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Basic Science Course – Graduate and Master Degree Programs from Manipal Jaipur Although Science is generally used for information on any subject on earth, to be specific, the word “Science” deals with information and study about the physical universe. It involves in-depth study and practice. Medicine, computers, defence, engineering, agriculture, aqua science, forensic science, food technology & processing, marine science, astronomy, geology, horticulture, home science, genetics, geosciences, meteorology and oceanography, plant pathology, evolutionary biology, physical sciences etc. Careful observation, experimentation, arithmetical aptitude, dedication, sincerity, analytical approach, patience and concentration are the pre-requisites to pursue a career in the field of science. One can choose a career in microbiology, meteorology, forestry science, agricultural science, medicine, computers etc. Numerous government and private organizations hire science scholars. NASA and other reputed organizations are always in search of competent scientists. Science subjects also open the option of conducting research. Opportunities are not restricted to India; lucrative options are there in abroad as well. Science scholars can also opt for the noble profession of teaching after completing post-graduation or Ph. D in the relevant field. Bachelor of Science Students who are enthusiastic about scientific discoveries and inventions will find the curriculum at Manipal University Jaipur both inspiring and engaging. It encourages independent thought and research combined with theoretical study. Enjoy practical learning through experimentation and observation in our sophisticated laboratories. Our experienced and highly qualified faculty will guide you on your journey to uncovering fascinating knowledge about the universe. Your powers of logic and reasoning will develop to the fullest over the course of your academic career. Courses offered mentioned below: BSc in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics BSc in Chemistry, Botany and Zoology BSc in Biotechnology, Physics and Chemistry The three year BSc programme would cover the three areas of Physics, Chemistry &Mathematics in three years at various topics of the respective subjects. After completing the Bachelor's degree, one can go for higher studies by choosing their interested subject and can also take up Civil service entrance tests. Eligibility for BSc in basic sciences is passing in 10+2, A Level, IB, American 12th grade or equivalent

In response to an invitation extended by the Govt. of Rajasthan to start a multi-disciplinary Private University in the state, the Manipal group launches Manipal University, Jaipur. The university till offer courses in different disciplines like Engineering, Medical, Hospitality, Allied Health, Management, Communication, Jewellery Management etc. rolled out in phases.

Jaipur being one of the fastest growing cities in India has increasing demand for quality higher education in the region. Following an allotment of 67 Acres of land at Dehmi Kalan Village near Jaipur for the proposed campus, the Manipal Group has also requested another 250 in the region.

The University will be headquartered at Dehmi Kalan Village, Tehsil Sanganer, Jaipur District. The Manipal University campus in Jaipur will be home to the best-in-class infrastructure including state of the art research facilities and modern libraries. In line with Manipal University’s legacy of providing quality education to its students, the campus will also involve the latest in technology to impart education. Manipal, today, is a household name in higher education. Over five and half decades ago, one man, Dr Tonse Madhava Anantha Pai, had a vision to impart quality education to generations of the future. He ensured that everything he did was consigned to posterity, and that students enjoy the fruits of his labour till eternity on this lateritic plateau. And the students will, forever, have one name on their lips, that of Manipal.

Fired by the desire to provide health care and other essential services to the people of this region, Dr TMA Pai transformed the plateau into what it now is. He turned the wilderness into a sanctuary of education.

In 1953, he set up Kasturba Medical College, the first private medical college in the voluntary sector. With that began the story of Manipal University. In 1957, came the engineering college followed by the dental college, college of pharmacy and the others. Initially, these institutes were affiliated to different universities.

Basic Science Course – Graduate and Master Degree Programs from Manipal Jaipur  

Although Science is generally used for information on any subject on earth, to be specific, the word “Science” deals with information and st...

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