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The Bachelor Pa rty System.

Th rowing a Bachelor Pa rty - Unique I deas That You Can T ry Let's face it; we all know planning a wedding is, for the most part, about the bride being able to fulfill her childhood fantasy of getting married. However, when the plans are finalized; the flowers and cake has been ordered; and every single page of every bridal magazine has been scoured over, it's time for the groom to have his turn in the limelight. He may be marrying the girl of his dreams, but the way he is going to spend his last night of freedom is what's on his mind right now. The bachelor party is the only part of the entire wedding that is solely his. The best man is the person most likely to take the lead in planning the bachelor party although the wedding ushers may well be involved too. So, as the organizer of the event all you have to do is find out exactly how the groom would wish to use his last few hours of single life. Most bachelor parties tend to follow the trend of a performance of half naked lap dancers and quite often this helps the men to "get it out of their system" and settle down to married life. If this style of entertainment is what the groom wants, well, that's what the groom should get. However, there are lots of options open to you if going with tradition is not the preference of the groom. It could well be that the only person the groom wants to see dancing around him in a state of undress is his wife to be. So, instead of paying a visit to a strip bar, how about going along to a local adult arcade and having a few drinks and a bite to eat whilst playing a few games? What about going along to a batting cage and saving your drinking and eating later on in the evening? Another brilliant plan is to take the party paint balling. It's a super way to practice male bonding as well as getting rid of all that nervous energy. Whatever you decide to do, forget about designated drivers and hire a limo to take you where you want to go. This way everyone can enjoy the evening and have some fun. Who to invite and how to cover the cost of the evening are two things that need careful consideration. Of course, the father of the bride and the father of the groom, along with the wedding ushers and any male relatives should be there to help the groom celebrate. If you are not sure who else to ask, the bride will probably be able to provide the names and telephone numbers of people she considers suitable to invite. At the same time of having a little chat about this with the bride, you may also pick up some hints about any activities she may not appreciate her husband to be getting involved with at the bachelor party. Armed with this information, you are sure to be able to save your friend from any future problems or embarrassment. As far as the expense of the bachelor party is concerned, you may be lucky and have a volunteer, like the father of the bride, for example. Nonetheless, if this does not happen, the simplest way to cover the cost is to estimate how much money will be needed (including any tips you want to give) and split the total amount equally between those going on the night outwith the exception of the groom, of course. More than anything the bachelor party is about everyone enjoying themselves and having a great time. So, remember, don't just be a best man in title, be one in deed too and give the groom and his friends a night to remember for many years to come. Arlena Venture has been planning and hosting parties for many years now. She is also the author of a book entitled Creating the Perfect Party For more articles and to find out more about throwing a bachelor party visit her website now.

Article Source: The Bachelor Pa rty System.

Throwing a Bachelor Party - Unique Ideas That You Can Try  

Let's face it; we all know planning a wedding is, for the most part, about the bride being able to fulfill her childhood fantasy of getting...

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