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SMIC Private School

SCIENCE DEPARTMENT MEETING Date: 2009-08-18, 3:30-4:30pm Location: SMIC Private School, MHS C202 Attendance: Micah Sittig, Andrew Shall, Chris Kong, Rainbow Tsai, Dr Sunitha, Tony Chu, Christine Yin. Objectives 3:30 - Set the tone for the department this year: learning, improved teaching. - Communicate department policies - Set deadlines for syllabus, framework, emergency lesson plans. Agenda - Question: one memorable thing about this summer. 3:40 - Theme for this year: learning, parent communication. 3:45 * Intro to PD series for this year: * Peer Observation Program - Department environment: open, sharing, familiar. Very happy with last year. Brainstorm activity:3:55 * Problems with colleagues; scenarios: + a teacher has a problem with you + a teacher has a problem with another teacher + you have a problem with department head * Problems with students/parents + a student acts up in class + a parent is unsatisfied with how you teach your class + a parent is unhappy with how you treat their student + a parent comes to you with a complaint about another teacher - Teaching assignments: 4:00 * Questions? * Work closely with your partner: whether even partners, or team leader model. - Classroom assignments 4:02 * Science wing: Christine, Chris, Rainbow/Sunitha LAB ASSIGNMENTS Chem C108 Tony Christine C110 Tony Christine Bio C209* Elaine Andrew C211* Sunitha Rainbow Physics C311 Chris Micah * Equipped with projectors &

screens. * Where are the laptops? - Grading percentages discussion 4:05 * Last year: GRADING PERCENTS Exams Test/Quiz HW 6 20% 32% 25%

Labs 15%

Participation 8% Middle Sch 7 20% 32% 25% 15% 8% 8 20% 32% 25% 15% 8% 9 20% 40% 20% 15% 5% High Sch 10 20% 40% 20% 15% 5% Physics 20% 40% 20% 15% 5% AP Flexible, submit to me for approval (put it on the syllabus). * Same this year. - Safety agreement – are we doing enough to emphasize lab safety? 4:10 * Current practice: what do we do? + parents sign agreement + review pertinent items before each lab * Future practice: + spend time in class going over the agreement with students; + design an activity designed to help students learn the most important, relevant points. + work with company to design training for all faculty, ET/CT. - Contact information: has been e-mailed to you, send me updates. 4:12 - Office cleanliness organization: not much to say, last year was great. 4:15 * Re-arrange office? Still need a rationale. - Deadlines for framework, syllabus, emergency lesson plans, weekly lesson plans. 4:25 * Framework/syllabus: Next Thursday, 27th (soft copy) + You can start, but will talk more about this Thursday * Emergency lesson plans: Next Tuesday, 25th (hard copy) + See page 30 of the faculty handbook + It's OK to use last year's, I will put them out on the tables for you to check. + I will have a checklist to sign when you turn them in. Weekly lesson plans: Each Friday by the time you leave, soft copy only. - Any more items? 4:28 - Take a minute or two to complete this sentence on your paper: 4:30 * "One thing I want to see this semester is…" * Hand in before you leave.

—Submitted by Micah Sittig, 2009-08-24


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