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In "Christian Astrology", William Lilly provided the following information on appearances.

Appearance by Zodiac Sign Sign





Face:longe r face, black Eyebrows, a long Neck

Neck Complexio and Height n Shoulder s

Body Type: A dry Body, lean or spare, but lusty Bones and strong bones, thick Shoulders

height: Complexio not n: dusky exceedin brown or g in swarthy height

a broad Forehead, black big Face, Taurus rugged great Hair mouth, and thick Lips

great Eyes

a good piercing hazel Eye, and wanton, and of perfect sight, of excellent understandin g, and judicious in worldly affairs.


a dark Hair, almost Black

Cancer A round

The Hair Small Eyes

a short, but of a full, strong and well set stature

Complexio n sanguine, not clear, height but obscure and dark

Body Type

large, strong Body Shoulder Type s, large hands

long Arms, but many times the Hands and Feet short and very fleshy

An upright, tall, straight Body, a strong, active Body

sickly pale, Generall Neck and The upper





a sad brown

y a low a whitely and Complexio small n stature

parts of the body are bigger than the lower. Shoulder Prone to s have many Children, if a Woman.

Yellow or dark Great flaxen round hair and Head, a it much fierce curling countenan or ce turning up

A full and large Big Eyes body, starting or Ruddy, Is more Broad narrow staring out, high then of Shoulder Sides, or goggle- sanguine middle s strong eyes, quick- complexion stature valiant sighted and active.

Wellfavored or lovely, but no Black beautiful hair creature, a small shrill voice

a witty discreet soul, judicious and excellently well spoken, studious and given to History, A ruddy whether Man Average brown or Woman. height complexion If Mercury in the sign, careful and understandin g. If Moon is in Cancer, then somewhat unstable.

A round, lovely and beautiful face

the Hair yellowis h, smooth

A pure Tall sanguine complexion , when

All parts seem smaller rather than larger.

A slender body, nicely balanced.

Neck and Well Shoulder framed s body straight

younger coloring is smooth not too pale or red (pimples). As they age, some problems with pimples, or flushed.

and tall, tends to be thinner more than fatter.

Sad, Somewhat dark a broad or Scorpio Hair, square curling Face or wavy

Short, A dusky squat, muddy wellcomplexion trussed

A corpulent, strong, able Body, an hairy Body, somewhat bowlegged

A wellfavored Sagittari face, us Longer, narrower face,

Full and ruddy, or almost like Sun-burnt Complexio n

and long.

Capricor n

The Hair light Chestnut color

the stature somewh at above the middle Size

A short neck

Well balanced strong Hands, able body Feet Prone to problems in thighs or buttocks, varicose veins or problems from falls especially sports injuries or relating to animals. Overheats


Longer Face, Aquarius distorted teeth.



A good large face, not particularl y attractive

Black hair when Saturn is in Capricor n or Aquarius , can be sandy colored or flaxen.

Sanguine complexion Squat or Neck and can be very at least Shoulder fair or not tall s white, nice skin.

Fish Eyes or Widely Pale spaced eyes (KLM)

Cancers are known for having big chests.


a squat and thick body, or a strong, well composed Body.

Body size, shape not well balanced. The Body fleshy or Neck and swelling, Shoulder not very s straight, but incurvatin g somewhat with the Head.

Signs and appearances  

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Signs and appearances  

sex,male ,female,astrological appearance,looks,employees,managers,men,women,body,shapes,shoulders,face,looks,eyes,nose,ears etc