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Ă„rztetaschen Doctors Cases Mallettes MĂŠdicales Artsentassen

Made in Germany




Strong and durable Doctors case. Shell made of tough ABS material with scratch-proof leather finish. Hinged compartments opening out sideways. Adjustable dividers allow inside space to be arranged into compartments of preferred size. Removable ampoule case securely holds up to 84 ampoules. Two comfortable handles. Large front pocket of real leather.

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Double handle: beautifully shaped and comfortable.

46 cm L x 33 cm H x 20 cm W With interior lighting (1 halogen lamp 4 V, 0,85 A)

1.23.621 black 1.23.622 brown 1.23.623 burgundy 2

Without interior lighting 1.23.611 black 1.23.612 brown 1.23.613 burgundy 12/13

CONCERTINA Cantilever style with adjustable compartments of hard plastic material. Two handles. Document holder. One compartment comes with two removable trays for 46 ampoules (foam). Scratch proof real leather or leatherette.

e fram k: m iniu l loc Alum integra touch e with s at th nd n e Op finger a tically. a of a autom s lock

Height of base compartment 12 cm 1.06.111 leather, black 1.06.113 leather, burgundy 1.06.311 leatherette, black 1.06.313 leatherette, burgundy 43 cm L x 21 cm W x 27 cm H

Height of base compartment 17 cm 1.06.121 leather, black 1.06.122 leather, brown 1.06.123 leather, burgundy 1.06.321 leatherette, black 1.06.322 leatherette, brown 1.06.323 leatherette, burgundy 43 cm L x 21 cm W x 32 cm H 12/13



NOVA With rigid aluminium frame. Closes firmly, is exceptionelly strong and therefore extremely durable. Plastic edging prevents scuffing. Transparent inner covers with magnetic closures allow instant view of contents: No more time-wasting searches. Individually adjustable compartments. Three foam inserts for 60 ampoules Roomy front pocket. Scratch proof real leather or leatherette.

with lso y. a w ! No le Trolle W E b N nda exte

46 cm L x 33 cm H x 18 cm W Without Trolley: 1.18.111 leather, black 1.18.112 leather, brown 1.18.113 leather, burgundy 1.18.311 leatherette, black 1.18.312 leatherette, brown 1.18.313 leatherette, burgundy With Trolley: 1.18.121 leather, black 1.18.321 leatherette, black 4


VISITA With adjustable inner dividers. A most generously designed medical case that opens out fully. Transparent coverplates with magnetic catches protect contents. Large front pocket. Two handles. Compartments made from hard plastic material, one of which holds two foam rubber inserts for 74 ampoules. Scratch proof real leather or leatherette.

n: ent e s i g u i re m d l ica ed re q r a c t e v e r y p re f e r r p f O lling ally i fulf ndividu i for ons. i sect

42 cm L x 29 cm H x 18 cmW 1.12.111 leather, black 1.12.112 leather, brown 1.12.113 leather, burgundy 1.12.311 leatherette, black 1.12.312 leatherette, brown 1.12.313 leatherette, burgundy 12/13



, asily ined e d nf ne ope most co e b Can in the n eve oom. r sick



MEDICA 2000 One half of this case opens forward. There are neat pockets for quick and easy access to diagnostic instruments, prescription pads, papers and documents. The inside of the other half is made up of interchangeable compartments and has a transparent cover. A hinged foam covered tray provides breakproof storage for 84 ampoules. Scratch proof real leather or leatherette.

s take o s l p. A p To a L a

42 cm L x 29 cm H x 19 cm W 1.21.111 leather, black 1.21.113 leather, burgundy 1.21.311 leatherette, black

With additional front pocket 1.21.121 leather, black 1.21.123 leather, burgundy 1.21.321 leatherette, black 12/13



PICCOLA Featuring 3 compartments on either side protected by individual transparent coverplates with magnetic closures. Front pocket. Two handles. One compartment comes with removable ampoule tray (foam). Scratch proof real leather or leatherette.

ct m p a e r re d o c f – d e l h e p re o m T ssic carry. pe and a l c T h e e a s y t o i n E u ro e and cal cas i med seas. r ove

36 cm L x 25 cm H x 13 cm W 1.09.121 leather, black 1.09.123 leather, burgundy 1.09.321 leatherette, black 1.09.323 leatherette, burgundy 8

41 cm L x 28 cm H x 13 cm W 1.09.131 leather, black 1.09.133 leather, burgundy 1.09.331 leatherette, black 1.09.333 leatherette, burgundy 12/13

MEDI-LIGHT Doctors case with aluminium frame. A spring mechanism holds the bag wide open, so preventing accidental closure. Washable lining, inner pockets, detachable variable compartment divisions, twin handles.

2100 g

44 cm L x 25 cm W x 25 cm H From scratch proof real leather or from easy-care Polymousse material:

1800 g

With 1 front pocket Leather 1.20.111 black 1.20.112 brown 1.20.113 burgundy Polymousse black 1.20.411 with leather finish in black With 2 front pockets Leather 1.20.121 black 1.20.122 brown 1.20.123 burgundy Polymousse black 1.20.421 with leather finish in black




ASSISTA The popular “stay open” case combines traditional style and modern elegance. Lightweight and practical. Strong frame with safety catch. Washable lining, 2 inner pockets, detachable variable compartment divisions. Scratch proof real leather.

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2000 g/2400 g


– own s t i n s of clas l desig ance a a In n eleg itio trad moder n and ined. b com

40 cm L x 23 cm W x 18 cm H 1.14.111 black 1.14.112 brown 1.14.113 burgundy 40 cm L x 23 cm W x 23 cm H 1.14.121 black 1.14.122 brown 1.14.123 burgundy 10


PRACTICUS Fashionable, lightweight doctors case. Aluminium frame with safety catch. Washable lining. Roomy interior. Variable compartment divisions.

1900 g/1400 g


cal, omi el. n o ec od and ular m l a c ti op Prac ways p l an a

45 cm L x 20 cm W x 22 cm H Scratch proof real leather 1.13.120 „Marilyn-Style“ 1.13.121 schwarz 1.13.122 brown 1.13.123 burgundy Easy-care Polymousse: 1.13.411 black 1.13.415 blue 12/13



MEDICUS The inner rack of the case features 2 plates and 3 removable variable compartments. Roomy outer pocket. An additional pocket of netting material for documents located in the outer flap. One ampoule holder with clearview cover for 37 ampoules. Adjustable shoulder strap that can also be removed. Weight: 3500 g Manufactured from high class Polymousse material.

42 cm L x 21 cm W x 32 cm H 1.03.411 black 1.03.415 blue 1.03.417 red 12



MEDICARE XL Particularly light and roomy, only 2700 g, With adjustable and removable shoulder strap. One side with plastic insert with variable dividers. With three foam inserts for 60 ampoules and transparent cover plate with magnetic catches. Other side with four removable clear view boxes held by velcro fastener. Both sides reinforced with ABS plastic casings. Edge protection all around. Large front pocket. From tough and easy-care Polymousse material.

e, lum o V e t: Larg weigh . e littl 2700 g only

46 cm L x 33 cm W x 17 cm H 1.01.421 black 1.01.425 blue 1.01.427 red 12/13


MEDICARE Lightweight (only 1500 g). Adjustable shoulder strap and twin handle. Base unit with adjustable compartments. Transparent cover with magnetic closures. Lid with inside pocket for Ampoule Holders, Document Folders and other flat items. Manufactured from tough Polymousse material.

1500 g

46 cm L x 33 cm W x 12 cm H 1.01.411 black 1.01.415 blue 1.01.417 red 12/13





One half of the case contains four removable clear view boxes plus safe storage for one Oxygen bottle (0,8 l). The other half features a solid integrated plastic insert with adjustable compartments. Two separate ampoule trays to hold 74 ampoules on cover plate which lifts automatically when opening the case. Large capacity, front pocket. Removable, cushioned shoulder straps. Weights only 3500 g. Manufactured from high class material.

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33 cm L x 25 cm W x 46 cm H Extremely robust Tarpaulin: 1.02.410 silver Easy-care Polymousse: 1.02.411 black 1.02.415 blue 1.02.417 red 15


THE ALTERNATIVE (registered)

Lightweight – 2700 g. 17 cm deep central compartment. Four smaller compartments opening out cantilever style. Variable division of compartments. Two sizeable outer pockets. Additional inner pocket for papers. Two removable ampoule trays for 46 ampoules. Removable, padded shoulder straps, optional. From high quality Polymousse.

2700 g

d arrie c e b also ck“ Can ack pa b as “

40 cm L x 36 cm H x 24 cm W Without shoulder straps 1.05.411 black 1.05.415 blue 1.05.417 red With shoulder straps 1.05.421 black 1.05.425 blue 1.05.427 red 12/13



EASYCARE Extremely light. Only weighs 1300 g. Very roomy - attractive design. Deep adjustable plastic compartment. Lid with elastic loops for scissors, pens etc. and additional inner pocket for papers. Innovative zip closure with digital lock. Bottom water and dirt repellent.

1300 g

NEW 37 cm L x 22 cm H x 24 cm W Scratch proof real leather 1.00.110 „Marilyn-Style“ Easy-care Polymousse: 1.00.411 black 1.00.415 blue 1.00.417 red 17


CARE CASE Lightweight (only 1300 g) Front opens out fully for easy access. Two end pockets for the mobile phone/pager, BP monitor, planner etc. With adjustable shoulder strap. Covered key section for the safe and handy storage of patients access keys. Pouch with clear cover for papers on inside flap. Removable and adjustable plastic insert. Generous space above the removable insert for inco pads and couch covers. Sides fitted with elastic loops for scissors, pens etc. Manufactured from tough Polymousse material.

1300 g

43 cm L x 31 cm H x 26 cm W 1.04.411 black 1.04.415 blue 1.04.417 red 12/13



NURSES BAG Lightweight, roomy, handy. Particularly hard-wearing. Individually adjustable inside divisions. Plastic coated lining. Solid handle, slip lock. Made of top quality leatherette.

1900 g

e l cas es and a e d i r T h e a y c e n t a re . d yc for unit m com

41 cm L x 21 cm W x 21 cm H 1.03.311 black 1.03.313 burgundy


Ampoule Holder With zip closure and washable lining. Keeps ampoules secure with 60 elastic loops

Scratch proof real leather.

Extremely compact:

22 x 16 cm 3.07.111 black 3.07.112 brown 3.07.113 burgundy

In the very small space of 21 x 13 x 5 cm, 42 ampoules can be stored safely in a foamlined tray.

3.09.311 black 3.09.312 brown 3.09.313 burgundy

The leatherette material of the outer casing and the two plastic shells are particularly hardwearing. High class Polymousse. 22 x 16 cm 3.07.411 black 3.07.415 blue 3.07.417 red

Foam-lined holder with clear-view cover and press-studs to take 37 ampoules. 26 x 15 cm 3.01.320




Folder, 3 pockets DIN A 5, 4 pockets DIN A 6 format.

Scratch proof real leather.

Velcro closure.

6.04.111 black 6.04.112 brown 6.04.113 burgundy

25 x 17,5 cm

Folder, 4-ring mechanism with 10 seethrough pockets to take all relevant forms and papers. 7 additional compartments. DIN A 5 format.

Scratch proof real leather. 19,5 x 25 cm 6.03.111 black 6.03.112 brown 6.03.113 burgundy

Scratch proof real leather.


9 separate compartments allow ample space for record cards, prescriptions and forms. Comes with writing pad and ball point pen. Manufactured from high quality Polymousse fabric.


20 cm x 25,5 cm 6.02.411 black 6.02.415 blue 33 cm x 26 cm 6.02.421 black 6.02.425 blue


Soft backs with zip closures inclusive of detachable cotton interiors with instrument pockets and protective flaps. Scratch proof real leather, black.

18 x 10 cm 2.06.111 for 12 Instr. up to 16 cm. 21 x 15 cm 2.06.121 for 20 Instr. up to 18 cm.


Legekofferter, ampullemapper, dokumentholdere  

Legekoffert, ampulleetui og dokumentholder.

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