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L.C.N. Again! Volume 2 Issue #7 Like the LCN, for those who remember… this is a community newsletter with some smiles for lesbians and people who love them. Once every few months (or so), I shall produce a newsletter to share info about our; the lesbian community. Things which effect our daily lives. You are invited to participate. Drop us a line via snail mail at p.o.

I Do Support Medical Marijuana.

Volume 2 Issue 7 04/13/2012

Special points of interest:  Peach Pit We at LCN Again! Support medical marijuana and organizations who advocate toward that end.

box 1093, Orl. FL.32802

Dogs vs Kids Dogs — only need some Benadryl & a Thunder shirt during FL. Storms. Kids— need hugs all the time. Dogs— don’t need shoes. Kids—apt complex doesn’t ask for deposit for kids...

Dedicated to the Wimmin of Orlando!

 Our First Patron!  The pineapple/ Spanish moss connection.  Daughters of Bilitis

Green: Got a peach pit? Try this.. soak the

seeds in room temperature water overnight, then pop them into a jar of slightly moist potting soil. Close the jar and put it in a not-too-distant corner of your refrigerator where it won’t get frozen or forgotten. Begin checking the contents of the jar after about a month.

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Groups & Public Service Our primary goal is to meet the specialized needs of LGBT+ youth, ages 13-24. A place where everyone is safe and celebrated. Unless you are a medical professional or in an extremely close relationship with the individual, it is inappropriate to ask: • What reassignment surgeries they’ve had or plan to have • What genitalia they have currently • About their former first mane. If you are unsure of a person’s gender, nicely and sincerely ask them how they identify or what pronoun they'd prefer. We have groups and activities! Check out or current support and peer groups as well as organization activates. There is something for everyone at Zebra Coalition.

Orlando Small Dogs & Puppy Meetup Group Added by Kris Vos Sunday, April 14, 2013 11:00 AM Doctor's Dog Park 21 N Highland Ave Apopka, FL 32703 Will you attend? Located in the heart of Apopka. This is a huge park, which comes in at 5 acres in size. It has a unique rotating system of three sections. As an area wears out, it is closed so the turf can regrow and another section is opened. There are both Small Dog and Large Dog areas, a Water Fountain, Dogipots for cleanup, and Timeout Areas in each section. The Humans have a few Benches in each area to relax and enjoy the park on. Parking is a bit confusing. You park across the street and it appears to be a very small lot, but you can go beyond the obvious area into the open grass as well. We Look forward to seeing everyone there! Sponsored by Four Paws Delights, Pet Photography, 101 Publishing and Four Paws Delights.

The Haps Our first patron! From England..Has books for sale. For list, Contact: E. Francis 47 Nansen Rd., Saltley, B8 3JP, England. That’s me next to Taxi. When I visited England and lived in Paddington Station.

Sometimes visited by hummingbirds and called a ‘Chandelier Plant’ also. Kalanchoe delagoensis— Eureka!! A mother of millions plant from Madagascar! (Danger! Will make grazing animals sick and die.)

Munchies Erowid Erowid is an online library containing tens of thousands of pages of information about psychoactive drugs, plants, and chemicals, including entheogens Tradition in India maintains that the gods sent man the Hemp plant so that he might attain delight, courage, and have heightened sexual desires. When nectar or Amrita dropped down from heaven, _Cannabis_ sprouted from it. Another story tells how, when the gods, helped by demons, churned the milk ocean to obtain Amrita, one of the resulting nectars was _Cannabis_. It was consecrated to Shiva and was Indra's favorite drink. After the churning of the ocean, demons attempted to gain control of Amrita, but the gods were able to prevent this seizure, giving _Cannabis_ the name Vijaya ("victory") to commemorate their success. Ever since, this plant of the gods has been held in India to bestow supernatural powers on its users. Page 1

Switching to Edibles - Edibles are not just for those who cannot smoke or need to cut back smoking, as they can greatly enhance any patient’s routine. Ingesting cannabis before bed allows slowly released, all night relief from pain and insomnia, for example – where the effects of smoking might ware off too soon. For travel, many patients feel safer from law enforcement carrying non-smokable, smell free medicine – especially through airports, certain states or internationally. For patients for whom travelling without medicine is unacceptable, having edibles available can be a life-saver. From: http:// L.C.N. Again!

Marijuana Policy Project


Book a speaker—Bring a FL CAN Ambassador to speak at your event on the latest developments in Florida and how it relates to the various topics. Whether you are the person in charge of getting speakers for your club or just a member interested in sharing History has occurred in Congress! On the subject with your friends, please use the form below to tell us February 5, 2013, Representative Jared about yourself, your meeting and the specific topics you'd like to Polis (D-CO) introduced a bill explore. to regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol at Our current topics include: the federal level. Following MPP’s historic 2012 ballot - Update on Cannabis Research and Your Health initiative victory in Colorado, making the personal use - Senior Citizen's Guide to Cannabis and cultivation of marijuana legal for all adults, along - What Veterans Need to Know About Cannabis with a similar initiative in Washington State, members "There is no reason, and Their VA Benefits of Congress now see the writing on the wall. They in a free society, that - How to Protect Yourself and Change Florida's know it is only a matter of time before the cultivation farmers shouldn't be Cannabis Laws and sale of marijuana is legal across the country. This allowed to raise - Conversation Around Florida Hemp as an Indusbill establishes a regulatory structure for marijuana at hemp," Ron Paul said trial Product the federal level. Please ask your U.S. representative - How Is It That The Drug War and Prohibition to support this bill. Became a Failure? - The Discussion of Recreation Cannabis in Florida for Recmd=display&page=UserAction&id=1592 sponsible Adults? - How Cannabis Effects Florida Tourism Urge your U.S. representative to regulate marijuana like alcohol!

Gardening and Home Corner Spanish moss is a familiar part of Florida’s environment. Despite its name, Spanish moss is not a moss but a bromeliad—a perennial herb in the pineapple family. Most bromeliads, i ncluding Spanish moss, are epiphytes. Epiphytes grow on other plants, but do not rely on them for nutrients. They take nutrients from the air and debris that collects on the plant. Spanish moss has permeable scales that “catch” moisture and nutrients . Spa nish moss prefers moist environments, but its ability to trap water lets it survive dry periods. The plant can also go dormant until moisture conditions improve Spanish moss does not have any roots. It attaches to substrates by wrapping its stems around a surface. It does not need roots for water and nutrient uptake, since all parts of Spanish moss have that ability.

Many homeowners think that Spanish moss kills their trees. This is not the case because the moss is not parasitic. The only thing Spanish moss uses trees for is support. From:http://plants.usda. gov/plantguide/pdf/cs_tius.pdf

Spring is popping up in our little garden...with just a little encouragement, water, sun-

Time w/ the Great I AM... Morning Thoughts….”let me live in such a way, that someone will be inspired to Live a more Loving Life.” - j.g.

“Everybody likes to go their own way

Please share some of your morning thoughts, that you think will inspire others to Live their Dreams, Work for Life sustaining Efforts….Show Love to the World!!

“Let the beauty that we love be what we do.” Jalal ad-Din Rumi (12071273)

“love the life you live. live the life you love.” ? Bob Marley Volume 2 Issue 7

to choose their own time and manner of devotion. ” - Jane Austen (17751817)

Children begin by loving their parents; after a time they judge them; rarely, if ever, do they forgive them. -Oscar Wilde It is wonderful how much time good people spend fighting the devil. If they would only expend the same amount of energy loving their fellow men, the devil would die in his own tracks of ennui. Helen Keller (preach it sistah!!)

“We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.” More at Jesse Owens (1913-1980); Olympian

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Dedicated to t he Wi mmin of Orlando! Primary Business Address P.O. Box 1093 Orlando, Fl. 32802

We are amateurs. Not professional newsletter writers. We encourage you also and to continue to live, love and learn. We welcome your input and encourage you to be part of this endeavor.


We are older lesbians who want to see our community come together and support each other. Live, Laugh, Learn and Dance is our motto.


….Yes, grandma and grandpa should smoke pot...

It’s all Good, All the time.

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Aunt Jeannie Says...Your girlfriend calling you a lesbian is probably a term of endearment.! Remember to check our ebooks at— msjacque

Herstory— Strong, Entrepreneurial, Empathetic, Mothers, Sisters, Wimmin. Naming themselves. Not believing the labels. Living, Loving and Giving of themselves w/the gifts they were endowed by the Creator. After a battle with pancreatic cancer she died on January 12, 1965, aged 34. Hansberry was prescient about many of the increasingly troubling conditions in the world, and worked to remedy them with literature. Baldwin believed "it is not at all farfetched to suspect that what she saw contributed to the strain which killed her, for the effort to which Lorraine was dedicated is more than enough to kill a man." Hansberry's funeral was held in Harlem on January 15, 1965. Paul Robeson gave her eulogy. The pr esiding reverend, Eugene Callender, recited messages from James Baldwin and the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. which read: "Her creative ability and her profound grasp of the deep social issues confronting the world today will remain an inspiration to generations yet unborn." She is buried at Asbury United Methodist Church Cemetery in Croton-on-Hudson, New York. Hansberry contributed to the understanding of abortion, discrimination, and Africa. She joined the Daughters of Bilitis and contributed letters to their magazine, The Ladder, in 1957 that addressed feminism and homophobia. Her lesbian identity was exposed in the articles she wrote for the magazine, but she wrote under the initials L.H. for fear of discrimination against a black lesbian. Singer and pianist Nina Simone, who was a

close friend of Hansberry, used the title of her unfinished play to write a civil rights-themed song "To Be Young, Gifted and Black" together with Weldon Irvine. The single reached the top 10 of the R&B charts She was the first African American to direct a play on Broadway. Daughters of Bilitis (/b?' li?t?s/), also called the DOB or the Daughters, was the first lesbian civil and political rights organization in the United States. Martin and Lyon justified the name, writing later, "If anyone asked us, we could always say we belong to a poetry club." They also designed a pin to wear to be able to identify with others, chose club colors and voted on a motto "Qui vive", French for "on alert". The organization filed a charter for non-profit corporation status in 1957, writing a description so vague, Phyllis Lyon remembered, "it could have been a charter for a cat-raising club." In 1955, Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon had been together as lovers for three years when they complained to a gay male couple that they did not know any other lesbians. The gay couple introduced Martin and Lyon to another lesbian couple, one of whom suggested they create a social club. In October 1955, eight women— four couples—met to provide each other with a social outlet. One of their priorities was to have a place to dance, as dancing with the same sex in a public place was illegal. .. educate other women about lesbians, and reduce their self-loathing brought on by the socially repressive times.

lcn again - vol2 issue7  

find out the pineapple/spanish moss connection, about Daughtes of Billitis and our first Patron...from England!