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Sept. 7 2012



Liam Kim interviewing Mr. McClain

“Lead by example” Interview with Mr. McClain By Liam Kim, Dennis Kim, and Susan Woo

Nathan McClain, a boarding specialist at KIS, has been kind enough to spend some time with Liam, Dennis, and Susan to complete an interview. Since leadership was the theme for this interview, we asked Mr. McClain some questions about how to be a good leader. He says, to be a good leader, students need to be firm and fair. “Start out strict and require a lot from the people that are under you,” said Mr. McClain. However, he also reminded us to be fair. He said, “Don’t set your heart on their destruction.” When Mr. McClain was asked about the ways we can become a good leader, he replied that the most essential thing is


personal experience. “I’m not going to want to follow someone who doesn’t have any kind of experience in his life,” Mr. McClain told the reporter. He said that the most important thing is to “lead by example”. Mr. McClain said that students should not only follow the rules, but they should have the wisdom to understand why they should follow those rules. “I practiced and followed some healthy things when I was in school, but not many people followed me,” Mr. McClain said. However, he feels that he now is a leader at KIS. His boarding students are excelling a lot more than other floors. Additionally, Mr. McClain has been involved with many sports activities and other

academic activities like film or writing class. “I’ve been doing above and beyond what I’m expected so I’ve been getting 200% here,” said Mr. McClain. Lastly, Nathan McClain thinks that the most important thing for being a good leader is to develop good habits. “Just develop good habits now and keep them for the rest of your life,” advises Mr. McClain. During the whole interview, Mr. McClain seemed to be very confident in himself. Even though he is famous for being very strict with his students, I think he has the necessary leadership skills and charisma to become a pre-eminent and benevolent leader.

September 7th, 2012

KIS Leaders


A Great Global leader

Interview with Mr. Swanson

minds. He said that we are some of the best students he has ever worked with at a school. He also didn’t forget to give some advice to the students. He reminded us, to try and learn as much as possible at school and to push ourselves to our best potential. As our interview is coming to the end the topic of a good leader came up. He stated that a deep sense of respect to others will help us to be a good leader among our peers. As people sense that we are respectful, authentic, trustful, and ethical, they’ll automatically follow us.

On the 29th of August, Jasmine, Steve, and Kevin interviewed Mr.Swanson about how to be a good leader. As usual, he greeted us with a fatherlike smile and an openminded heart, he didn’t hesitate to answer our questions as if he was responsible for it. He shared stories of his last school with us. We started the interview with his opinions of students at KIS. He mentioned to us that he was so impressed with our behavior and our passionate


Mr. Swanson mentioned his experience of being a leader. He started with when he was a kid leading a Boys Scouts and ended with his last job as a principle. He had a good experience being a leader in his life. Also he thought that it was something that he would have to learn more throughout the year. After we finished our interview with Mr.Swanson, we finally recognized that we are passionate and eager to do something, nothing is going to be useless. KIS students have the perfect opportunity to learn as much as we want which makes us very fortunate.




September 7th, 2012


How To Be A Leader

Handsome Mr. S-J in his office

- Dalton Ko, Rebecca Daly, Dylan Park

On August 21st, we had the opportunity to interview Mr. S-J. He seemed very relaxed and prepared for the new school year at KIS. He was very kind and excited to talk with us about how individual students be a leader.

“I do it everyday, there can’t be a great community without working hard everyday. Specifically, when I was working in Liverpool, when it was winter and it was miserably cold, icy and windy. I got a phone call at midnight for my help. I could have told the man to look for another service, instead, I drove up really fast and went to talk to the person. At that time, I was a leader and they were looking up to me. Next time, they would listen and show that they care, and be a new leader.”

Dalton Ko : What are the qualities of a good leader? “It is important that we learn about ourselves, before we know others very well, without that right state of mind, we will never be able to understand other students. People have an instinct to say, and try to be understood by others which makes empathic listening hard. Your job as a leader is make sure you understand others first. Good leaders are role models. They are good listeners, good communicators who build strong organizations.”

Dylan Park : Were you a good leader when you were young? “No. I was in lots of trouble. I moved place to place and it took me a long time to get myself settled down and understand who I really was in my heart.” Dalton Ko : What skills does he bring to school to be a leader? “I bring many years of experiences from lots of different

Rebecca Daly : When was the time you went above and beyond the call of duty at work?


environments. I was forced to be a leader when I was young. I was in Boy Scouts and became responsible for other people for the first time. I felt a sense of meaning, I could make a difference in my life. I became proud and thought I was lucky. Lucky to help others to be great, to learn within myself to know what I need to do.” Dylan Park : How can students be leaders of our community? “Like I said before, the main thing is to learn about yourself. Ask difficult questions, theory of knowledge. “Who am I? What’s the reason I am here?” And understand yourself. Read many novels, it will help you to feel empathy for other people and start listening actively. Reading novels will definitely give a better view of the world. Learn from great leaders, choose your role model and start building up now.”

September 7th, 2012


and knowing about new teachers...

Q: How long are you going to stay in KIS? A: At lest for 2 years, we are going to stay at KIS, but I also want to see the 9th graders’ graduate. Q: What do you expect students to do? A: I hope our students will work hard, and have fun. Q: Let’s say if you are quitting the job as a teacher, what do you want to do after? A: I would probably be a writer, or race car driver. My wife wants to be acrobat in circus.

To work as a successful team, the team needs to have excellent members, of course. Even better, the leader of the team will guide the members in a positive and motivating manner. Many people dream to be a good leader. However, being a good leader is not an easy thing. It seems like the way to be a good leader is too far from where you are standing now. There are too many things to learn, although at KIS we can see some people who are good examples of a good leaders around us. For example, we interviewed two teachers that are new leaders at KIS. First lets have a look at Mr. Hodgkinson.

Q: What type of students do you remember the most? A: The students who are very humorous and make me laugh a lot. Q: What is the most important thing to do if we want to be good leaders? A: I want my students to be good at listening if they want to be good leaders. Q: Do you think you’re a good leader? A: I am still learning how to become better leader. Q: Any idea of how to become good leader? A: Inspiration, building teams, making choices ,being responsible, and education.


September 7th, 2012



Inter view with Mr. Swanson



TOTAL New people in school

144 Q: What are your most favorite things about KIS? A: The great students,nice location... Q: What are your least favorite things about KIS? A: It takes me some times to adjust to new things, and trying to learn students’ names.


Maybe being a leade r starts from the small step that we can do. Not that big ones as we tho ught. How about saying hello an d go to talk or help new students and teachers first? Carin g about others, especially ne w people who are not adopted to ou r school yet might be the requirem ent to be a good leader. Take yo ur action today and start to be a good leader!

Q: Do you have any goals that you want to achieve? A: Do the best job possible, and for now, making KIS as best a school as possible. These are my goals. Q: What is the most important thing to do if we want to be a good leader? A: Respecting others and working hard are the most important things to do. Q: Do you think You’re a good leader? A: I am trying to be. I’m always working hard.

BY. Shayla, Jenny, Ha rry, Michael

Q: Any idea of how to become a good leader? A: Listening to others, making decisions and good leader have to know what to do as a leader when they are in a specific situation.


September 7th, 2012

ISLANDERS TIMES “You don’t have to be a leader. but you have to learn the characteristics of being a leader.” Mr.Goldie talks ‘Leader’

In an interview with KIS yearbook team correspondent - John.H, Charles and Will, Mr.Goldie has shared his thoughts on ‘being a leader’. Mr.Goldie used a single word to describe what leader is: ‘Selfless’. He thinks that a leader is the one who seeks for a virtue, the one who does something that he/she believes in, although other people does not like it. “You do not have to be Barak Obama or Lee Myung Bak to be a leader.” he added, “(Demonstration of) Leadership differ from individual to individual.” Mr.Goldie mentioned his high school band director when we asked him for the example of a great leader. His high school band director had earned a Ph.D in his early career. In spite of that, he stayed as a high school teacher. According to Mr.Goldie, he was very strict and had a high expectation from his students and was very demanding. However, he was very quiet, humble and peaceful man outside of the classroom.


Mr.Goldie gave reminiscences of those days, “His dedication and passion that he brought to his class... it was so powerful. I consider him as a model of leadership.” It was quite surprising that Mr. Goldie did not really agree to the idea of ‘every student in our school being a leader.’ He said that, by its definition, it will not be right if everybody tries to be a leader. However, he emphasized that it is very necessary for all of us to learn the qualities of leadership. “You don’t have to be ‘the leader’, but you have to have the characteristics of being a leader.” he added, “If you learn these concepts of being a leader, whatever you do, you will be a successful person.” He finished his interview by sharing his volition, “I would like to share those values I’ve learned throughout my life. I really want to help you guys to gain those qualities of leadership” KIS Yearbook Team - John.H,

September 7th, 2012



Mr.C-D enjoys being at KIS. He believes that KIS has a lot of potential for mental, physical, and emotion stimulation. He also believes that leaders take an important role in every aspect of life.

O F M R .S H A N E I N T E RV I E W lip Choi Mun and Phi By Frederic

In 2012, KIS hired a lot of intelligent teachers who can lead students in the right direction. However, on C3, we have a perfect dorm teacher who can lead dorm students in the right way. He came to Jeju this year , 2012 to be boarding specialist, his name is Mr. C-D. He is 23years old and he’s from Lamoniowa in the US.

Q1. What do you think leader is?

the perpetuation of a moral human A1. A leader is a person who tries to race and represented their beliefs act in a way that portrays good morals through moral action and rhetoric. such as kindness, respect, and honesty. Q4. What is the main responsibility A leader takes into consideration the when you were a leader? values and concerns of individuals he/ A4. To understand the needs for the she leads. well being of those you lead and to act Q2. How can people do you think in a way that represents such understandings. can be a leader? A2. By practicing good habits and Q5. Do you think It is easy to be a having good values. A leader is leader? effective if he is willing to understand A5.Do you think It is easy to be a the needs and desires of the people leader? around him. Q6.What is the process to be a

Q3. Who is your favorite leader? and Why? EX: Obama

good leader? A6. Constant self reflection, high A3. His favorite leaders are Ghandi, awareness and constant practice. A Martin Luther King Junior, and Jesus leader needs to be willing to learn Christ because they were interested in and open his mind to those around him.


September 7th, 2012

Also, a good leader needs to listen to others. Listening needs to be a quality of a good leader so that they can know how to make it better. Lastly, good leaders are people who serve the community. People who help others can easily understand the needs of others.

Leadership with Mr. Stamp Jerabek By Luna Kim and Julie Lee

something positive. Good leaders lead by examples.

Does good grades make a good leader? (Luna Kim)

Despite Luna’s broken leg, we were able to complete our interview with Mr. SJ. He welcomed us with a very nice Why is being good leader important? smile as were (Julie Lee) entered the If there weren’t any Community Center. good leaders, it would be We had a very fun very hard to build time interviewing anything. Good leaders to provide vision to Mr. SJ. Thank you need many people. If there is Mr. SJ !!! no vision, nothing could

No and Steve Jobs is the perfect example. He is the creator of Apple, a very successful man who did not finish college. However, he had other characteristics that not many people have; hard working and creative. Also, Steve Jobs had a big vision and it didn’t matter if others said it isn’t possible, because anything is possible with hard work. As the result, grades are not the only indicator of a good leader, we must also think why we are learning and why learning is important while at KIS.

What do you think be built. We dream and is the good leader? succeed in building (Julie Lee) Good leaders are people who can understand themselves before they can understand others. If we understand ourselves better, the more we know about ourselves, the easier we can understand others. 8

September 7th, 2012



As Jenny Kim, Celine, and Yohan entered Ms.Sokola’s room, she greeted us with a smile, beautiful shoes, and we were really happy to interview her. We walked to the Teacher’s lounge, and she was busy working on other stuff. However, when we started the interview, she participated as best as she could considering her strong school involvement. She seemed happy to interview with us, and she greeted us with a smile. We were really comfortable during the interview with Ms. Sokola, and she was really happy to participate in the interview with us.


Jenny Kim : How can we be friends with new students? Ms. Sokola : Okay, I understand. I think that the best way to build the friendship starts off with a smile. Having a friendly face is easier for both sides to approach. Right? Why would you want to go and talk to somebody if they look mad all the time? Okay so having a smile, saying hello, and then doing what you do with all of your friends because remember, just a year ago, nobody knew anybody. How did you make friends then? You smiled, you sat down by somebody, and you started talking. And I know that it might seem difficult because now there’s only a few new students but they are in the same situation that EVERY single one of you was in a year ago, so just think back to what you did back then. And I think that you can make them feel welcomed and wanted. Celine : How can we earn merits? Ms.Sokola : How can you earn merits? Well, the generic saying would be to demonstrate level 5 leadership. But, if you want more what teachers are looking for, I think that they are looking for students that are consistently and continuously demonstrating high examples on the leadership ladder. Respect and responsibility are my biggest ones. When I see a student who is consistently going out of their way to respect others, respect adults and their peers or who is consistently going out of their way to make sure their responsibilities are taken care of, not just on the occasion or not just when a teacher is looking, but when no one is looking. Those are the students who I want to give merits to.



Jenny Kim : How do we become a leader? Ms.Sokola : I think that in order to become a great leader, you have to understand who you are as a person first, and build up your strength. Find confidence in yourself, because if you don’t feel good about yourself it’s going to be really hard for you to encourage other people and make them feel good about themselves and make them want to lead. And in order to be a good leader I believe that you should motivate others to become leaders. Jenny Kim : What is the best way of leading other classmates? Ms.Sokola: You might not like this answer... I think this is something that I did when I was in high school. Your friends like you. They’re going to support you, and they are going to encourage you, and if you are trying to lead an initiative, they are going to follow you, right? But if the people who are not your close friends, those are the people who are going to influence in order to lead them. Those are the people that you are going to have to motivate in order to lead them. Those are the people you are going to have to encourage in order to lead them. I think the best way to lead other students, is to step out of your comfort zone, step out of your friendship bubble, and talk to people that you don’t know very well. Listen to people that you don’t know very well, and I think they will then respect you and when it is time for you to lead, then I think that they will probably follow you.

Celine : What is the effective way to make every students to cooperate? Ms.Sokola : Well in my classroom, as you all are aware, I often times make you work with people who I don’t see you talking with. Right? So I put you with somebody different. Somebody you normally wouldn’t be walking down the hallways with, that way I am hoping that you will forage a new friendship, as well as learn the skills that it takes to cope and cooperate with other people. I think that you all will probably be better able to be answer that question than me though, so, you tell me, how do you think it is easiest to make students cooperate together? Celine : To be friends with others and listen to what say … Just cooperate and listen to what other says...? Ms. Sokola : I like what you say Celine, with the listen. Listening is really important. So all you want to do is talk talk talk talk talk..., and have others listen to you, then you are not cooperating. Right? You’re kind of running the show. But if everybody takes time to listen, and to speak, and can share their opinions well. Then you are gonna automatically cooperate because your hearing other people, - hearing and listening are two different things. When you listen to other people you try to understand where they are coming from, and I think that people will try to  where others are coming from. They are able to cooperate with them.

September 7th, 2012

The Islander Times - September 7th, 2012  

KIS Student Newspaper - This edition focuses on leadership and meeting some of the new faces at KIS.

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