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THE ISLANDER TIMES September 21, 2012

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Dylan (9) and Liam (8) from Journalism class did an interview with Mr. Paquette. During the interview, he looked very pleased and ready for another new school year.

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KIS People Interview with Mr. Paquette By Dylan Park, Liam Kim

Dylan : “Why did you decide to become a teacher?” Mr. Paquette : “I became a teacher because I really enjoyed coaching little kids, even when I was in high school. I had some relatives, aunts and uncles, who were teachers and what I noticed was my cousins were able to go on summer vacations with their parents. By the time I was a junior in high school, I knew I wanted to be a band director, I really liked

playing different instruments, but I really liked teaching kids how to play instruments.” Liam : “How do you feel about misusing and abusing school instruments?” Mr. Paquette : “I feel that something needs to be done to help students learn how to use school instruments better. We are trying to make students be responsible for their actions and trying to make little things mean something to

them. For instance, just putting things back. There are many times when I come in on Monday mornings and people have been using the music rooms on the weekends and people don’t put things back. Do things get broken in the Middle School? Sure, they do. People need to let us know they’re broken so we can fix things.


The Islander Times

September 21st, 2012

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bad. I also would ask the student why he or she thinks I’m bad, and I will look at that. I Dylan : “How are your music projects will use that as a tool for myself in my going? Like Jazz Band and Orchestra.” Mr. Paquette: “I think the music program teaching and maybe there’s something that I has been going really well and I’m very happy could do to turn that student around. I with the way things are going. When I came would ask myself maybe there’s something that I can do to make my teaching better.” here, I had no idea what I was getting into, Liam: “Could you tell us a little bit about as far as the music. I didn’t know what the yourself before you came to KIS?” students could play and could do.” Mr. Paquette: “I’ve been a music teacher. “Many students have not been in a My wife and I both teach music. I met my concert band when I first got here, but it makes me feel really good that we do have a wife when we were in band together in high school we started dating when were juniors lot of talented kids in it now. And the 5th and 6th graders, especially, are really getting in high school. We went to university and college together. We have two boys, they are into playing in the band and the things are going really well. Actually, I was very pleased thirty and twenty eight year old boys and we have a granddaughter as well. Probably the with the singing. I was surprised how well hardest part about coming here was leaving the kids could sing, especially the boys.” Liam : “What do you like most or dislike the granddaughter. She’s only about a year and a half year old. She’s in the USA now.” most about teaching?” Mr. Paquette : “The whole thing about teaching is watching the students grow. The other thing is that I like to stay in a school for a while because I like to see the growth. Watching the students grow and learn to play instruments is the fun thing about teaching. But even above music, also just growing as a person, just watching kids grow up.”

“I enjoy music but I also enjoy sports. I enjoy running. I run almost every morning with Mrs. Fregetto. I love to fish, fishing is another main thing. I like to fly-fish and any type of fishing. I’m actually going fishing this weekend with some friends. In fact, I would like to take some students fishing for the weekend activity. It would be fun.”

“The hardest part about teaching is the discipline. Getting kids to do what you want them to do.” Dylan: “If a student said that you were the worst teacher ever, how would you react and what would you say?” Mr. Paquette : “If a student said that I was the worst teacher ever, I wouldn’t say anything to the student, but I would feel


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September 21st, 2012



SEPTEMBER 21, 2012

Digital citizenship week Reporter Celine and Jenny Kim went to

graphic design class to interview Mr.Parnell. He told us lots of information about digital citizenship week and it seemed really interesting. Digital Citizenship Week is a week when

students become more involved in an international community over the Internet (online). We are going to use technology to connect with people around the world, and become a digital citizen of the world online.

For this project, we are going to work with our

advisory classmates with normal schedule and have regular classes like other days. The main focus is to communicate with others and to be a digital citizen, like a citizen of internet, citizen using technology to communicate.

There are a whole bunch of projects in this digital citizenship week. Anyone who is going on a service leading trip like to a Thailand or Cambodia or one of those, we are going to set up a webpage or videos, and try to communicate with the people we are going to see at the service leading trip.

In our advisory classes, we are going to set up or make videos and try to connect with the people we are going to visit or try to do like E-PALS and start talking to other people in other schools all around the world. There are going to be a bunch of different projects all week.

Mr.Parnell assisting in Digital Citizenship week

Susan using her Macbook for Yearbook

Journalism class using technology to write articles


The Islander Times

September 21st, 2012

The First Curricular Saturday

On September 15th, KIS participated in the first curricular Saturday. Students did service learning

at different places. Elementary school students cleaned the Global Education City, and middle school students cleaned beaches around Olle Trails. The curricular Saturday went pretty well, and there were lots of trash out there such as plastic  bottles, tissues, papers, and even rotten materials. Middle school students got together with their advisory group and they cleaned up for about 2 hours. Students had to walk for a long time with their garbage bag, and everyone seemed really tired but they enjoyed a lot. After the service learning trip, we went back to school, ate lunch, and played on the field. Most of the boys played soccer, and girls sat down and enjoyed watching the soccer game.


The Islander Times

September 21st, 2012

Birthday Calendar OCTOBER 2012

Some people born in October









2 3 Yoon, Seo Kim, Do Bin (Alyssa) Youn (Lia) Cha, Jong Hun (Logan) Mr. Sean Ms. Cosette

4 Ko, Eunah (Alice) Ms. Natali

5 Lee, Geon Myeong (Michael)

8 Kim, Taekyung (Terry)

9 Yoon, Su Jeong (Crystal)



12 13 14 Kim, Minjin Kim, Moon (Cathy) Soung (William)

16 17 Jeong, Soo Ahn, Bin Joonyoung (Christine) (Michael)







27 28 Mrs. Burton Mr. Goldie



29 30 Kim, Byung Jin (Ryan)

24 Kwon, Yeseo (Benjamin)

6 7 Roh, Youlin (Margot) Kim, Soomin (Jasmine)

21 Cho, Yeji (Jenny) Chai, Jian (Taylor)


Please celebrate with those people on their birthday^^

Happy Birthday 5

The Islander Times

September 21st, 2012



make the Yankees to win and

fans cheered with joy when their 37 years old legend hit his 300th career homer while wearing the Yankees uniform and making his total career

that they are getting more chances to go to the postseason. In fact, they became the leader of American League East and Rodriguez also

homer to 646. In the game, the Yankees beat the Orioles making sure that they could get to the postseason safely. In the interview with Daily News, he

so said that right now, because the battle for the postseason is lightening up, he will care about more wins that his season stats. (Daily News, Naver Sports and

said that he was to happy to

Alex Rodriguez’s 2012 season stats and career stats (Based on September 12, 2012 record)


The Islander Times

September 21st, 2012

Hazard and Chelsea

Chelsea spent their summer very busy during 2012. In the summer transfer market, they got young and good players like Oscar, Marko Marin and the hottest player, Eden Hazard. While playing in the France League, Hazard proved his skills and strength by team play and season stats almost every year. He was considered one of the best players in the France League. In last year, he scored 20 goals and assisted 15 time, making him get nominated for UNFP Player of the Year, and also getting his name in the France League Best 11. During summer he was related with many big clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea. Many people expected that Hazard will go to Manchester City because of the club’s big money, but when he heard the news that Chelsea won the Champions League, he said that he will go to Chelsea FC officially. On June 4, 2012, Chelsea declared that Lille and Chelsea agreed the terms in their official club website. Hazard went to Chelsea with a transfer fee of

32 million pounds. It was a very expensive transfer and many soccer experts said that he will turn out like Fernando Torres, who had a terrible season last year even though he transferred with a huge amount of fee. After few games, Hazard proved that they were wrong. Based on September 13, 2012, he scored 1 goal and assisted 6 times, while making Chelsea to be in the 1st place in the English Premier League. Most of the Chelsea’s scorings started in Hazard’s feet. Right now, Hazard’s transfer is considered as the best transfer that was made in summer. In, they listed Hazard in EPL Team of the Week. Right now, he is only 21 years old and he has ability to grow more. After few years, there is a high chance that he will be one of the best players in EPL (English Premier League). (, Naver Sports, Wikipedia and ESPN Sports)


The Islander Times

September 21st, 2012

PARK, THE ONLY HOPE FOR 0.300 30 100

Will Park reach 0.300, 30 home runs and 100 RBI? Like most of the baseball league, Korean Baseball League is getting closer and closer to the postseason. Right now, there are many players who are spending their most successful season like Kang Jeong-Ho, Jang Won-Sam, Park Seok-Min, Lee Ho-Jun and there is Park

average, 27 home runs and 90 RBI. He is the closest player who can reach 0.300 30 and 100. No other players are close enough to reach that. The good thing is that Park’s slump don’t last so long so many fans and baseball experts wish Park to reach 0.300 30 100.

Byeong-Ho. Right now (record based on September 13, 2012) Park is hitting 0.290






Kim Tae-Kyun Lee Seung-Yeop Park Han-I Jung Seung-Hun Kang Jeong-Ho

Park Byeong-Ho Park Seok-Min Lee Seung Yeop Choi-Jeong Kang Jeong-Ho

Park Byeong-Ho Park Seok-Min Lee Seung-Yeop Kim Tae-Kyun Lee Ho-Jun

Lee Yeong-Kyu Kim Ju-Chan Seo Gun-Chang Kim Sun-Bin Park Yong-Taek


The Islander Times

September 21st, 2012


A short interview with Mr. Toler On September 14, 2012, Yohan from KIS

team was having some troubles playing

Newspaper Sports team interviewed Mr. Toler about fixing the gym floor. It was really hard to interview Mr. Toler because of his busy schedule, but when Yohan finally met him, he greeted Yohan with a happy smile. In the gym, there were

badminton in the gym. He also said that because of the inconvenience, the badminton team will not be able to practice. The good thing is that right now (September 18, 2012), the floor is fixed. We thank Mr. Toler for spending his time to have

parts that were broken because of the typhoon. Yohan asked about the problem and who was inconvenienced because of the gym floor. He said that there were not many people who were inconvenienced, but he said that the badminton

an interview. Also, I hope the gym floor fixing didn’t effect the badminton team too much.

The actual interview: Yohan Park : How did the gym floor fixing affect the sports teams? Mr. Toler : The gym floor fixing didn’t effect the sports team too much. Yohan : How about volleyball? or basketball? What else? Mr. Toler : The only team that it really effects is the badminton team because they will lose their practice.


September 21, 2012

The Islander Times

September 21st, 2012


Phil Schilier,The senior vice president of worldwide marketing, is showing the iPhone 5 at the Event.

Apple Event Held in September 12, 2012! Apple introduced new items to the market. By Dennis Kim

On September 12, at 10:00 am(KST 2:00am), Apple held an event at Yerba Burna center in San Francisco. It was about new apple products that will come out soon. ! Many live blogs from news companies were talking and giving out live infos about the event. There were rumors and even a working sample made by one of the bloggers. One fact was that when Apple gave out invitations to the press, the visual imprint was the shadow of ’12’ on September 12 looked similar to ‘5’. When the event started, Apple started showing the Apple Retail stores and the statistics of the number of products sold. Then they started talking about the iPhone. The New iPhone is called the ‘iPhone 5’, and is redesigned

from its previous model, the iPhone 4S. It has a larger display, a thinner, lighter design, and improved hardware. It also supports LTE, the new 4G Network, from almost every countries. In Korea, KT and SKT supports LTE of iPhone 5. ! Apple also introduced the new iPod lineup. The iPod touch and the iPod nano were completely redesigned from it’s ancestor. The iPod touch has now 7 different model with different colors and it now has Siri, the voice assistant. The iPod nano now looks similar with its old generation 5, but it now doesn’t use the old touch wheel, which was the symbol of the iPod. It was replaced with the home button like any other devices like the iPhone or the iPad. To support this, Apple is now developing the iTunes 11,

which would support the new Apple devices. Also, Apple made new accessories for the devices. Apple now uses the 8-pin Lightning connector, different from the old 30-pin adapter. And the new Apple EarPods. This new, sci-fi looking earphone is designed to fit the most of the human ears. However, if there is the good side, there are also the bad side. Critics exclaimed that there were a lot of leaked rumors about the iPhone and the apple products that were to be shown. It did not give much ‘surprise’, as Apple did before. A KIS student, J*****, who did not want to show his name, said,” that he was excited about Apples new products, but is worried about Apple would get a low reputation by information leak.”


TECHNOLOGYUPDATE September 21, 2012

The Islander Times

September 21st, 2012

! iPhone 5, which pre-order started in US, already got 2 million orders from customers, and started sending the product to their home. ! I hope that many companies, including Apple, can introduce many new items and merchandises to the market, and the consumers can have a wide variety of choice. Article Information - - - - Photos - display/web/ 2012/09/14/technology/iphone-accessories/ - -

The new iPod lineup has vastly improved, however, there is a controversy about the new design of the iPod Nano, which went back similar to the 5th Generation iPod.

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September 21st, 2012


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Uniform Revolution Kevin Kim ! Since the uniforms are handed out to the students of KIS, majority of the B2 Boys expressed a strong dissatisfaction about the uniform. Even worse, the uniform complaints continue to circulate campus,I decided to interview B2 Boys at KIS for their opinion. ! ! According to the B2 survey, 88% of B2 Boys are dissatisfied with the school uniform, mostly stated it was because they are inconvenient and hot. The B2 boys said. “We want the uniform to be more comfortable by making short pants, part of the official uniform.” Many students are very eager to wear their PE uniform everyday without demerit. B2 boys are

interested in a fancier uniform focused on the colors black and white. ! After a survey, I found out that more than a half of B2 Boys liked nothing. However, 35% of them liked P.E clothes. I could assume that because the P.E clothes are much more comfortable and cooler than other uniforms. ! Despite the opposition of the uniform was more than a half, 12% of the B2 boys liked their uniform. One of a B2 boy said that “KIS uniforms are the ace!”, which impressed me. However, they still had a slight dissatisfaction and that is the inconvenience of the uniform.

! It’s not just KIS. In my previous school in Seoul, Korea, almost all of the students disliked their uniform. As a result, the school president agreed with us to wear P.E uniforms. Same as my previous school’s changes to the student uniform,I want and we want KIS to allow us to wear our P.E uniforms during the school day, not just during P.E class. ! The uniform revolution never gets quiet. To prevent this incident, teachers and faculty members need to work on what really students in KIS want. <I want to appreciate the B2 boys who participated>

KIS JEJU Uniform Revolution, 2012 12

The Islander Times

September 21st, 2012

KIS UNIFORM Interview with KIS students


The KIS uniform.

Q: Do you like the uniform? If not, explain why, and also if yes, explain why.

It’s very comfortable!

Jackie: “I like my school uniform and some not. In my opinion our school uniform is very comfortable but THE skirt or pants don’t have a pattern, also our school doesn’t have a school color. I hope our school makes a school color and makes a bit more pretty to look.” Q: What is your best uniform?( Gym clothes, normal clothes....etc) and explain why. Jackie: “ I like my normal clothes because we have 3 colors, so we can choose what to wear. I hope the school uniform can HAVE MORE VARIETY.”

Do you like KIS uniform? Most of KIS students have some sort of negative comment to make about our uniform. So I tried very carefully to listen to

student’s opinion because we know our opinions do count. I interviewed 7th grade girls, Jackie and Jenny Kim about our uniform in September 13th 2012.

Q: What part of the uniform do you want to change? Jackie: “ I want to change the formal uniform. I think our formal uniform is too simple, and not so comfortable.

INTERVIEW WITH JENNY KIM Q: Do you like the uniform? If not explain why, and also if yes explain why. Jenny Kim: “I actually like the uniform. It is right for me but I hope that school makes another jacket for wintertime, because we don’t have any coats or jackets to wear at winter. We just have gray jackets but it is not appropriate for winter.” Q: What is your best uniform?( Gym clothes, normal clothes....etc) and explain why. Jenny Kim: ”I think the best clothes are of course PE clothes. They are really comfortable and easy to workout in and it makes me be active. However, I'm kind of sad about the rules in this school because we must change our clothes after PE class even though we don't have enough time to do that. I hope that the rule changes and I hope teachers allow us to wear PE clothes and treat them as a uniform that we wear on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.” Q: What part of the uniform do you want to change? Jenny Kim: “The part of the uniform that I want to change is THE tie. I live in Jeju as you know, and the middle school that is near to my house wears the exact same ties like we do. Also, my previous elementary school's chorus were supposed to wear those same ties so I think the ties must be something different, which can represent our school KIS.”


The Islander Times

Merit/Demerit System Editorial by Dalton Ko

Many of the students at Korea International School have struggled with the new merit/ demerit system that has taken place for the new school year. There were various instances where the student thought the amount of demerits being issued was unfair as consequences for their actions or believed the teacher was taking advantage of the system to unleash their anger at the student. Despite the desperate need of a punishment policy to keep the students in order, some flaws of the system are being pointed out leading some to question, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Is this system what the students really need? Such anger and frustration of the merit/ demerit system is caused in part by the inconsistency of the merits and demerits. Just like everything else in the world, balance between two opposites is crucial even to a system of penalty. During the one month period the merit/demerit system has taken place, the number of demerits have greatly outnumbered the amount of merits. Although the violation of rules have much more need to be noticed and executively punished, the vague disparity between the numbers is only going to raise more and more questions as to if this system is fair to everyone or just punishing the bad. Little things like the need to submit the student ID number when giving a merit, but not a demerit must be fixed. It limits the desire of a teacher to spend their time for a merit thus only lowering the number of merits. Just like everyone loves a complement more than being criticized, rewarding the good will bring a tremendous optimistic change compared to only punishing the bad. The inconsistency of the number of demerits may be one problem, but the vague outline of the standards of the system is another. Currently, demerits(or merits) are being issued by some faculties for things others might not consider worthy for a demerit(or a merit) or just plainly from the faculties thoughts. For example, one teacher considers two demerits-whatever the case is-the lowest possible amount to give out, while the current standard clearly states some

September 21st, 2012 occasions are to be responded with one demerit or when a student got a demerit during study hall because he was thinking about his next homework assingment. The ambiguous standards causing these misunderstandings only gets more complex when it gets to doing some form of service to clear the demerits. The students are given 48 hours to clear them, meaning two chances to clear two demerits the most during lunch. Although there is an option to clear them at the dorm, it is up to the issuer of the demerits to count those work or not. Not to also mention that there is no chance for students who have received more than two demerits to clear them at all. Although the system itself is not being criticized, it is very important, not to mention crucial, to resolve the misunderstandings to make the expectations crystal clear between students and the faculty by making cloudless guidelines for the system both for the faculty, and the students.


The Islander Times

September 21st, 2012

KIS NEWS By Liam and John H.

Typhoons Rock KIS Recently, two strong typhoons called Bolaven and Sanba struck the island, causing considerable damage to Jeju. The first one, Bolaven, was once as strong as 51.9 m/ per second, and left tons of damages to the island and to the mainland. Schools, including ours, all over the nation were closed for one or two days. Bloaven brought about $8,700,000 or 9,750,000,000 won of damage, counting only Jeju Island. The second typhoon, which struck our school just a few days ago, was a lot weaker in strength than that of the last one. Nevertheless, 609ha of agricultural land was still destroyed and damaged on Jeju. There was a huge grief upon the island. KIS, our school, could not avoid getting damaged. When Bolaven first struck, the ceiling tiles between the Multipurpose Building and the Middle School Building fell out and flew around the campus. Mr. Marshall and other Leadership Team members, fortunately, took very detailed security steps to ensure the safety of students. Thus, KIS was closed for two days during the time of Bolaven. Also, when Sanba approached Jeju Island, the school was closed once again for one day. The day school students got to take a rest in their home with their parents, but for the boarding students, things were slightly different. Mr. Marshall, the Dean of Boarding, has kindly accepted our interview request regarding the recent typhoon problems. As it turned out, Mr. Marshall had prepared for the typhoon a long time ago. Mr. Marshall told the reporters that it was all planned out two weeks ago, before the first typhoon, Bolaven, struck the island. Making sure that students were safe and supervised was his and other Leadership Team members’ top priority. The Leadership Team tried hard to find the best way to manage the situation by putting students into various activities according to their grade levels. Since we had limited place and limited people to supervise the students, some boarding specialists and assistants who were not on duty that day also had to work. Teachers living in the dorm, such as Mr. Rocco Ghezzi and Mr. and Mrs. Burton, also helped out. Due to the limited supervision and space, there weren’t many choices for activities, but now that we have gone through two typhoons already, we have an ‘emergency

protocol’ which will allow us to handle the situation without difficulties. Regarding on the construction that is happening right now, between the Multipurpose Building and the Middle School Building, all the ceiling tiles will be removed and the place will be painted instead of replacing with new ones. Lastly, Mr. Marshall told the reporters that any students or faculties were welcome to give him any feedbacks about the activities during the typhoons.


The Islander Times, September 20th, 2012  

KIS, Jeju Student Newspaper, Issue #2.

The Islander Times, September 20th, 2012  

KIS, Jeju Student Newspaper, Issue #2.