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Sections Page 1. Introduction: a new time for growth


2. What is the Business Growth Hub?


3. Working with the Business Growth Hub


3.1 Why become a partner? 6 3.2 Responsibilities and expectations


3.3 Referral processes and procedures


3.4 Supplying services to the Business Growth Hub


3.5 Sponsorship opportunities for partners


4 Becoming a Business Growth Hub partner




introduction: a new time for growth Greater Manchester as part of the wider

The Business Growth Hub will be the place where

North West was at the forefront of the Industrial

ambitious businesses become part of a

Revolution, home to the world’s first industrial

community of like-minded companies and

park, the birthplace of modern computing and

individuals, where they will get the quality

a beacon of successful urban rejuvenation and

support and tools they need to achieve their

cultural development.

objectives. Sustainable growth requires access to finance coupled with sound management help

Small wonder then that it has developed an

and advice, and the Hub will provide both of

international reputation for ambition, creativity


and growth and for responding to economic and social challenges and opportunities.

Many private and public sector organisations are already involved in the Business Growth Hub. This

The Business Growth Hub continues this rich

pack provides further information on the Hub and

history of innovation and progress. It will play a

the opportunities for your organisation to join

key role in stimulating sustainable growth and

us as a partner in the drive for growth, jobs and

bringing about the step-change needed for us to

prosperity in Greater Manchester and the wider

rebuild and remodel a dynamic and prosperous

North West. Why not get involved and see how

economy. It represents a new approach to driving

we can make it happen together?

and supporting private sector growth and enables all businesses with ambition, commitment and a capacity to innovate to realise their growth potential. We are living in exciting but challenging times with the global financial crisis, economic recession and reductions in public sector expenditure all continuing to impact on our

Michael Oglesby,

economy, businesses and us as individuals.

Chair, Business Growth Hub

Change has become a core feature of our working lives and presents us all with major challenges as well as opportunities. This demands vision and bold action. The Business Growth Hub is designed to deliver just that.

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Greater Manchester and the wider North West is

assessing their needs, identifying their barriers to

home to some of the most ambitious, innovative

growth and enabling them to get the right help

and exciting businesses in the country. From new

and support to:

media and manufacturing to biomedical and finance, these companies are striving for growth in this tough economic climate.

• become investment ready and access the finance needed to grow • increase sales

The Business Growth Hub will be the first port of

• implement strategic marketing

call for businesses that have the potential,

• expand domestic and international markets

ambition and commitment to grow, from

• carry out research and development, protect

established and large businesses to start-ups and

and exploit innovation

small to medium size enterprises.

• develop leadership and management skills,

By joining the Business Growth Hub, they are

• recruit, retain and develop the right staff

forming a virtual and vital new business

• improve productivity and reduce costs

community and we want to bring this together

• manage family run business issues

with an elite group of expert partners to give

• deal with the effects of regulatory reform

them access to professional ‘real world’ advice

• tap into in-depth sector expertise

including at board level

and services that can help drive their company forward.

The target market for our services and network includes:

This will come from businesses who offer growth support for companies, as well as a from range of

• At least 4,500 small and medium sized

support organisations including the

enterprises, micro-businesses and start-ups

Manufacturing Advisory Service, Technology and

across the region with the potential to achieve

Innovation Centres, UK Trade and Investment

significant growth. These companies have

services, business angel networks and venture

already achieved growth of between 10-19% per


annum over the last three years • 8,000 businesses across the region that have

This network of partners will also include

achieved high growth of at least 20% per

mentors, coaches, banks and finance providers,

annum increase in turnover and/or employment

universities, innovation specialists, lawyers,

over 3 years.

marketing agencies, chambers of commerce and many more who can advise and supply premium services to businesses on a wide range of topics. We will be recruiting motivated businesses,


what is the business growth hub?



working with the business growth hub 3.1 Why become a partner?

As a partner of the Hub you will be at the

to businesses and other business related

heart of a growing business network of potential clients with all the opportunities that

• showcase and communicate your services organisations

• develop new business opportunities through

offers to make a tangible difference to your

networking with other partners in the Hub’s

business and customers. The Hub will become

networks, including through LinkedIn and

a trusted friend, helping you to find solutions for your clients, building new contacts,


• get access to new clients through the Hub’s

promoting your own services to the Hub’s

business community, events growth groups,

customers, referring businesses you think will

and social media platforms

benefit from the Hub’s support, and accessing

• access business intelligence that you can use

a flexible range of promotional and

to inform your own marketing and product/

sponsorship opportunities for your company.

service development

The Business Growth Hub will be heavily and

3.2 Responsibilities and expectations

continuously promoted across Greater

As a Business Growth Hub partner you will be

Manchester and the wider North West,

at the heart of this new community and

providing partners with the opportunity to

committed to working closely with us to

reach businesses with the potential for growth

support business growth.

as well as the opportunity to directly engage with and make a real difference to thousands

The Business Growth Hub operates to the

of businesses each year.

highest standards of quality assurance, customer service, information security and

By becoming a partner of the Business

confidentiality and we expect our partners to

Growth Hub you will also be able to:

do the same in their dealings with potential and actual clients of the Business Growth

• raise your organisation’s profile and


reputation in the target market

• provide good news stories via the website and word of

As a partner of the Business Growth Hub you will have the opportunity to:

mouth through forums and groups

• get your brand closely associated with

• add value to your current offer to your

business growth in the region

i) proactively refer businesses to the Business Growth Hub

business clients and help them to achieve rapid growth

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ii) s upport the general marketing and

Once you have referred a business to the

promotion of the Business Growth Hub

Business Growth Hub a named member of

in line with our branding and marketing

the team will work with your client to ensure


their needs are assessed and appropriate

iii) h  elp us to better understand your clients’

support offered.


Our Business Growth Relationship Manager

will also be on hand to maintain regular

contact with you and make sure that your

clients are getting the best out of the services

on offer.

Growth Hub partner (printed certificate for

Our processes are designed to offer the

display in your company’s reception area

highest standards of customer care, account

and use of other branded materials)

management, information security and

iii) listing of your company brand on the

confidentiality, with clearly defined policies

and procedures that will ensure:

• fast and efficient response times to

In return, the Hub will provide you with:

i) t he opportunities to get in front of growth

ii) r ecognition of your status as a Business

clients and supply your services

Business Growth Hub website (partners area)

iv) b  riefings from our relationship manager on the referral and tracking processes and

enquiries, referrals and all other client and

procedures operated by the Hub

v) regular updates on business growth

partner communications

developments, products and services.

• systematic collection, collation and analysis of feedback, comments and complaints from customers and partners

3.3 Referral processes and procedures

• confidential, secure and accurate collection

The Business Growth Hub will operate clearly

and processing of all information and data

defined and straightforward procedures for

owned or processed by the Business

the referral and tracking of businesses, as

Growth Hub. All client information is treated

overviewed in Diagram 1. Referrals by partners

as confidential unless otherwise agreed with

are made via two main routes:

the business client.

• t hrough direct telephone contact with the

•u  sing the Business Growth Hub email

Business Growth Hub Team 0161 359 3050 address


enquiry process overview generic interest events

targeted marketing & awareness raising

business growth hub partners


online enquiry


referral to other appropriate national offers

filter assessed clients

referral to other appropriate local offers


growth hub 2nd stage assessment. benchmarking, growth capability assessment and depending on need, financial due diligence


premium growth events and workshops

investment plan

growth projects/ programme entry via specific eligibility diagnostics

national or private specialist growth provision (including events delivered by partners)

regular feedback

phone enquiry growth hub/academy numbers

CRM system entry and 1st stage growth hub assessment



3.4 Supplying services to the

3.5 S  ponsorship opportunities for partners

Business Growth Hub

Organisations that are registered partners

As a partner of the Business Growth Hub

of the Business Growth Hub will have access

you will have the opportunity to register your

to a range of sponsorship opportunities, the

interest in becoming a supplier and making

details of which are contained in the

your products and services available to the

Business Growth Hub sponsorship pack,

Hub and the clients we will attract.

which is available by emailing

We will be happy to review the opportunities that might be open to you, which include:

• hosting or delivering bespoke workshops, seminars and master-classes in business growth

• providing specialist information, advice and consultancy on particular aspects of business growth (e.g. finance, innovation, leadership and management, technology international trade)

• providing business growth coaching and

• designing and delivering specialist

• joining networking and growth group

• other products and services suitable for

mentoring services business growth programmes activities and events supporting business growth For further information please contact the Business Growth Relationship Manager by phone on 0161 359 3050 or email



becoming a business growth hub partner To become a registered partner of the Business Growth Hub simply complete and return the partner registration form. Alternatively you can: i) register your interest by email at ii) contact the Business Growth Hub on 0161 359 3050 to make an appointment so that you can find out more about the partnership opportunities.

Call 0161 359 3050 or email


Call 0161 359 3050 or email

For more information about becoming a partner in the network, please contact: Business Growth Hub Churchgate House, 56 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6EU

For more information about products and services provided by the Business Growth Hub, call 0161 359 3050, email


Tel. 0161 359 3050 Email.


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