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LET FREEDOM RING! Cocktails rings to wear while cocktailing Act Like A Lady, Have Sex Like A Man? YES, it's possible!

Meet the Women Behind The Hottest Shoe Brands On the Market!

GRILLIN & CHILLIN! outfits for any summer party

CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY! How To Break Into Reality T.V. We interview Don Juan from RHOA.

May we ALL Live Free!

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features inside the July issue 2020. Year 1

pg.50 My Life As A GlamGirl Why I love all things glam...I can't help it--I was born this way! By Aji Mboob

pg.81 How To Become A Stylist Learn the tricks of the trade

pg.96 [NEW COLUMN]Ask Nurse Blu: Dry Spells To Spell Check (up on it)...can you go too long without sex?

By @Stilett0B0ss

Does the old axiom still apply: use it or lose it? By Nurse Blu

pg.53 6 Inch Heels! Meet six top shoe designers that got us all walkin' in da club like nobody's business! By Velicia Hill

pg.86 Act Like A Lady, Have Sex Like A Man? Is it possible to NOT catch feelings? By @TheSingleSiren

pg.84 HIGH NOTES Inside the notebook of a poet and a sketch artist By Lisa Maisel & Kevin Schaefer |    6

features inside the July issue 2020. Year 1

pg.34 VELICIOUS! When you combine all the things our E.I.C. Velicia + Delicious equals!

pg.60 10 PAGE SUMMER HEEL GUIDE The ULTIMATE heel guide. Every color and every style to wear this summer! By @Stilett0B0ss

pg.39 LET FREEDOM RING! Cocktails rings to wear while cocktailing! By @Stilett0B0ss

pg.71 Party Style Guide Party dressing ideas for a Ms. Heel to wear to ANY party. By @Stilett0B0ss

pg.49 RED MY LIPS!

"Make A Splash" wedge by Irregular Choice x Disney $325

See the favorite red lipsticks of our staff members. |    7



Things we learned scrolling thru social media.

11 15 36 40 46

D I R E C T O R ' S


See what made the fashionable cut! V I D E O








By Velicia Hill



Color you way to happy! B O O K S



Get Your Moto Back! M S . H E E L




meet our first Mr. Heel! S T Y L E


by: @stilett0b0ss |    8

Social Studies things we learned & saw on social media

All pics courtesy of Twitter & Instagram |    9 Luv it! Rent it! Own it!

Big Bags Be Gone! The Super Power Of Mini Bags! shop our new arrivals pg. 90 |   11





In Store PICK ME UP! Best Retail Stores To Visit!






First built in 2005. There are two large windows displaying actual Prada purses and

ADDRESS: 14880 US-90,

shoes, picked out and provided by Miuccia

Valentine, TX 79854

Prada from the fall/winter 2005 collection.

I'm sure you've seen all the pillows and cute paintings with the words: Prada Marfa emblazoned across. Did you know that it isn't a Prada store and it's not actually a store at all--what is it you ask? Prada Marfa is a permanent sculptural art installation. Created by artists Elmgreen and Dragset

Wondering why it's so popular? A big thanks to dumb criminals for breaking in and writing "Dum" on the walls. Which received national and international attention; making it uber-famous, a must-see and must-have Instagram pic. Who's the dummy now? |    13


Velicia Hill @VeliciaHill Aji Mboob @AjiAmie Marlene A. @Stilett0b0ss


Mya Steele @This.Is.Myne


Kristen Schaefer:Nurse Blu @SchaeferKristen


Tara Stravinsky @TyesByTara


Kevin Schaefer @Porkenstein_Producktions @TheSingleSiren Don Juan Clark @DonJuanClark Produced with so much sole in Atlanta, GA. (insert your name here)

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SWIM LESSONS Over 50% of Americans can't swim! But that doesn't mean you can't wear a swimsuit this summer & still look cute by the pool!

Stylist: Velicia Hill Model: Aji Mboob Photographer: Kevin Schaefer |   18

Earrings: stylist's own Swimsuit: model's own Heels: $45 Cape Robbin Available at  |    19 |    22

Hat: $75 (special order only) Bracelets, earrings and rings: Stylist's own Bathing suit: Model's own Heels:$52.50 Cape Robbin Available at |  23

Bikini: Model's own Mesh Bikini wrap: Stylist's own Heels: $55 Cape Robbin Available at |    26

Turban, earrings, and jacket: Stylist's own. Heels: Model's own |   30

Socks: $9.95 Available at |    32 |    33

! s u o Velici velicia + delicious = velicious

See all the things that made our editor in chief so happy while she's been social distancing.










Delivery for Velicia

auvignon 1.Low Hanging Fruit S good! Not too n am d o S : 99 7. $ c n la B d of melon, sweet and the perfect blen and white it ru ef ap gr , it u fr on si pas peach.

9: No 2. Oatly Oat Milk $4.9 -100% cow, no nuts, no gluten ...& not watery! n a g ve Ginger 3. Trader Joe’s Almond 5. Smirnoff 9 Bar $2.9 Scent Oatmeal Exfoliant Zero Sugar harsh smells wonderful & no sion Vodka yan fu la a In im H k in P ls ea T r. D 4. ! ls a ic em ch bath $10.99: When u a m I' : 9 .9 6 $ k oa S l a t: Miner 6. Instagram Video Cha nday night I want a sweet u S y er ev d n a r; ve lo No apps to install, no t of nk without en ri sc d e th in x la re d n a k a so searching for buttons. eet orange oil. the sugar! sw d n a t on m a rg be & 's Just go to your Dm eet Potato Fries w S t Cu le k in ! Cr ie a st xi be le r A 8. chat with you crispy & tasty! t, fa s n a tr s m ra g 0 : 9 $3.9 7. Saverne Raw Kraut offee C l a b r e H d te s a : o 9. Teeccino R (dill & garlic) $5.99 ory, ic h c m o r f e a d r a fo g M $4.99: if you're lookin nds. o m l a & s te t a a re d g o , dandelion probiotic that's als substitute d o o g e y er tt h e l r el p w a is og This on a hot d rs no e d r o r to c o d r u ! o H when y ya go-DELIS offee! c o n n d a g n ve a e e in m in e e k f a f ca p.s. m |    35


By: Mya Steele


look cute, wear jeans to work, work from home! a e m o bec g n i t u b i r cont editor!


Let Freedom Ring! Cute Cocktail Rings To Wear While Cocktailing This Summer

By: Stilett0B0ss |    39





M u











re m

















u a p




l u

& te

















yo e




r yo



V y:



H cia

ill |   40

Watch what you say and more importantly: feeeelll your way to success. You no feel, you no get!

The BOOK for anyone in sales or pursuing a dream. Main message: NEVER GIVE UP!

Once you learn that resistance is part of the process, it will change your life! Great book for writers.

you dvice a h t u d! ul-mo neede u The fo o y know didn't

THE book to help you get your shit together. Learn the language of the universe, and follow your heart to success!

Written like only Liz can. This book puts fear in it's place; and that ain't the driver's seat-fear, get yo ass in the back!

HOLLYWOOD How to beak into


by: Velicia Hill |   42

Our Editor In chief, sat down with Don Juan Clark of Don Ent Management to get the real deal on reality tv. VH: I noticed that you received a B.A. in Communications from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, was it always your plan to get into artist management? How did you get your big break? Don: I always wanted to work in entertainment but I originally started out as a songwriter. But my plan A was to go to college to be a neonatologist, but within a few weeks of college, my mind changed and I went into journalism and communications. While in college, I was doing websites and marketing on MySpace for clients (when MySpace was the thing, I did the banners and design and managed the pages), I was also doing Yahoo groups for fans, producing demos, and pitching artists.  Anything with entertainment; so school was a priority...but NOT really!   Meeting Kandi was, I would say, my big break that led to a spiral of things. VH: How did you meet Kandi Buruss? Don: We met when I was put in touch with her mother and her mother called her for me. Random story: someone gave me a contact which I thought was her publisher but then it turned out to be her mother. She had heard of me from my work with doing a fansite for Kandi and a Yahoo group and how everyone visited my site...never knowing that one day we would meet.  So that one call started a relationship that blossomed from there. It took time. It wasn't like overnight, but started there.

VH: When Kandi was cast to be a housewife on RHOA, were you excited about the possibility of being on TV as well? Do you enjoy being on the show? Don: When Kandi was meeting the producers about RHOA, she never told me; and I remember she said, “I might be doing a show,” and I said: I hope it’s nothing like RHOA. She didn’t say anything and I knew it was that. I didn’t think about being on TV, as that wasn’t my thing and still isn’t. Odd info: the producers each time, have to calm me down, because I don’t like being on camera. VH: I was once hired to be a writer on a reality TV show. Reality is not exactly reality—it’s sometimes scripted. What other misnomer can you dispel about reality tv? Don: I can’t speak for other reality shows being scripted. I have only been a part of a show that is REALITY.  They don’t make us say anything or do anything-- it is life.

Don: Do we have producers to ensure that the story is captured? Yes, but no script for any show I have done. Only thing I can say,  cameras don’t follow you around all day everyday like people think. VH: Additionally, people want to be on TV to become famous. And in doing so, they think being negative and nasty Nancy or Bitchy Betty is the only way, is this true? Does reality tv encourage bad behavior? Or does it just shine a brighter light on your not-so hidden character traits? Don: I think there are a lot of people who just want to be famous. But being on TV doesn’t equate to that. I think you have to be interesting to people for it to work on reality TV. Be that someone who is an instigator, someone who speaks their mind, someone who handles business or someone who is just funny.  You can never know what will make people interested in you. VH: Furthermore, we’ve all heard about the million-dollar salary Nene gets. Is this an outlier? And what’s the average paycheck for anyone on a reality show program? Don: I can’t speak on her salary as I don’t know; and it can range from show to show so I can’t speak on that either. But being on reality tv is not about the check, as much as the platform is the check. Which may not be as large-- but having a platform to promote, is big! So that makes “the check”.

experienced person look at line items in relation to their likeliness and contract length they (a show) could have on them in a reality space. You cannot be on a show, but have a “hold” that doesn’t allow you to do other TV. VH: I’m a firm believer in incorporating yourself. In other words, whatever you do, make it an LLC. Do you agree that it’s smart to sign contracts as an LLC rather than an individual? What other legal business advice/tips can you share with our readers? Don;

"I think making things a real business is great advice. We spend a lot of time working, but don’t make it a business or we have a store and use a personal bank account. We must do real business!

VH: I also heard something about “The Bethenney Clause.” Which is named after Bethenney Frankel and her negotiations with Bravo in season 1. She took only $7250 salary for the season, but negotiated a clause that she would keep all profits from any product or business that she promoted on the show. That was smart af! As a manager, what other contract advice would you advise to someone about to sign a contract? Don: They have rumors like that all the time. Not sure that is accurate, but contracts have changed since the beginning of reality television. And I would tell them (anyone about to sign), to have an |    44

Don: I had to learn to be vulnerable on TV. I used to only show my tough side. And growing up in my family you had to be tough; but over time I learned that it is okay to be vulnerable and people relate to that. I used to teach school and those kids taught me that. I worked at a high school for 5-6 years and taught 6th grade for a year, that gives you balance.

Don (cont'd) If you are going to have a business, be it online or wherever, make it legit so it doesn’t cost you more in the long run." VH: What’s your # 1 tip in auditioning for a reality show? How does one really impress the casting agents? Don: I always tell people to be yourself. As they (casting agents) can read if you are not yourself on camera. And not sure it is a way to impress an agent...sometimes you just see people who got it! VH: Full disclosure, we know each other and have had one too many drinks together, I have to say, what you see on tv is exactly who you are in real-life. And you are very generous. How do you stay humble and not let fame go to your head? Don; I'm a straight shooter but my family and friends keep me grounded; and being around and having people like you and others in my life, who always just see me for me. I don’t think reality TV shows 100 percent of me, just more of the harsher side, but its life. I have always been taught to treat the janitor and the CEO the same and so I try to do that. VH: What are your future management plans? Do you desire to take on other clients? If so, how can an aspiring artist be under your management? Don: Right now I have an apparel line which is doing amazing. I also have a business solutions company that services companies in payroll and other areas, and I have my entertainment endeavors; all of which keep me busy. Oh and I’m cast on a new show.. SSHHH! So right now just making sure I handle all those things is my priority.

VH: Ok, I won't be nosy. But talk about foresight, you started your “The New Meaning Brand� face mask line I believe about 9 months before covid-19 hit. You have to feel some sense of I told ya so. How does it make you feel to see your line selling out and face masks being the du jour fashion item? Will you be showcasing the line on RHOA? Don: We didn’t film with them on RHOA, I did wear shirts on RHOA, but not sure it aired. I started the company in September of last year and it has grown to be a six-figure business. VH: Where can our readers buy your face masks? Don: is the site! We also have shirts and items that focus on positive meanings, as I’m a quote-a-holic in real life.

VH: The other night, you went live doling out friendship/frenemy advice on Instagram, which was so timely for me. Even though you're very quickwitted and sharp-tongued, I love that you show your softer, spiritual side. Was this always the plan for your growing platform? Is this the dream you had for your life?

VH: Finally, this story is titled create your own reality, which is a double entendre. I truly believe we create our own reality by our thoughts and visons. Do you believe you’ve been so-called lucky? Or is this by your own doing, faith in a higher power and having a visIon for your life? Don: I totally believe it is with hard work. But I also believe God has guided me and continues to. I can’t make up the places I have gone, business I have done, and things that have happened. Take the mask for example, that had to be God; to go from a product I had been using for years on planes, to selling them and God throwing me such a blessing and people needing them. VH: Thank you for agreeing to this interview. Now that we’re all creeping outside again; same time, same place, same cocktail soon? đ&#x;˜‰ Don: Now that we are creeping outside, I need that cocktail and you know me: shots on me! For you and anyone else who wants to join us. Thanks for having me! |  45

o o t _ s l hee _ r a e w _ n e m @

. r M r u O Meet e h T f O l e He ! e i h c i R : Month + 0 5 : total

e? v i l u o here d


ce a r b m ue o y e d a nd m a t s a l h e W he r o f e ov ly? c i l your l b pu m e h t wear our y s ' t a wh s it i & e siz ind f 2 d har ? shoes

had lots of I s, e y d n A 12 heels in a d in f o t s e su is or me, proper size f brands like d n u o f I il t n u nd Pleaser a r e k a M ly n O shoes.

I am just an average guy who grew up doing sports, playing music and video games like anybody else. But I remember since I was a kid, I always felt fascinated by women’s footwear, it was just more appealing, more flashy, more interesting than the boring men’s footwear.

BESt deal on a f pair o ? heels

Do you remember your first time wearing heels? What feeling did you get? Oh dear, I was scared to death! That really got my heart pumping... Overall, I felt so happy that I gathered the courage to do it. After that, I became a new person.

They say the higher the heel the atter ourself, no m y e B closer to heaven. What's your y. at people sa h w personal mantra? I love their heels,

One has to go: Cheese, Jimmy Choo's, Coachella or Cannes...why? You can’t live without cheese! I go with Jimmy Choo’s because I don’t own any of his designs.

What's your #1 fashion/style rule?

. Last text message you sent?

It was to a friend. To tell her about this collaboration. ter?


arac te Ch


After social-distancing, headed to da club!

Shoes and belt always has to match!

. What female rock/pop star heels would you want to wear and why?

Lzzy Hale, she is a badass singer and she performs with the guitar on stage in 8 inch Pleaser heels. That is impressive!

Definitely Samantha Jones She is not afraid of being herself |   47

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In honor of National Kissing Day on July 6th, we had our staff pucker up and share their favorite red lipstick! FASHIO

E.I.C/ Velicia loves to mix NICKA K's red maple $3.99 & M.A.C.'s Ruby Woo $19

N DIRE CTOR: Aji loves S ephora 's Alway s Red: $15

CONTRIBUTING EDITOR: Nurse Blu loves Beekmans 1802: Roseboro Red $8

CON TRIB UTIN love G ED s Dio IT r's B loom OR/ Tara 999 $ 38

es 0ss lov B 0 t t e l i R/St ured E EDITO D I Enamo U G e t E t L o l Y r ST S: Cha JACOB C R A M $29

The IST: N .C.'s M s M.A OLU e C v X o SE ren l le Si : $19 Sing nger a D Lady

FASHION ILLUSTR ATOR/ M loves M ya ILANI'S: Red Lab el $5.9

9 |   49



Glam Girl!

By: Aji Mboob |    51

I get asked a lot, "Have you always been like this?" My response: “Like what, a girl?” lol…. No seriously though, for as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved ALL things pretty! As a child I had almost every Barbie doll I could get my hands on. I wanted to be in the prettiest dresses; the more tulle and glitter the better. I wanted the shoes with all the embellishments...gosh, you girls have no idea how much I heart a good shoe!!! Simply put--I just love being a girl!! As I got older, the more my life of “glam'' blossomed (i.e., I could afford my glam lifestyle). I no longer had to bribe my mom to go to the mall; just so I could guilt-trip her into shopping for me. She's one of the reasons I have no self-control in a store. And yes, I blame her for my shopping addiction. Don’t get me wrong, I do save my money; but my ‘Glam-Care’ is at the top of my list and I budget for it every month. My Glam Care consists of: hair, nails, lashes, wardrobe, waxing, etc. Basically, I think everyone should have a monthly Glam-Care budget and it can include anything that makes you feel good. I say reward yourself for being a bad bishh, okurrr!

Furthermore, my love for all things glam, led me to my passion for shoes and styling women. I love making women feel beautiful. I believe in always telling my friends how drop-dead gorgeous I think they are and lending a helping hand here and there, by doing their hair or makeup. As women, we tend to be so hard on ourselves because of society's standards of how we should look, act, and dress, that's why it's so important to have a solid group of girls to always count on. That’s one of the things I love about MsHeel Magazine, it allows for women everywhere to connect and share stories about their “high Life” in heels and the positivity of owning who you are. I believe there's a little glam in every girl's life. Whether you like to lounge around reading fashion mags, dream of a glam Hollywood life, or a little girl wanting to be Beyonce...I’m here to tell you, the glam life is possible--from anywhere!

Some might see me as self-absorbed or materialistic, but I live by the motto: you look good, you feel good. When I’m down or feel defeated, I get “cute,” and that always makes me feel better. My father taught me that first impressions are everything and no matter what you’re going through, internally you never let people see it on the outside. My sister and I like to joke and say that my Dad loves all things pretty and I guess that’s where I get it from. He loves the mirror, getting dressed and putting on his favorite cologne. You can always smell him before you see him. |    52

6 inch heels & thrills!

Meet s i x independent designers who got u s w a lkin' in da club like nobody ' s b usi n e s s - -in their heels! See the d esi g n s a nd their self-described styl e .

By: Velicia Hill

Daring, Sexy, Sophisticated!

''IF SEX WAS A SHOE." |    55


tehctaR .eiguoB .yssalC |    57

ts i wt a h t i w r u o m a l g s s e l t r o f f e |    58

bold yet feminine |    59


The Summer HEEL GUIDE 10 pages of what to wear!Â

By: @Stilett0B0ss






red |    64


print |    65

bridal |    66

blue |    67


animal print


BLM donate today |   70


From Glamping To Grilling

What A Ms. Heel Wears To Any Party! (mask included)

By: Stilett0B0ss


G N I P M A L G ! L R U G |   72




E S U O H ! G N I Y T R |   74


P O T F O O R ! E E R I SO |    75


PARK ! S S E C N I R P |    76


BBQ BARBI E! |   77

! D E T N A W e S c L E n MOD Experie !

N o c essa ry Ne

To become our September cover girl or appear in our magazine, simply follow us on Instagram and tag us in a pic of just you, using hashtag: #msheelmagcovergirl. All winners will be notified via DM. Good luck! Deadline is July 25th 2020

*MUST be at least 18 years old* **MUST live in the Atlanta, GA. area or willing to travel to be cover girl** *** Can live anywhee to appear in magazine.*** |    79



. 19 0 k y 2 wor a M lio fo rt o P

ing. l y t lS rida B . 8 201 g u A

How To Become A Fashion Stylist

: y b y r o t S s e s u 0 r B T 0 t A t e l i t S @


Becoming a fashion stylist was one of the scariest yet BEST decisions I have ever made! Working in the fashion industry as a stylist, is the one thing that I enjoy doing even if I wasn't getting paid. I’ve had a love affair with fashion since I was about 9 yrs old. I've been reading Cosmo en Espanol and Vanidades Magazine since the late '80s thanks to my godmother. I just loved how a fashion story was told and how an outfit became art. So when a family friend and photographer asked me if I would be interested in styling a photo shoot for her back in 2014, I immediately agreed. Months later when that look I styled with Nomee Photography, landed on, I realized that I wanted to do le nline sty o g more of this "work." I immediately began in t a e as cr ith my , while I w 8 1 to brand myself as a freelance stylist. 0 2 tiques w e e t o h s g In La l my socia promotin d ia v n a s t s u e guid n hout-o uesday s gazine o T a y a m l D e s e e msh #Sho to across @ ls, I had e e e m h a r c I fo , Website , business cards, social media love media ship a shared h it W usiness. b m d a n r a g a t ip Ins now ndsh . Our frie ort--I am p h s u y w r o o t ll s fo agazine. re. Long e M l h t e e m H o . r Ms began fr Editor fo e d i u G the Style |   82

If you have a creat e visu passion f or fa al sto fashi shion ry-lin on st and e y s l , i st is p runw then ay. beco can roba bly ri ming Being ght u a sty p you a list ta work r kes s than o mu peop cred c l h it for e ass more . You ume a bus w o r i ll nee iness give us das men have t t r a ong w lity, a been nd th il stylin but t ick sk l, o be g for i n rent h 5 yea !I ones gig fo ral diffe e v rs no e t, I di s r the e r w; re a dn’t s l, first 3 ore, the have ee a Persona m r , e n h io t y r h e u s F paid a wo ars. T Fa w. nder stylists: supp ame a fe n o ful hu hankfully t ypes of t t orts n to d Eve ,I sban me; w rcial, an ou want focus e y d t m s h li w m y i t o c s h C h allo o full-ti a pe of ws m me o etween n the ty b o e s r u e c h e o n F to bu mew fashi use - I fall so st, beca on em ilding m e li y m t s o c t e n b y pire. But a eve events. list and y d t s n a n s t io fash shoo nd le photo family a y t g s in ly lp t s e mh I mo . away fro g needs n y li h y s t s ’t l n a I wo rson vice: their pe Additio r o f s mber ad d u n n nally, s ie y r f m ntay con s me to and wo ider it o d s a n le o s is h C . ic t ent wit rk on b Wh REE h your )! uilding Y FOR F A industr W c A eginning r a b T a I n ft e E etwork h y. You t V I n G r netwo within ining (i your b the rk shou e-job tra h t rand. S ld emp tart by favorite ower reachin local st g out t y li s o t famou your and ma s stylis ybe eve t a n n assista d ask if DM a nce on they ne project e d what y any s. Crea ou hav te look e availa s with ble and of the outfits t a k e p t portfoli ictures o start FREE l u f r o (digit creatin e al or ph g your t pow t helped photog s o y s ic m -i a rapher l). Cont the s and s ram- te your y a l g c b t a interes lo t a cal ee if th a ns ted in c Prob ey wou . Cur y is I t d a ollabor n d a ld o r t be b levan s ating in ol e y r o expand t m h order t wit ate wer your p o e cre nd posts our follo n: ortfolio m . y a io page on. Keep ings fash . ll th mati s, etc infor ed with a cs, D.I.Y' si m infor , the clas If you would you like more ds information about becoming a tren stylist. How much to charge? Which style apps make my life easier? How to set up a successful collaboration? How to manage being a mom and a freelance fashion stylist and even hashtagging, I'm offering 45minute virtual consultations with aspiring stylists for $95

Book Now |   83


poem by lisa maisel sketches by kevin schaefer

SHE IS She is, strong, fierce, powerful Never taking no for an answer, independent proud, tactful, Always getting the job done, Smart, determined, sassy Standing up for what she believes in, Articulate, skilled, percise, Hustling to make connections, Loyal, substantial, fresh, Doesn't let anyone stand in her way.

Her beauty and charisma is overwhelming Her light shines brighter than the morning sun, She is independent and hard working, Behind her smile lies a dark secret, A painful past that forged her character and made her who she is A women of strength and Independence |    85




Considering all of this, some relationships are better as situationships... Not good enough to date or deal with all those insane emotions. BUT, good enough for sex...

Me: Babe? Are you using me for sex? Him: No, I love you. My thoughts then: OK.

It turns out he was ALL bullshit. Another story for another time. That was it! It all clicked instantly for me. From that very day, I vowed to start USING men as much as they had USED me in the past. I refused to sit back while men had all the fun. I had finally gained the confidence to turn the tables of masculinity while keeping my femininity aligned. Disclaimer: Not all men are trash. But, whatever, these are MY thoughts.

Hi! I am The Single Siren and I use men for SEX. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I'll try to keep this short and sweet. Women are labeled as whores and heartless if we act in this manner. I have found this to be quite exhilarating. Powerful. Here's my formula to mastering the f*%kery: Process of elimination. I am a very open person, so immediately, I ask questions that actually matter to ME and I state my intentions. 

Are you married, do you have kids, are you dealing with anyone? Do I care? To a certain extent, but it lets me know what type of energy I'm dealing with. Let them know what's up at the beginning. Communication - I tend to be very bad at communicating, but I keep it short and sweet. I never call them for fun, strictly business (headboard meetings). This can go on for days, weeks, or years. I like to reach out 1-2 times a week to keep the feelers out for that impromptu message. Let them know I care. Hey, how are you? How was your week? The D Appointment - I am not one for meaningless conversation. We all know why we are here. Most of the time, I'll get tipsy and greet them with foreplay at the door. Sometimes, I even kick it up a notch and let him take me out for dinner and drinks before we do the do. Post D - I don't engage in pillow talk. No cuddling. I graciously thank him and gracefully carry on. No excuses needed. To my surprise, some men actually find this attractive.

Men and women use each other ALL THE TIME. Whether it's just to text when we are bored or call because we are lonely, etc. Be real. Women! If the D is all you are after, go get that. We don't owe anyone our heart and you deserve to be happy. Nevertheless, there's always that one woman deciding in their head whether it is morally wrong or right to use men only for sex. I used to be one of them. Let that $hit go! Why? Because I like knowing I can get what I want, when I want, and knowing that I can continue my life without confinement and attachment — no stress or complaints. Am I wrong? Are you using men for sex? Be safe and keep your peace. |    87



Mini Me!

Mini Bags To Have This Summer!

6 inches


6 inches |   90

5 inches


6 inches |   91

7 inches


5 inches |   92

4 inches


7 inches

All bags by special order |   93



Can You Go Too Long Without Sex? |   96

While your vagina is a muscle, the old axiom, use it or lose it, does not necessarily apply. Lack of sex can reduce the flexibility of our beautiful vaginas and the lack of attention can leave you wanting more. So, how long is too long? Thankfully estrogen and progesterone keep the vagina healthy, moist and supple regardless of regular sexual activity but if your dry spell continues for several years, your vagina may begin to change. A prolonged dry spell can result in vaginal dryness and although this is not necessarily a problem it can be uncomfortable. “Dry” sex can range from uncomfortable to painful and can even cause trauma to your vaginal tissue. Keep this in mind when resuming sexual activity; focus on the foreplay to get your juices flowing, take your time and listen to your body. In addition, a prolonged dry spell for post-menopausal women can shrink your vaginal opening which may also make sex less comfortable. Finally, a long dry spell can reduce our interest in sex altogether and along with this decreased sex drive can prolong that dry spell . . . While these changes occur over several years of abstinence and can also be associated with changing hormones, what’s a girl to do if she’s ready and willing with no suitable sexual partner? Sex for one! Many of the health benefits associated with sex may be equally associated with masturbation and will keep your vagina happy. Regular masturbation can help reduce dryness. While we are on the topic of masturbation, erections are not exclusive to the penis. Our breasts and clitoral area have erectile tissue and massage to these areas can bring great pleasure and prime your body for further exploration.

So let’s get stroking. Not quite in the mood? Reading erotica, viewing sexy images, or even imagining the sex you’d like to have, can get you in the mood. If you need more stimulation than your hands can provide, bring on the toys. Beyond satisfying our hedonistic desires, what do we ladies gain from sex? And let’s be clear, I am not talking about procreation, which, I’ll admit can also be incredibly satisfying. Regular sexual activity has been associated with lower rates of depression, better sleep, reduced stress, improved immune response and even with lower rates of cancers affecting our reproductive organs. This focus on the health benefits of an activity can lead to a sense of obligation to participate, not out of want or desire, but out of guilt or compulsion as we commit to ideals of health promotion or healthy living. We should have sex because we actually want to have sex and not out of a sense of obligation to our health or to another person. If you are not sure what you want, start with some self-reflection . . . What makes you feel good? What makes you feel sexy? Any aversions? What really brings you pleasure and what gets in the way? In addition to self-reflection, take some time for self exploration. Here’s to quenching your thirst, Cheers! Nurse Blu is a Super mom, sexy wife, and nurse extraordinaire, at your service.  Studies include: Master of Science, BSN in Nursing with an Obstetric certification, and Yoga teacher certifications. Ready and willing to explore all things health, answer your questions, and get you to thinking.  |   97 |    80

One Last Glam Thang: Pam Grier 1985Â (Photo by Harry Langdon/Getty Images)

! h t n o m t x e n a y e se

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Ms. Heel Magazine July 2020  

The ONLY Magazine dedicated to high heels! In this month's issue, it's all about DO YOU: Be who you want! Dress how you want! Do what you wa...

Ms. Heel Magazine July 2020  

The ONLY Magazine dedicated to high heels! In this month's issue, it's all about DO YOU: Be who you want! Dress how you want! Do what you wa...


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