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Helping Hands



I wanted to know a bit more to why people don’t give money, or their time ti charity, so I created a questionnaire to ask a few people. It consisted of these questions: 1) Are you currently supporting a charity financially or volunteering? 2) If so why do you support a charity, and what do you do to help? If not why don’t you support a charity? 3) Would you rather support a charity with money or your time? 4) How often would you want to give? 5) Why don’t you think some people tend not to give to charity? 6) Why do you think charity is important? - Not convenient for them 7) What is your definition of charity? - They don’t know where their money goes

- They aren’t aware of the charities - They think most of it go to advertising - They think they will keep getting calls and emails from the charities - They think it will be reuccurring if they want to give a one off - They don’t see the benefits - They don’t have the money/or time - Many people believe charity should start from home - They don’t think volunteering is fun - Volunteering is more a punishment if you’ve done something wrong e.g. community service - They dont reap any benefits from it themselves - Some charities arent authentic

GoodGym is about getting fit by doing good. They are a group of runners who get fit by doing physical tasks which benefit the community such as clearing rubble and rubbish to create community gardens, they fit in the fitness aspect by running to their daily tasks such as fitting a lightbulb, taking a newspaper, collecting deliveries for older people and helping them with minor emergencies, they also provide mentoring schemes.

Crowd Rise

Crowd Rise is a site which enables people to create their own fundraiser online, where people can donate to reach the target amount, there are other sites like this such as Just Giving, Virgin Money Giving.

Do Something is a website that is targeted at young people to help out and do what they can in the areas they care about, such as cyber bullying, homelessness, animal cruelty etc. It helps them to make a real impact in the causes that the choose in order to raise money and awareness. Another site like this is iCare Revolution however they get volunteers to go into schools and talk about social injustices.


In order to make it Specific I narrowed it down to Young people helping out their community and donating their time to good causes.

Scvngr Scvngr is an app where people log into and complete challenges given by different clothes stores to win points. From this app my idea was to create an app that had different tasks that people wanted to upload and get done that other people could do for them or take part in and then it would give you rewards everytime you completed a task for someone else.


Helping hands  
Helping hands