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Ms Greco's Class Stories Our first word processing project! 2011


The Girl On a nice humid day a beautiful yet coming girl went for a stroll.That girl's name is Elena. Elena is the richest girl of the world of speed. But one day that all changed this random girl named Ms. Random stole her spotlight. Elaine alone with no one in site. The Next morning even her parents went to Ms. Random’s hotel for the night.Till this day Elaine had no friends but her self and that hobo next door.

The end


It's Raining Cats and Dogs Once upon a time there lived a young woman. She was going to a celebration. As she came to the celebration, she saw a terrifying sight. Her umbrella was at home , she was afraid that it would rain. The young woman was upset that she had to go back home to get her umbrella. When she arrived at her house someone robbed her. The umbrella was gone also. The woman knew the umbrella was black magic. The burglar came back the next night, but she was ready. The woman was scared, but she wasent backing away from this challenge this time. The woman was so scared that her legs were shivering. The burglar was there a little early,but the woman was still ready. The woman was successful.

The End


The Clue Less Princess And Prince One day there was a princess and a prince they would stick togethor no matter what . Then it was day two and then some how there where clueless .Then the next day there parents where so clueless they had to go to a super teaching school but they sure did not like it .So they tould them that it is super taeaching school or jail .They decided jail they where there for a year .And they hated it so badly so they went to a hospitial but the doctor said he could not fix it .Of course the docter was a perfisal so he was not wrong but they thot he was to say that he could not fix .Then the docter had said that they had to get serjary for like 30 days .Now back to the children they where not as bad all that they had to do is go to school for 39 mouths in a row . While the days where going on some one toke there key to the house so they had to live in a foster home until they found the key .It was ten days later they found the key .Now it was time for the parents to get out of the hopspail. It was a mirakile like OMG !


The Cursed Umbrella

Once upon a time a girl found a cursed umbrella. The next day it was raining. When she put the umbrella over her head. But then the umbrella turned into fire, and she ran home. Then the umbrella turned into a flying rocket and flew her to the moon. Then she passed out on the moon. When she woke up she was in her house. Her brother said, “are you okay Susan.” Next Susan house was on fire. Then she called the police. The umbrella jumped out the window and said, “ I'll be back.” Then the cop took the umbrella to jail. Next Susan went to her celebration. THE END


The Special Holiday My favorite holiday is Halloween. The holiday is as special as my birthday.Holidays are my favorite. People love holidays I like it the most. The story I am making is maybe fiction and non-fiction. Maybe people will like my story I know I will.Their was a little girl who liked holidays. She would have celebrated every holidays. Her father did not like the holidays. She was so sad when she first found out. And the her name was Rosa Mendez. She didn't talk to him for a month.And the father said sorry. The father of Rosa Mendez felt sorry for her.So she celebrated Halloween and her family spend Halloween with her. Then they were all happy and they song a special song.Then they celebrated Thanksgiving.Now the mother didn't spend Thanksgiving with Rosa and the father.She was really sad and she got angry. Rosa had a nice personalty but this time she could not take it anymore. She yelled at her mom and said why don’t you like anything.Her mom was really hard to get along with. So Rosa ran up to her room and she slammed the door. So Rosa mom Said get down here. And she said noooooooooooooooooo! Then everything start getting good. Then they had a happy ending.

The End


Red Days Are Always Rainy When It Comes To Tiea Once there was a girl name Emani. She always wanted to go to France so she went. Emani went with her best friend Lanna, Anna and Vantnna also with her sister Breanna. Well it always rained in france but when she was there it rained a lot but when she wasn't it hardly even rained. So Emani ,Anna and Vantnna woke up and the rain stopped and when they went outside it started to thunder. So Tiea, Anna and Vantnna dashed straight into a chines store. Then they were forced to go to the ceremony/partaay. Then they went but it was a thunder storm with lighting, thunder and lots of rain. They thought to them self's this is going to be the worst day ever.Then they realized that it really wasn't Tiea. Then Lanna and Breanna went every where in the city looking for them. Then they finally found them. Then at night about 12:30am all the people launched fire works and throw up balloons tho remember their King and Queen. They first asked a man in red why did it rain so much. The name is Antoine the man in red and don't I no you for first grade or something like that. Oh you must be the famous ANTOINE said Emani. Yes we were in like first grade together. So Antoine and Tiea went to RED LODSTER and the to saw their old friend Kierra now none other than CECE BEST. CECE BEST was a famous person she she was the best doter in France. Emani thought to her self “why did she change her name? Why did she become a doter she always wanted to be a singer?”. So Antoine walked Emani home to 4b in her building he finally told her that his name is matt still it didn't change from second grade so you can still call me Matty. So as matty walked out Emani whisper “Matty arivaderci” Matty answered “bye” she said “matt” matt said “Oreo” . The next day it was New Years eve so Emani went to Matty's house with her suit clothes on to go for a walk. Then they went to the swing set and when the tried to see who was going the far this they both won. Then they both went home. The next day was the last day of her in france so she got Matty's number and e-mail address even though it was not safe. She and her friends will miss and remember all their friends they meet.


The Lady 's With The Cute Shirt There was a lady with a cute shirt that I loved. The lady cute shirt was so cute. I loved the shirt so much. I wish I had her shirt. The shirt is red and black. The shirt is very cute. The shirt have sixteen squares on the shirt. I wish the lady had the shirt in purple, green, and red. I love the shirt because the shirt have an umbrella to match it. The shirt have black strips on it and the rest of the shirt is all red. The shirt has a belt to. The belt is very nice and very cute. I like her style very much.I like her clothes so much. That is the lady with the cute shirt.


Big Red One day there was a boy named Jahleel and he was mad because it was raining. He was soaked and wet so he went home and changed his clothes and after he was done he made something to eat. After he was finished he went outside and went to his cousins house. When he got there he played with his cousin's. Then he left. While his mom was driving he asked if he can stop at McDonald's. After he was done eating he went home and watched T.V. Then he went to sleep and dreamed about the day he had. THE END


A Rainy Day On a rainy day there was a girl named Marline. It was wonderful day in her town. It was Christmas Eve. She wore a red blouse, with red diamond shoes. She invited her mom, dad, cousins ,and her aunts and uncle's.Her mom was surprised to see her . She ran to her mom. Her mom name is she loved and missed Marline. It was the gold dragon parade. It was Marline's favorite parade of 2011!. When she saw her the dragon she jumped up and down. The dragon loved her energy. So the dragon said to join him in the parade. By the time she got home she saw presents under her christmas tree. She ran to open them. When she open the first gift she got a gold dragon toy she was so exited. She yelled “THIS IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!�


Rainy Red Alia was happy because it was Chinese New Year. Alia was waiting for a cab. When Alia got in the cab she said step on it! She got there in two minutes. Alia saw the Chinese Dragon she stayed up all night.Her best friend wanted to take Alia on a date. They went to the chinese buffet. Alia had crabs.They had a good time.Alia went outside and saw the ball drop.Her eye opened. Alia was so happy.Alia couldn't believe her eyes.


Super Dog One day there was a little weak, wimpy dog named Max. He never ever goes on any adventures but that changed when he met a girl Bella. Bella is the princess of the planet Mars who has been captured by an evil bulldog and Max has to save her. Wile Max was on his way to the princess he fell into a strange portal. When he got out of the portal he found out he had incredible powers. Then he flew all the way to the evil bulldog's house. When he got there he had to take out the evil bulldogs guards. After that Max found the princess but the evil bulldog was guarding her. Max had to sneak by the evil bulldog but it did not work. Next Max punched the evil bulldog into space and he never came back down. Lastly Max and the princess went back home and had a big dinner.

The End

Khary The Day I Saw The Super Star The day I saw Super Star I fell in love and thought he was my favorite hero. I was so in love I watched it all day and did not freak out when it went off. I also had an all Super Star birthday and did I throw a fit when I did not get a Super Star toy or watch. I was scared of Spider-Man when I was two and when I saw Batman I was even more scared. I was known as a Super Star super fan and got into a Super Star fan club that gave me a group Polo jacket that said “We Will Never Let Down Super Star Fans.� One day Super Star went to fight crime and met a pretty twenty year old girl that he saw when he was ten and went to order a picture of her to put next to his bed with his TV. When Super Star and his girlfriend went to get married in Detroit a bank robber had robbed a bank and killed two people. One day ten years later they had a little set of twins that grew up to be another one of their parents to help keep the family up and going.They lived in Detroit with ten kids happily ever after.

The End


Rainy Day Red One day a girl named KeKe went to a special place and when she got there it started to rain so she put up her umbrella. When it stopped raining she put her umbrella down. KeKe went to a holiday that's really special and that has red things up all over. KeKe went to the special holiday with her friends LuLu, Anna and her sister Jamira. KeKe and her sister's went looking around to see if they can find some things to buy. After they went looking around they got something to eat. When the special holiday was over they went home. All the gift's that they got from the holiday they went to give the gift's out to their family. KeKe and all her sister's had so much fun so they went out to party. On the next day KeKe and her sisters and mom went to New York for a week. When they got to New York they went to check into the hotel. Once they got to the 13th floor they found there room number that is 16 for the room number. When they got to the room they unpacked so they can put their stuff up. They never put their swim suit's up because they are going swimming. When they got to the pool KeKe and her sister's jumped in. When they got in they played and had a swimming contest and KeKe won. Then, they all got out the pool to go back to there room to get washed so they could put on some clothes to go out so they can get something to eat. They all went to a place named RedLobsters. When they went inside they saw their friend E'mani getting something to eat with her two friends named Taty and CeCeOnce they saw them they all told KeKe lets all eat together. When they got to their table their waiter came to take their and see what they want to drink. When their waiter came back he asked what would you like to eat. All the women told order and to see they wanted to eat. Once they food came they asked for more drinks. When they were done they paid the bill then left. When they were walking back they saw a singer that was a super star named Jessie. Jessie walked them back to the hotel to make sure we would get back safe. We all told him thank you and he told us you're welcome and told him goodnight. Once KeKe, Anna,LuLu,Jamira and my mother. When the morning came they all woke up so they can get washed and put some clothes on to go get something to eat. It was their last day in NewYork so they went out to party. When they got back they all got home and all unpacked. Thats the life of all the girls that went to NewYork. They all loved NewYork with each other. Thats the story.

Kisheionna The Snowy Day One day it was snowing and no one would come outside except one little boy, and his name was Kwalei. He loved the snow kwalei make snow man alone. But one day Kwalei was outside playing in the snow and then two little boys walked up to him and kicked his snow man down. Kwalei was mad and he said, “ Hey, you can't do that,” and the two little boys said ,”Well we did!” Kwalei said, well thats not nice in a little voice! So then Kwalei said,” You both should say sorry.” So they did. And Kwalei and the boys played all day in the snow.



The Running Cat One day a cat was named Tata. She love to run and she had no family. Tata love to play with her friend. She love to eat mice. She love to play with a yoyo. She had no mom. Tata had a good dad. Her's dad named was Noah. It was a bad life for Noah because he was in jail. Noah was happy because he get out of jail. He 's kid was happy. Noah meet a new girl.



The Snow Day One day on a snow day I went outside to play with my friend and we started to play with the snow and it was so much fun playing with the snow. We was having a snow ball fight and we was having so much fun then we went in the house to set down and the people that was want me it was Nasya and Kierra and Emani that was the people was in my store and they was my friend.We are the best friend and we have a girl night out and we went back out side and we was so much cold out side and we still was out side and was having a snow ball fight and it was so much fun and I wish that we can do a snow ball fight next time. Then they will come back to my house on the next snow time and it will be the best snow time and we still going to have a snow ball fight.Then we will see both of use some time at the park.Then we will be best friend for ever and that was the best time with my friend and they went home and I went in the house to play.

The End


The Day I Saw Brave Star Brave star is a super hero of new texas. On new texas is a planet it was a evil man named tex tried to take over new texas he tried to be rich and tried evil things that can put every person and thing in big danger. Until a man named brave star with powers of hawk wolf puma bear. let me tell u the song [braaavvve ] [staaarr ] [with] the eyes of a haw


The Party I think the girl had to go to a party and her name was La'niaya and she likes pizza. I think it was raining. She had a party to go to. Then it stopped so she put the umbrella down. So then she had to wait for some one to pick her up. Then she saw someone and they picked her up.


The Cute Umbrella The girl with the bright red umbrella so big and beautiful and the girl has it up and the balloons are bright red also it was raining out and you can tell because looking at the street it's was wet and you can see a car coming up pass her or coming to her to pick her up. Then you can see people behind her walking with bags in there hand and a big building behind her and it looks like a school or something behind her and it looked like a party was going on because it was a lot of reds on the block.Next the color of her shirt is red , white , and black too. Last , the party is over and no one out so now no one coming out any more.


The Celebration My mom took me to a Celebration . I was so happy when I got home my dad made me some food. it was good when I wnet to bed I had bad dream. my mom tried to stop it. I was happy.


Susan's Special Rainy Holiday Once upon a time there was a girl name Susan who celebrated a special holiday. The holiday is called Raindys. Raindys is a holiday celebrated when it rains lots of people celebrates it. She's a friend of mine. It's mostly celebrated in Spring. Ok I'm going to tell you about Susan's day. It all started out with her waking up after she put on a red shirt and blue jeans because that's what color Sandy wears on Raindys. After Susan put her clothes on she headed over to the party but it already started, Susan could tell she heard people partying. When she got to the party she saw fire works she said, “They're beautiful.� After Susan ate some traditional shrimp rice she went home from a long party and there was a bad rain storm everyone came out in the rain and got a cup to bring it in because if you wash your hair with it you will be lucky. Susan was so tired she fell asleep on the ground in the rain. A man named Tom the Prince took Susan in his house. Tom kissed Susan to wake her up Susan was in love so was Tom so they got married. Susan and Tom lived happily ever after and Susan became a princess and Tom became a prince.


The Girl With A Red Umbrella On a rainy day there was a girl named Tay-Tay. She had a red, silver and black shirt. Her hair is black and long. She his a red umbrella in her hand. It was Christmas eve.It his balloons, a black car, and people in the background. It his a yellow house and window and a black ruff. Her mom name is Nay-Nay. Nay-Nay is at the mall getting clothes and jewelry for Tay-Tay.Tay-Tay was happy because Nay-Nay bought Tay-Tay clothes,and jewelry and she did not

Ms Greco's Class Stories  

These are the first word processing projects we completed. We learned about spacing, punctuation, capitalizing and formatting text.

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