the probability of detecting small leaks. The main detector in the ventilation outlet should be set to alarm at the lowest practical level – preferably below 5% of the lower explosion limit (LEL) but no higher than 10%. For further information please contact Crowcon on:

 +44 (0) 1235 557700  Reader Reply Number: 325

Condition monitoring specialists SENSONICS have introduced the Sentry G3 machinery protection monitor, a high performance signal conditioning unit

More features, more flexibility with SENTRY G3 The new G3 monitor builds upon the established range of Sentry protection systems developed by Sensonics and is designed to be the most flexible and feature rich Turbine Supervisory System available. It provides a universal platform for the interfacing of various sensor types in compliance with the API 670 standard. Each of the units four channels can be independently programmed to provide continuous monitoring and protection across a broad spectrum of measurement regimes, including vibration, expansion, temperature and speed. Sentry G3 utilises the latest DSP technology, so once a channel is set up and running, the resulting alarm relay and analogue output facilities are independent from the remaining module functionality, ensuring a scalable, high integrity configuration. The unit has an integral intuitive colour LCD display and drive facility which provides immediate viewing and access to the machines parameters. Several modes of display are available to suit specific applications, such as an alarm historian and

parameter trending per channel. It also provides the necessary power source for the selected transducer, providing for 2 (ICP type) or 3 wire accelerometer variants, ± 24V proximity probe systems, LVDT’s and a range of speed and temperature sensors. Each transducer signal is buffered and available via the front panel analogue connection arrangement while a USB interface is provided for programming the unit and for storage of channel history and settings. The G3 system offers excellent channel density with up to 24 measurement channels in a 3U format, also each channel can provide independent analogue outputs of current and voltage for DCS connection, in addition to an alarm relay. Further alarm relay expansion is possible through connection to digital outputs at the rear of the module. Sentry G3 provides state-of-the-art protection for the following modes: Measurement - Absolute bearing and relative shaft vibration, displacement and thrust position, speed, phase and reverse rotation, differential and casing expansion,

rod drop and temperature. Turbine Specialist Measurement - Shaft eccentricity, mark - space differential expansion, rotor to stator air gap. Flexible Configuration – LPF, HPF, tracking and notch filters, programmable warning and danger alarms, cross channel voting, FTT, harmonic and phase analysis, programmable transducer supply, scaleable module hardware with plug-in DSP card, up to 4 channels.    

T: +44 (0) 1442 876833 E: Reader Reply Number: 326

23 EMS July/Aug 2009

FLUID POWER Power-Line Hydraulic & Engineering Services Ltd., being the base of the company has been established for over 20 years, with the formation of Power-Line Electrical Services Ltd., several years later to help enhance the services that the company offers

ACCUMULATION of two former Power-Line companies

We now see the formation of “Power-Line Engineering Services Ltd.,” which is the accumulation of the two former Power-Line companies, together the new company offers a full service to industry including: Design, Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning and Site Servicing of Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electrical, PLC, Existing PLC Interrogation, Project Management and General Engineering Solutions with the aim

of improved production times, reduced production waste and down times by competitively offering more reliable equipment with higher accuracies.” Typical applications include full turn-key applications covering major hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic project at several major utility companies, including high accuracy positioning systems for steam valves, refurbishment of high performance

positioning and pressure systems on friction welding machines, and full design of electrical and hydraulic systems for waist disposal sites to name but a few.     

T: +44 (0)113 272 1102 F: +44 (0)113 272 1106 E: Reader Reply Number: 327

Integrity & Compliance Management Ltd The Complete Ex Equipment & Asset Management Service Free Initial Client Consultation • Reduce Ex Equipment Maintenance Costs • Reduce Ex Maintenance Team Workloads • Reduce Unplanned Equipment Breakdowns • Improve Overall Site Safety • ATEX/DSEAR compliant Contact the experts: +44(0)1224 595353

Health & Safety Specialists

Over 30 Years Experience Working with Major Oil & Gas Operators For more information quote EMS Enquiry No. 320 on IBC

24 EMS July/Aug 2009

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EASY & SECURE – Monitran announces its “Grip Tight” bodied vibration sensors and accelerometers Monitran, a world leader in the development and manufacture of sensors for the measurement of vibration and displacement, has made its general purpose vibration sensors and accelerometers available as “Grip Tight” (GT) versions. With Grip Tight (patent pending), the fitting or removal of a sensor to/from its GT stud takes mere seconds yet the mechanical bond, essential for the transfer of energy, is assured. Unlike a traditional threaded mounting option, there is no need to screw the sensor onto the stud. This is a major plus when using sensors with integral cables, which would otherwise have their cables twisted when tightening the sensor onto the stud. The Grip Tight method also removes, completely, the risk of sheering the stud-tomachine bond; be it screw or adhesive. A GT-bodied sensor has no hexagonal base, as a spanner is not required for mounting the sensor to its stud. Instead, tightening a grub screw draws the base of the sensor down onto its GT-stud. James Holland, Monitran’s Engineering Coordinator, comments: “Grip Tight has all the ease-of-use of a magnetic mount but affords the permanency and mechanical stability of a screw mount.” Sensors available with the new GT body include Monitran’s MTN/1100 family, which have isolated AC outputs and are ideal for vibration analysis, and the MTN/1185 family, which have DC outputs and are ideal for machine protection. Grip Tight is ideally suited to applications where the vibration sensor is not necessarily going to be a permanent fixture. For example, the sensor might be taken from machine to machine as part of a regular vibration-based condition monitoring routine. Holland continues: “A prototype of the Grip Tight stud was shown at MAINTEC, where customers expressed immediate interest in the concept. Specifically, they recognised how Grip Tight affords extended durability through greatly

reducing the risk of damage during installation and removal.“ As standard the GT studs are available as M6 or M8 male or female threads, but can be made-to-order with virtually any studto-machine mounting method.

Also as standard, the grub screw in the sensor body will be a 4mm thread and sensors will be supplied with Allan keys.  +44 (0)1494 816569  Reader Reply Number: 328

Monitran’s novel “Grip Tight” mounting method delivers ease-of-use and a strong mechanical bond

26 EMS July/Aug 2009

D;;:JEFH;:?9J ;B;9JH?97BFEM;H<7?BKH;5 (*%-9EDJ?DKEKI J>;HC7BCED?JEH?D= ?DI?:;J>;F7D;B J>;D;NJJ;9>DEBE=OIJ;F0 Æ šIC7BB?D<H7H;:I;DIEH šCED?JEHI(*%š?DI?:;J>;F7D;B šI;B<FEM;H;: šD<F7#-&;9ECFB?7DJ šB?<;J?C;97B?8H7J?ED

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USA | UK | EUROPE US: +1 (646) 512 5727 UK: +44 (0)1582 461123 EUR: +31 (0)413 376599 E: W:


Advantiv Distribute the Gemtek range of 100% biobased cleaners and degreasersâ&#x20AC;Śsafely cleaning planet earth

Powerful plant-based

industrial cleaners, solvents and specialty products GEMTEK Products specialises in the development and production of non-toxic, environmentally-safe cleaners & degreasers. Gemtek has been setting the "green" standard by providing its customers with products that are safe for people and the environment using biobased ingredients, no other manufacturer can state that their product range is 100% biobased and completely environmentally friendly. Gemtekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s SAFE CARE cleaners, solvents and specialty products provide our customers with effective cleaning solutions without the environmental or personal hazards associated

with traditional toxic chemistries. The SAFE CARE aqueous cleaners are among the most versatile and powerful surfactant systems in the industry today. Unlike caustics, metasilicates and other saltbased cleaners, SAFE CARE products will not create difficult to handle emulsions or damage the cleaning surface. SAFE CARE Products are  Non-toxic  Non-reactive  Non-carcinogenic  Readily biodegradable  Derived from renewable resources  Safe to use, store and dispose of

Gemtek products can be used in a variety of applications including:  Industrial: Manufacturing, Process Cleaning and Facilities Maintenance  Food Process: Food Process Cleaning, Beverage Production, Dairy Product Processing and Meat, Poultry & Fish Processing Agricultural: Irrigation Cleaner, Equipment & Facilities Maintenance, Livestock Washing  Transportation: Automotive, Aviation, Bus/Rail, Marine, and Truck/Heavy-Duty Equipment

 Petroleum: Oil Spill Recovery, Soil Remediation, Equipment/Rig Maintenance, Cooling Pond Clarification, Terminal & Production Facility Maintenance  Government: Military, Government Facilities Maintenance, and National Parks & Recreation If you would like any further information on this product range please call the office or e-mail  Reader Reply Number: 329


The Ronco Group of companies are specialists in the installation and removal of industrial machinery, with over 30 years experience in this field

Industrial machinery INSTALLATION Ronco Europe Limited, based in the U.K. looks after Europe and the Middle East, while Ronco Machine and Rigging covers the USA, Canada, Latin and South America. Whether it is a single machine or a complete process plant, we have the resources and expertise to carry out the installation or relocation. Our team will project manage, provide risk assessments, carry out the

rigging, precision alignment, electrical and mechanical installation of your machinery, quickly and safely.  Ronco Europe Limited Unit 4 Alphin Centre Alphinbrook Road Exeter EX2 8RG UK


T: +44 (0)1392 216100 E: Reader Reply Number: 330

28 EMS July/Aug 2009


Gear Hobbing Machine


0DFKLQH7RRO'LYLVLRQ‡*HDU7HFKQRORJ\&HQWHU /LEHUW\'ULYH‡:L[RP0, For more information quote EMS Enquiry No. 111 on IBC

INDUSTRIAL AIR CURTAINS Dimplex is working to make the energy efficiency offered by its air curtains official with a study on running cost savings conducted in conjunction with the Carbon Trust. And what’s more, because Dimplex air curtains are compatible with a wide range of optional energy savers, running costs can be reduced still further

Study shows Dimplex air curtains can save energy Although the work with the Carbon Trust is ongoing, an initial study shows that using air curtains can save up to 33 percent of HVAC running costs, by keeping treated air inside and separate from the draughts and chills of the external environment. The study, which is being conducted in conjunction with a number of other air curtain manufacturers, takes typical commercial environments, both heated and air conditioned, and looks at how the energy performance changes when air curtains are added to protect doorways, compared to an open door

with no protection. Both scenarios show that the efficiency and therefore the cost of air treatment improves when air curtains are used. Used in conjunction with heating, Dimplex air curtains mean fewer heaters need to be installed, as warmed air is retained in the premises for longer. The capital cost of the air curtain is offset in part by this saving, with the remaining investment recouped from savings made on running costs. In this scenario, investment payback can be achieved in as little as 21 weeks. In an air conditioned environment, the savings are

even clearer; a reduced loading means an up-front saving on equipment capital expenditure, while running costs can be reduced by around £150 per year, with the savings even greater in larger applications. Key to these savings is ensuring that the air curtain used is fitted properly. The air stream should reach the floor, with no gaps at either side of the door which allow draughts to enter. Dimplex’s air curtains are suitable for doorways up to 6m high and in addition, the range is modular, so multiple units can be linked together for complete coverage of wider doorways. What’s more, Dimplex

air curtains can be used in derated or interlocked installation mode and thermostat regulation is standard, to give up to 97 percent savings on air curtain running costs. The units also feature a full Building Energy Management System (BEMS) interface to give maximum control, including a timed automatic switchdown mode for optimum energy savings when used with a compatible magnetic door sensor or PIR detector.    

+44 (0)1489 773336 +44 (0)1489 773061 Reader Reply Number: 331

STEAM TRAPS Thermal Energy International has updated its GEM Emerald range with a trap set that is much lighter and easier to maintain

GEM’s updated emerald trap sets are designed for any ‘quick fit’ pipeline connector Ideal for repetitive load capacity applications where extensive use of drip legs and trace heating systems, the Emerald is more flexible in orientation and fits all universal, ‘quick fit’, bolt on pipeline ‘connectors’, obviating the need for pipework alterations and the costs associated in fitting of new traps - a particular problem in hazardous areas where production would need to be shut down for pipework modifications to be carried out. Completely manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel, the hardwearing GEM Emerald is equipped

with an integral strainer. Like all other GEM Steam Traps, the Emerald uses the highly efficient venturi orifice design to effectively drain condensate from the steam system. Unlike mechanical traps that use valve mechanisms, GEM traps have no moving parts to wedge open or fail. It therefore provides the ultimate in reliability necessitating only minimal maintenance and requiring no spares, testing or monitoring equipment.  +44 (0)117 917 7010  Reader Reply Number: 332

30 EMS July/Aug 2009


Valveforce launched a new range of compact steam trap set stations to provide easy to maintain cost effective solutions to help Maintenance Engineers work quicker and more efficiently on their steam trap sets

Maintenance saving trap – Eeze At the core of the Trap-Eeze station is the MK 45 steam trap which features a hastalloy sensing element which ensures NO loss of live steam and incorporates a two bolt fixing of the cover which provides quick in line access to the trap element and ensures a low maintenance requirement.

The Trap-Eeze has proven to save about three quarters of an hour in overhaul time, which minimises downtime and maintenance costs when a steam trap need to be replaced. Valveforce is relied upon by Engineers to ensure energy is recovered efficiently,

Working with their customers conducting Energy Audits and Steam Trap Surveys ensures that the correct trap is specified, working efficiently, correctly and without live steam loss. This saves you energy, money and downtime. Contact Valveforce to discuss your steam trap issues.

 T: +44 (0) 207 1274576  F: +44 (0) 207 1274577  E:  Reader Reply Number: 333

Enercon products are now available in Europe, exclusively from Ascendant Technologies Ltd

Enercon Steam Traps from Ascendant Technologies

save energy and eradicate steam trap maintenance Enercon’s venturi steam traps have been solving ‘trap failureenergy loss’ conditions since 1989, replac-ing all mechanical traps in more than 400 U.S. and Canadian manufacturing plants, improving productiv-ity and fuel efficiency, and eliminating trap maintenance. Enercon distributors have handled seven projects for one of the world’s largest petrochemical companies. This includes replacing all 360 float,

bucket, bi-metal, bellows, disc, etc. traps in its power plant. Quoted in the corporate newsletter, the project manager says: “Failed and failing mechanical traps were reducing thermal efficiency and wasting millions of pounds of steam. This project will produce a rapid payback and huge savings in fuel, chemicals, trap inventories and maintenance, and save over 66 million gallons of water annually.”

Other projects for this complex include resolution of mechanical trap-related problems on;  a 600-psi, 68,000 lbs/hr heat exchanger which was wasting massive amounts of steam and causing serious visibility and safety problems  a turbine operation where failed traps were the cause of $150,000 a year in blade damage. Both

problems were solved. Neither has required any trap replacement or repair since.  Ascendant Technologies Ltd. Unit 7, Pavilion Industrial Est, Pontnewynydd,Pontypool, Torfaen, GB NP4 6NF

 T: +44 (0)1495 767210  F: +44 (0)1495 762637  Reader Reply Number: 334

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NEW from Dexter


QUICK CONNECT COUPLERS from Dixon Dixon Group Europe offers a comprehensive range of hydraulic & pneumatic quick connect/disconnect fittings for your plant maintenance and fluid handling requirements. A wide selection of materials including Steel, Aluminium, Brass, 316 & 303 Stainless Steel are available; thread configurations including BSP & NPT and body sizes ranging from 1/8” through to 2”

ensure compatibility in a variety of installations. Visit to view the full range and download the Quick Release Product Guide or call a member of our sales team.    

+44 (0) 1772 323529 E: Reader Reply Number: 335

Dexter Magnetic Technologies, Inc., an ISO 9000:2001 certified company, recently launched a line of standard magnetic couplings, DexTorque™, which now offers you a rapid turnaround and is a cost-efficient alternative to our custom coupling solutions. With torque ranging from .1 -to- 200 N∙m and shaft diameters available from 4 mm -to- 48 mm, DexTorque couplings provide an immediate starting point for your prototyping to production quantities in the Oil & Gas, Industrial, and Food & Beverage Preparation markets. Using Neodymium Iron Boron magnets for the driver and follower, DexTorque couplings maximum operating temperature is 150°C with a 450 psi maximum pressure differential rating across the barrier. The standard couplings are cylindrical configurations suitable for linear and rotational motion and value-based add-ons such as dynamic balancing and certified barrier & follower cladding for fluid compatibility are available upon request. Same day quoting from experience design engineers is standard service for our customers.  Dexter Magnetic Technologies, Inc    

Product Development Center Manager – Christopher Ras +1-847-956-1140 Ext. 3012 E: Reader Reply Number: 336


AquaVantage digital hard water treatment The 3rd Generation AquaVantage Hard Water Treatment process is the most powerful and effective of its type available with an additional bonus effect on bacteria. The 3rd Generation also has the power to treat all of the water and de-scale plumbing in a building usually from the Rising Main. Cooling Towers are treated

on the circulation pipes of up to 5 feet in diameter. Biofilm accumulations and bacteria levels are reduced and chemical dosing can be adjusted down as required. The retention effect in the water will last for many days. This will allow the treated water to travel around the building, or industrial process to ease hard water effects in plant,


TOWERS Midwest Towers offers new construction of cooling towers as well as reconstruction, thermal upgrade, repair, and maintenance of evaporative water cooling towers. They supply cooling tower parts and components to other cooling tower companies, contractors and end users all over the U.S.

and around the world. Midwest Towers offers various pre-engineered and custom designs including:  Wood and FRP composite structures.  Counterflow and crossflow designs available in various cell sizes and various combinations of components

32 EMS July/Aug 2009

appliances and facilities with ample time to spare. Calorifiers or Boilers can be treated in isolation, thus reducing hard water effects, servicing costs and improving water heating efficiency. The process benefits wall mounted hot water boilers, showers, humidifiers, catering equipment etc. With 17 years of continuous

development and successful installations in many countries, AquaVantage continues to be the complete hard water treatment.

to meet specific application requirements.  Custom cell sizes to fit existing basins. Midwest Towers offers a widerange of cooling tower parts and componentsincluding:  Fiberglass fan stacks and distribution systems.  Non-skid fiberglass fan deck and hot water basins.  Corrugated FRP casing and louvers  FRP distribution boxes  Fans and assemblies, gears, speed reducers, drive

shafts, couplings, motors, supports.  Flow control valves, nozzles, and grommets. Contact Midwest Towers today for more information on obtaining the best value for your cooling tower project.


AQUAIR +44 (0)1908 233009 E: Reader Reply Number: 337

 Midwest Towers, Inc. Highway 19 East, PO Box 1465 Chickasha, OK 73023


405.224.4622 Reader Reply Number: 338

COOLING TOWERS The fan drive shaft is a vital element in the hostile environment of a forced draft cooling tower. John Crane Metastream ZMH couplings are non-lubricated, non-wearing, flexible couplings, designed to connect remote machines in the humid atmosphere of cooling towers

JOHN CRANE Metastream ZMH coupling The design is derived from the renowned Metastream® M Series Coupling range, and incorporates a radial spoke, stainless steel, flexible membrane design. This gives the most reliable and safe solution available and has the added advantage of allowing

the machines to disconnect if severe torsional overload occurs.  Easy to fit  Corrosion resistant in cooling tower environments at temperatures up to 150°C  Up to 80% lighter than comparable metal

construction designs  Shaft separation up to 6 meters in a single span with no need for intermediate bearing  Tube design virtually eliminates thermal expansion and SAG

For further information on this or any of your power transmission needs, contact Pete Simpson 0161 886 6295.  John Crane 31 Nash Road, Trafford Park Manchester M17 1SS  Reader Reply Number: 339


Non-scratch coverall from Dickies UK One of the best selling products from the comprehensive range of safety workwear clothing from Dickies (UK) Limited is the Redhawk Stud Front Coverall (Code No: WD4829) Made with the automotive and engineering industries very much in mind, the coverall can be worn without fear of catching on any protruding pieces of equipment or machinery or scratching body work or other painted surfaces.

The two chest pockets have a concealed stud fastening with the flaps keeping the outside chest area of the garment smooth and flat, as does the main placket which also covers quick fastening studs. Made from 260gsm, 65% Polyester and 35% cotton the coverall features sleeve pen and right leg ruler pockets, side elastication for a comfortable fit, tunnel waistband, two large side-access pockets, a back

pocket and knee pad pouches. Available in a wide choice of sizes and in Lincoln green, Navy or Royal blue, more information on the Redhawk Stud Front Coverall and all other safety work clothing, footwear and accessories from Dickies can be found by visiting  T: +44 (0) 1761 419419  E:  Reader Reply Number: 340

Until now, commercial workwear for trades and services has been neglected in favour of advances in corporatewear and arguably it is this sector of the industry that needs to get most benefit from workwear clothing

Result ‘Work-Guard’

- Performance and Rugged Durability with Style It is therefore no surprise Result Clothing – supplied and distributed by I.S. Enterprises is one of the industries foremost brands and supply a comprehensive range of products to bring workwear in line with corporatewear providing important properties

such as performance, comfort and durability New R117 High-Viz Tech Performance Soft Shell Jacket A truly innovative high viz Soft Shell jacket that carries an EN471 specification and is class 2 approved. An ideal work or leisure time garment when

high visibility is important Waterproof: (8,000mm) bonded fabric Breathable: 3,000mvp, Windproof Sizes: S - 3XL Colours: Fluorescent orange or yellow

All ‘Work-Guard’ products are easily available through I.S. Enterprises which offers guaranteed product availability and exceptional customer service.  Reader Reply Number: 341

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Hard water affects 70% of the UK. It narrows pipes, blocks jets and is expensive to remove. In the UK alone, it costs industry ÂŁbillions a year in lost production, early renewal of equipment, chemicals and increased energy bills. Since 1989 Scalewatcher ENiGMA has pioneered non-chemical treatment, introducing the first electronic descaling system. Working with universities, water companies, industry has given us specialist knowledge in the practical application of this technology. Continuous investment in R&D ensures clients receive a guaranteed solution. Our detailed knowledge of industrial and commercial processes, acquired from extensive experience of working with a cross section of industry, public services and water companies, means that we have a solution to hard water problems readily available.

T: 01329 836960

F: 01329 826000 ScalewatcherENiGMA is the only physical water-conditioning product to be awarded: M.O.D., John Lewis Partnership & Faber Maunsell Preferred Supplier status, CIBSE & RIBA CPD provider membership and EXOR preferred supplier accreditation.

 Reader Reply Number: 343


Dry Ice BLASTING Dry ice blasting is a dry and gentle cleaning process for industrial purposes. Advantages  Minimum downtime, costsaving, fast, effective  Non-toxic, no waste disposal  Non-abrasive  Reliable, easy to operate Method Dry ice blasters use small dry ice pellets at a temperature of -79°C as blasting media. The process is based on three principles,

namely a thermal and a kinetic effect together with the so-called sublimation effect, which means that when hitting a surface, the pellets are transformed from solid form into gas. Their volume is increased approx. 700 times, thus tearing away loose and brittle impurities.      

IceTech A/S, Denmark T: +4576561500 F: +4576561509 E: Reader Reply Number: 344

34 EMS July/Aug 2009

For more information quote EMS Enquiry No. 140 on IBC


Clean technology Emech Control Ltd, design, develop and manufacture precision control “clean technology” ceramic disc valves and actuation solutions. The company’s philosophy is to utilize smart technology in application based, simple ways to increase yields and improve operational efficiencies while reducing valve maintenance for Industrial customers. The Emech F2 Ceramic Disc Control valve brings superior performance to a Class VI seat leakage valve. The ceramic valve seats provide superior wear characteristics, a very linear flow control characteristic curve and proven reduction in the frequency of programmed maintenance.

The Emech F2 valves have replaced high duty cycle valves (lasting only 12-16weeks) in customer applications and ratified Emech F2 performance of up to 3million duty cycles (lasting up to 3 years) before any maintenance of seals was required. The Emech technology has been globally adopted as “the standard” by Fortune 500 customers such as Anheuser Busch, Proctor and Gamble, Alberto Culver, Pepsi-Cola, Nestle, Unilever, Tyson Foods, Philips Lighting and many others driving business improvement through the adoption of “clean technologies”.  E:  Reader Reply Number: 345

NEW Range PVL are pleased to announce that they are now stocking level and flow switches manufactured by Kelco Engineering of Sydney Australia. Kelco is specialist manufacturer of corrosion resistant Flow switches, Level switches, and Float switches and as they have no metal parts in contact with the media, this allows them to be used reliably in aggressive liquids such as acids and alkalis, sea water and saline ground water. The F27 time delay flow switches are paddle flow switches with built-in digital timers that override the off state of the flow switch and allow a pump to start in spite of an initial lack of flow. They also have adjustable run-on timers that let the pump ignore minor flow interruptions while still being fully protected against running dry.

The key features of this innovative range include: Constructed in a weatherproof enclosure  Control of pump motors up to 5HP  Suitable for pipes of 25mm and above  Up to 18 bar (260psi) pressure rating  Dry run protection for pressure systems  Dry run protection for bore pumps A variety of options are available making it suitable for a wide range of applications and prices start from just £156.20, making this product affordable and versatile.     

Pressure Vacuum Level Ltd T: +44 (0)1892 664499 Reader Reply Number: 346

ACTUATORS AND DAMPERS Harold Beck and Sons manufactures a family of electric actuators specifically designed for modulating control of industrial dampers and valves

ELECTRIC ACTUATORS for modulating damper and valve control The unique low-power design has no duty cycle limitations thus allowing continuous control while also providing repeatable positioning down

to 0.1% of span. A full range of control options and features are available from standard 4-20 ma control to full fieldbus compatibility. Beck rotary and linear electric actuators are easily

adapted to almost any application and are suitable for the harshest industrial environments. Body castings are completely weather-proof and the actuators are rated for temperatures ranging from 40˚ to 85˚C. Beck can also supply custom hardware

solutions for drop in installation and easy retrofit of most types of actuators. With years of expertise and a 3 year warranty, Beck offers unmatched actuator reliability, performance and support. To learn more about Beck’s actuator solutions please visit  Reader Reply Number: 349

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Thanks to its multi-lingual graphical interface, the Intelli + offers a very simple and straight forward NON-INTRUSIVE way of setting the actuator

Bernard’s latest generation

INTELLI + CONTROLS A massive improvement is the double sealed connection compartment as standard. This means the Intelli + is also available with IP68 fully submersible protection. In case of high vibration or high/low temperature operating conditions or inaccessible mounting, the Intelli + control box can be remotely mounted up to 50m from the actuator. Intelli + controls and actuators have been approved to ATEX, IEC, NEMA & GGTN certification standards. Intelli + uses the latest generation absolute encoders. Uniquely a multi layer 16 bit encoder microprocessor provides up to 69k of positioning per turn. This obviously provides market leading critical positioning. The key advantage of absolute encoding means that these actuators are NOT reliant on battery back-up. It is possible to maintain the true valve position information in the event of a power failure or shutdown. Because the position data integrity is NOT dependant

on battery back-up, once power is restored the actuator recognises is position without the need to re-set or worse still go through the full cycle again to establish itself. This technology allows customers to retrieve the valve position information even after long periods of power disruption. Position data integrity is never lost. Both valve position and torque are measured by absolute sensors. Intelli + permanently monitors the torque required to operate the valve. The Intelli + shows the full torque curve in its class leading digital display. It has full connection capability to all recognised interfaces and has an internal safety and diagnosis capability. For security of application, password protection is included but doesn’t have to be used. The actuators can still be used in a fully manual operation without affecting the logic process. The encoder will always find its true position when power is restored. The Intelli +

incorporates a full automatic phase correction device. In case of 3 phase power supply, whatever the power connection, the actuator will always operate/rotate in the correct direction. If one of the phases drops out during operation, the Intelli + will continually monitor the situation.

BRAND NEW TO THE RANGE After huge customer demand we have added to our range of actuators. The new ST175 & ST220 multi turns are aimed at the Petro-Chemical, Oil & Gas & the Water & Utility Industries. These two actuators can operate valves with torque values of up to 300,000Nm and they are suitable for use with class 300 48” ball valves & 60” butterfly valves. They are also IP68 (10m/96hr) submersible. They are particularly suitable for hazardous environments including explosive as they carry ATEX, IEC, NEMA & GGTN approval. These two new actuators also share the same transmission design as the rest


ZonePod V2 helps prevent environmental meltdown The new ZonePod V2 monitors up to 6 environmental sensors and delivers voice and SMS alerts in the event of a problem. Temperature, humidity, water, smoke, power, dry contact, and security conditions can all be monitored.

Two versions of ZonePod are available enabling voice and SMS alerts to be sent either via landline or landline and GSM. Jacarta’s optional network adaptor also allows users to view ZonePod alarm status

36 EMS July/Aug 2009

conditions remotely via a web browser, and receive alerts via email or SNMP.  T: 01672 511125  Reader Reply Number: 350

of the range so have self locking gears at all speeds as to prevent reverse torque characteristics. They also have clutchless manual override, with priority to electric operation. This complete our ST range and we now have the ST6 (60Nm), ST14 (140Nm), ST30 (300Nm), ST70 (700Nm), ST175 (1750Nm) & the ST220 (2200Nm). We can now drive up to 2200Nm directly without the need for an additional gear box on the ST range. Steve Foster, National Sales Manager for Zoedale PLC states; This greatly improves cost efficiencies and specification over-kill for our customers. No longer do end users need to be supplied with actuators beyond the performance value of their requirements. This has long been an issue faced by other manufacturers but it is Bernard that have addressed this and provided yet again a superb cost effective solution for our customers. With the addition of the new ST175 & ST220 multi turns we have truly delivered in all areas of customer demand and requirements.  Zoedale plc – Bernard Actuators UK

 01234 832832  Reader Reply Number: 348


Blue Diamond, the specialist distributor of fluid control products, can supply a complete range of spill control kits to help companies meet the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard for Environmental Management

Spill control products to meet ISO 14001 This stringent standard requires that organisations that store or distribute liquids have to put in place adequate precautions to deal with accidental spills and leaks. Health and Safety officers are only too aware of what spill control means in practical terms and Blue Diamond, working in partnership with Lubetech fluid control, offers a market leading range of spill control products. Its specialist engineers have the knowledge and experience to advise users on the best products to suit their industry. Spill control kits contain everything you need and are ready for immediate use. Standard kits typically comprise absorbent pads, socks and pillows, protective wear (goggles, gloves and coverall suit) and disposal bags, but the contents can be custom designed to suit individual requirements.

Available in three absorbencies (universal, maintenance and oil), they will cope with spills from 10 to 1000 litres. Smaller kits are supplied in handy holdalls, while the bigger volume kits come in static or wheeled bins. All are designed to deal safely, efficiently and effectively with accidental leaks and spills. Most companies are keen to be seen as environmentally aware and employ â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Good Housekeepingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; policies. This not only makes for a cleaner and safer workplace but also helps to meet the requirements of ISO 14001. Compliance is becoming increasingly important and often leads to increased levels of business as companies look to place orders with like-minded, environmentally aware suppliers. Whatever your requirements, from spill

response training to help with selecting the right spill control product, the specialists at Blue Diamond are ready to help. They are trained in the selection and use of the full range of Lubetech products, which includes absorbents and spill response materials, drain protection and biodegradable stain removers, together with a complete range of storage and handling products.  Blue Diamond Technologies Limited Rolwey House, School Close, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO53 4BY


T: +44 (023) 8025 8966 F: +44 (023) 8025 8925 E: Reader Reply Number: 351

Ecosorb, new from Maintech, is a range of strong, durable and economic midÂŹrange absorbent products both general purpose and oil only

Maintech launch a new range of absorbents using sustainable and recycled resources Ecosorb is up to 20% more absorbent than and equivalent polypropylene absorbent. Ecosorb is manufactured from 85% natural and renewable resources. The cost of polypropylene has risen dramatically over the last few years so Maintech have sourced an alternative

product to lower the cost of spill control for our customers. Ecosorb is the result, a product based on natural renewable and recycled resources with additives to increase absorbency, fire retardants and a one sided spun bonded laminate for added strength. Available in 41 x 46cm pads,

71 x 102cm pads 71cm x 46m perforated rolls and 36cm x 46m perforated rolls. Ecosorb comes as grey general purpose for clean up of both oil and water based spills and white oil only for clean up of just hydrocarbon based spills. Maintech also carry a full range of spill response kits, spill containment products, bunded

oil storage containers, drain covers and seals, PPE and safety signs.  Please contact Neil Thomas at Maintech


T: 0844 880 9294 E: Reader Reply Number: 352

37 EMS July/Aug 2009


Envirotech Specialist Services Ltd, a multi-disciplined industrial cleaning contractor completed a highly successful contract on behalf of Syntex Engineering Ltd on the new Ensus Bio-Ethanol Plant at the Wilton International Site, Teeside, which called for the safe passivation of four, 3000c/m storage tanks


CITRIC ACID PASSIVATION OF stainless steel storage tanks The passivation solution used was chosen by the customer following extended negotiations with their client relating to the advantages of Citric Acid over the use of Nitric/Hydrofluoric and the relative safety features of each solution EnviroTech opted to use a three dimensional rotating tank washing machine and a specialist high head pump normally associated with the cleaning of petro-chemical storage tanks to ensure all internal surfaces were covered. A preliminary Four Hour degreasing solution was the first stage of the process followed by a Fresh Water rinse. The CitriSurf

solution was introduced into the tank and a Six Hour circulation was carried out. The solution was pumped back to the holding barrel and the residue remaining in the tank was rinsed out with Fresh Water. A copper sulphate test to establish free iron content following the procedure confirmed the tank suitable for commissioning. The user friendly and environmentally safe passivation solution used was CitriSurf 3050 from global speciality chemicals company HOUGHTON. The CitriSurf technology is suitable for all grades of stainless steel and offers superior safety features over conventional

38 EMS July/Aug 2009

acids. With reduced health and safety risks Syntex and the client Ensus were happy for the passivation to commence whilst significant construction continued locally. The new technology is based on special additives to provide extended life and faster process time. EnviroTech acknowledge the help and assistance provided by Mike Thomas, Kevin Proudlock and Chis Partington, of Houghtonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Steve Harrison, and Peter Ford of Syntex Engineering Services Ltd.  Reader Reply Number: 353

MATERIALS HANDLING A range of 8 models with capacities from 3.5 tonne to 5 tonne; these trucks have been built specifically for use in tough demanding applications where they deliver power and performance

The GX Series range of trucks from Nissan 5 With excellent visibility, easy access from either side, a comfortable seat and driving position with light and easy to use controls and Nissan’s “Risk Reduction System”, which includes return to neutral transmission and mast lock when the operator leaves the seat thereby preventing accidental operation, keeping the operator safe and comfortable.

With six cylinder well tried and tested, smooth running, Nissan engines available as diesel (61 kW), compliant to 3A European standards, or LPGas (63.9kW) as standard with a closed loop 3 way catalytic convertor, and single point fuel injection these powerful engines have ultra low exhaust emissions. Low cost of ownership has been ensured

for maximum economy from Nissans renowned reliability, power train protection system, low fuel consumption, long service intervals to the on-board diagnosis system and Nissan green programme.  Reader Reply Number: 354



loading bay areas and warehouse facilities

custom and standard

LIFT EQUIPMENT Superlift is a manufacturer of custom and standard lift equipment with special emphasis on stainless steel lift equipment. Lifts are available from 100 lb capacity to 100,000 lb capacity. Lifts include lift tables, custom lift trucks, custom lift tables, manlifts, upenders, dumpers, tilters, stainless steel pallet trucks, stainless stackers, all available to meet CE standards and priced right.

For more information send an email to or review our products on  Superlift Material Handling Inc

KONE's range of hydraulically powered scissor lifts is manufactured to KONE’s renowned high standards for both quality and safety and are fully compliant with BS EN 1570. They are ideal for use in loading bay areas and warehouse facilities where safety and reliability is essential. KONE’s market leading Docklifts offer trouble free operation for environments where regular heavy use is required and solutions are available for capacities of up to 25,000 kg. With its in-house design, KONE can also offer bespoke scissor lift solutions. KONE’s Portaloader/ Dockloader with capacities of up to 5,000 kg can be surface

fixed, installed in a shallow pit or mobile, reducing or eliminating the need for costly building work. KONE also offers a range of tailor made maintenance solutions for scissor lifts regardless of manufacturer. A nationwide service is offered with over 30 branches throughout the UK and a 4 hour on site emergency response time.  KONE Plc Global House, Station Place, Fox Lane North, Chertsey, KT16 9HW

 08451 999 999  Reader Reply Number: 356

4A-385 Fairway Rd South Kitchener Ontario Canada N2C 2N9

 T: 519 635-8909  E:  Reader Reply Number: 355

39 EMS July/Aug 2009


high performance VENTILATION SYSTEMS Dynamight Passive Solutions offer high performance Paul Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR) Systems. The patented large counter-flow channel heat exchanger with profiled plates, doubles the effective internal surface area making them significantly more efficient than the more common plate or cross flow type. Our units achieve excellent, proven heat recovery rates of 85-99%, making the

Paul MVHR units the ideal solution for Passivhaus or low-energy developments. Our units range from whole house systems up to industrial units and are of the highest quality, with energy efficient DC fans, and optimal sound and thermal insulation.    

01383 82 33 44 E: Reader Reply Number: 357

SELF-CLEANING fluidised bed heat exchange technology The Improved KLAREN SelfCleaning Fluidised Bed Heat Exchange Technology. Applicable for shell and tube heat exchangers operating on severely fouling liquids, viscous liquids, slurries, evaporating liquids, etc. This improved KLAREN technology offers the following advantages:  Revamp of existing conventional severely fouling heat exchangers in reboilers, evaporators and crystallizers into a self-

cleaning heat exchanger.  Fouling of conventional heat exchangers in a matter of hours, days or weeks can readily be solved.  Any type of fouling: hard, soft, waxy, fibrous, biological or any combination of the above can be handled.  Using small diameter tubes, the performance of these very compact KLAREN exchangers matches plate exchangers,

however, without fouling. Let us show you our profitable KLAREN technology and discover the benefits of a non-fouling heat exchanger.  KLAREN BV, Bunschotenweg 110, 3089 KC Rotterdam The Netherlands


T: (+31) 10 429 9666 F: (+31) 10 429 3190 E: Reader Reply Number: 358

ULTRASONIC CLEANING TECHNIQUES in marine engineering We were one of the first companies in the world to pioneer the use of ultrasonic cleaning techniques in marine engineering to restore engine air coolers to optimum condition. We offer a cleaning and repair service second to none which will restore your units to near new condition. This will help improve fuel efficiency and engine performance. â&#x20AC;¨â&#x20AC;¨The cost of cleaning if completed correctly can be recovered in lower fuel costs in a short space of time. We are not the cheapest in the business but we are one of the best.  T: +44 (191) 456 0250

 F: +44 (191) 455 6040

We offer the refurbishment and manufacture of all types of heat exchangers. CLEANING FACILITIES Ultrasonic cleaning tanks

Handling capacity up to 3 * 2 * 1 metre for full immersion.

Chemical cleaning tanks High pressure wash units

Larger components can be handled by special arrangements.


40 EMS July/Aug 2009

 Reader Reply Number: 359

For more information quote EMS Enquiry No. 180 on IBC


SOFTWARE PACKAGE for designing, rating, and simulating a variety of heat transfer equipment HTRI Xchanger Suite 6 is the world's most advanced software package for designing, rating, and simulating a variety of heat transfer equipment including shell-and-tube, air coolers,

plate-and-frame, and spiral exchangers. Additional modules allow for precise modeling of flow-induced vibration and more. For nearly fifty years, HTRI, the global leader in process

heat transfer and heat exchanger technology, has conducted proprietary research on custom-built and industrially-relevant rigs to ensure that our software models are the most accurate

available. Become a member today and benefit from the power of the consortium.  Reader Reply Number: 360


Deritend Induction Services is a dynamic maintenance services group, specialising in providing a dedicated service to the Forging, Melting & Process Heating Industries

INDUCTION SERVICES As induction specialists our team of time served engineers are able to utilise the latest technology in the service, repair and maintenance of all types of Mains, Medium and High frequency induction melting furnaces and ancillary equipment. Specialist skills and knowledge of the specific processes allows Deritend to offer unrivalled service to both the forging and foundry industries.

Complete Induction Services Include:  Installation  New Parts  Coil Repairs  Coil Replacement  Transformers  Cabling.  Deritend Industries  T: 01902 426354

Structural Adhesives

Cyanoacrylates (instant adhesives)

UV Curing Adhesives for bonding acrylic, glass and metals

Electrically Conductive Adhesives

Thermally Conductive Adhesives

Conformal Coatings

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Ultra High Temperature Ceramic Adhesives

High Performance Adhesive Technology sales@ T 01795 427888 F 01795 479685 Bonham Drive, Eurolink Industrial Estate, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 3RY UK Distributors of Reinhardt-Technik Metering Mixing Dispensing Systems

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The Institute of Spring Technology is an independent laboratory accredited to ISO 17025 that offers a wide range of testing services to the spring and related industries


at the Institute of Spring Technology We operate 23 fatigue test machines and 10 static test machines in our extensive laboratories. We also offer a failure analysis service to help you determine the reasons for failure, including recommendations for strategies to prevent failures in the future. We can provide technical consultancy and design services to avoid fatigue failures related to springs. This can even include supply of our own custom written spring design CAD software if required. We also produce a range of fatigue and

load testing machines to enable you to verify that components are correct and durable on your own site. In short IST is a one stop shop for help with any spring related problems.  Institute of Spring Technology    

Henry Street Sheffield S3 7EQ T: +44 (0)114 276 0771 F: +44 (0)114 252 7997 E:

12 Station Fatigue Testing Machine

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Master Mech Portable Tool Kit KIT MMP-SP


Plus Freight




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In 2009, MAINTAIN, the International Trade Fair for Industrial Maintenance, will be held in the halls of Munich's M,O,C, Event Center for the fifth time from October 13 – 15. Since it was founded in the autumn of 2005, MAINTAIN has met with growing success and developed into the leading maintenance exhibition in Europe

Focusing on solutions:

MAINTAIN 2009 MAINTAIN is the marketplace for impetus, strategies and service concepts in the sector for industrial maintenance. It is the industry's most important gathering, and it brings together all decision-makers in the manufacturing and processing industry who use the international trade fair as a business and communications platform. With a common goal: to promote innovations and service solutions in close dialog. As both a reflection of and a source of momentum to the maintenance industry, MAINTAIN is constantly being developed together with leading maintenance experts based on the latest market influences and industry requirements. Norbert Bargmann, Managing Director of Messe München GmbH, explains: "MAINTAIN's emphasizes solutions that translate into concrete competitive advantages and factors of success. Maintenance management and related services are becoming increasingly important in the maintenance industry, so in addition to high-quality components and special solutions, more and more companies rely on complete and system solutions. That is why we and leading industry representatives decided to restructure the fair's exhibition sectors."

The range of exhibits at MAINTAIN 2009 will be broken down into categories for complete, special-purpose and system solutions, which allows companies to define their products and services more precisely and to present them to trade visitors in the right context. Additional information is available at

About MAINTAIN 2009 When it celebrated its premiere in 2005, MAINTAIN, the international trade fair for industrial maintenance at the M,O,C, Event Centre (October 13 – 15, 2009) was an immediate success. It is a marketplace for momentum, strategies and service concepts in industrial maintenance and informs experts and decision-makers in the manufacturing and processing sectors about modern solutions for the inspection, repair and maintenance of industrial plants and machinery. The fair focuses on industrial maintenance as a factor of business success and is rounded out by forums and an up-todate Internet platform. About the M,O,C, Event Center The M,O,C, is Munich International Trade Fairs’ successful event center. It features showrooms, exhibition halls and

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conference rooms on a total of 30,000 square meters of space. The competent and professional M,O,C, team satisfies any special exhibition requests that exhibitors may have. Approximately 200 events, from conferences and conventions to specialty events for select groups of trade representatives and large-scale exhibitions for the general public are held at the M,O,C, every year.

About Messe München International (MMI) Messe München International (MMI, Munich Fairs International Group) is one of the world´s leading trade-fair companies. It organises around 40 trade fairs for capital and consumer goods, and key high-tech industries. Each year over 30,000 exhibitors from more than 100 countries, and over two million visitors from around 180 countries take part in the events in Munich. In addition, MMI organises trade fairs in Asia, the Middle East and in South America. With five subsidiaries abroad and 75 foreign representatives, looking after 97 countries, MMI has a truly global network.  Reader Reply Number: 362

WELDING EQUIPMENT Welding Company has been distributing welding equipment since 1971. The company delivered the first induction welding systems in 2005 and, since then, induction machines have been selling extremely well. Customers are very enthusiastic about their efficiency and cost-effectiveness

PREHEATING WITH cables and blankets! What is induction? Induction is not a new technology. We have already been using it in, for example, modern cooktops. Now it is also available for specific and delicate welding workpieces. And the results are amazing. Why induction? It provides more efficient heating and cooling! Specific welding workpieces demand controlled preheating and cooling. This requires time and effort. Now we have induction technology that is more accurate and spectacularly faster. How does induction work? Induction heating is an electric heating method. A conductive metal is heated and cooled without contacts. Specifically, it involves generating an alternating current in the workpiece with a correctly specified frequency. This frequency ensures for a super fast turning of the molecules in the workpiece from south to north and back. Heat is generated in the workpiece due to the fast and continuous changing of the poles. Preheating with cables and blankets! The technology, therefore, provides the heating for your welding workpieces without burners or similar equipment. This takes place due to the ProHeat 35 induction device that uses special blankets or cables around the piece to be welded. About heating and cooling For specific welding work you will be preheating material up to a specific temperature that must remain constant until you have completed the work. This heat will, after all, ensure that hydrogen residue (liquid) is rejected during welding work. This will ensure that you can avoid cracks in the workpiece. Induction heating ensures that you can introduce the same heat over the whole workpiece in a controlled manner. This in contrast with propane gas where the workpiece becomes hotter or colder at specific places. The heat introduction is also a lot more accurate. Cooling down Cooling down can also be set and can, therefore, be very gradual, which will improve even more the quality of the welding work.

The importance of accurate and controlled heating and cooling Some welding workpieces are very temperature sensitive:  The workpiece must be brought to the correct temperature;  The temperature must remain constant during welding;  You must be able to control the method and duration of heating and cooling down. Should this not take place, cracks are more likely to appear. Advantages of induction heating Spectacular gain in time Companies who work on pipelines, large structures and difficult welding work book returns on their performance that has never been seen before. Quality increases The quality of your welded joints will increase because you have never before been able to heat and cool with such precision:  You set the required temperature;  You select the time in which it needs to be achieved;  You keep the temperature constant as long as is required;  You can steadily cool in the time period that you determine. Ease of use increases No more dragging of gas cylinders and burners. You do not need to supplement the heating anymore either: The ProHeat device will keep the metal at a correct temperature. Distributor Welding Company recently trained boiler manufacturers and pipe welders in one day. The installation itself, moreover, is done in no time at all. Safer welding The radiant heat generated during the work remains restricted. The water-cooled cables around the welding workpiece remain cold even when the workpiece is being fiercely heated. Economic energy consumption Heat is not lost because the workpiece is heated from the inside when compared to traditional preheating and cooling techniques. Working via induction also demands fewer consumables. For which applications? Companies that often have to preheat and cool their welding workpieces have

increased their efficiency considerably since induction heating was introduced. Often structures and process installations are involved where a lot of welding takes place such as, for example, pipe connections (for gas distribution, power stations and factories and on all types of welding workpieces involving highly alloyed metals, metals with high strengths, etc). Induction heating considerably reduces the time required to repair pipes. A few specific examples:  Pipe welding  Tube welding  Process installation replacement  Power station maintenance  Heavy material construction  Oil pipeline welding  Gas pipeline welding  Factories  Different types of welding workpieces involving highly alloyed metals  High strength metals  Shrinking Would this benefit your company too? Every day new applications are being discovered for induction. Can you benefit from this technology too? Discuss it with us. We often discover welding workpiece processes ourselves where you can benefit hugely from induction. A simple telephone call can mean the beginning of significant gains in time.  Welding Company     

Brandekensweg 6, 2627 Schelle, Belgium T: +32 3 880 81 80 F: +32 3 880 81 99 Reader Reply Number: 363

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MassTech is a suite of more than a dozen technologies, each with its own application and strength


storage tank & line leak detection Each technology is third party certified to US EPA, most to better than 0.38 lt/hr. The most important are NWG (US EPA) listed, an honour not normally accorded to non-USA methods. The latest certifications are for volumetric high precision tests and are among the most accurate and sensitive in the world.

There has never been an incorrect result called in MassTech’s 14 years in tank testing confirming the closeness of MassTech’s EPA probability of detection (P(D)) to 100%. However unlikely or inconvenient a result may seem, it is independently analysed by specialist experts. MassTech International licensees have



Free pocket guide from MPI Send for your free pocket guide to TPM and see how you can greatly improve the condition and performance of your company assets and operational processes using shop floor based teams. The guide has been produced by Roy Davis, probably the most experienced TPM implementer in the UK. MPI have specialised in the implementation of TPM for over 14 years and provide a range of top quality training and support services to meet your specific requirements. Attend our ‘An Introduction to TPM’ training workshop on 15th September 2009 and find out how we can help to make sure that your TPM programme is practical, achievable and successful.

tested tanks for all major oil companies, from the American continent to the Far East and for tanks up to 85 million litres containing a wide range of liquids from hydrocarbon fuels to caustic soda solution.  T: +44 0207 183 4499  Reader Reply Number: 364

HELIUM LEAK TEST SERVICES Leaks can be a cause of equipment downtime and dangerous emissions. To quickly and effectively find small the leaks often requires specialised equipment and knowhow which Vacuum Engineering can offer. Testing can be completed under pressure by sniff testing or under vacuum, in both cases using helium tracer gas and highly sensitive mass spectrometers. This is recognised as the most sensitive leak test method available. Applications where helium testing has solved the problem are very wide including power stations, submarines, chillers, refrigeration systems , chemical plant pipe work, nuclear plants, vacuum coaters, vacuum furnaces, high purity gas panels, oil rig pipe work ....etc Vacuum Engineering also leak test parts and systems for manufacturers as a leak test service and supply complete turnkey leak test machines for integration into production lines.

VACUUM ENGINEERING SERVICES LTD Manufacturing Productivity Improvements Ltd T: 01562 746944 E: W:


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Assett Life Asse Life

About us Europe’ ‡‡ Eur ope’s Leader in EAM/CMMS EAM/CMMS Established ‡ Es tablish hed in 1986 ‡ 82,000 + users users in 65 Countries Countries & 16 Languages Langu uages Represented Subsidiaries Partners ‡‡ R epresen nted by by Sub sidiaries and P artners around world ar ound the t w orld Coswin operates industries ‡‡ Cos win oper o ates in 30 + indus triess

/ŵƉƌŽǀĞ /ŵƉƌ ŽǀĞ

Asse acilitate) Assett Output (F (Facilitate) Qualit ty of Output (F acilitate) Quality (Facilitate) ^Ğƌ ǀŝĐĐĞdƵƌŶĂƌŽƵŶĚƟŵĞ ^ĞƌǀŝĐĞdƵƌŶĂƌŽƵŶĚƟŵĞ ; ŽƵŐŚĞ Ő ƩĞƌ <ŶŽǁůĞĚŐŐĞͿͿ  ;dŚƌ ;dŚƌŽƵŐŚĞƩĞƌ<ŶŽǁůĞĚŐĞͿ Comp pliance, Standards Standards Compliance, ƚZK/ͬWƌŽĮƚĂďŝůŝƚLJ  ƐƐĞ ƐƐĞƚZK/ͬWƌŽĮƚĂďŝůŝƚLJ R Reduce educe

Br eakkdowns Breakdowns ĂƟŶŐĐŽƐƚ;^ƉĂƌĞƐ͕ŝŶǀĞŶƚŽƌŝĞƐ͙Ϳ  KƉĞƌ KƉĞƌĂƟŶŐĐŽƐƚ;^ƉĂƌĞƐ͕ŝŶǀĞŶƚŽƌŝĞƐ͙Ϳ Risk Riskss

/ŶƚĞŐƌĂƟŽŶ tools

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Scalable fr Scalable from om Single S tto o En Enterprise terprise Use ƌ ŽǁƐĞƌĂƐĞĚ ĚDƵůƟͲdŝĞƌƌĐŚŝƚĞĐƚƵƌĞ ƌŽǁƐĞƌĂƐĞĚDƵůƟͲdŝĞƌƌĐŚŝƚĞĐƚƵƌĞ /Ŷ ƚĞƌŽƉĞƌĂďůĞ ǁ ǁŝƚŚ ZW W͕^ ͕  ĂŶĚ KƚŚĞƌ W> ĚĞĞǀŝĐĞƐ /ŶƚĞƌŽƉĞƌĂďůĞǁŝƚŚZW͕^ĂŶĚKƚŚĞƌW>ĚĞǀŝĐĞƐ Supports Managed Manaaged & Shar ed Ser vices Shared Services Support ed on Or O acle & MS SQL Ser ver databases databasess Supported Oracle Server Uses standard standard indus try tools tools such as Cr ystal and industry Crystal ƵƐŝŶĞƐƐŽďũĞĐ ĐƚƐĨŽƌZĞƉŽƌƟŶŐ ƵƐŝŶĞƐƐŽďũĞĐƚƐĨŽƌZĞƉŽƌƟŶŐ Wƌ ŽǀŝĚĞƐ DƵůƟ ŚĂŶŶĞů ĐŽŶŶĞĐƟǀŝƚLJLJ WƌŽǀŝĚĞƐDƵůƟŚĂŶŶĞůĐŽŶŶĞĐƟǀŝƚLJ

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