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Trek Everest: Reaching new heights with your support Dr. Roberta Hood, Emergency Medicine Physician at Markham Stouffville Hospital (MSH), has been training for months. At least four times a week she goes for a run or climbs stairs and attends fitness training sessions. Dr. Hood is getting ready to embark on Trek Everest – a journey from Kathmandu, Nepal, through the Himalayas up to Base Camp on Mount Everest. This Adventure of a Lifetime celebrates the 65th anniversary of Sir Edmund Hilary’s ascent to the top, and will be accompanied by his son Peter Hilary. “As soon as I heard about the Trek I was interested in going. Just the idea of Everest, the world’s highest peak, is inspiring,” says Dr. Hood. “I look forward to following in the footsteps of those who have climbed Everest in the past.” Dr. Hood is part of a dedicated group of MSH supporters and staff making the journey. “We’ve

had regular workouts together. There has been a big teambuilding component,” says Dr. Hood. “I’m excited about the people I am going on this adventure with and have enjoyed getting to know them better.” Dr. Hood, who also assists in the Operating Room (OR) and works in the Cardiac Stress Lab, is equally excited about the opportunity to help raise funds to outfit a much-needed Hybrid OR at MSH. The Trek has a fundraising goal of $750,000. “The new hybrid Operating Room will allow for new and different procedures to be

Dr. Roberta Hood performed at our hospital,” Dr. Hood explains. “It expands the capacity of the OR, potentially shortening wait times and providing better care to the community.” Dr. Hood hopes caring supporters like you will help MSH get to the top of the mountain and reach our fundraising goal. As she says, doctors and staff at the hospital

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The ability to provide the care we want to our patients is not possible without donor support. We are grateful to donors who contribute so generously and enable us to do — Dr. Roberta Hood what we do every day.

Trek Everest continued... depend on your generosity to enable them to do their job to the best of their ability. “The ability to provide the care we want to our patients is not possible without donor support. We are grateful to donors who contribute so generously and enable us to do what we do every day,” she says. “We couldn’t do what we do without you.” Outfitting a new hybrid OR is the next step to increasing access to care and offering more procedures to benefit patients close to home.

Trek Everest Team Dr. Hood and the entire Trek team hope you will join the adventure with your support today.

The community has donated in the past for the expansion of the hospital and most of the equipment we have in it. But once again we find ourselves at a crossroads where we desire to enhance our hospital and we’re asking for support from the community to help enable the growth of MSH. Join us on our journey to provide excellent patient care and be the best community hospital we can be. ­­— Dr. Roberta Hood

Did You Know? Even with a major expansion and renovation project completed a mere 5 years ago – that doubled the physical space of the Hospital (and tripled the size of its Emergency department) – it’s a constant challenge to continue to meet the rapidly growing demand The Emergency department treats approximately 250 patients every day, or 80,000 patient visits annually Government cannot fund all equipment and priority needs; MSH must rely on community support to enable continued growth



The Power of Your Giving I’ve been inspired by so much in my 11 years with the Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation. I’ve seen patients overcome incredible odds with our expert caregivers by their side. I’ve seen our hospital expand and evolve to meet the needs of our growing community. I’ve seen our generous donors rally to ensure our patients have access to lifesaving care close to home.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR Unionville Festival Funky 5K Sunday, June 3, 2018 Register online:

Neonatal Mobile Transport System

Angus Glen Summer Five Miler Friday, July 20, 2018 Angus Glen Golf Club

And very recently, I saw something I’ll always remember: a Markham baby’s historic ride in a neonatal mobile transport system – the first of its kind in Ontario, thanks to donors like you.

Register online:

Baby Rahma, 8 weeks old

Eight-week-old Rahma, born with Down syndrome and two holes in her heart, needed to be transferred to Toronto for specialized tests and treatments. Your generous support helped fund the leading-edge equipment that safely took her there. As a generous supporter, you’re part of everything positive that happens at Markham Stouffville Hospital. You are my biggest inspiration. As much as we celebrate everything you help make possible, I hope you’ll keep in mind that there’s always more to do, such as equipping a new OR this year. As always, your support inspires us to meet every challenge. There’s no mountain we can’t climb as long as we work together. With gratitude,

8th Annual MSH Leaders Night at the Races Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2018 Woodbine Racetrack Network with community and business leaders while enjoying a track-side view of the races. For more information:

MSH Foundation CEO Suzette Strong

Thanks to your generosity

Over 4.4 million dollars was given to MSH last year to help fund priority needs!

For a full list of events benefiting MSH, visit YOUR GIVING IN ACTION


Donor Profile

Monthly giving: An easy way to support an integral part of the community supporter two years later. “I’ve always felt it was important to have a strong medical facility like Markham Stouffville Hospital in our neighbourhood,” says June. “The hospital is an integral part of the community and touches virtually every resident.”

June Wilson and her daughter Rebecca at MSH

June Wilson finds it reassuring to live just a fiveminute walk from MSH. In the past two years, June’s two grandchildren have visited the Emergency department (ED) at least half a dozen times and she often meets them there. “Thankfully, it’s been mostly minor things like sprains and scrapes,” she says. “It means a lot to know the hospital is there for us when we need them.” For example, there was the time June’s 11-year-old granddaughter was taken to the ED after she’d been in a car accident. “She was complaining of soreness and had a bad abrasion on her neck,” she recalls. “The team in the ED was absolutely amazing. They couldn’t do enough to take care of us.”

June chose to become a valued member of our monthly giving program – MSHFuture – when her employer announced they would match her donations. “That gave me the opportunity to optimize my support,” June explains. June quickly realized just how easy monthly giving is and sees how each gift provides the best patient care possible. She encourages other supporters to consider monthly giving as well. “It’s an easy way to budget your support. It’s automatic, so making a donation is not something you have to remember to do,” June says. “At the end of the year, you receive a tax receipt for all your donations for your income taxes.” However you choose to make your donations, June says the most important thing is to give.

In turn, June has found the ideal way to give back and help ensure her hospital is fully equipped to care for her and her loved ones. She made her first donation to MSH in 2005 and became a monthly

Markham Stouffville Hospital is there for our benefit. We need to support it so it’s there when we need it.­­

379 Church Street, Suite 303, Markham, Ontario L6B 0T1 Tel: 905.472.7059  | Charitable Registration No. 13064 3620 RR0001

— June Wilson