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Karibu Kenya! Kenya is the land of truly of contrasts and an incredibly dramatic variation of biodiversity and geomorphological features within its boundaries. The Great Rift Valley, which extends for 6,000 Km from Lake Baikal in Russia to Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania is most pronounced in Kenya where it houses Lake Turkana, Baringo, Bogoria, Nakuru, Elementeita, Naivasha, Magadi and Natron. These lakes make Kenya one of the most spectacular bird watching destinations in the world. Lake Nakuru was in July 2005 branded ‘a bird watchers paradise and a world class park’. The Rift valley lakes are home to half of the world’s flamingos. Lake Magadi is second saltiest water body in the world after the Dead Sea which is also another Rift valley Lake. Another important geographical feature, which defines Kenya, is Mt. Kenya. At 17,058 feet above sea level, Mt Kenya presents the only place in the world where snow occurs naturally on the equator line. Mt. Kenya National Park together with the neighbouring Aberdare National Park provides holidaymakers with a perfect opportunity to watch wildlife from a ‘tree hotel’. By virtue of being situated astride the equator, Kenya provides tourists with both the northern hemisphere habitats such as the Samburu National Reserve, and Southern hemisphere options such as Masai Mara where the annual migration of the wildebeests between the months of July and September present the biggest wildlife show on Earth. Kenya’s 500 Km Palm-fringed coastlines is a springboard for beach tourism including water sports and trips into the hinterland.

About Haradali Adventures We are a local tour operator with a mission to provide our customers with world-class service into the geographical heart of Africa and experience the first hand hospitality of hosting communities. Our vision is to become a market leader in community-based tourism by introducing a diversified, socially balanced and ecologically sustainable product into the Kenyan market. In order to realize this vision, Haradali Adventures will continue to create tour packages in partnership with local initiatives beyond the traditional circuits.

Why Choose Haradali • • • • • •

We will take you off the beaten track into the very prestine geographical heart of Africa where maximum cultural exchange with hosting communities is guaranteed. There is a guarantee to be provided with an opportunity to explore Tsavo - the only remaining complete ecosystem in the country. You will have a safari of a lifetime with a tour leader accreted to the Kenya Utalii College and Professional Safari Guides Association (KPSGA) at no extra cost. Our packages are designed to uphold the principles of eco-tourism by ensuring that your interactions with hosting communities support local conservation initiatives. We will provide you with an opportunity to explore the Taita hills the - only highlands in Kenya that represent the Eastern Arc Mountains. And last but not least, your choosing Haradali Adventures will add impetus to the local poverty eradicatireon agenda by providing an opportunity for hosting communities to accrue direct financial benefits from your holiday.

Our Safari Packages ABOUT THE TSAVO ECOSYSTEM & TAITA/TAVETA COMMUNITY Taita-Taveta is one of the 47 administrative counties in Kenya. The county covers an area of 16,956 square Km out of which, 10,539 square Km is occupied by Tsavo East and West national parks. Another 4,057 sq Km has been set-aside as ranches, which serve as a migration corridor for wildlife plying between the two national parks. Both the parks and ranches completely surround the Taita hills, which form an integral component of the Tsavo ecosystem. Tsavo is the only remaining complete ecosystem in Kenya. Both Tsavo West and Tsavo East were recently recognized as world-class National Parks and branded accordingly. Tsavo West, Tsavo East, Taita ranches & Taveta (6 days) DAY 4 -Tsavo West National Park-Kilaguni/Ngulia DAY 1 - Hotel DAY 5-Tsavo West National Park-Kilaguni/Ngulia DAY 2 - Tsavo East National Park-Ranches DAY 10- Departure DAY 3 - Tsavo East National Park-Ranches

Beach Extentions

Additionally, we offer beach holidays to our clients in superb Hotels and Apartments located along the shore that gives guests a spectacular view of Indian ocean; an experience that will instil into ones mind a thrill of a life time. Beach extensions are done on request. • 2 nights-North Coast/South Coast • 5 nights- North Coast/South Coast • 7 nights-North Coast/South Coast Your tour leader will be available to arrange excursions while at the coast, from the hotel. A timetable is fixed at the reception area that displays the names of your tour leader, convenient timings and venue where you will get a comprehensive briefing. Feel free to ask as many questions as possible.

How to Book with Us

Serving you is our priority and providing exceptional service is our greater priority. We will appreciate if you spared few minutes to read through some important information, which will enable you enjoy your stay with us. Drop us a line, or send us e-mails through the above address, for more information and inquiries. Feel free to visit our website which has a wide range of information, and fascinating images that will definitely turn you on.

P. O. Box 758 - 80100, Mombasa, KENYA. Tel: (+254) 20 263 1319 Mob: (+254) 721 300 337, (+255) 785 230 390, (+254) 735 60 1114 Email: Skype: haradali.adventures Facebook: Haradali Adventures

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