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MSI Founder

“We continue to find the needs of every consumer and meet their needs as well as satisfy their demands.”

“Only grade-a requirements and management can offer the best products to customers.”

Senior Vice President of R&D

Senior Vice President of Procurement

Jeans Huang

Frank Lin

“MSI is committed to insist on the best and to provide the best product to all consumers.” President

Joseph Hsu

“MSI always offers the best solution to customers and gives the best benefit to employees.” Senior Vice President of Manufacturing

Kenny Yu

“MSI is constantly creating new value, world-class products and first-class services.” Senior Vice President of Sales

Henry Lu

MSI Overview Date Founded August 1986

Product Category Computer Manufacturers


Joseph Hsu


US$310 Million


More than 17,000 persons


No.69 Li-Te St, Chung-Ho City, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan

2008 Revenue US$3.03 Billion

Manufacturing Sites China (Located at ShenZhen and KunShan, ShangHai) Worldwide Locations Worldwide subsidiaries in 25 countries. Statistics Date: April 2009


The first dazzling year for achieving brand leadership Founded in 1986, MSI has always been a good partner in personal computer technology and digital life. In 2008, more than 28 million PCs around the world were made from MSI mainboard and graphics card. MSI is always there to share the essence of digital life with users. In 2009, MSI has moved to more innovative energy and has mainly focused on notebooks and all-in-one PC products. MSI will continue to create more comprehensive and beyond imaginable products to enrich the users’ digital life. The year 2009 will be MSI’s first year of global branding and breaking into the 3C market. MSI’s strong global brand ambition is to globalize and diversify its business strategy in three directions: Multicultural, Stylish & Innovative. At the same time, MSI plans to put more effort in fulfilling its corporate citizenship and taking into account environment protection as well as social feedback. In March this year, MSI has been chosen simultaneously as one of the “2009 Top 50 Corporate Citizens” and “2009 Top CSR Excellent Enterprises” from CommonWealth Magazine and Global Views Magazine in Taiwan. In the future, MSI will continue to commit and implement corporate social responsibility in company governance.


MSI's Perfect Formula Impeccable & Elaborate Quality Insists on high-standard and self-built plant to provide the best quality and production Yields 99.6% high quality which is better than the industry’s average Employs more than 30 strict quality tests to ensure that the notebook computers are the highest quality 60 MSI products wins the Taiwan Excellence Awards and two more products has won the Taiwan Excellence Gold/Silver Awards

International Forward-looking Design Recommended by Germany’s iF Design award and Japan’s G-Mark Design award. X-Slim series notebook is leading the trend of today’s notebook fashion.

Leading Technology, Innovation and Excellence World’s first 10-inch netbook, Wind U100, swept the global market and made a success sales record of 3.5 million units. Market-leading ultra-slim notebook, X-Slim series, caused uproar among competitors to follow. Pioneered the concept of overclocking mainboard, was reputed as “overclocking ancestor” in the industry. World’s first overclocking notebook, the first Dolby Home Theater certified notebook, and the first notebook which comes with independent numeric keypad, all from MSI.

Strong R&D Capacity to Lead the Trend Invest in more than 2500 R&D personnel with strong and leading advantages – from product research and development, design, manufacture and services.


MSI Stars

The Most Stylish:

X-Slim Series Ultra-Slim Notebook MSI X-Slim series notebook challenges the limits of ultra-slim notebook. It’s ultimately thin and light with ultra-long battery life and trendy look. Powered by the latest energy-efficient IntelŽ CULV mobile computing platform, the X-Slim series notebook ranges from 13-inch to 16-inch models, with a thin body of less than 1-inch (the thinnest is only 0.6cm). It has ingeniously applied fashionable curves in its design which is highly recommended by international media.

The Most Compact: Wind Netbook

The world’s first 10-inch netbook, Wind U100, has managed to sell over 3.5 million units worldwide. The follow-up models, U120 and U200, which are portably light, energy saving and compact in features, have become the most awaited netbook products.


MSI Stars

The Best Mobile Performance: MSI Notebook Series

MSI provides full-size, high-performance, and high-quality notebook products. The variety of theme-based design concepts are as follow:

X-Slim Series:

Slim, Light, Aesthetic

Classic Series:

Your Stylish but Friendly Companion

Aesthetics Collection:

New Definition of Modern Aesthetics

Entertainment Series:

Enriching Your Digital Multimedia Life

Gaming Series:

The Very First Choice for Gaming Enthusiasts

Professional Series: Value Series:

Professional, Charming, Entertainment Enjoyment

The Best Choice for Value and Performance


MSI Stars

Slimmest and Most Power-saving: Wind Top Series All-in-One PC From computer components to computer systems, MSI’s strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities has created the ultra-slim All-in-One PC, Wind Top Series. Inheriting the product design philosophy of Wind family, MSI Wind Top series All-in-One PC comes with dualcore processor and monitor features, with a power consumption of only 35W which is equivalent to one-tenth of the general desktop PC. The amazing thing about this all-in-one PC is the built-in touch screen and intuitive user interface that enables users to enjoy the digital life and connect with the world easily.


MSI Stars

The Core:

Mainboard and Graphics Card are the secret keys to success. MSI is best known for its desktop computer mainboards. The cumulative experiences of its R&D capabilities, as well as the diversified management and business strategy, have helped MSI establish a leading impact in the world. In 2008, MSI had sold out more than 10 million graphics cards and 18 million mainboards globally. Affirmation from the global market as evidenced MSI’s outstanding technology.

More Fun:

Vehicle Infotainment Systems, Enrich the Life-Style in Vehicle MSI has entered into the vehicle infotainment field in 2009. Adopting the most advanced design concepts of new type of aircraft cabin entertainment system, MSI creates the brand-new “Scalable and Manageable Large On-Demand System”. In the future, MSI will continuously lead industry in the vehicle infotainment field.


MSI Brand Born and bred in Taiwan, MSI has become one of the world’s top companies with worldwide subsidiaries in 25 countries. It has more than 10,000 service sites and 17,000 employees. MSI will continue to manufacture and sell world-class products, but also develop the right products at the right time. Looking forward to the future, MSI will surely cross another milestone in its fast-growing history.

Milestone 2009 2009 2008 2008 2008 2007 2005 2004 2004 2003 2001 1997 1990 1986

The first year for MSI brand Launched the Ultra-Slim X-Slim series notebook Wind series netbook and system launched. Nearly 400 million units of netbook sold. Considered as one of the top global brands. MSI was listed as one of Taiwan’s Top 20 Global Brands MSI was honored and awarded the Best Domestic Enterprise of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 Launched the world’s 1st overclocking notebook Established Notebook Business Unit. Adopted the LOB task-oriented organizational structure to enhance the integration of capability and co-operation. Announced the first Notebook product. China factory (KunShan) joined the operation, indicating nearly 20 million units of mainboard per year, and 12 million graphics cards per year. The production is excellent in the industry. China factory (ShenZhen) joined the operation, a substantial increase in shipments and revenue. Inaugurated the MSI Plant I in Jung-He, a suburb of Taipei. Entered the American market MSI was established.


MSI Brand Step 1 Build the Foundation (1986~1997) In 1986, Mr. Joseph Hsu, the founder of MSI, realized the great opportunities in the IT industry. He convinced four friends with similar interest and professional skills (Frank Lin, Jeans Huang, Henry Lu and Kenny Yu) to join him and help him establish MSI. Who would have known, that this was the start of a legend in the Taiwan’s IT industry. The five founders all started from scratch - from the R&D production, marketing, services and even product packaging and transportation. Based on the revolutionary sentiments, MSI management team has a tacit understanding the full cooperation in 23 years. Inspired by creativity and motivated by uniqueness, MSI introduced the first 12MHz overclocking 80286 mainboard, making MSI the “overclocking ancestor” of the industry. Relying on its technical and quality advantages, MSI had crossed the business into Europe, United States, and the mainland market. In order to response to growing sales, MSI had set up the factory in 1997 and self-adhere to the highest specifications to ensure that the future plant production quality. Even spending extra 10-million NT dollars to double increase the thickness of the floor to offset resonance and increase product precision.


MSI Brand Step 2 Grow and Develop (1998~2003) Based on its solid foundation, MSI had survived the 1997 Asian financial crisis and successfully became a public company as it went on IPO (Initial Public Offering) on the Taipei Stock Exchange (TAIEX) in 1998. MSI also ranked the world’s top three mainboard manufacturers. At the same time, MSI continued to expand the production base in Taiwan and China. MSI plant III in Jung-he and China factory in ShenZhen had been inaugurated in 2000, and China factory in KunShan had been inaugurated in 2001. Its own high-quality product lines provide an annual 20 million mainboards and 12 million graphics cards for the group needed. At the same time, MSI brand strategy had gradually moved towards diversification. The superior quality had won the high recommendation, Taiwan Excellence Awards, and Taiwan Excellence Gold/Silver Awards several times.


MSI Brand Step 3 Excellence in Transition and Moving Forward (2004~2007) The sustainable growth strategy of MSI is based on pragmatic pace of change and novelty. The founder, Joseph Hsu, had mentioned, “Using the technology to create consumers’ convenience and constantly change to get close with the consumers.” To uphold the spirit of innovation and technical superiority, MSI made the important decision in 2003 by entering the laptop industry. Based on a strong R&D team with its own production capacity, MSI keeps its R&D, design, manufacturing and services abreast to full procedures, so that every detail can achieve the perfect standard. The MEGABOOK M510C which was launched during the CES exhibition in January 2004 was truly amazing with its powerful features and excellent quality. In the world of fierce competition, MSI notebook product lines have achieved one million notebook units in 2007. In 2008, MSI had also launched “The World’s First 10-inch netbook”, and then made a record of 4 million units. MSI was set up for a positive goal to enter the top 10 global notebook brands


MSI Brand Looking forward to the Future Conquer the global market and create a new brand era (2008~now) MSI is listed as one of Taiwan’s Top 20 Global Brands by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Adopting the innovative R&D capabilities and outstanding organization, MSI has a solid foundation, and is preparing to take big steps toward a new era of brand. MSI was pushed to the peak of international fame by its excellent products such as Wind Netbook, X-Slim Ultra-slim notebook. MSI insists on the best to provide the excellent product. Good product results to good brand and good brand provides good product. MSI is confident of its strong R&D capacity, innovative design, excellent quality, and brand image. MSI’s next step is to conquer the global market as a technical leading brand closest to its consumers.


Fulfill CSR and be a good corporate citizenship Fulfilling its global obligations, MSI will continue to commit and implement social responsibility in corporate governance, as well as take into account environmental protection and social feedback. For energy saving and environmental protection, MSI has promoted energy-saving measures to reduce carbon emissions actively, as well as sponsoring the plan of planting trees from 2001 for air purification and adjustment, noise block and traffic safety maintenance for drivers and residents. Besides focusing on eco functions during the R&D phase, MSI also supported the “Bike to Protect our Planet (BTP)” plan to share our concern to the world. MSI has been chosen simultaneously as one of “2009 Top 50 Corporate Citizens” and “2009 Top CSR Excellent Enterprises” from CommonWealth Magazine and Global Views Magazine in Taiwan. In the future, MSI will continue to commit and implement corporate social responsibility in company governance.